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Theodore Roosevelt, President of the United States

Frontispiece Mr. Roosevelt's Residence at Oyster Bay

40 Room in Mr. Roosevelt's House at Oyster Bay

48 President Roosevelt in 1880, and also at the Age of Nine Years

64 Starting for the Hunt, Keystone Ranch

112 “Busting" a Broncho .

120 President Roosevelt on Horseback

144 President and Mrs. Roosevelt with Family

160 Mr. Roosevelt at Home

. 168 Mr. Roosevelt, as Assistant Secretary of the Navy

208 Mr. Roosevelt in Rough Rider Uniform

224 Colonel Roosevelt as a Rough Rider

232 Major-General Joseph Wheeler

240 The Charge up San Juan Hill

256 Landing at Montauk Point. Colonel Roosevelt and General Joseph Wheeler

280 William McKinley

312 Colonel Roosevelt During the Campaign of 1900

344 A Fine Bobcat

352 President Roosevelt Conferring with Senator Hanna 356 Exterior of Mr. Ansley Wilcox's Residence, at Buffalo 362 President Roosevelt at the Martyred President's Casket 366 The Mountain Guide Finds Mr. Roosevelt in the Adirondacks

372 Library of Mr. Ansley Wilcox at Buffalo

376 The White House, Washington, D. C.

384 Baby Quentin, the Youngest of President Roosevelt's Family

392 The New White House According to Mr. and Mrs. McKinley's Plans


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Who goes there ? An American!

Brain and spirit and brawn and heart. "T'was for him thał the nations spared

Each to the years its noblesł part; Till from the Dutch, the Gaul and Colt Blossomed the soul of Roosevelt.

Student, trooper and gentleman

Lovel-lidded with times and kings, His the voice for a comrade's cheer,

His the ear when the saber rings. hero shades of the old days melt In the quick pulse of poosevelt.

Hand that's molded to hilt of sword;

Heart that ever has laughed ał fear; Type and pattern of civic pride;

Wit and grace of the cavalier : All that his fathers prayed and felt Gleams in the glance of Roosevelt.

Who goes there ? An American!

Man to the core — as men should be. Lol him pass through the lines alone,

Type of the sons of Liberty. Here, where his fathers' fathers dwelt, honor and faith for Roosevelt!




It is no flattery to say that Theodore Roosevelt possesses to a remarkable degree the best characteristics of the “typical American." He is learned, cultured, progressive and brave, an athlete, sportsman, ranchman, author, orator, politician, statesman and soldier.

I first knew this distinguished gentleman when, in April, 1899, he appeared in Washington as one of the three commissioners of Civil Service.

He came with the high reputation acquired as leader in the New York Assembly at the age of twenty-three, as a prominent champion of reform and opponent of Blaine at the Chicago convention when only twenty-five; as a candidate for mayor of New York city when barely twentyeight, receiving as he did a larger percentage of votes than had ever before been polled by a Republican candidate, and as an author with

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