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Review of, etc. By T. Pickering. 2d ed. Salem, 1824
Correspondence between Adams and several citizens of
Mass. 2d ed.
Boston, 1829
and Lewis' Conduct. Report on the minority of the
Committee on Manufactures. Boston, Feb. 28, 1833
Letters on the Militia, addressed to.
Address at Charleston, on Death of. By Edward Everett.
Boston, 1826

Boston, 1823

and Jefferson. Eulogy on the Character of. By J. L.
Prov., 1826
Deeds and other Documents relating to the several pieces of
Land presented to the Town of Quincy, together with
a Catalogue of his Books.
Cambridge, 1823
Review of the Correspondence between Adams and Wm.
Cunningham, from 1803-'12. By T. Pickering. 1824
and Thos. Jefferson. The First Jubilee of Amer. Indep.
and Tribute of Gratitude to. Newark, N. J., 1826
and Jefferson, Disc. on Death of. Delivered by John
New York, 1826
Boston, 1809

Inadmissible Principles.

and Thos. Jefferson. Oration in Com. of. By John Ser

[blocks in formation]

Phila., 1826 Boston, 1801

Corresp. concerning British Doc. of Impressment,

Baltimore, 1809

The Political Reformer, and Strictures on Defence of the
Const. of U. S.

Phila., 1797

[Sixteen.] 1827

Sketch of life and services of.
Eulogy on the life and char. of Jas. Munroe, Aug. 25, 1831
"Dermot MacMorrogh"; or, The Conquest of Ireland.

Report on manufactures, Feb. 28, 1833. Boston, 1833
Oration on the life and char. of Lafayette, Dec. 31, 1834
Eulogy on James Madison.
Boston, 1836
Oration 61st Anniv. of the Dec. of In., July 4, 1837.
Correspondence between Adams and several citizens of


Address Norfolk County Temp. Soc.
Lecture before the Franklin Lyceum.

Boston, 1829

Boston, 1842

Prov., 1842

[blocks in formation]

ADAMS. Verdict of condemnation on an appeal of H. G. Otis, for a decision of their controversy with.

Speech of.

83 Adams, John Quincy. [Seventeen.]

New York, Feb. 27, 1829

New York, 1828

Inauguration, at [his] installation as Boylston professor

of rhetoric [etc.] at Harv. Coll.

Boston, 1806

Address [on the] anniversary of Independence at Washington, July 4, 1821

Oration, [at] Quincy, July 4, 1831

Cambridge, 1821

Boston, 1831

Oration on the life of G. M. de Lafayette, Dec. 31, 1834.



Trenton, 1835
The same.
Washington, 1835
Jubilee of the constitution, a disc. before the N. Y. Hist.
Soc., 30th of April, 1839
New York, 1839
Letters on the entered apprentice's oath Boston, 1833
Notice of Mr. Adam's eulogium on the life and character
of James Monroe

Disc. at interment of J. Q. Adams. By W. P.

Letters and opinions of Masonic institutions.

Oration on Life and Char. of Lafayette.

Address, July 4, 1821. By John Q. Adams
Remarks on Address deliv. July 4, 1821.

Washington, 1832


Washington, 1848 By J. Q. Adams Cincinnati, 1851 John Q. Adams Boston, 1835 Washington, 1821 By John Q. Adams


Baltimore, 1821

Correspondence between John Q. Adams and Several Cit. of Mass.

Adams, Chas. Francis. Pamphlets.

Washington, 1829

Reflections upon the Currency in the U. S.
Address, July 4th, at Quincy

Boston, 1837

Boston, 1869

84 Agricultural Society Pamphlets.


Berkshire Agric. Soc., Hist. of Rise, Progress, and Existing State of. By Elkanah Watson. Valuable.


Address. By Jesse Buel, Oct. 5, 1837.

Jefferson Co. Agric. Soc. (N. Y.) Authentic Documents relative
to the Black River and St. Lawrence Countries. By Rich'd
Philad., 1820
Massachusetts Agric. Soc. Nat. Hist. of the Slug Worm. By
Wm. D. Peck. Plate. Boston, 1799

[blocks in formation]

do 1803 Albany, 1819 Soc. Address deliv. at Brattleborough, Vt., by John A. Andrew

Boston, 1866

Aquidneck Agric. Soc. Address. By J. P. Hall, Sept., 21, 1854

85 Albany Pamphlets. [Fourteen.]

Albany, Report by the Mayor to the common council of, upon


The Fancy Ball

Albany, 1846 Albany, 1846 Report of the special committee to submit a plan for supplying the city with Water

Albany, 1846 Bridge Question Speech. By Daniel E. Sickles, March, 1856

Albany Society. For promotion of useful arts. Address by S. R.
Beck, Feb. 3, 1813. Valuable

Ladies' Society. For relief of distressed Women and
Children. By Frederic Beasley, Jan. 10, 1808

