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in blankets. They climbed perpendicular ladders in the darkness of deep mines. These little diversions of their student days have prepared them for the mature pleasures of their profession.

Mrs. Sara Steenberg, of Chicago, is also a mining expert. But she is not a mining engineer. In fact, although she knows a great deal about mines, she did not gain her knowledge till after she had acquitted herself with great credit in another profession. She is really and

even finally to the cities of Europe for the completion of her training. Mrs. Steenberg still devotes a full day to her fire insurance work. But in her leisure time she has acquired an interest in mines. Her latest success is with a lead and zinc mine in Wisconsin. Mrs. Steenberg is the manager of this mine, as well as its financial promoter. She makes the contracts for the sale of its product. She buys the machinery for it. She signs the pay-roll. Her success is an inspir

ing example to women who either have pendent Telephone Company, and is a to make their way in the world or else striking example of what a woman can just simply want to do so.

accomplish in the business world. ProMiss Olive M. Percival, of Los An- moting public utilities has seemed peculgeles, Cal., deserves special mention in iarly a man's work; but Mrs. Brett has a this connection on account of remarka- record in Texas for successfully launchble success achieved in promoting the ing telephone companies in fields where business of a well-known fire insurance even the stoutest-hearted business man company of New York in the Western would hesitate to venture, that must chal

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and Southwestern States. She is also a lenge the admiration of the boldest of writer of prominence, the author of a promoters. With a telephone company albook of travel and of numerous short ready in the field and operating under a stories relating to the Chinese in Amer; generous franchise from the city council ica, and is an authority on Oriental art. of El Paso, Mrs. Brett, a widow, with no

If a woman can manage a mine or capital but her knowledge of the telesurmount obstacles in the field of insur- phone business and a determination to ance agency work, she ought to be able to win, applied for a franchise to construct manage a telephone company. And she and maintain an independent telephone can. Mrs. Anney M. Brett, of El Paso, system. Her application was met with Texas, has for some time been the presi- the strongest opposition from the "old" dent and manager of the Southern Inde- company, but Mrs. Brett had learned from her husband some of the fine points companionship from their home to their of the game of politics, and she won her daily work. fight. She has recently secured a fran- Aice J. Hands, of New York City, has chise for a telephone system in Mineral als.. done some interesting architectural Wells, Texas, and is now engaged in pro- wok. She began by making anonymous moting that undertaking.

designs for men architects to use. AfterIf a woman can manage a telephone wards she secured a practice of her own. company, why not a gas company? The She put up a model sanitarium in San answer is Miss J. J. Dickerman. She Francisco and a row of model tenements has not found her sex a disqualification in New York. in acting as the manager and purchasing One of the most versatile of women agent of the Benton Harbor-St. Joseph architects is Miss Marion Mahony, of Gas Company of Michigan.

Chicago. This young woman not only From managers of companies, the did all the architectural work for the transition is easy to contractors. At the Unitarian church in Evanston, Illinois, recent meeting of the National Electric but rounded the job out by doing the Contractors' Association at Cleveland, it stained-glass windows and the mural was found that two of the members were painting women. They were Miss Rose B. Rich- Passing from the professions for a ardson of Syracuse, New York, and moment to the handicrafts, it is interestMrs. C. Fred Warner of Rockford, III. ing to observe that women are capable, In electricity, in

not only of the intelgas, in engineering,

lectual effort needin sanitation, women

ed in architecture have thus made their

and in engineering, way into the same

but also of the manfields with m en


strength and It is not surprising,

dexterity required therefore, that they

for the actual work have effected an en

of rough constructrance into architec

tion. Miss Nellie ture, which is more

Patterson, of Mount or less a summary

Carmel, Connectiof the technical

cut, for instance, is trades, with the add

a full-fledged maed element of art.

chinist. She handles Mrs. Louise Be

the file, the drill, and thune of Buffalo,

the planer, standing New York, is an

at her place before architect whose

her lathe and turnplace in the profes

ing out tools with as sion is so well estab

much knowledge of lished that she has

the tricks of metalbeen elected to mem


the men bership in the Amer

who labor by her ican Institute of

side. Architects. Her

In the field of inhusband is also an

vention, the work architect. Like

done by women has Monsieur and Ma

long been recogdame Curie in sci

nized. And the ence, and like Mr.

