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£8,057 78. 9d., while the expenditure has mover of tbe adoption of the report should been £8,274 12s. 8d., showing a balance move the whole, he was prepared to move against the Church of £217 4s. 11d. These an amendment, to the effect that there figures do not include any local effort what should be no transfer of the seat of governever, and have reference solely to the in- ment, and no change in the administration come and expenditure of the schemes whatever. He was very much mistaken if of the Church. Mr. Watson said that the Synod was prepared to adopt such a sugit was very desirable that the commit- gestion, for he knew they were all perfectly tee should be furnished with the amount satisfied with the way in which the fund raised by their congregations for the sup. was administered by their excellent Conport of their ministers, and for their own vener, the professor. purely congregational purposes. He trusted The Rev. Mr. Lundie moved the adopthe brethren would understand clearly when tion of the report, saying it was of a very this inquiry was made, as he trusted it satisfactory nature indeed, as it indicated would be in the course of this year, that it that the schools were flourishing, and that was done in no inquisitorial spirit, but in a larger grant had been made to the order that the sum contributed for these teachers of the schools which were aided. objects might be known, and that it The Rev. Mr. Forsyth moved, as an might be seen what the Church was amendment, that the report be adopted, really raising within her borders. If the with the exception of the recommendations Free Church was denied information on as to the maximum salary and the removal. these important branches of their Church's of the seat of the Committee. It was very work, the large sum raised by her which desirable that the Church should give all bulked so manifestly in the eye of the pub- encouragement to the higher class of lic would dwindle down considerably; and schools; but he certainly thought while was it not desirable that the English Pres- the Church allowed the stipends of some of byterian Church should also be able to say its ministers to remain at £100, they were that her comparatively small community going beyond their province in stating the raised such and such a sum in the course of maximum salary of aided teachers at £105. a year for the support of the ministry, and If schools were able to give teachers salaries for purely congregational purposes ? (Hear, from £90 to £100, they should be removea hear.) He ventured to say that if the re- from the class of aided schools. quisite information was obtained on these The Rev. J. M. Roes seconded the points, the amount raised would be found amendment, objecting to the report that it to be at least five times the aggregate that did not afford them the statistics and the now appeared in this report.

principles on wbich they should legislate Mr. James Watson, Convener, read the on the subject, and without these statistics report on the Synod Fund. It states that and these principles they would be legislating the receipts during the past year amounted in the dark. He also looked upon £105 as too to £508 53., and the expenditure to large a maximum salary, and thought a salary £553 ls. 4d., leaving a balance due to the of £80 should make a school self-sustaining. treasurer of £44 163. 4d. The Finance After discussion, Messrs. Forsyth and Committee explain that this adverse balance Ross withdrew their amendment, and the was occasioned chiefly by the demands of following motion was adopted :-“ Receive the Committee on Union. Mr. Watson the report, approve the diligence of the said that the fund was in an exceedingly Committee, and re-appoint them; approve satisfactory condition. Thera were no de- generally the suggestion contained in the linquents except one or two Northern Pres- report with regard to the future administrabyteries ; and the whole arrears did not tion of grants, and authorize the Committee exceed £10 for the current year.


carry them out; but do not deem it exThe report was adopted.

pedient to act on the suggestion contained An interesting report was presented in the report in reference to the removal of by Dr. Lorimer from the School Commit- the committee to the Nortb." tee; after which he adverted to the pro- A petition was presented from the Young posal to change the seat of the School Men's Societies' Union in connection with Committee, and expressed his willingness Presbyterian Churches in and around Lonto concur in such an arrangement. The don. "The document set forth that there subject had been referred to the Finance were many youths constantly arriving in Committee, It had been discussed by the metropolis, with comparatively few, and them, and the general feeling was that it perhaps no, friends, and who were entirely would be highly inexpedient and imprudent ignorant of the many and varied temptato adopt the suggestion ; but it was unani- tions which surrounded them. The object mously resolved to bring it under the notice of the Union was to attend to the wants of of the Synod.

