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cause they suppose the desire will remain with late for our March issue, else it would have them, even tho not an irresistible desire. This been incorporated with our remarks on pages is a mistake. I have talkt with scores of cured 102 and 103 of that issue.-ED.] patients and found only one who said he still wanted the morphin. Relapses are due to

Antikamnia. pain, insomnia, mental worry—to the same [Please see March WORLD, page 103, bottom of things that caused the original mania. It is first column. We there suggested that members of

the profession write articles similar to that of Dr. now more than four years since I was cured.

Elderdice, on the opposit page, and send same to Since about ten days after the last dose, I can medical magazines other than THE WORLD, and truthfully say I have not had one particle of

see if they could get them in. The following com

munication was sent to another medical publicadesire for morphin. I am careful not to take tion (not the Medical Brief), with the request that opium in any form. I have endured consider- it be immediately returned if it was not acceptable. able pain and expect to endure more, without

Dr. Lowe writes us that this request was made in

order that he might send the article to THE WORLD the least wish for the pain relieving remedy. in time for the April issue, in the event of its rejection Instead there is a shudder at the thought-a

by the journal first addrest. It was returned to Dr. horror of it.

Lowe, and he sends it to us with a letter giving the Ex-FIEND, M.D.

above facts. We cordially welcome the article, as being

in the interest of the medical profession, and here presElectric Belt Exposé.

ent it, omitting, however, the name of the publication it Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Your exposé of

was first sent to. You see by its form that it is addrest,

all thru, to the other publication.] the St. Paul Electric Belt business in March

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-In the March issue WORLD was quite interesting. You will see by the enclosed clipping that parties in Chicago

of THE MEDICAL WORLD is republisht an article are carrying on the same nefarious work. Four

written a year ago by Dr. Elderdice, of Mcor five in our city have had the same

Knightstown, Pa., in which he gives the formula perience as given in WORLD. Only one of

of the proprietary preparation called ammonol, them has taken the medicin; all others as far

sold by the manufacturers at $1.00 per oz.,

and which the Doctor states can be put up at as I know have had belts and medicin returned, altho the company finally offered the

a cost of 10 cents per oz. This compounding whole for one dollar. I think it would be well if

of everyday remedies under a fanciful name other medical journals would have the courage price is the speculativ fad of the day among

and putting them upon the market at a fancy to expose such nefarious work. Oneida, N. Y. H. W. CARPENTER, M.D.

proprietary medicin manufacturers, and is a

curse to the physician not only in a financial Hair Tonic.-Another Doctor who Makes His way, but thru its tendency to cause him to Own “ Analgesic."

neglect his materia medica, and get into the Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Tell T. M. lazy habit of prescribing these proprietaries Lippit and all others who want a sure, time without a thought as to their modus operandi tried hair tonic and cure for dandruff and indeed, in most instances it would be imfalling out of hair (not baldness) to use : possible for him to post himself upon the phyTinct. cantharides .


siological action of the combination, even tho Glycerin

31 the formula be furnisht him, for the manufactBay rum, q. s. ad.

31v Mix; use for a hair dressing once a day.

urers are shrewd enuf to include in the Will you please thank Dr. R. B. Elderdice

formula some “made to order" meaningless for me for telling us (page 110, March, 1903,

name not to be found in any work on materia WORLD) how he saved $45.00 per year?

medica nor in the pharmacopeia. They know There are others doing the same (myself in

that the average physician is “ dead easyin cluded). I get better results from the mixture

regard to such matters, and that his ethical than from any of the “anti,” or coal tar com

demands can be satisfied with any old formula, pounds, at a cost per pound of about what the

however meaningless. proprietary articles cost per ounce, besides the

The physician is apt to consider anything further advantage of knowing just what pro

advertised in his medical journals as above the portion of what it contains, also always having degrading level of the quack nostrums offered a fresh preparation. I would advise every

in the lay press, but alas ! in this he is too often practician to try it; those who prescribe can

deceived, and in many instances he can even have their druggist fix it up for them,

be induced to use and prescribe these very I would like to ask if any of the brethren

preparations simply because he sees them ad know of an easy working formula for prepar

vertised in his medical journals, and because ing either a granular or powdered effervescing they are well spoken of in the (of course not preparation of mag. sulf. or sod. phos.

paid for) advertising editorials. The MEDICAL La Farge, Wis. E. E. GAINES, M.D.