Female Academy. Lecture by Alexander Watson, Apr.
2, 1845

Quarterly, Animadversions on the

Extra, on the Cholera

Phila., 1833

Young Men's Assoc. Address by Rev. E. D. Allen

Albany, 1841 Academy. Celebration of Semi-Centen. Anniv., June 23, 1863

Recollections of. Address before the Young Men's
Assoc. by Wm. Kent

Regency. Short appeal from the decrees of King Caucus
and the Albany Regency

New York, 1854

Albanian. Original Poems, with imitations of Horace. Albany

86 Almanacs. [Fourteen].

American Naval, for 1815, by J. Sharp

Gramer's Pittsburg Magazine, 1815, by J. Taylor

Franklin, for 1839, by C. F. Egelmann

Nord-Amerikain, for 1849, by C. F. Egelmann
Poor Richard's, for 1851





New York

New York, 1851



N. Y.

N. Y.

N. Y.

Angler's-Fisher's Vade Mecum-for 1851

[blocks in formation]

do 1827


do 1832

United States, by Robt. De Silver, for 1826

87 Amer. B'd of Com. for Foreign Missions. [Ten.]

1. Sermon. Ordination of Missionary to Asia. By L. Woods.

[blocks in formation]

6. Letter in reply to a recent pamphlet. By Bishop Southgate

7. Statis. hist. of contrib. past sixteen years.
8. Annual Sermon before. By G. W. Bethune.

N. Y., 1845
Sept., 1852
Oct., 1856

9. Historical Sketch of Missions 10. Sermon before. By J. P. Thompson 88 American Institute of N. Y. [Sixteen.]

Address deliv. before the. Oct. 14, 1831.

New York, 1861

Boston, 1867

Edward Everett.

[blocks in formation]

Lecture on the origin of

Oct., 1843. James Tallmadge.

Oct. 20, 1848 do

varieties in Animals and Plants.

Apr. 21, 1857. By Dr. Waterbury

Address on the Smithsonian Institute. By William


New York, 1847

[blocks in formation]

Appeal to Public.

N. Y. 1847

50 p.

Boston, 1833

N. Y., 1845

New York, 1844

New York, 1853


Temperance Society Address and Eighth report. 1835

Museum, for August, 1787. Uncut.

Magazine, for January, 1788. Uncut.

conducted by H. G. Spofford.

Nos. 2-12, 1815.

Educational Monthly, for Jan., 1868.


New York.

Vol. 1.

New York

Education Society. Examination of the strictures

upon, in the Biblical Repertory. By M. Stuart. 1829 Mental Picnic, Sept. 21st, 1839. Uncut.

Home Miss. Soc. Sermon, May, 1849.

New York

New York

American, Bible Union, 4th Annual report, Oct. 6th, 1855.
New York

Tract Society. Responsibilities of the publishing
committee, Feb., 1858.

Baptist Pub. Soc. 25th Annual Report, 1859
Christian Expositor. Vol. II. No. 12.
Quarterly Register, Feb. 1841.
Historical Society, Discourses before.
Lewis Cass. Jan. 30th, 1836.
Institute of Instruction, Lecture on
before. By Jacob Abbott.

April 1, 1833 Boston, 1841 By the Hon. Washington, 1836 moral education

Boston, 1831

Sunday School Union, 20th Annual Report, May 21,

Phila., 1844

1844. Union, Report of the executive committee, March 25, 1836.

Boston, 1836

Academy of Fine Arts, Charter and By-laws.

New York, 1817

Peace Society, Address by Charles Sumner.

91 Twelve Pamphlets.

Boston, 1854

London, 1812

America, Dispute with, in a series of letters from a Cosmopolite

to a clergyman.

Treaty with French Indemnity.

(North), Memoir, Hist. and Polit. on the Northwest coast of, and the Adjacent Terr. By Robt. Greenhow.

Washington, 1840 American Colonies, History of the issue of paper money in, Anterior to the Revolution. (Scarce.) St. Louis, 1851 America (Central), Memoir of an Eventful Expedition in, resulting in the discov. of the idolatrous city of Iximaya, and the possession of two remarkable Aztec children, etc., By J. J. Stevens. New York, 1850 America (U. S. of). The Commercial Conduct of considered, and the true interest thereof attempted to be shown by a citizen of N. Y. Printed by S. & J. Loudon, New York, 1786 America, (Central), Antiquities of, and Disc. of N. Eng. by the Northmen, Five Hundred yrs. before Columbus. By A. Davis. 9th ed. Boston, 1842


America. Exposition of the conduct of France towards. By
Lewis Goldsmith.
New York, 1810
America, (Spanish), and the U. S.; or views of the actual com-
merce of the U. S. By a Merchant of Philadelphia.
America, (South). Brief and correct Account of an Earthquake
which happened in. G. A. Gardner, Poughkeepsie, 1820
American Character, European Delineation of, as contained in
a letter of a Foreign Traveller in N. Y. to his Friend in Lon-
New York, 1820
America, (U. S. of) and Eng. Being a reply to a criticism on
Inchiquin's Letters.
New York, Jan., 1814

92 Twelve Pamphlets.

America, Lecture on the discovery of, by the Northmen. By

A. Davis, 3d ed.


New York, 1839

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