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SEC. 186. Provides for regulation of rates and fixing of penalties.

SEC. 188. Free passes to "members of legislature, State, district, county, or municipal officers, except railroad commissioners," forbidden.

SEC. 190. Property and franchises of corporations may be subjected to public


SEC. 193. Contracts waiving right of suit for damages void.

SEC. 194. Same as section 3, Article XI, Illinois.

SEC. 197. Lease, purchase, or operation of a railroad of this State by a foreign corporation forbidden.

SEC. 198. The legislature shall enact laws to prevent all trusts, combinations, contracts, and agreements inimical to the public welfare.

ART. XIV.-General provisions,

SEC. 258. State aid of corporations prohibited.


ART. IV.-Legislative department.

SEC. 47. Municipal aid to corporations prohibited.
SEC. 53. Special legislation forbidden.

ART. X.-Revenue and taxation.

SEC. 5. "All railroad corporations in this State or doing business therein shall be subjected to taxation for State, county, school, municipal, and other purposes, on the real and personal property owned or used by them, and on their gross earnings, their net earnings, franchises, and their capital stock.

SEC. 21. Payment of $50 to State treasurer for first $50,000 of stock, and $5 for every $10,000 additional, required before charter granted.

ART. XII.-Corporations.

SEC. 4. Right of eminent domain to apply to property and franchises of corporations.

SEC. 6. Same as section 3, Article XI, Illinois.

SEC. 7. Similar to section 192, Kentucky, and article 265, Louisiana.


SEC. 12. Discrimination prohibited on long and short hauls.

SEC. 13, 14. Same as section 21, Article XIV, Alabama. Unjust discriminations also prohibited, and legislature to pass laws establishing reasonable maximum rates for freight and passengers.

SEC. 16. Rolling stock and all other movable property held subject to execution. SEC. 17. Consolidation of competing or parallel lines forbidden; also lease, purchase, etc.; also officeholding in rival company.

SEC. 18. No corporation can become a foreign company by consolidation.

SEC. 21. Benefits of future legislation denied except on condition of acceptance of constitution.

SEC. 22. No officer of railroad to be directly or indirectly interested in furnishing supplies, etc., to company.

SEC. 24. Free passes forbidden to State, county, and municipal officers, etc.


ART. XV.-Corporations other than municipal.

SEC. 1. Charters under which organization not yet completed void.

SEC. 3. Assembly has power to alter, revoke, or annul any charter of incorporation existing, or which may hereafter be granted, when, in its opinion, it may be injurious to citizens of State.

SEC. 4. Same as section 3, Article XI, Illinois and others.

SEC. 5. Railroad common carriers; legislature has power to control and regulate all rates, all roads, the right to build, operate, and intersect other roads. SEC. 6. Same as section 17, Article XII, Missouri and others.

SEC. 7. Same as section 3, Article XVII, Arkansas, and discrimination among persons forbidden.

SEC. 8. Constitution to be accepted before benefit of future legislation obtained. SEC. 9. Right of eminent domain to apply to property and franchises.

SEC. 12. "No street or other railroad shall be constructed within any city or town without the consent of the local authorities having control of the street or highway proposed to be occupied by such street or other railroad.”

SEC. 15. No corporation can become a foreign corporation by consolidation. SEC. 16. Contracts waiving right to damages void.

SEC. 20. Formation of trusts by combination within or without the State forbidden. Legislature to enact appropriate legislation.


ART. XI.-Corporations—Railroad corporations.

SEC. 2. Rolling stock and all other movable property subject to execution and sale.

SEC. 3. Identical with section 11, Article XI, Illinois, omitting last sentence. SEC. 4. All roads public highways; legislature may establish reasonable maximum rates for passengers and freight; liability of companies never to be limited. SEC. 6. Right of eminent domain to apply.

SEC. 7. Abuses to be regulated by law; penalties to the extent of forfeiture of property and franchise may be imposed.


ART. VIII.—Municipal and other corporations.

SEC. 1. Special legislation forbidden.

SEC. 6. State credit not to be extended to corporations.

SEC. 10. " No county, city, town, or other municipal corporation shall become a stockholder in any joint stock company, corporation, or association whatever, or loan its credit in the aid of any such company, corporation, or association, except railroad corporations, companies, or associations."


No constitutional provisions relating to railways.


ART. IV.-Legislative.

SEC. 11. Special legislation for corporations forbidden.

SEC. 1. State credit withheld.



The organic code contains no provisions relating to railways.



SEC. 18. Forbids legislature to enact any special law" Granting any corporation, association, or individual the right to lay down railroad tracks."



SEC. 1. "Corporations may be formed under general laws, but shall not be created by general act, except for municipal purposes; and in cases where, in the judgment of the legislature, the objects of the corporation can not be attained under general laws. All general laws and special acts passed pursuant to this section may be altered from time to time or repealed."

SEC. 10. County, cities, towns, and villages not to give money or loan credit.


SEC. 3. Granting or promising to grant, or accepting passes, franking privilege, or any discrimination in rates for the benefit of any public officer prohibited.


ART. V.-Revenue and taxation.

SEC. 4. State credit not to be given to railroads unless they are unfinished at the time of the adoption of the constitution, or such in which the State has a pecuniary interest, unless the question be submitted to the people and approved by them.

ART. VIII.-Corporations other than municipal.

SEC. 1. Corporations other than municipal to be organized under general laws. All such laws and special acts may be repealed or altered. SEC. 2. Debts to be secured.

SEC. 3. Defines corporations.


ART. 2.-Legislative department.

SEC. 69. Special legislation in favor of railroads forbidden.
ART. 7.-Corporations other than municipal.

SEC. 133. Charters held subject to constitution.

