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Section 295. Superintendent to appoint institutes.

296. Commissioner to give notice of institutes.

297. Institute, where held.

298. Duty of school commissioner.

299. Report of institute; expenses how paid.

300. Schools to be closed during institute.

301. Report of trustee.

302. When teacher entitled to wages.

303. When other person entitled to wages.

304. Teachers' training classes.

305. Visitation of classes.

306. Regulations.

307. Terms of instruction.

308. Training classes in certain cities and villages. [General note.-In this article the subject of teachers' insti. tutes and training classes has been rewritten without substan. tial change. A few changes, however, are made, which are indicated in the foot notes.]

8 295. Superintendent to appoint institutes.—The superintend

ent shall annually provide for teachers' institutes as follows:

1. He shall appoint an institute in each commissioner district,

or for two or more commissioner districts, for the benefit and

instruction of teachers in the public schools, and of such per

song as intend to become teachers, with special reference to the

presentation of subjects relating to the principles of education

and methods of instruction.

He may, after consultation with

the commissioner, determine the duration of each institute and

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2. He shall establish and maintain one or more summer insti.

tutes, with a course of at least three weeks' duration, at such con

venient and accessible points as may be designated by him. Ad

mission to such institutes and all the advantages thereof shall

be free to all teachers of the state, and those preparing to


therein. Persons not intending to teach may also be admitted

under such regulations, and on the payment of such tuition,

as the superintendent may prescribe. He may provide for ex

aminations thereat and also for certificates of qualifications to be

issued to graduates.

3. He may employ suitable persons, at a compensation to be

fixed by him, to supervise and conduct the institutes, and may

also provide for additional instruction. He shall establish such

regulations for the government of institutes as he may deem best.

He shall, whenever practicable, visit the institutes or cause them

to be visited by representatives of his department, for the pur

pose of examining into the course and character of the instruo.

tion given, and of rendering such assistance as he may find ex


[Con. School Law, tit. X, SS 1 and 9, rewritten and condensed without intended change, except that the provision in sub. 2, allowing persons other than teachers to attend an institute, is new.]

(Pages 86, 89, SS 1, 9.)

$ 296. Commissioner to give notice of institutes.-The school

commissioner, under the direction of the superintendent, shall

notify all teachers, trustees, boards of education and other per

sons in his district who may desire to become teachers, of the

time and place of holding each institute.

[Con. School Law, tit. X, first sentence of $ 2, rewritten without intended change.]

(Page 86, $ 2.)

§ 297. Institute, where held.—The commissioner has the right

to hold an institute in any school building in any district which

receives state school moneys, without expense therefor to the

state, beyond a reasonable allowance to the district for lighting,

heating and janitor service, and he shall take proper care of the

building and see that it is left in good condition.

[Con. School Law, tit. X, § 3, rewritten without intended change.]

(Page 87, $ 3.)

§ 298. Duty of school commissioner.—The school commissioner


1. Make all necessary arrangements for holding the institute.

2. Attend to all the necessary details connected therewith.

3. See that a suitable room is provided.

4. Assist the conductor in the organization.

5. Keep a record of all teachers in attendance.

6. Notify the trustees of the number of days attended by the

teachers of the various districts.

[Con. School Law, tit. X, part of $ 2, rewritten without intended change.]

(Page 86, $ 2.)

§ 299. Report of institute; expenses, how paid. The commis

sioner, or the conductor of a summer institute, shall transmit to

the superintendent at the close of each institute:

1. A full report thereof, including a list of all teachers in attend.

ance, the number of days attended by each, and such other statis

tical information as may be required.

2. A full verified statement of all expenses incurred by him in

carrying on the institute, with vouchers for all expenditures. The

expenses incurred in holding an institute shall be paid by the

comptroller on the certificate of the superintendent.

[Con. School Law, tit. X, SS 2, 7, 9, rewritten and condensed without intended change.]

(Pages 86, 88, 89, SS 2, 7, 9.)

§ 300. Schools to be closed during institute.-All schools in a

commissioner district where or for which an institute is held, shall

be closed while it is in session. This provision does not apply to

schools in a city. It is the duty of each teacher to attend the insti.

tute, and he is entitled to full wages for the time spent therein. A

teacher's contract of employment is not affected by his attendance

at an institute.

[Con. School Law, tit. X, § 4, as amended by L. 1897, chap. 512, rewritten and changed so that all the schools in a commissioner district, over which the commissioner has jurisdiction, must be closed during the time an institute is in session.]

(Page 87, § 4.)

$ 301. Report of trustee.-Each trustee shall state in his annual

report to the commissioner the number of days and the dates sioner district during theschool year, and whether theschools under

thereof on which a teacher's institute was held in the commis.

his charge were or were not closed during such days. In the appor

tionment of state school moneys, the schools which are closed while

a teacher is in attendance at an institute during the term shall be

allowed the same average pupil attendance during such time as the

average weekly aggregate during the week next preceding the insti.

tute; and a school which continues its sessions during an institute

shall not be allowed any public money based on the aggregate

attendance for the period during which the institute was held.

[Con. School Law, tit. X, § 5, rewritten without intended change.]

(Page 88, § 5.)

§ 302. When teacher entitled to wages.-A person who has en

tered into a contract to teach in a district school, and who after

wards attends an institute in that commissioner district, is entitled

to receive from the district wages for such attendance at the con

tract rate, even though at that time the school has not opened or

is not in session.

[Con. School Law, tit. X, $$ 4, 6, rewritten without intended change.]

(Pages 87, 88, SS 4, 6.)

§ 303. When other person entitled to wages.-A person who at

tends an institute during its entire period, and afterwards enters

into a contract to teach and actually teaches in the same com

missioner district within the current school year, is entitled to

receive from the district, wages at the contract rate for the time

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