number of women and Mrs. Sydney

inventors is steadily Webb in economics,

increasing. The Mr. and Mrs. Be

United States Patthune have been First WOMAN PATENT-ATTORNEY IN THE UNITED ent Office makes the

STATES. able to carry their Miss Florence King, of Chicago.

calculation, that,





while in 1820

But meanwhile there was only

she was taking one woman in

scientific courses 350,000 who ever

in local technical exercised her in

schools. The enventive powers,

ergy of this womthere is now one

an was inexhaussuch woman in

tible. Her legal every 32,500.

knowledge and One of the

her technical most remarkable

knowledge towomen inventors

gether gave her a is Mrs. Margaret

firm hold on the A. Wilcox of Los

intricacies of the Angeles, Califor

Patent Office. She nia, who, at the

established her age of 76, still

reputation formakes inventions,

ever in a great patents them, and

suit which organizes compa

concerned with a nies for manu

patented material facturing

used for packing selling them. Her

the axles of raillatest interest is A SUCCESSFUL EXPERT IN Patent CASES.

road cars, and in a device for Miss Edith Julia Griswold, of New York.

which finally heating houses by

went for decision electricity without the inconveniences to the Supreme Court of the United which attend almost all other methods. States. While still a young woman, this

Another woman inventor who does not graduate of the rough work of the farmallow advancing years to interfere with house argued before the judges of the her inventive activity, is Amanda T. Supreme Court, and won. It was unJones of Junction City, Kansas. This doubtedly a matter of gratification to her unusual woman seems to divide her time that her client, whose property was saved between writing poems which have re- by her skill, was also a woman. ceived high praise from the literary jour- Edith Julia Griswold of New York has nals, and inventing machines which pass been equally persistent and equally sucthe scrutiny of the Patent Office. She cessful. She opened an office in New has five patents on vacuum-preserving York as a mechanical draftsman in 1886. devices, and she is just now taking out After a while she closed up this office, a patent for a furnace in which the use and became managing clerk for the firm of oil as a fuel is said to be provided with of Howson & Howson, patent-attorneys. several new conveniences.

Here she decided to study law. Being With so many women inventors, it is admitted to the bar, she hung out her natural that women should become inter- own shingle, and began to use her knowlested in the field of patent law. There edge of law and her knowledge of meare at least two women who have found chanical drawing at the same time. She this field both lucrative and fascinating: has been so successful as a patent-attorOne of these women is Florence King of ney that now she has turned most of the Chicago; the other is Edith Julia Gris- office work over to a partner, and conwold of New York.

fines herself in the main to appearing as Miss King started from the farm. She an expert witness in patent disputes. deserted agriculture for shorthand writ- 1904, at the World's Fair at St. Louis, ing. After a while she became a court she was a member of the International stenographer. From reporting law cases, Jury of Awards in the Machinery Deshe went on to the study of law. Pretty partment. soon she had fought her way up to Of all industrial enterprises, however, the point of being admitted to the bar. perhaps that of building and managing



railroads is regarded as the most stren- fornia announced not long ago that a uous and the most masculine. Special judge had sentenced her to five days in interest attaches therefore to Mrs. Annie jail for contempt of court in refusing to Kline Rickert, of California, who, after show the books of her railroad company. working for many years in mining enter- In transportation on water as well as prises, at last built the Stockton & Tuo- on land, it is possible to entrust one's lomne Railroad, became the president of self to feminine hands. There are six it, and established a board of directors or seven women in America who have in which four out of the six members been granted pilots' licenses. Mrs. Carwere women. Mrs. Rickert has success- rie B. Hunter of Snow Hill, Maryland, fully acquired the manners and customs is the pilot and master of the Carrie. She of railroading. The dispatches from Cali- navigates this boat in the waters of Ches



Mrs. Theodosia B. Shepherd, of Ventura, California,

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