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HERBERT PARSONS The man who defeated Odell and brought about the nomination of Charles E. Hughes as Republican candidate for Governor of

New York


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General MacArthur succeeds General Corbin and, since the office is soon to expire, may be the last Lieutenant

General. He will retire
June 2, 1909


J. CHARLES-ROUX – GENERAL COMMISSIONER OF THE MARSEILLES COLONIAL EXPOSITION M Charles-Roux is one of the most prominent business men of France. He is president of the Compagnie Generale de Transatlantique and

vice-president of the International Suez Canal Company

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HE French people are by the government in missions is merely

very proud of their col- because they promote British trade interonies and the govern- ests. The missionaries use this phrase so ment cultivates the en- much that they have a way of understandthusiasm persistently. ing each other when the letters “B. T. I.” It seems that colonies are pronounced. Therefore it is natural, pay for themselves when we view the French colonial exposi

h a n dsomely, even tions, with their fine showings of educathough the official budget reports a deficit tional and religious work, to say to oureach year. There must be some outlet for selves, “all for F. T. I." the expanding capital of a country like However, not to be pessimistic, the coloFrance, and the settlements in partially nial expositions are beautiful and intercivilized lands are great promoters of esting, this special one at Marseilles not trade. I know of missionaries in British the least so. Such showings have a right colonies who say that the interest taken to arouse enthusiasm and they do. The location of the city of Marseilles is a spe- abundant opportunity for the investment cially fortunate one for such an exhibition, of capital in these strange countries and because of the semi-tropical climate which that they are not entirely indifferent to admits of arborial and floral arrange- the interests of the oriental populations ments delightfully in keeping with the with whom they deal. Possibly they conreproductions of oriental buildings, and sider it good policy to look to the hapthe intermingling of French architecture. piness and health of their oxen and asses Also, Marseilles is itself a beautiful city for the promotion of French trade interwell worth lingering in.



ests — just as some of the rest of us do for As this exposition is so limited in its presentations, the grounds are con- The grounds of the exposition are veniently limited in extent, and the loca- shaped somewhat like a diamond, the main tion easily accessible by tramways. The entrance being at one of the sharp angles. entire affair lets us dream of the Orient, Entering the main gate, the eye glances reveals the inner life of many strange peo- up a majestic, wide avenue, the vista ples and refreshes the eye with great closed by the Grand Palace of Exportastretches of beds of exotic flowers, inter- tion, very much the largest edifice on the spersed with pagodas and temples. Very grounds. There are important pavilions few of us, who are busied with our own devoted to the interests of Algeria, Madaovercrowded lifework, realize the number gascar, Tunis, Occidental Africa, Indoof colonies supported by the French, or China, Cochin-China, Cambodia, the Southeir varied locations. Whether the popu- dan, besides giving attention to the old lar prejudice in England against French French province in which Marseilles is colonial management be well founded or situated, Provence. Entering by the not, it is true that the French people find grand portal, duly made gay and frivolous

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