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ever, that with such large areas of fine ods of innoculation to produce immunity pasturage the supply of cattle will within from this disease now makes it possible to a few years be more than sufficient for obviate this difficulty, and there is nothing these local demands and that it will be to prevent herds of grade Herefords and necessary to look to the foreign markets Polled-Angus shortly replacing those of for an outlet.

the present thin, slow-maturing Spanish To compete successfully in the world's types.

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market it will be necessary to produce a The swine industry, too, is an important better quality of beef than that afforded one in some localities and it is destined to at present, and a movement has just be- grow rapidly in importance. At the presgun to introduce bulls of the best beef ent time large quantities of lard, hams types in order to breed up a better race of and bacon are imported from the States, cattle. Formerly this was a difficult mat- while as a matter of fact they can be proter as from three-fourths to nine-tenths of duced here cheaper than there. Palmicho, all northern cattle imported died of Texas the rich, oily fruit of the royal palm, is a or tick fever. The success of recent meth- valuable hog food, and it is produced in

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great abundance by these beautiful trees. mercial planting was begun only four or Mule raising is an almost unknown indus- five years ago, and the oldest orchards are try in Cuba, but it is one that will surely just coming into bearing. Probably a prove to be profitable. Mules are in total of eight or ten thousand acres has strong demand here at high prices and already been planted, and while some they will be used more and more to re- problems remain to be solved, the indusplace oxen in all kinds of agricultural try seems destined to become a lucrative work.

and important one. Cuban oranges are Since the American occupation the of good quality, but the grape fruit is growing of fruits and vegetables for even better and already commands the northern shipment has attracted consid- highest prices. Citrus fruit is being erable attention. Soil, climate and geo- planted on all kinds of soils, but there are graphical position all combine to favor reasons for thinking that the best results these industries, and it seems probable will be obtained on the red lands and the that they will soon grow to large propor- sandy lands of the tobacco district. tions. Even before the war, pineapples The principal vegetables grown for were shipped to the States in considerable shipment are tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, quantities. The business has proved a onions and potatoes. Heretofore the prosafe and fairly profitable one and the duction has been largely confined to a quantity grown is constantly increasing. small irrigated district near Guines in This year the shipments reached nearly a Havana province, but it has now been million boxes. Pineapples are grown demonstrated that these vegetables of a almost exclusively on the red lands, but superior quality can be grown on the some of the sandy lands are also well sandy lands without irrigation. The adapted to this crop.

amount of such land available is very Oranges and other citrus fruits have large. The extent of the industry there been grown abundantly on the island from fore need only be limited by the ability to time immemorial, but their extensive com- find profitable markets

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WILLIAM E BORAH, OF IDAHO Mr. Borah proposes to be Senator from Idaho. He is therefore vigorously campaigning against his friend Senator Dubois.

political opponents say he is the representative of the Mormon Church



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ARTHUR MACARTHUR, THE NEW LIEUTENANT-GENERAL General MacArthur succeeds General Corbin and, since the office is soon to expire, may be the last Lieutenant-General. He will retire

June 2, 1909

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