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“He who is false to the present duty, breaks a thread in the loom, and will see the . effect when the weaving of a life-time is unraveled."

ae çěpt', to receive; to promise to dĩ reet' or, an officer of a company or pay.

corporation. ae çěpt' ănçe, an accepted bill of ex- děl' lar, a silver or gold coin; 100 change; a draft.

cents. bul' lion, uncoined gold or silver in ex chānġe', barter; settling accounts the mass.

without the intervention of money. căn' çělled, destroyed or effaced. for' eign, belonging to another state căsh ier', a bank official; one who or country; remote. has charge of money.

în' tēr est, sum paid for the use of chěck, an order upon a bank to pay money; to engage. money as therein named.

loan, money lent at interest; a lendelēar' ing-house, a place where banks ing.

make exchange of drafts and checks, re dēem' å ble, payable; capable of and settle balances.

being redeemed. còl lee' tions, notes or bills to be col- re mặt' tănçe, sending money, bills, lected.

etc., to a distant place. com mēr' cial, of or pertaining to re new' al, an extension; renovation. commerce or trade.

se eü' ri ty, protection; surety ; coun' ter feit (-fit), to imitate; to pledge. forge; an impostor.

spē' çie (-shỉ), coin, or metallic money. căr' ren çý, accepted medium of ex- těll' er, an officer who receives money change; general circulation.

and pays out same on checks. de prē' çi āte (-shi āte), lower; to fall with drawn', taken back or away; in value.

drawn out.



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How beautiful this night! the balmiest? sigh,
Which vernal” zephyrs : breathe 4 in evening's ear,
Were discord to the speaking quietude 5
That wraps this moveless 6 scene. Heaven's ebon? vault,


Studded with stars unutterably 8 bright,
Through which the moon's unclouded' grandeur 10 rolls, .
Seems like a canopy

11 which love has spread
To curtain her sleeping world. Yon " gentle hills,
Robed in a garment of untrodden

Yon darksome 14 rocks, whence icicles 15 depend,
So stainless 16 that their white and glittering 17 spires
Tinge 18 not the moon's pure beam; yon castled steep,
Whose banner hangeth o'er the time-worn 19 tower
So idly that rapt fancy deemeth it
A metaphor of peace; - all form a scene
Where musing 21 solitude 22 might love to lift
Her soul above this sphere 23 of earthliness;
Where silence, undisturbed, 25 might watch alone,
So cold, so bright, so still.

-Percy Bysshe Shelley.





bąll'-bear ing, having bearings which grăph' ite, plumbago or blacklead, run on steel balls.

used as a lubricant. bi' çý ele, a two-wheeled vehicle pro- hằn' dle-bär, that part of a bicycle pelled by the feet.

that supports the hands and serves brāke, attachment to retard motion. as a steering-gear. brāze, to solder with hard solder. hånd' i eap, a time or distance setcāse'-härd ened (-nd), having the out- back. side hardened.

lăn' tērn, case for a light. chāin' lěss, having no chain.

lū' bri eāt ing, tending to make eụsh' ion, a variety of tire.

smooth running. çõelóm' e ter, an instrument for pěd' al, the part to which the foot im

measuring distance traveled by a parts motion. wheel.

pneũ mắt' ie, an inflatable, hollow fôrk'-head, the shank of the front tire. fork of a bicycle.

săd' dle, a seat for a rider. gēar, the working parts of a machine sāfe' ty, a bicycle having wheels of spõke, one of the small bars or rods ( tăn' ġent, referring to spokes crossing

in distinction from its framework. nearly equal size.

connecting the hub and the rim of a each other. wheel.

tire, the outer rim of a wheel. sproek' ět, one of the projections on tri' çý ele, a three-wheeled vehicle. the sprocket-wheel on which the ve loç' i pēde, a

made in many chain runs.

forms propelled by the rider's feet.

[blocks in formation]

a mē' nå ble, responsible; liable to cop' Ÿ ist, one who copies. give account.

děl' i eå cy, daintiness; fineness. åp' er ture, an opening; a hole. făsh' ion, to shape; the prevailing blås phēme', to speak impiously. style, especially of dress. brēathe, to respire.

ğặt' tûr al, belonging to, or formed eðm' råde, an associate; a compan- in, the throat. ion; a mate.

hỉd' e ous, horrid; dreadful to behold. in stạll', to establish; to place in an pēr' fi dý, treachery; violation of office, rank, or order.

faith. in sûr rée' tion, rebellion.

răr' i ty, thinness; scarcity. loi' ter, to linger; to lag.

rée oğ ni' tion, the act of knowing mär' tỹr, one who suffers death for a again; notice. principle or belief.

rụ' di měnt, the first step; first prinme rỉd' i an, midday; an imaginary ciple.

circle which the sun crosses at noon. seăb' bard, a sheath; a case for a năv' i gāte, to sail over; to direct. sword or dagger. nům' skull, a dolt; a dunce.

súb' stançe, matter; estate. păr' a dīse, a place of bliss.

tăl' ent, gift; ability.

[blocks in formation]

ål' bum, a blank book in which to die 'tion a ry, a book giving the words

insert autographs, sketches, etc. of a language and their definitions. åp pěn' dix, a supplement at the end di rĕet' o ry, an address book; a book of a book.

of directions. elăs' sie al, pertaining to ancient en çý elo pē' di à, a comprehensive

Greek and Roman literature and summary of knowledge. art.

ē rās' er, a sharp instrument or piece eõp' y ing-press, a machine for tak- of rubber for erasing writings, draw

ing by pressure an exact copy of ings, etc. letters, etc.

ěn' vel õpe, a wrapper; a paper case eõp'y right, exclusive right to pub- for mailing letters, etc. lish a book, chart, etc.

găz ět tēer', a descriptive list of anyerāy' on, a stick of chalk or other thing; a geographical dictionary.

substance for drawing or writing. glos' så rý, a dictionary of peculiar di' a ry, a book for daily record. words.

hee' to gråph, a contrivance for multi-psälm (som), a sacred song, especially ple copying.

one of the hymns by David and hým' nal, a book of hymns.

others. měm o răn' dum, a record to help quire, twenty-four sheets of paper. the memory

seāle, a machine for weighing, genermū' çi lage, an adhesive substance. ally used in the plural (seāles). pěn' çil, an instrument for writing spin' dle, a slender rod or pin for filand drawing; a brush.

ing business papers. prèf' açe, a brief preliminary explan- võl' ume, written or printed sheets ation; introductory writing.

bound together.

[blocks in formation]

NOTE—The second word in each pair is opposite in meaning to that of the first. ěx haust' ive, thorough; complete, få çē' tious, jocular; humorous. su pēr fi' cial, shallow; cursory. sē'_ri ous, solemn; matter-of-fact. a bū' sive, rude; harsh.

fås tid' i ous, overnice; hard to please. re speet' ful, kind; attentive. ůn eón çērned', indifferent; careless. aux il' ia rý, aiding; helping. ăp' pli eå ble, relevant; fitting. su pêr' flu ous, useless; cumbersome. in åp pro' pri ate, unsuitable; unfit. be hāv' ior, demeanor; conduct.

pre pos' tēr ous, absurd; ridiculous. mis de mēan' or, evil conduct. rēa' son å ble, rational; judicious. eoir' te sý ( ear'-), civility.

sin' gū lar, strange; unusual. ăr' ro gançe, disdain ; haughtiness. eŭs' tóm a ry, conventional; regular. dū' ti ful, submissive; obedient.

thrąl' dóm, servitude; slavery. dís o bē' di ent, refusing to obey. | in de pěnd' ençe, freedom; liberty.



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