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Which was the most pow- rity, and was to subsist till erful of the two tribes ? the coming of Jesus Christ,

Of what was it possessed? from which also Jesus Christ

How long was it to sub- was to be born. sist?

Joseph (a) one of the From what tribe was Je- sons of Jacob, having been sus Christ to be born ? sold and carried into Egypt Who was Joseph ?

through the jealousy and What happened to Joseph? hatred of his brethren, God Who were jealous of, and raised him up to the chiefest hated him ?

dignity of that kingdom, by To what situation did the means of the king of the God raise him up?

country. Some years after, By whose means?

Jacob the father of Joseph, What was the name of was constrained by the fathe king of the country? mine that was in the land of A. Pharaoh.

Canaan, to go and sojourn 1 What constrained Jacob in Egypt, with all his family. and his family to go and About this time lived Job, a sojourn in Egypt?

man illustrious for his piety What do you mean by and patience under afflic“ constrained ?''

tions. A. Compelled-forced. After the death of Jacob

What do you mean by (b) and Joseph, the children “ sojourning?"

of Israel increased and mul4. Dwelling any where tiplied so exceedingly in for a time.

Egypt, that king Pharaoh With whom did Jacob so- became jealous of them, journ or dwell in Egypt? and endeavoured to destroy

Who lived about this them. But God sent Moses, time?

who having wrought many For what was he famous miracles, and smote Egypt or illustrious ?

with ten plagues, obliged How did the children of Pharaoh to let the children Israel increase and multiply of Israel go out of his terin Egypt?

ritories. This departure of Who became jealous of the children of Israel out of them?

Egypt, happened four hunWhat did Pharaoh endeavour to do?

(a) Gen. xxxvii. &c. Whom did God send ?

(6) Exod. i. &c. What did Moses work among



With what did he smite dred and thirty years after Egypt?

the call of Abraham. What did he oblige Pharaoh to do?

What do you mean by “ territories?”

A. Land, country.

How long did the departure of the children of Israel out of Egypt happen after the call of Abraham ?



What time is contained in the 4th chapter of this book?

What did the children of Israel walk upon when they came out of Egypt?

Through what sea ?

What did God then work in favour of the Israelites ?

A. A miracle.
Who pursued them ?

What happened to Pharaoh ?

How long after the deliverance from Egypt did God publish the ten commandments ?

Where did he publish them ?

What more did he give to Moses?

What were the political laws ?

A. Laws relating to the government of the state.

What were the " ceremonial laws ?" A. Laws relating to the

monies of the church,

of the time between the

going out of Egypt, and the building of Solomon's Temple.

The children of Israel being come out of Egypt, walked upon dry (a) land through the Red Sea! and Pharaoh who pursued them, attempting to go through after them, was there drowned with all his army. Fifty days after the deliverance from Egypt, God published the (6) ten commandments of the Law upon Mount Sinai, He afterwards



political laws to Moses, as also the ceremonial laws which the Israelites were to ob

God did not suffer the children of Israel to enter into the land of Canaan immediately after their coming out of Egypt, but they


(a) Exod. xii. xiv. &c. (6) Exod, xx, &c.

What did God not suffer stayed in the wilderness forthe children of Israel to do ty years, under the conduct immediately!

of Moses. Where did they stay? How long?

Why were they to remain so long in the wilderness?

A. As a punishment for their disobedience.

Under whose conduct or guidance ?

When did Moses die ? Moses dying at the end of Who succeeded Moses? these forty years (a) Joshua

What did Joshua do when succeeded him; and after be had subdued the nations having subdued the nations and kings that inhabited the and kings that inhabited the land of Canaan ?

land of Canaan, he settled By whom were the people

the Israelites in their stead. governed after the death of After the death of Joshua, Joshua ?

this people were governed Who was the last of these by the Judges that God Judges ?

raised from time to time, Whom did Samuel set until the prophet Samuel up as the first king of the (who was the last of the Israelites ?

judges) set up Saul the first Who reigned after Saul ? king of the Israelites. After What was David besides Saul reigned David, who was a king ?

both a king and a prophet : What do you mean by a to whom succeeded Solomon prophet?

his son, who built the temWho succeeded David ? ple of Jerusalem four hunWhat did Solomon build ? dred and fourscore years How long after the com

after the coming out of ing out of Egypt was the Egypt, and about a thousand temple built ?

years before the coming of How long before the com

Jesus Christ. ing of Jesus Christ?

