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This Modern Atlas of the World sells regularly for $5.00. It contains more than 100 maps in colors. There is a map of each state, territory and country, It gives the population of all cities of importance. This invaluable Atlas is bound in red cloth and is 10 x 13 inches in size. We will send it to you, absolutely free, if you mail us your order promptly for a set of the New American Encyclopedic Dictionary. This great reference work-which is an Encyclopedia and Dictionary combined-is a set of books you need daily in your home and office because it is the Newest and Best Reference Work

The New American Encyclopedic Dictionary is up-to-date in every particular; this revised edition was printed this year. It is absolutely reliable. As a dictionary it defines 25,000 more words than any other dictionary. As an encyclopedia it treats 50,000 subjects—and this vast array of articles covers the whole field of human knowledge. It should be the corner-stone of your library, for no matter how small or large your collection of books may be, or what your trade or occupation is, you will need this invaluable reference work every day.


The Greatest Dictionary
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Hon. John W. Goff, Recorder of New York, says: "To the student and man of busy life, the advantage of finding, embraced in one work, the best features of an Encyclopedia and Dictionary is incalculable."

5 Big Volumes

each one foot tall. 5,000 Large Pages

Thousands of pictures. 250,000 Words every one accurately defined. 50,000 Articles embracing all subjects.

The Price is One-Third

the price of any other reference work. One dollar after examination and $1.50 a month for a few months is all it will cost you to get the New American Encyclopedic Dictionary, if you are in time to secure a set of the introductory edition. There are less than 200 sets remaining.

Sets in Library Binding

The volumes are bound in handsome half-leather binding, durable as well as attractive. They are an ornament to any book-shelf. In addition to reducing the price of the Dictionary from $56.00 to $20.50 - payable in easy monthly payments-we give you the Atlas without charge. This low-priced offer is limited to this special edition, now almost closed out. Order to-day before it is too late.


J. A. HILL & COMPANY 44-60 East 23d Street

New York

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ITALIAN railroad authorities are ex- THE production of aluminum in the

perimenting with a device for use at United States has increased ten-fold railroad stations, by means of which all in as many years. In 1883 the total protickets are printed and stamped with their duction was 83 pounds. In 1904 it was price in the presence of the passenger, a

8,600,000 pounds. record of each sale being, at the same time made on a roll of paper inside the machine. Each machine is equipped for A LIGHTHOUSE that has neither printing tickets to more than 400 stations.

lamp nor keeper is located at Arnish Rock, Stornoway Bay, in the Hebrides,

Scotland. It is a conical beacon with a A GREAT canal which drains the two lantern, which has a mirror and an arItalian provinces of Mantua and

rangement of prisms at its summit. Reggio and discharges into the River Po, Across the channel, 500 feet away, on has just been opened. For five years Lewis Island, stands a lighthouse which 6,000 men have been employed in dig- throws a stream of light on the mirror ging the big ditch.

in the lantern, which in turn reflects it on

the prisms. The rays of light are conTHE "HE first turbine steamship ever built verged to a focus outside the lantern and

in the United States was launched at then diverge in every direction, making a the Roach shipyard at Chester, Pa., in serviceable lighthouse, fully adapted to April last. It was christened the "Gov- the requirements of its locality. ernor Cobb” and will ply between Boston and New Brunswick. It is 290 feet long and contains 175 staterooms.

THE money value of the Vatican, the

Pope's palace at Rome, and its

treasures is estimated at $150,000,000. ACCORDING to

the Machinists' Monthly Journal, more men are killed in Allegheny County, Pa., every year than fell in many of the great bat

T New Haven, Conn., Yale UniverAT

sity is building a reinforced-concrete tles of history. Last year 9,000 men stadium, which will have a seating cawere killed and injured in the steel and

pacity of 40,000. iron mills and blast furnaces. In other mills the casualties numbered 4,000. Railroad employes killed or injured in NEWSPAPER dispatches from Den:

ver announce that it has been decided bered 4,300 making a grand total of 17,- to adopt electricity as the motive power 700 on the roll.

on the Denver & Rio Grande railroad,

the electricity to be generated by mountTHE HE oldest university in the world is ain streams along the line. It is added

the "School for the Sons of the Em- that electric engineers report enough pire" at Peking, China. The names of its water power going to waste within the 60,000 graduates are carved on 320 stone state to run all the railroads inside its pillars


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The Way to be a Thinker is to get in touch with thinkers. All the world's prizes are captured by those who have seasoned their energy with the spice of originality-and originality means the habit of clear and fresh thinking. Even the best of us have a tendency to fall into mental ruts, to go plodding on, year after year, in the same track, to do things without knowing precisely why. The way to keep alive, the way to be original, the way to be a success, is to talk with brainy people and to read books that make you think. That's the reason

The New Science Library

is a cure for mental paralysis. It contains the best work of Darwin, Huxley. Spencer, Tyndall and great leaders of modern thought. It will tell you what the famous Darwinian theory is; how the planets are weighed and their motions charted; what radium is; how liquid air is made and usedand ten thousand other interesting things. It is a work to be read and enjoyed, for it is written in a clear and interesting style-not abstruse or technical. The work consists of sixteen superb volumes, handsomely printed and bound.