WORLD is in this respect an exceptionally clean Rush,” 1886.

journal; and taken as a whole, the [This communication was received just too deserves much praise in keeping purged from

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its columns the advertisements of those firms the pages of a journal they respect so highlywhich cater to the trade of both the profession a journal in which they feel and individual pride and the laity, but it has long harbored a cer- and almost an ownership, for it is chiefly their tain advertisement which is a constant eyesore own articles that make the journal—the adverand source of disgust to many of its readers. tisement of a company so flagrantly unethical. I refer to the antikamnia advertisement. This The adv. is no doubt a paying one financially, antikamnia is a remedy which, like ammonol, as far as the prompt settlement of bills is conis made at a very nominal cost, and is sold to cerned, for the company is a prosperous one the profession at a fancy figure ; and saddest (who made it so; doctor, did you help ?) and of all, there are many doctors who allow them- realizes the value of space in the medical selves to be roped in by this clever firm, and press. But are there no other things to be constantly use antikamnia when they could considered? The readers are not all purchase at a reasonable price practically the blind, and some day there will be a reactionsame formula in tablet form-minus the mono- ary period. If the feels unable to lose gram-from any reliable drug supply house. the patronage of this firm, let me suggest that Let those who have not done so look up in those readers to whom the advertisement is a their drug catalogs the tablets put out by the disgusting sight will doubtless contribute a various firms under the head of analgesic, an- small sum each to reimburse the editor for any tipyretic, acetanilid comp., or headache tab- loss he might suffer thru rejecting the ad. lets, and they will find numerous formulae over Farley, Iowa. L. M. LOWE, M.D. which the high priced antikamnia tablets pos- [Here is the letter to the clergyman. Was a sess no superior merits, and which do not similar letter and sample sent to every clergypossess the stigma of a patent or secret medi- man in the U. S.? It seems so, for if not, cin. The doctor who uses or prescribes why this one and not all the others? These antikamnia will doubtless get the name of people have a wholesale way of doing things; being a patent medicin vendor, for the anti- besides the letter and the printing on the kamnia people are anything but ethical, and letter head, particularly the latter, in two colmake no bones of pushing the sale of their ors, and not reproduced here, were evidently wares among the laity. How long would a prepared for the laity; for example, an endoctor hold the respect of an intelligent com- graving of the vest pocket box; and in a bold munity if he went about prescribing De Witts' line : “A few tablets kept about the house Little Early Risers, Ripans Tablets, St. will be found useful in time of pain." What Jacobs' Oil, Chamberlain's Cough and Diar- are the doctors going to do about it? rhea Remedy, Swift's Sure Specific, Rocky

Rev. John Caldwell, Farley, Iowa. Mountain Tea, etc.? Not long surely! And Dear Sir :-The enclosed is a free sample box of yet he is doing but little better who uses anti

"Antikamnia Tablets,” and a sample of a good kamnia. The antikamnia monogram is not

thing" is a good thing to keep about the house, or in

your pocket. put on those tablets merely to tickle the esthetic “Antikamnia Tablets” will cure all headaches, eye of the doctor; it is calculated to be a

neuralgias, la grippe, women's aches and ills, and also

men's worries. The little booklet tells when and how means of identification for the laity, who, the many, and druggists everywhere sell them in any manufacturers know, will readily recognize the quantity, or in "vest-pocket boxes." Sincerely yours,

THE ANTIKAMNIA CHEMICAL COMPANY. remedy, since the firm is flooding the country

FRANK A. RUF, Pres. and Treas. with antikamnia literature, and even free samples; and is placing them on sale in drug Acetanilid Mixture.-" The Brief."-stores in “handy vest-pocket packages." I

