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-Gen. Dix commanding in New-soil of Virginia, save within the narYork. Lieut. Gen. Winfield Scott, at row limits, or immediately under the Washington, was commander-in-chief, frowning walls, of Fortress Monroe. as well as in immediate charge of the So Gen. Butler soon found some ten large force rapidly pouring into the or twelve thousand Confederates in capital and its environs—in part, by his front, under command of Gens. steamboat up the Potomac; in part, Huger and Magruder, (both recently by way of the Railroad through Balti- of the regular army,) with earth

There were cities that hailed works and batteries facing him at the Union soldiers with greater en every commanding point, well mount, thusiasm, but none that treated themed with powerful guns from the with more civility and deference, spoils of the Norfolk Navy Yard. than Baltimore, from and after But. The white population in that slaveler's arrival in that city; though he holding neighborhood was so genesomewhat embarrassed the trade of rally disloyal that, of a thousand inthat hitherto thriving mart by search- habitants of the little village of ing for and seizing large quantities Hampton, lying just under the guns of arms, secreted in her cellars or of the fort, but a hundred remained snugly stowed away in the holds of on the 1st of June.“ her vessels, awaiting transportation

Gen. Butler found his position so to lower Virginia. One of his last cramped by the proximity and auand most important seizures was that dacity of the Rebels, whose cavalry of the person of George P. Kane, and scouts almost looked into the Marshal of Police; who, making all mouths of his guns, that he resolved possible opposition to captures of on enlarging the circle of his Virarms designed for the Rebels, was ginia acquaintance; to which end he taken also to the Fort, that he might seized and fortified the point known see that they were in safe hands. as Newport News, at the mouth of Unluckily, he, like other traitors, was James river; and, on the 9th of not retained there so long as he June, ordered a reconnoissance in should have been ; but this was by force for some eight or ten miles no fault of Gen. Butler, who was northward, with intent to surround, ordered to take command at Fortress surprise, and capture, the Rebel poMonroe, whither he repaired on the sition nearest him, known as Little 22d, and where he soon found him- Bethel. To this end, Col. Abram self at the head of some 15,000 raw Duryea's Zouaves were dispatched but gallant soldiers.

from Hampton at 1 o'clock next It had been decided that no offen- morning, followed by Col. F. Townssive movement should be made prior end's 3d New-York, an hour later, to the 24th (the day after the farce with directions to gain the rear of of voting to ratify the Ordinance of Little Bethel, so as to cut off the reSecession)—the Government having treat of the Rebels ; while Col. apparently resolved that no Union Phelps, with a Vermont battalion, soldier should, on that day, tread the supported by Bendix's New-York

* This village was burnt, August 9th, by Ma ter to our troops. An attempt was at first made gruder's order, that it might no longer afford shel. to attribute this devastation to the Unionists.

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