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And in its former happy state

our nation shall appear. 10 For mercy now with truth is join'd,

and righteousness with peace, Like kind companions, absent long,

witb friendly arms embrace, 11,12 Truth from the earth shall spring, whilft heav'n

shall streams of justice pour ; And God, from whom all goodness flows,

shall endless plenty show'r. 13 Before him righteousness shall march,

and his just paths prepare ; Whilst we his holy steps pursue with constant zeal and care.

TO my complaint, O Lord my God,

thy gracious ear incline; Hear me, distress'd, and deftitute

of all relief but thine. 2 Do thou, O God, preserve my soul,

that does thy Name adore ; Thy servant keep, and him, whose truft

relies on thee, restore, 3 To me, who daily thee invoke,

thy mercy, Lord, extend; 4 Refresh thy servant's soul, whose hopes

on thee alone depend. 5 Thou, Lord, art good, nor only good,

but prompt to pardon too; Of plenteous mercy to all those

who for thy mercy fue. 6 To my repeated humble pray's,

O Lord, attentive be; 7. When troubled, I on thee will call,

for thou wilt answer me.
8 Among the gods there's none like thee,

O Lord, alone divine !
To thee as much inferior they,

as are their works to thine.
9 Therefore their great Creator thee

the nations shall adore ; Their long-misguided pray’rs and praise

to thy bless’d Name restore.

10 All shall confess thee great, and great

the wonders thou hast done; Confess thee God, the God supreme, confess thee God alone.

PART II. 11 Teach me thy way, O Lord, and I

from truth shall ne'er depart; In rev'rence to thy facred Name

devoutly fix my heart. 12 Thee will I praise, O Lord my God,

praise thee with heart sincere , And to thy everlasting Name

eternal trophies rear. 13 Thy boundless mercy shown to me

transcends my pow'r to tell; For thou hast oft redeem'd


soul from lowest depths of hell. 14 O God, the sons of pride and strife

have my destruction sought; Regardless of thy pow'r, that oft

has my deliv'rance wrought.
15 But thou thy constant goodness didst

to my assistance bring;
Of patience, mercy, and of truth,

thou everlasting spring! 16 O bounteous Lord, thy grace and strength

to me thy servant show;
Thy kind protection, Lord, on me,

thine handmaid's son, bestow.
17 Some signal give, which my proud foes

may see with shame and rage, When thou, O Lord, for my

relief and comfort doft engage.

PSALM LXXXVII. 1 OD's temple crowns the holy mount ;

the Lord there condescends to dwell; His Sion's gates, in his account,

our Israel's fairest tents excel. 3 Fame glorious things of thee shall sing,

O city of th' Almighty King ! 4 I'll mention Rahab with due praise,

in Babylon's applauses join,

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The fame of Ethiopia raise,
with that of Tyre and Palestine ;

And grant that some amongst them born,

Their age and country did adorn. 5 But still of Sion I'll aver,

that many such from her proceed; Th' Almighty shall establish her: 6 His gen’ral list shall show, when read,

That such a person there was born,

And such did such an age adorn. 7 He'll Sion find with numbers fill’d

of such as merit high renown;
For hand and voice musicians skill'd;

and (her transcending fame to crown)
Of such she shall successions bring,
Like water from a living spring.

O thee, my God and Saviour, I

By day and night address my cry; 2 Vouchsafe my mournful voice to hear;

To my distress incline thine ear. 3 For seas of trouble me invade,

My soul draws nigh to death's cold shade: 4 Like one whose strength and hopes are fled,

They number me among the dead : 5

Like those who, shrouded in the grave,

From thee no more remembrance have; 6 Cast off fro:n thy sustaining care,

Down to the confines of despair.
7 Thy wrath has hard upon me lain,

Amicting me with restless pain ;
Me all thy mountain waves have prest,

Too weak, alas, to bear the least.
8 Remov'd from friends, I sigh alone,

In a loath'd dungeon laid, where none
A visit will vouchsafe to me,

Confin'd, past hopes of liberty.
9 My eyes from weeping never cease ;

They waste, but still my griefs increase;
Yet daily, Lord, to thee I've pray'd,

With out-stretch'd hands invok'd thy aid. 10 Wilt thou by miracle revive

The dead, whom thou forsook'st alive?

From death restore, thy praise to fing,

Whom thou from prison would'st not bring? 11 Shall the mute grave thy love confess?

A mould'ring tomb thy faithfulness? 12 Thy truth and power renown obtain

Where darkness and oblivion reign? 13 To thee, O Lord, I cry, forlorn;

My pray'r prevents the early morn : 14 Why hast thou, Lord, my soul forsook,

Nor once vouchsaf'd a gracious look ? 15 Prevailing sorrows bear me down,

Which from my youth with me have grown;
Thy terrors past distract my mind,

And fears of blacker days behind.
16 Thy wrath hath burst upon my head,

Thy terrors fill my soul with dread; 17 Environ'd as with waves combin'd,

And for a gen'ral deluge join'd. 18 My lovers, friends, familiars, all

Remov'd from fight, and out of call ;
To dark oblivion all retir'd,
Dead, or at least to me expir'd.

HY mercies, Lord, shall be my fong;

my song on them shall ever dwell; To ages yet unborn my tongue

thy never failing truth Thall tell. 2 I have affirm'd, and still maintain,

thy mercy shall for ever last; Thy truth that does the heav'ns sustain,

like them shall stand for ever fast. 3 Thus (pak’st thou by thy Prophet's voice,

“ With David I a league have made ; “ To him, my servant, and my choice,

“ by solemn oath this grant convey'd: " While earth, and seas, and skies endure,

“ thy seed shall in my fight remain; “ To them thy throne I will insure,

“ they shall to endless ages reign.” 5 for such stupendous truth and love,

both heav'n and carth just praises oweg By choirs of angels sung above,

and by afsembled saints below.




6 What Seraph of celestial birth

to vie with Ifrael's God shall dare? Or who among the gods of earth

with our Almighty Lord compare ? 7 With rev'rence and religious dread

his saints should to his temple press; His fear through all their hearts should spread,

who his Almighty Name confess. 8 Lord God of armies, who can boast

of strength or pow'r like thine renown'd ; Of such a num'rous faithful hoft,

as that which does thy throne surround? 9 Thou dost the lawless sea controul,

and change the prospect of the deep; Thou mak'st the sleeping billows roll;

thou mak'st the rolling billows sleep. 19 Thou brak'it in pieces Rahab's pride,

and didst oppressing pow'r disarm; Thy scatter'd foes have dearly try'd

the force of thy resistless arm. u In thee the fov’reign right remains

of earth and hear'n; thee, Lord, alone The world, and all that it contains,

their Maker and Preserver own. 12 The poles on which the globe does rest

were form'd by thy creating voice; Tabor and Hermon, east and west,

in thy sustaining pow'r rejoice. 13 Thy arm is mighty, strong thy hand,

yet, Lord, thou doit with justice reign; 14 Poffess’d of absolute command

thou truth and mercy doft maintain. 15 Happy, thrice happy they, who hear

thy sacred trumpet's joyful sound; Who may at festivals appear,

with thy most glorious presence crown'd. 16 Thy saints shall always be o'erjoy'd,

who on thy facred Name relys And, in thy righteousness employ’d,

above their foes be rais'd on high. 17 For in thy strength they shall advance,

whose conquests from thy favou spring;

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