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Of domestic felicity an undue portion fell to Ingalls. In combat with men and the struggle to maintain himself in the world he was bold, diffident, imperious. In his home he was not so, although there his bearing was that of dignity.

His ideal of home was a place of "sweet delights" whence man "goes forth, invigorated for the struggle of life”. Man can not make a home. He can contribute something towards it. With due deference to modern movements to bring women into public life - into political life - it must be said that a wise providence fixed bounds and limitations beyond which she can not properly go. And this was the judgment of Ingalls. The platform, the forum, the fierce competition of market and mart, the rough grapple at the polls — these are for men.

Only woman can make a home. That is her domain. There she is supreme.

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place of “sweet delights” where man renews his strength, conceives his ideals, resolves upon patriotism, gains aggressive vigor for the battles of life. All social and political progress must emanate from the good home. Such can woman (not every woman) create and maintain.

Ingalls assumed the bonds of matrimony with deliberation. He was nearly thirty-two. The effervescent enthusiasm of youth and immature manhood had burned itself away. The day wherein he might have flung himself at the feet of a giggling damsel in imploring posture had happily passed, and his proposal of marriage was by formal, self-respecting, but sincere and candid written instrument. The recipient of this remarkable hymeneal overture was Miss Anna Louisa Chesebrough, like himself, a resident of Atchison, and of New England ancestry. She was immediately descended from a line of New York merchants and importers. The wedding was 27 September, 1865.


To understand the home-life of Ingalls something must be known of the temperamental ten

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