such young men, to lead them to comThe Rev. Dr. Anderson said that if the fortable and respectable lodgings, introduce them to one of their churches, and also to moved the adoption of the report, seconded respectable society and trustworthy com- by the Rev. J. T. C. Gullan, of Swansea ; panions. Hitherto the efforts of these so- and after remarks from Mr. Hugh Mathecieties have been attended with success; son, Dr. Alexander Stewart, the Rev. Mr. but, after all, the good results of their ex- Clelland, of Risley, Mr. Lewis, Mr. James ertions must in a great measure be de- Robertson, and others, the motion was pendent upon the countenance and support cordially agreed to. they received from the ministers and office- A large audience listened with deep in. bearers of the Church. They therefore terest to the principal addresses. We give prayed in the petition that the Synod Mr. Saphir’s excellent speech in another would take the question into consideration place. and do with it what in their wisdom seemed


On the motion of Mr. J. R. Robertson, The Synod called for the Report on the seconded by Dr. Anderson, “The Synod Aged and Infirm Ministers' Fund, which heartily approving of the aims and efforts was read by Mr. George Duncan, Treaof this Union on behalf of young men ar- surer, in the absence, from ill health, of riving in the metropolis, recommend to the the Rev. J. C. Paterson, Convener. On ministers and office-bearers of the Church the motion of Mr. James Watson, seconded the adoption of such measures as may ap- by the Rev. Dr. Duncan, “The Synod pear to them most likely to aid the Union receive and adopt the Report with the ap.' in their laudable enterprise. And, in order pended recommendation : re-appoint the to aid in promoting this cause, they recom- committee, Rev. J. C. Paterson, Conmend to Young Men's Societies' Union to rever; and appoint that the collection send down to all the Sessions of the Church heretofore made in November be this year a statement of the purposes of their Asso- devoted to the Aged and Infirm Minisciation, with such addresses as may be ne- ters' Fund, and the Finance Committee cessary for the guidance of parties desirous be instructed to co-operate with the comof being introduced to them. And still mittee on that fund in making arrangefurther, understanding that in Manchester, ments for that collection." Liverpool, Newcastle, and other towns, The Synod called for Report of the Comsimilar societies exist, recommend to minis- mittee on Widows and Orphans' Fund, ters and office-bearers to keep in view the which was given in by the Rev. J. W. advantages afforded to young men going Brown, Convener. On the motion of Mr. from their respective localities to such Robert Lockhart, seconded by Mr. George towns."

Duncan, the Synod resolved as follows :The report on Foreign Missions having " The Synod receive the report, and rebeen called for, the Rev. Dr. Hamilton said cognising the desirableness and importthat in former years he had laid it before ance of making provision for the widows the Synod, but on this occasion a friend and orphans of ministers of this Church, was to discharge this duty, so that there now resolve to take steps for the initiation would be a very desirable variation of the of a fund for such a purpose ; delay in the old routine. This friend was a member of meantime the preparation of a complete the committee, who had for many years scheme for ingathering and distribution; back devoted much of his time and thought but now appoiot a committee, with into these missions, and he had been kind structions to make an appeal to the memenough to prepare the report, and to take his bers of the Church for donations, which (Dr. Hamilton's) place at his earnest request. might form the nucleus of a fund, and to He had prepared a report which he (Dr. report their diligence and success to the Hamilton) would venture to say was more Synod of next year." copious, more informing, and more interest- Professor Lorimer read a report on the ing than those reports usually were. He Robertson Bequest. He said that he had trusted that it would be the pleasure of the mentioned at last Synod that the trustees Synod to allow Mr. Douald Matheson to would have to defend an action which had read the repori.

been brought by a brother of the deceased Mr. Matheson then read the principal for recovering the heritable portion of the portions of the report, giving an interesting property, on the ground that the will had summary of other parts.