FREE-84-Page Book-FREE

If you will mail us the coupon below at once, we will send full information of the New Science Library, and how you may get it at half price and on the Individual Payment Plan, by means of which you can arrange the payments to suit yourself. At the same time we will send you a copy of our handsome 84-page book, "Some Wonders of Science.” This book, containing articles by Huxley, Tylor, Proctor and Ray Stannard Baker, is so bright and interesting that you will read it from cover to cover, and when you have read it you will wonder how you ever could have thought science dry and dull. There is an edition of a thousand copies. Each copy is beautifully illustrated and printed. As long as the edition lasts, we will exchange a copy of it for the coupon printed at the bottom of this advertisement.

American Newspaper Association

44-60 E. 23d Street, NEW YORK


Good for one complimentary copy of “Some Wonders of Science,” if mailed at once to American Newspaper Association, 44-60 East 23d Street, New York.




We will send at the same time, full particulars of our New Science Library and our introductory Half-Price Offer.

Mention Technical World Magazine

HE Czar of Russia is the possessor

model of the wreck. As a hole is reof a bullet-proof automobile, devised paired in the Mikasa, a corresponding not for safety alone, but for comfort as patch is placed on the model. The progwell. It is fitted up with a chest of draw- ress of the work may thus be measured ers, cabinet, easy chairs, etc.

at a glance.

MOHAIR is likely to become an important product in the United States. THE Canadian Pacific Railroad has

constructed, between Montreal and At present, however, there are probably Winnipeg, a distance of 1,400 miles, a not more than 1,000,000 pounds of the telegraphone system. One wire does substance grown here. It coines from double work at once, so that a telegraph the back of the Angora goat, three or

and a telephone message may be transfour pounds being secured from each ani- mitted simultaneously. The company will mal. The price of mohair varies from

install this system over all its lines. The 25 cents to $1.25 a pound.

work of dispatching trains, it is believed,

will be revolutionized. CHINESE graft, which is proverbial,

finds an excellent opportunity in the lighting of Pekin. Annually 80,000 taels A SUBSTITUTE for wireless telegare appropriated for the purposes of

raphy, limited, however, in its apstreet illumination. After the money has plication, has been invented by an officer sifted through the hands of various offi

of the artillery branch of the United cials a wick and some oil are left. One

States army.

Simple signals can be of the numerous beggars of the capital given by means of an enormous shutter, drinks the oil.

with slats a foot wide. These slats are painted various colors and are operated

by a lever. The present high cost of the BALLOONING has a curious effect on wireless system may give the shutter an

the vision. The pressure on the important place in the signal service. visual organs decreases and the sense of sight becomes so keen that at an altitude of 6,000 feet a bottle dropped to a body MAURICE Chaulin, a

French inof water below may be observed in de- ventor, has perfected a clever ap. tail as it disappears beneath the surface. paratus for killing mosquitoes. It con

sists of a small lamp-electric or oil

hung between two rings, the rings being A POLICEMAN'S club with an elec- connected with tiny vertical and parallel tric light in the handle is a late in

chains. These chains are charged with vention. If it proves a success the search- a current of electricity, sufficiently strong light lantern may be dispensed with.

to kill instantly a mosquito which touches any two of them at the same time. The

light in the lamp, which is entirely surA HUNGARIAN chemist has pro- rounded by these chains, attracts these duced a fluid optical lens at a moder

insects to their death. ate cost. The largest lens used for astronomical work has hitherto cost thousands of dollars and taken several years to produce. A few weeks time and an THE nation's capital has the largest colexpenditure of $500 is all that is now re

lection of anthropological specimens quired.

on the face of the globe. Four thousand · to 5,000 skulls and skeletons of human

beings are here preserved. Two hunFOR "OR the purpose of raising the Mikasa, dred brains are arrayed in jars. These

the sunken flagship of Admiral Togo, are exhibited with those of animals for the Japanese have constructed an exact the purpose of comparison.

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