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Over Three Thousand Seven Hundred Facts


Particularly intended as a book for Family Reference on Subjects
connected with Domestic Economy, and containing the Largest
and must Valuable Collection of Useful Information

that has ever yet been published.





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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1858, by


In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the Southern District of New York.

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The title of this work will, in a slight degree, indicate its purpose ; still, in presenting it to the public, we would offer a few remarks as to our plan.

In accordance with our design, we have placed before our readers a popular and entertaining account of thousands of objects which are familiar to them in every-day life, but of which, from their very familiarity, they have never inquired. How are they made ? Who invented them? Or what matters of interest are there connected with them?

We are fully impressed with the belief that there are many persons, and even educated ones, who, although they will not take the trouble to search for and collect the information necessary to form a proper estimate of the value and importance of our more familiar things, would, if it were brought before them without trouble, feel gratified and surprised at the fund of knowledge and amusenient they offer. This we have done.

If there be any among our readers, who, having turned over the pages of “INQUIRE WITHIN,” have hastily pronounced them to be confused and ill arranged, let them at once refer to THE INDEX, or forever hold their peace.

THE INDEX is, to the vast congregation useful hints and receipts that fill the boundary of this volume, like the DIRECTORY to the great aggregation of houses and people in New York

No one, being a stranger to New York, would run about asking for “Mr. SMITH.” But, remembering the Christian name, and the profession of the individual wanted, would turn to the DIRECTORY, and trace him out.

Like a house, every paragraph in “ INQUIRE WITHIN," has its number, and the INDEX is the DIRECTORY which will explain what Facts, Hints, and Instructions inhabit that number.

For, if it be not a misnomer, we are prompted to say that “ INQUIRB WITHIN” is peopled with thousands of ladies and gentlemen, who have approved of the plan of the work, and contributed something to its store of useful information. There they are, waiting to be questioned, and ready to reply. Only a short time ago, the facts and information, now assuming tho conventional forms of printing-types, were active thoughts in the minds of many people. Their fingers traced those thoughts upon the page, for the benefit of whomsoever might need information. We must not separate the thought from the mind which gave it birth; we must not look upon these writings as we should upon the traces left by the snail upon the geen leaf, having neither form por meaning. Behind each page some one lives to answer for the correctness of the inforination imparted, just as certainly as where in the window of a dwelling, you see a paper directing you to “INQUIRE WITHIN some one is there to answer you.

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A DOCTOR lives at 906 ; a GARDENER at 1021 ; a SCHOOLMASTER at 1323 a DANCING MASTER at 1678; an ARTIST at 1851 ; a NATURALIST at 1925. a MODELLER at 1931 ; & Cook at 1972; a PHILANTHROPIST at 2006; a LAWYER at 2047; & SURGEON at 2186; a CHESS PLAYER at 2354 ; CHEMIST at 2387; a BREWER at 2559; and so on.

Well! there they live-always at home-knock at their doors—INQUIR WITHIN-NO FEES TO PAY!!

We have taken so much care in selecting our information, and have beer aided by so many kind friends in the production of our volume, that we canno turn to any page without at once being reminded of the GENEROUS FRIENI WHO ABIDES THERE.

“INQUIRB WITHIN” is decidedly the most wonderful and useful book tha has been issued for many years. It should be in the hands of every family in the country, as it gives a vast amount of information on every subject connected with domestic life, not heretofore in print in any other work. As a book of reference it is invaluable,-it refers to and explains everything, whether you wish to model a flower in wax to ornament a vase by the art of potichomanie; to serve up a relish for breakfast or for supper; to supply'a delicious entrée for the dinner table ; to plan a dinner for a large party or a small one; to cure a head-ache; to get married ; to establish acquaintances according to the rules of etiquette; to play at cards, chess or other games; to enjoy an hour at curious puzzles and arithmetical questions; to tie any kind of a knot; to do up a neat parcel; to relieve the invalid ; to write and speak correctly; to acquaint yourself with the technical terms in literature, law and medicine: whether you want to dance; to commence and end a courtship, or whatever you may wish to do, mako, or to enjoy, provided your desire has relation to the necessities of domestic life—all you have to do is to procuro a copy of INQUIRE WITHIN, and it will give all the information you want to know.