(a) Josh. i. &c.



What space of time is contained in the 5th chapter ?

Who was set on the throne after Solomon's death?

of the time between the building of Solomon's Temple, and the Captivity of Babylon.

How many


What did the ten tribes After Solomon's death (a) of Israel then do ?

Rehoboam his son being set What do you mean by on the throne, the ten tribes. " revolted ?"

of Israel revolted ; so that A. Rebelled, or departed he ruled over two tribes from their duty to their king. only, which were those of

tribes then did Judah and Benjamin. Thus, Rehoboam reign over ? there were two kingdoms

Which were those two formed, the one called the tribes ?

kingdom of Israel, which How many kingdoms were comprehended the ten thus formed ?

volted tribes, the other callWhat were the names of ed the kingdom of Judah, the two kingdoms?

which consisted of the two A. Israel and Judah. tribes that remained faithful

What did the kingdom of to Rehoboam. Israel comprehend ?

The kingdom of Israel Of what did the kingdom subsisted about two hunof Judah consist ?

dred and fifty years; JeroHow long did the king- boam was the first king of dom of Israel subsist ? it. This prince, fearing that

Who was the first king of his subjects would return to it ?

the obedience of Rehoboam, What did Jeroboam fear? king of Judah, when they

What did he do to pre- should go to Jerusalem on vent it?

the solemn festivals to worWhat did he make for ship God in the temple, this purpose ?

and to offer their sacrifices Had not the people of there, set up a false worship Israel a right to keep their in his kingdom. He made solemn festivals wherever two golden calves, which they pleased ?

they worshipped under the A. No; they were com- name of the God of Israel. manded to keep their so- He appointed solemn feasts lemn festivals only at Jeru- and priests ; so that in the salem.

reign of Jeroboam and his Under whose name did successor, idolatry was es. they worship the golden tablished in the kingdom of calves ?

Israel. All the kings of What did Jeroboam ap- Israel were idolaters, and

point ?

What was therefore es

(a) 1 Kings xii. &c.

tablished in the kingdom of kept up the false worship Israel?

which Jeroboam had esta What is idolatry?

blished. God sent several What were all the kings prophets to the ten tribes, of Israel ?

to turn them from their sins, What kind of worship did and to preserve the knowthey keep up?

ledge of himselfamong them. Whom did God send to The most eminent of these the ten tribes ?

prophet was Elijah. For what purpose ?

He prophesied in the time Who was the most emi- of Ahab, who was one of nent of these prophets ? the wickedest of the kings

In whose time did he pro- of Israel. At last the kingphesy?

dom (a) of the ten tribes What kind of king was was destroyed, and Samaria, Ahab ?

their capital city, was taken What became at last of in the time of Hosea, the last the kingdom of the ten king of Israel, by Salmanetribes ?

ser, king of Assyria, who What was the name of carried away the ten tribes their capital city ?

into his own kingdom, from What became of their whence they were dispersed capital city ?

into divers countries, and In whose timewasit taken? have never since been setWho was Hosea ?

tled again in their own By whom was it taken? land.

Whither did he carry the The kingdom of Judah ten tribes ?

lasted an hundred and thirWhere were they dispers- ty years longer than that ed from thence ?

of Israel. The capital city Where have they never of this kingdom was Jeruagain been settled ?

salem, where the true God How much longer did the was served in the temple of kingdom of Judah last than Solomon. But idolatry crept the kingdom of Israel? in also into the kingdom of

What was the capital city Judah. God raised up proof this kingdom ?

phets from time to time, Who was served there in

who opposed the errors the temple of Solomon ? and sins of that people, who

What crept in also into the kingdom of Judah ?

(a) 2 Kings xvii.

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