Influenza. have in my possession, and send you herewith, Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-I have read with one of their letters with literature, free sample, great pleasure your March number, and am etc., complete, which, as you see by the ad- more than pleased with the stand you take, dress, was sent to a minister in this place. and your speaking out plain about the acetPlease publish the letter so that those who use anilid compounds with fanciful names. No an tikamnia may see how this firm protects the doubt some of them are good, but so is interests of the doctor. The sample package acetanilid, their chief constituent. was turned over to me, as I was at the time of say, the formula for “ Ammonol” would bear its receipt attending the family during an

printing every March. I have used it ever attack of influenza, but being more sensible since seeing the formula in THE WORLD. I than the majority of patients, they wanted like it very much. I gave some of my prepanothing to do with remedies of which they knew ration to a friend and he liked it. If any one nothing—too bad more doctors haven't the objects to it in the powder form, P. D. & Co. sense of this minister's family.

will put it up in tablets very cheap, and any In view of these facts, I repeat, it is an eye- other tablet manufacturer would also be glad to sore to many of the

readers to see among

do it I presume.

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As ycu

My treatment of pneumonia is essentially the in elderly people. Of course other remedies same as W. C. Abbott's, and I think it the are given for complications as they arise, but I best. Have used it for the last five years with see few of them when I treat cases this way. excellent results.

Now Mr. Editor, this is my maiden effort to Am also glad to have you speak out about your valuable journal, and if this escapes your The Brief. I have had numerous sample waste basket (and I shan't feel offended if it copies but would never subscribe for it, for no doesn't) I hope it will help the Doctor as much other reason than that it boosts its own pro- as it has me.

New YORK. prietaries, and in the most brazen way. It [Very good for a maiden effort, but you isn't the only journal that does it, either, if we should be willing to have your name publisht read between the lines.

to whatever you write.-ED.] Dr. C. P. Horn asks for treatment for influenza. I give an illustrativ case and treat- Proprietary Medicins in the Inquiry Depart. ment:

ment of Medical Journals. Mrs. I. S., aged 30, was taken with chills,

Editor MedicAL WORLD:-Please send me three severe headache, felt as if it would split open ;

MEDICAL WORLD Binders. I inclose one dollar. I

take three other medical journals, but The WORLD severe backache, limbs sore and all joints is first in my affections. I prize each copy very highly, ached; felt as if she had been pounded all

and take special care to save them, but still a copy

will sometimes go astray, and cause me a little worry over ; eyes sore ; photophobia; head sore ; in getting it back into the fold. So hurry up the pillows hurt head; hard dry cough; had to

Binders. hold sides when she coughed; expectoration

I heartily endorse the Editor's position, or propri

etary preparations in particular, and other subjects thick and bloody; tongue coated and breath and issues as well. The inquiry department of the offensiv; bowels constipated; no appetite; January Medical Brief contains twenty-one questions hadn't slept for two nights; temperature 103°,

and answers, and to every answer except three (and

one did not ask for treatment), the editor prescribes pulse 98; pains in lungs. Examination of one or more proprietary medicins. One brother in lungs negativ, except a little roughness on in

Topeka, Kan., wanted a formula for a preparation

that will bleach the hair, another in South Carolina spiration.

wanted a remedy for hookworm, and the editor Diagnosis : grip.

couldn't deliver. Now don't you think we need two Treatment: Thirty defervescent granules

more proprietary remedies? Or, maybe by a "scien

tific blending of the activ principles of the South in 25 teaspoons of water. Sig: Teaspoonful American bamboo tree and other indigenous shrubevery 15 minutes till sweating freely; then

bery, a compound elixir might be obtained that would

answer both purposes. But-I only commenced to every 2 to 4 hours to keep her so. Four tablets order the Binders; will say that I am not a subscriber of acetanilid gr. ij, calomel gr. j, soda bicarb.

to the Medical Brief and never was. gr. j. One such tablet every hour until gone.

Campton, Ky.