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Paragraph i

Paragrar Alcohol, Uses of... 2060 Antacido, Uses of 276

Paragraph Ale, Adulterated 2420 Antalkalies, Uses of ... 277 AB UT, or With 1559. Ale, Amber, Brewing.. 2561 Anthelmintics, Effects of 277 Accidents in Carriages.. 2517 | Ale, Brewing

2560 Anti-Diarrheal Powder 1009 Accidents, Treatment of. 2238 Alkalies, Poisoning by.. 2278 Antidotes to Poisons 2261 Accidents, Cautions on. 2006 | All-Fours, Rules of 8118 Anti - Hooping - Cough Accounts, Pay Regularly 737 All-Fours, Terms used in 2115 Powder

1011 Acetate of Ammonia, Allspice, Tincture of .... 2531 Antimony, Poisoning by 2209 Uses of..

2752 Almonds, Blanched 2791 Antimonial Powder, Acetate of Lead, with Almond Paste..

2792 Uses of...

2754 Opium Lotion.. 973 Almond Icing for Wed- Antimony, Uses of

2753 Ace te of Potassa.. 2747 ding Cakes

2931 Anti-Spasmodics

2697 Acetate of Zinc, Eye-wash 912 Almonds, Pounding 2792 Anti-Spasmodic ElectuAcid, Tartaric, Uses of.. 2772 Almond Confection 918 8гу

927 Acid, Corns Cured by Almond Custards 2523 Anti-Spasmodic Mixture 998 Acetic

178 Almond Custards, Good 8731 Anti-Spasmodic Powder 1010 Acid, Carbonic Gas 2938 Almond Flavor. 240 Ants, To Destroy 2046 Acid, Carbonic, a Poison 2941 Almond Pudding, 252 Aperient Medicines 151 Acid, Carbonic, How to Almond Sponge Cake 2525 Aperient Pills

153 Tell

2942 Aloes, Best way to take 2683 Aphides, To Kill. 2034 Acid, Uses of Citric 2771 Aloes, Effects of.. 2733 Apoplexy, Treatment.. 1214 Acids, To Remove the Alum Confection

919 Apoplexy, Another Stains of... 3275 Alum Eye-wash

998 Treatment.

2253 Acids, Poisoning by 2273 Alum Gargle

958 Apostrophe, The. 1657 Acidulated Gargle 954 Alum Poultice.

8328 Apparel, Changes of 879 Acted Charades Ex- Alum, To Discover in Apparatus, Simple Sur. plained 2440 Bread 2399 gical

2223 Address or Direct ? 1575 | Alum Whey

2536 Appetite, How Lost. 2538 Adhesive Plaster 2196 American Bushel 3199 Apple Bread

137 Adjective, The

2974 American Economy 580 Apple Cake for Children 218 Adjectives, The Use of.. 1411 American History in Apple Dumplings 2508 Adulterations, Practical

343 Apple Fritters

2513 2429 American Tooth Powder 173 Apple Marmalade 394 Adnlterations, Plan for Ammoniated Embroca- Apple Poultice

8316 Escaping them

tion, Strong..
936 Apple Puddings

2453 Adverb, The

2980 Ammonia, Poisoning hy 2278 Apple Pudding, Boston.. 2526 Advice to Young Ladies 796 Ammonia, Uses of 2698 Apple Pie

2511 Advice to Young Men.. 3326 Ammoniacnm, Uses of.. 2757 Apples, Dried.

2509 Advice to a Husband.. 2927 Amusement, Parlor 3233 Apples in Syrup.

352 Æther, Uses of 2692 Anagrams, Specimens of 2436 Apples in Syrup 2451 Æthereal, Tincture of Ana estic Feet... 2991 | Apples, Keeping, 2433 Fern 2015 Ancovies .

392 Apples, Served with CasAffectation Condemned 1779 Anrovy Sauce

286 tard

2527 Affectation of Learning 873 Anchovy and Lobster Apples and Rice for Age of the Landlord,

2795 Children

217 Laws respecting ...... 2845 Anchovy Buttes. 2793 Apple Sauce

2155 Ago or Back ?

1400 Anchovy Sandwiches 2794) Apples should not be A great large House, &c 1379 Anchovy Toast

2796 Cored

732 Ague and Fever, Cure Anglo-Japanese Work.. 2537 Apple Tart, Warmed... 350 for. 3284 Angostura Bark, Uses of 2714 Apple Water

2514 Ague Medicine 3285 Angry Words, Effect of. 792 Apricots, Dry

2798 Ague, Treatment of.... 1245 Ankle-joints, Affections Apricots, Jelly

2799 Air, Vitiated 2943 of the

937 Apricots Stewed in SyrAitch-bone, Economy of 238 Annato, Adulterated ... 2394

2737 Alabaster, Cleaning 2519 | Anodyne and Discutient Apricot Jam

2446 Alabaster Staining 359 Embrocation

935 | April, Things in Season NOTE.-For Inquirios not in this Index see Additional Index, page 27. (5)

Hints upon


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