The History of al-Tabari Vol. 39: Biographies of the Prophet's Companions and Their Successors: al-Tabari's Supplement to His History

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SUNY Press, 2015 M07 7 - 406 pages
This is biographical material that al-T'abari appended to his History, bringing together biographies of Companions and successors of the Prophet. Many chapters are devoted to women who played a role in the transmission of knowledge.

The present volume is a collection of excerpts from al-T'abari's biographical work entitled The Supplement to the Supplemented (Dhayl al-mudhayyal).

In the introduction to his History, al-T'abari declared his intention to append to it a biographical work for the reader's convenience. Only a collection of excerpts has survived, however. It was first published as part of the Leiden edition of the History and is now presented as a volume in the T'abari Translation Project. It brings together biographies of Companions, successors, and scholars of subsequent generations; many chapters are devoted to women related to the Prophet who played a role in the transmission of knowledge. The biographies vary in length and style, ranging from a mere identification of a person to long accounts and anecdotes.

This volume represents a long tradition characteristic of Muslim culture. Muslim scholars developed biographical literature into a rich and complex genre. It was intended to be an auxiliary branch of religious study, aimed at determining the reliability of chains of transmission through which traditions were handed down. More often than not, however, works in this genre contain valuable historical information of the kind often ignored by the authors of mainstream history books. Even though not a complete work, this volume is thus not merely a supplement to al-T'abari's History but also a source in its own right, often supplying new and rare insights into events and social conditions.


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Those Who Died in the Year 8 629630
Those Who Were Killed in the Year 16 6 37 6 38
The Year 9 630631 II
Those Who Died or Were Killed in the Year 37 657658
Those Who Died in the Year 50 670671
The Year II 632633H 12
Those Who Died in the Year 78 697698 58
The Names of Those Companions Who Outlived the Prophet
Those of the Banfi Dabbah b Udd b Tabikhah b alYas
The Names of the Asharis Who Transmitted Traditions from
The Biographies of the Women Who Embraced Islam during
and Wives Who Died after Him
Those Who Died in the Year 161 777778
Qurashi Women Younger Contemporaries of Companions
Those of the Prophets Companions Who Were Known by the
The Kunyahs of the Successors Who Were Known by Their

Those of the Banfi alMuttalib b Abd Manaf b Qusayy
The Allies of the Banu Nawfal b Abd Manaf b Qusayy
Those of the Banfi Iumah Who Outlived the Prophet
The Kunyahs of People of Subsequent Generations Who Were

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