not been made more than sixty days beMr. J. E. Mathieson, treasurer of the fore the death of the deceased. In point Foreign Mission Fund, then gave in the of fact, Mr. Robertson died in less than a financial statement, from which it appeared fortnight after making the will. The value that the total receipts for the past year of this portion of the property might be amounted to £3,907, and the disbursements taken at about £10,000, or £12,000, being to £4,400, ehowing a deficiency of £578. not quite a fourth of the whole estate be

The Rev. Mr. Sapbir, of Greenwich, queath.d by the testator. The brother he


referred to received under the will as it | Levi was appointed Convener in his stead, stood, £4,000 ; and if he should succeed in and a Committee was appointed to con. his lawsuit, and obtain £10,090, he would sider and report on what subjects general lose this £4,000 ; so that even if success- questions should be issued during the ful it would only make a difference of current year. £6,000 as affecting the two residuary le- Mr. George Duncan, elder, gave in the gatees—the Free Church of Scotland and Report of the Committee on Churchtheir own Church. The action had been building and Debt-extinction. Th: report commenced, and according to the latest in- was to the following effect :telligence which he (Dr. Lorimer) had “ The sum of £3,141 2s. 7d. has been received, the Court of Session had ap- received in subscriptions during the past pointed a commissioner to take the evi- year, which, being added to the sum of dence. It was at one time expected that £9,174 4s. 5d. reported as paid prior to the case would have come to a jury trial, a the Synod of 1865, makes an amount of procedure which would have involved deluy £12,315 73., or nearly one-half of the and greater expense. The commission was whole sum subscribed payable in five years. this very week engaged in taking the evi. The amount paii a vay during the past dence; so that they might expect a de- year in grants and loans is £3,425, and the cision on the subject in the course of the balance at the banker's at the date of present session. The trustees were san- closing the books is £4,650 163. 5d. It guine of succe-g in defending the will, must be borne in mind, however, that this because although it was the fact that the balance is liable to be reduced at any testator had died within less than sixty moment by congregations claiming the days of making it, they were prepared to grants or loans made to them ; these prove that he had been at "kirk or mar- grants and loans being almost without exket” after making it ; and they also ex- ception dependent on certain successful pected to be able to prove that the disease efforts by the congregations themselves, of which he died was not upon him at the the Committee having kept steadily in time he made it. If they could make this view the principle that the fund was estabgood, then the will would remain valid in lished to help those who are willing to all its parts. Mr. Robertson's trustees help themselves. During the past year consented at once, without any hesitation, the Committee have voted, to seven conthat the agent for the Free Church-Mr. gregations, for debt-extinction, and for the Dalmahoy, of E inburgh-should also act purchase or building of seven churches, a for them; and they had sicured the ser- sum of £3,325 in grants and loans, the vices of the best counsel at the Scottish congregations so aided raising sums which bar—the Lord Advocate and the Solicitor- in the aggregate amount to £8,675, and General. The English Presbyterian Church which, taken together, repre-ent a sum of had been able to acquire the library of Mr. £12,000, secured to the Church by reRobertson for the use of the College. It moval of debt on existing property, or by was a valuable library; and they made an acquiring new places of worship, sooner or offer to take the whole of it at the valua- later to be free of debt also. The Committee tion price put on it by the trustees -£200. ure increasingly impressed with the value The arrangement has been completed in a and importance of this fund, and would very convenient form, as the money was earnestly urge upon congregations who not to be paid till the matter of the will have not yet contributed to it, the duty of was settled.

aiding in this movement for the extension It was agreed to approve of the report, and consolidation of the Englislı Presbyand to re-appoint the committee.