H. H. STAMPER, M. D. Then a migrain tablet or a five grain powder Is there, anywhere, a single WORLD subof the “ammonol” formula every four hours. scriber who is a regular, bona fide, paid subFor cough, am. carb. zss, am. cl. 3ss, tartar scriber for The Medical Brief? If not, doubt. emetic gr. j, chloroform mx, water Ziv. Sig.: less many of our subscribers receive “ sample 3j every 3 hours. Morphin gr. ss. may be ad- copies" every month. Do you not think it ded to this if cough is particularly annoying. strange that you should receive so many free The next day temperature was 100°, pulse 84; "sample copies” of a large and expensivly no headache to speak of, and all symptoms gotten up journal like the Brief? Let us see improved. I may say I had a cotton batten why it is. Any who have the last issue (March) jacket and lard and turpentine put on lungs. of the Brief, please take it up and begin at the Patient's bowels had moved well.

first page (editorial). The first editorial is an In two days more, keeping up above treat- attempted reply-a blatant one—to the comment, temperature normal, pulse 72, patient ment of the editor of the Jour. of the Amer. feeling good and wanting to get up out of bed. Med. Ass'n, at the end of Dr. Wyeth's letter

I keep temperature of room as near 68° as I (reproduced in March WORLD, page 112, near can; the patient to be bathed with tepid top of second column). The second editorial water or not, as suits him. Diet, anything is a “boost" for proprietary medicins in genthat is easily digested and nourishing; no solid eral, with a special mention (twice each) of food for a few days. Keep bowels moving two of Dr. Lawrence's children-well known once a day if possible. I never yet have seen to be his children-Dad Chemical Co. and any heart depression that gave me any alarm. Neurilla ; and also a favorable mention of I keep up the antipyretics till temperature is Duffy's Malt Whiskey. That's pretty good for normal or very nearly so. Then when tempera- the second editorial, isn't it? The next edi. ture and pulse are normal, I give strychnin, torial is not an editorial; it is a communication to gr. every four hours, and my patients get from a Penna. doctor-or is presumed to be. along very well. Sometimes I'add bovinine Then there is a little more than a page with no and port wine. This is excellent, especially references to proprietaries, and some of it is

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pretty good. Then next comes (on page 165) the same proportion. The few advertisements a stiff Lawrence editorial of over a page

outside the circle cannot even pay expenses. in length, in which a large portion of the The Brief is an expensivly gotten up journal, Lawrence family is brought out; Dad quinin and the editor is fond of boasting of its finanpill, Neurilla, Respiton, Peacock's Bromids, cial success. When we analyze the thing we Celerina, Neurilla again (evidently a favorit are forced to the conclusion that this financial child), Bromidia (it is not known whether this prosperity comes, not from the publication is a real member of the family or only a near itself, but from the sale of proprietaries, which relativ), Seng and Chionia. Isn't that a good sale is greatly promoted by unjournalistic and

) set out for one editorial ? Then follows about unseemly “boosting" in the reading pages. two pages of trade mark stuff. The rest of the

The rest of the Advertising in the advertising pages is all editorial department is devoted to the editor right, but the pushing in the reading pages is boosting of himself and the Brief, condemning unethical, unfair to other houses that have no antitoxin, apologizing for boosting proprie- "organ,” and unfair to legitimate journals taries, and diatribes against our accepted that depend on only legitimate sources of inethics.

come. Then comes (on pages 172 and 173) the in- Thus Dr. Lawrence has grown wealthy by evitable and characteristic article by “Old fooling the profession (when will doctors get Doc," with his numerous recommendations of their eyes open), and he gets Uncle Sam to the Lawrence litter of proprietaries. Can any- carry his proprietary almanac at second class one doubt who “Old Doc" is ?

rates, one cent a pound, which is unfair to other Now let us turn to the “Inquiry Depart. journals, subjecting them to unfair competiment," beginning on page 235—but before tion, and unfair to other houses, who have to reading this my blue pencil marks made on pay full stamp rates on their advertising pamphfirst reading show many proprietary “boosts,' lets. for example on page 229. After reading a Would the Brief exist without the propriepage or two of the “Inquiry Dept.,” can any- tary medicin interests behind it? Would it be one doubt its purpose ? Take a blue or red publisht at all except for the purpose of doing pencil and underline the proprietaries in the the boosting that we have shown ? Evianswers, and then glance over the pages again, dently not. What would be the use ?--except and they look as tho they had smallpox-90 as a matter of pride after this showing up, for spotted are they with marks.

