The Bulletin of Pharmacy, Volume 31, Part 2

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E.G. Swift, 1917

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Page 10 - WHEREAS, In the opinion of the meeting of Alienists and Neurologists of the United States in convention assembled, it has been definitely established that alcohol when taken into the system acts as a definite poison to the brain and other tissues; and "WHEREAS, The effects of this poison are directly or indirectly responsible for a large proportion of the insane...
Page 60 - DRAWING INKS ETERNAL WRITING INK ENGROSSING INK TAURINE MUCILAGE PHOTO MOUNTER PASTE DRAWING BOARD PASTE LIQUID PASTE OFFICE PASTE VEGETABLE GLUE, ETC ARE the FINEST and BEST GOODS of THEIR KIND Emancipate yourself from the use of corrosive and ill-smelling inks and adhesives and adopt the Higgins Inks and Adhesives.
Page 43 - THE NATIONAL STANDARD DISPENSATORY, Containing the Natural History, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Actions, and Uses of Medicines, including those recognized in the Pharmacopoeias of the United States, Great Britain, and Germany, with numerous references to other Foreign Pharmacopoeias.
Page 48 - I wish you would run across the street and see how old Mrs. Brown is this morning.
Page 28 - Drawing Inks Eternal Writing Ink Engrossing Ink Taurine Mucilage Photo Mounter Paste Drawing Board Paste Liquid Paste Office Paste Vegetable Glue, etc. Are the finest and best...
Page 55 - They will be a revelation to you, they are so sweet, clean, well put up, and withal so efficient. At Dealers Generally CHAS.
Page 31 - The fussy old gentleman asked the chance traveling companion : "Have you any children, sir?" "Yes, sir; a son." "Does he smoke?" "Ah, sir, he never so much as touched a cigarette." "So much the better, sir; the use of tobacco is a poisonous habit. Does he frequent clubs?
Page 52 - I've been expecting a packet of medicine by post for a week and haven't received it yet." Post-office Clerk — "Yes, madam. Kindly fill in this form and state the nature of your complaint.
Page 57 - MHS in the gelatin on the inside of each capsule. These letters are not visible from the outside, but they are plainly discernible in the gelatin when the capsule is cut in half.
Page 15 - ... Some salts combine with various proportions of water of crystallization according to the temperature at which crystallization takes place, the crystals assuming different forms according to the amount of water taken up ; sodium carbonate, sodium phosphate, and zinc sulphate are examples of this class. Some crystals will part with a portion of their water of crystallization when exposed to the air, particularly if the latter is slightly warm ; they gradually lose their transparency and the surface...

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