SEC. 134. Property and franchises subject to right of eminent domain.

SEC. 137. No corporation to engage in business other than that directly authorized.

SEC. 139. Consent of local authorities concerned necessary.

SEC. 141. Consolidation-same as section 6, Article XV, Montana.

SEC. 142. Same as section 5, Article XV, Montana.

SEC. 143.

SEC. 146. Same as section 20, Article XV, Montana.


ART. XII.-Corporations.

SEC. 1. No special laws conferring corporate powers to be passed.


ART. IV.-Legislative department.

SEC. 23. Various kinds of special legislation prohibited, but corporations not mentioned.

ART. XI.-Corporations and internal improvements.

SEC. 2. Organization of corporations by special act forbidden. All laws may be changed or repealed, "but not so as to destroy or impair any vested corporate rights."

SEC. 6. State not to be stockholder in any company.

SEC. 7. Credit of State not to be loaned.

SEC. 10. New county debts limited to $5,000.


ART. IX.-Taxation and finance.

SEC. 6. State credit not to be pledged nor State to become a stockholder.

ART. XVI.-Private corporations.

SEC. 2. All charters to be held subject to constitution.

SEC. 3. Right of eminent domain applicable to property and franchises. SEC. 6. No corporation to engage in business other than expressly authorized and not to hold real estate except such as may be necessary for carrying on its business.

ART. XVIII.-Railroads and canals.

SEC. 1. Identical with section 21, Article XIV, Alabama.

SEC. 6. No officer of corporation to be interested in the contracts for supplies and material.

SEC. 7. Preferences as to rates and facilities forbidden.

SEC. 8. Free passes forbidden "to any person except officers or employees of the company."


Amendment to Article IX.

SEC. 1. General assembly to provide for the creation and control of corporations by general law; but no corporation to acquire the right of eminent domain or franchise except by special act.


ART. XII.-Corporations.

SEC. 1. Corporations to be framed under general laws.

NOTE.-All acts pledging the credit of the State for the benefit of corporate body were repealed by special "ordinance" of March 15, 1868.


ART. XVII.-Corporations.

SEC. 1. Special legislation forbidden.

SEC. 3. Charters held subject to constitution.

SEC. 4. Right of eminent domain to extend to property and franchises.
SEC. 7. No corporation to engage in business not specifically named.

SEC. 9. Legislature has power to alter, revise, or annul any charter for public good "in such manner that no injustice shall be done to the incorporators. No law hereafter enacted shall create, renew, or extend the charter of more than one corporation.'

SEC. 13. "Rolling stock and all other movable property" subject to execution and sale.

SEC. 14. Same as section 6, Article XV, Montana, except relating to consolidation of railroads only, and omitting clause referring to office holding.

SECS. 15, 16. Same as section 21, Article XIV, Alabama, but referring to railroads only. Legislature given right to control rates of freight and passengers. SEC. 17. Same as section 7, Article XI, Nebraska.

SEC. 20. Monopolies and trusts forbidden. Adopted as an amendment at election of 1896.


ART. II.-Legislative.

SEC. 33. "No bonds of the State shall be issued by any railroad company which at the time of its application for the same shall be in default in paying interest upon the State bonds previously loaned to it or that shall hereafter and before such application sell or absolutely dispose of any State bonds loaned to it for less than par."

ART. XI.-Miscellaneous provisions.

SEC. 8. All special legislation forbidden.


ART. III.-Legislative department.

SEC. 51. State aid to individuals and corporations forbidden.
SEC. 52. County, city, town, etc., aid also prohibited.
SEC. 54. State liens upon railroads can not be changed.
SEC. 56. Special legislation forbidden.

ART. X.-Railroads.

SECS. 1, 2. Same as section 21, Article XIV, Alabama, except applying to railroads only, and also giving legislative power to correct abuses, prevent discriminations, and fix penalties.

SEC. 4. Rolling stock and other movable property subject to execution and sale. SEC. 5. Consolidation with or office holding in competing or parallel lines forbidden.

SEC. 8. Benefit of future legislation withheld until constitution subscribed to. SEC. 9. No railroads hereafter constructed to pass within 3 miles of a county seat without passing through same, and establish a depot, “unless prevented by natural obstacles, such as streams, hills, or mountains;" provided city (or town) grants right of way and land enough for depot purposes.

ART. XIV.-Public lands and land office.

SEC. 3. No public lands to be granted to railroads, and never more than 16 sections per mile. And no land granted until 10 miles of road in operation.


ART. VI.-Legislative department.

SEC. 26. Special legislation forbidden.

SEC. 31. Lending of State credit or that of counties and municipalities forbidden.

ART. XII.-Corporations.

SEC. 1. Corporations to be formed under general laws, and all such laws may be changed or repealed.

SEC. 2. Existing corporations to accept constitution.

SEC. 3. Legislature shall not extend or validate any franchise.

SEC. 10. Corporations limited to authorized objects.

SEC. 12. All railroads common carriers, and to carry freight and passengers without discrimination.

SEC. 13. Competing roads not to be consolidated.

SEC. 14. Rolling stock, etc., considered personal property.

SEC. 15. Legislature to prescribe maximum rates.

SEC. 17. Employee of a corporation can not hold municipal office in the municipality which granted the franchise.

SEC. 20. Trusts and combinations forbidden.


ART. X.-Taxation and finance.

SEC. 12. State credit can not be granted.

SEC. 14. State can not become a stockholder.

SEC. 15. State can not become a party to internal improvements.



SEC. 8. No law granting irrevocably any privilege, franchise, or immunity shall be passed by the legislature.

SEC. 28. Special legislation forbidden.

SEC. 39. 66

Public officers" forbidden to use passes, etc.

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