the great wealth that Dr. Lawrence has accuIf you don't happen to have a March num- mulated off the profession, would enable him to ber, examin, in the light of the above, any print a model medical journal without any other number that you may happen to have, if almanac features, and present it free for the any, and see if you can avoid the convic- rest of his life to every doctor in this country. tion that the Brief is a proprietary medicin That isn't what he is doing now. He is runalmanac !

ning an almanac, and hiring a few prominent Is this what you want medical journalism to men (who ought to be ashamed of themselves) be in this country? It has been going on for to contribute in order to give the journal an over twenty years. It would be impossible air of respectability, so it will “go” with the without the encouragement and support of the

more humble doctor, carrying the proprietary profession. Have you contributed to it in any “push ” with it, and thus win the patronage way? That kind of medical journalism would of the rank and file to the proprietaries thus not continue so long if it had not paid. It can- boosted. It is a fine scheme, a deep laid plan not pay except thru the profession. We know for one man to prosper at the expense of the that the Brief does not pay from its subscrip- profession. It is being workt with great abiltion department (if it has such a department), ity, and it has been very successful. But isn't for I have talkt with heads of firms who have the profession getting tired of it? numerous traveling men out constantly visiting The true function of a medical magazine is physicians, and they say that they see the Brief to help the doctor in his daily work—not to around somewhat (frequently unopened), but ride him, and do it so cunningly that the docthey have not yet found a man who pays for tor doesn't know it. Not only should the ideal it. And why should it be paid for? The ad- medical journal help the doctor in a scientific vertising cannot pay, in the ordinary way, for, way, but it should guard his interests in every look for example at the title page; here we see possible way. The MEDICAL WORLD learned Chionia at the top, Respiton at the bottom, the facts and boldly told the truth concerning and Seng at one side, all members of the Law- the operations of the Comstock Collection rence family. Panopepton is on the other mar- Agency, and now we hear no more complaints gin, perhaps for the sake of appearances. All of losses by physicians thru the operation of the way thru, a practist eye can discern about said agency, which seems to have quit oper


Dr. Joseph B. Bissell, 15 W. Fifty-eighth St., New York.

Dr. Sinclair Tousey, 103 W. Seventy-sixth St., New York.

Dr. John Young Brown, 304 W. Euclid Ave., St. Louis, Mo,

Dr. Thos. H. Manley, 115 W. Forty-ninth St., New York.

Dr. Emil H. Grubbe, 2614 Cottage Grove Ave., Chicago.

Dr. A. Rose, 126 E. Twenty-ninth St., New York. Dr. Wm. J. Morton, 19. E. Twenty-eighth St., New York.

Dr. Senne S. Spencer, Chicago, Ill.
Dr. Frank Ferguson, 20 W. Thirty-eighth St., New

Dr. Francis Valk, 164 E. Sixty-first St., New York.
Dr. Geo. D. Barney, New York.

may be that some of these were trapt into it by the woman, as Dr. Wyeth was (see March WORLD, page 112,

bottom of first column and top of second). If so, they ought to come out with it like Dr. Wyeth did. Will they do it ? Write them and see.

ating among physicians altogether. Owing to our exposures of fraud, doctors are not such an "easy mark" for speculativ schemes, such as gold mines, oil wells, copper mines, plantations of various sorts, etc.

Do you see the difference between a journal that is working for you, and one that is “working " you? The latter has been going on for over twenty years. I have often wondered why you were so blind. Now have I opened your eyes, and can you see? It isn't pleasant for me to do this, and I have hesitated for years, hoping that you would open your eyes yourselves. But this kind of work can't prosper except thru you. So I must at last do my duty.

