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and ordained tyone, that ye should go and uring forthilfruits and that your fruit should remain, that whatsoever ye shall: aski of the Father!, in my name, he may give it yora These things I command you, that ye love one foresi ! ';:1 ing *** Thus the greatiduty of maintaining union and mutual love is indispensably enjoined to the members of Christ's cliurch. . Upon the observance of this command depends their proficiency in the ways of righteousness and the success of their prayers. Our Lord again assures' his apostles, that, whilst they maintain this love" and union, the prayers that they should make in his name would be accepted of his Father. It is also upon the sanction of this duty, that he confirms the great promise of sending the Holy Ghost; to direct their judgmenty, to sanctify their hearts, and to abide with them for ever. And he closes this solemn address by declaring, that luis design in speaking these words to hisia postles was; that in him they might have Ipedoo; thought they should have tribų lation in the world.

Thus we see that the main intention of this plembrable chargę) is, to urge! the absolute

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of union and harmony ainongst the members of Christ's church. What an im pression must it have made upon the souls of his apostles, inforced as it was by the heart-rending circumstances of that awful night, when their kind and compassionate Lord was taking a tender leave of his assembled friends, and going to suffer a cruel and ignominious death ; ; especially when they hárl before their eyes the elements of that holy ordinance, which cominemorated his dying for their sake! :) 2 2 Dogs Canlany thing be conceived which would have more deeply impressed the dutyssof Blewing their love to their divine Master; by keeping his new commandment, and cherish ing a spirit of union and harmony amongst themselves? Yés--our'attention is called to greater things than these. Kjose, o 1.We must remember that all this took place in the same night when our Lord, being in an agóny, prayed more earnestly, and his sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground (Luke, xxi. 44.)

ni wito 2.Having closed this charge to hisiapostles, he turns to his Alotighty Father withaithe most powerful' intercession in their behalf; praying that he would keep them ini sunity and in truth :t-Holy Fathers keep, through thiné own nameni those whom thou-hasta given me, that they may be one as we are! I pray not that thou wouldestistake them out of the world, but that thou ::wquldest keep them from the evil.---Sanctify them through thy truth : i thy word is : truth. And now he adds a prayer for the whole body of his church upon earth :

-Neither pray, I för these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word—that is, for the Christians of all ages and nations who should believe through the preaching of his appointed ministers--that they.i all may

be one ji as thou, Father, art ın me, and I in thee, that they alsos may be one in us ; that the world may believe that thou hast sent me. And the glary which thou gavest me, I have given them, that they may be one, even as we are onę. I in them, and thou: in me, that they may be made perfect in one ; and that the world may believe that thou hast sent mez and hast :: loved them as thou hast Loved mean? Drumul loc p. Such is the tenor of the communion office,

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as it svas administered by Christ hinselfsuch the great law of union and harmony iq his church, which is ratified : by this holy ardinance an ordinance in which all schis disciples are commanded to commemorate his death till he come agains to judginent: and we find it repeatedly urged that this union and harmony of his church is intended as a powerful argument to convince the world of the certainty of our Lord's emis sion from God the Father ; and therefore, Wf the truth of his religioni itu 100) 8291 ki It is, then, evidente that this news's comes mandment has a direbt iapplication to the whole of his visible church:htere upah idartlia for jo no other acceptation of the words can thiš, angament apply to the world in generad, der? : such i being the union of Jove. and mutual iaffeotion, which is essentially required in the church s of Christ in that church, for which our Lord intercedes with his heavenly Fathers and to which, alone, he promises the communication of his glory it may be asked, Where is this divine prin ciple pow to be recagnised amongst the professors of his religion? Do the members of the various assemblies of our days maintain

that perfect union, which is the essential mark of trụe Christianity.? If they do nota where is the ground of their confidence, to, wards God, or what lesson do their strife and divisions offer to the world?

To the solemn charge of the dying Res deemer to his earnest prayer for the preservation of his universal church in perfect unity and peace-all the apostles of Christ attended with reverence and deep humility, and with a feeling of that love which was enjoined by their blessed Lord-all, ex cepting one, who, though a professor of ostentatious zeal, had now withdrawn from their society upon a separate scheme of his own: but woe to that man who shall follow his example! All, excepting that one, rep vered and observed the new commandment of their Master, and continued in perfect unity.

At the time when this injunction was given, they had all been partakers of the same bread and of the same cups and as this commemoration of Christ is the most sacred solemnity amongst his disciples, the church has given it the name of communion, or mutual fellowship, and has always eso

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