The Medical Brief has publisht an elaborate and expensiv pamphlet giving the portraits of the men of high position who have been induced (by financial inducements, evidently) to contribute one or more articles to it. Nearly all of them are medical college professors, who ought to set a better example to the profession. This elegant pamphlet was gotten up to send to advertisers outside the “ring,” in order that they might be influenced to take space in the Brief and help Dr. Lawrence to pay the expenses of his almanac, which is his mode of advertising; or in other words, to help Dr. Lawrence pay his advertising expenses.

Also perhaps some copies of this pamphlet were sent to other prominent men in the profession (who might be in need of a nice little check) in order to help induce them to contribute to the Brief. You know, with some doctors, even with some who are “high up,” ethics is only talk. When it comes to practise, they will do anything that will bring in the money. Here is a list of the men whose pictures appear in the elegant pamphlet above referred to. Wonder if they are proud of being Brief contributors. The street addresses are given, so you can write to them if you want to. Perhaps you want to send students to their schools !

Dr. Freeman Ford Ward, 6 E. Fifty-eighth St., New York.

Dr. W. Gill Wylie, 28 W. Fortieth St., New York.
Dr. Augustin H. Goelet, 2030 Broadway, New York.
Dr. C. D. Collins, 92 State St., Chicago, Ill.
Dr. J. Mount Bleyer, 460 Lexington Ave., New York.
Dr. Waldo Briggs, 500 W. Jefferson Ave., St. Louis,
Dr. H. Hoyle Butts, 313 Madison Ave., New York.
Dr. A. R. Kieffer, 4268 West Belle Pl., St. Louis, Mo.
Dr. Finley R. Cook, 5 Park Ave., New York.

Dr. Wm. "Bedford Brown, 214 W. Forty-fourth St., New York.

Dr. Gordon G. Burdick, 3000 Michigan Ave., Chicago.

Dr. Robert T. Morris, 58 W. Fifty-sixth St., New York.

Dr. C. A. Wilson-Prevost, 66 Madison Ave., New York.

Dr. S. V. Clevenger, 70 State St., Chicago.

Dr.A. Ernest Gallant, 103 W. Fifty-sixth St., New York.

Dr. Louis Faugeres Bishop, 54 W. Fifty-fifth St., New York,

More Light on Medical Brief Contributors.

The following correspondence explains itself:

Philadelphia, March 4, 1904. T. D. CROTHERS, M. D., Hartford, Conn.

DEAR DOCTOR CROTHERS :-I am sorry to notice on page 212, March number of the Medical Brief, that you have placed yourself among the contributors of that publication. See March World, pages it and 112; particularly page 112, bottom of first column and top of second column.

Very sincerely


Hartford, Conn., March 5, 1904. My Dear Doctor TAYLOR :- I am very sorry to receive a note from you calling attention to some kind of an error, exactly what I don't know, I don't see the “ Brief." They do not exchange with our Journal, and how I can be a contributor to their journal is not clear. I sold an article on cocaine taking, to their credited agent, and that is the extent of all my transactions. I also gave a paper to this impecunious woman that attackt Dr. Wyeth, of N. Y., who was getting up articles for pay. Whether this was publisht or not, I don't know. I shall have to look into the matter a little, for I have not contributed articles to shady journals as a matter of pleasure.

Thank you very much for your suggestions, and hope I may have the pleasure of pleasing you rather than causing distress by my awkward appearance in another circle. With many thanks, believe me,

Very truly yours,




The following is the result of correspondence in regard to the payment of subscription : DR. C. F. TAYLOR, Editor MEDICAL WORLD.

Dear Doctor: I stand convicted and convinced, and take pleasure in enclosing check for $2.00 for 1903 and 1904. I probably was prejudiced against all $1.00 medical journals by looking over a few copies of the Brief”)

” and judging from it. The World is certainly in another class, and well worth the subscription price. Yours very truly, Spokane, Wash.

D. C. NEUMAN. (Sec. State Board of Health.]

Editor Medical WORLD :-With six other journals, I always find time to read yours, and I want to express my appreciation of your efforts in behalf of the medical profession in general, and each reader of your valuable paper personally. May THE WORLD stand while the Editor lives! May the Editor live while the world stands,

J. C. CATLER, Verona, Wis.

Northwestern Med. '99.

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