terian Church." On the call of the Synd the Rev. W. Tae Synod c lled for Report of the Chalmers, Conve er, gave in the Report of Committee on Property held by Unitathe Committee on Statistics. Dr. Leone Levi rians, which was given in by Dr. Leone moved, Rev.James Clelland seconded, and the Levi, Convener. On the motion of the Synod resolved as follows :-"Re-appoint Rev. J. G. Wright, seconded by the Rev. the committee with additions ; instruct W. M'Caw, the Synod resolved as folthe Pre-byreries of the Church to give all lows :-“ Receive the Report, rappoint wid to the Conveners in collecting answers the Committee, Dr. Leone Levi, Convener, to the queries i sue by the Committee, with instructions to take into consideration and at the first meeting of each Presbytery the best means of raising a fund to meet after the rising of Synod, to appoint their expenses of preparing a summary of the clerk, or one of their number, to collect and laws of the Church, and securing the intabulate the statistics required, and trans- ter-st of this Church in the Hewley mit them to the Convener, not later than Charity, and to report to nex Synod." the month of February, 1867. Thereafter The Rev. R. H. Lundie gave in the ReMr. Chalmers having resigned, Dr. Leone port on the State of Religion, which em.


braced an account of certain evangelistic The Synod, on Dr. Lorimer's motion, operations at Tyneside, when the Synod re-appointed the Committee on the enresolved as follows :

ployment of Probationers. It was further “Receive and adopt the Report, the moved by Dr. Munro, and seconded by following to be the Committee for the Mr. Ballantyne, and resolved, 6. That the ensuing year, and strongly recommend to overture froin the Presbytery of Lancashire the Ministers and Office-bearers of the be referred to the College Committee, with Church, to give all the aid and encourage. instructions to consider the whole subject ment in their power to the Committee in of the Constitution of the College, and recarrying out their evangelistic labours.” port to next meeting of Synod.”

It having been made known that the The Reports on Presbytery Records and deputations from sister Churches would be records of Standing Committees were here heard this evening there was a large at- read by the respective Conveners. tendance both of members and the public. A communication was read from the A Deputation from the Free Church, one Presbytery of London, inclosing a letter from the Irish Presbyterian Church, and from the Rev. James Bonthorne, requestone from the United Presbyterian Church, ing, on behalf of himself and congregation were heard in succession. The first con- at Addiscombe, to be admitted to the conssisted of the Rev. Dr. Buchanan and Mr. munion and fellowship of the English Adam (Aberdeen), and Lords Dalhousie Presbyterian Church. He stated that he and Kintore ; the second of the Revs. Dr. was an ordained minister of the Church of Wilson, W. MÓGill, and T. J. Hanson, Scotland, and had been in connection with with J. C. Galway, elder; and the last the Presbytery of the Scotch Church of of the Revs. Dr. Marshall, of Cupar London for ten years, eight of which he · Angus, Dr. King, and Mr. Redpath. The had been assistant of Dr. Cumming. In whole of the evening was occupied in 1861 he was advised to open a Presbyterian listening to the addresses of these brethren, Church at Addiscombe : and this was acsome of which were very eloquent and in- complished by the aid of some friends, by teresting.

whose contributions he was enabled to THURSDAY.

purchase a building which was formerly

used as a place of worship in connection After some small items of business had with the military college of Addiscombe. been disposed of, the Synod called for the Service was commenced in July, 1864, and College Report, which was given in by the had continued since. No formal recogniRev. W. Ballantyne, Convener, and was tion of the station had ever been made by followed by the Financial Report, read by the Presbytery of the Scotch Church in Mr. A. T. Ritchie, Treasurer. There was London, and no pastoral tie had yet been also read an overture relative to the formed between himself and the congregaAmendment of the Constitution of the tion worshipping there ; nor was the buildCollege, and the curriculum of study from ing attached by any existing deed to any the Presbytery of Lancashire, and the Rev. particular Church. He had applied to the George Johnstone was heard in support of London Presbytery of the Scotch Church the same.

Dr. Lorimer was also heard in for a certificate, stating the purpose for explanation of some points in the report ; which it was wished; but they had rewhereupon it was moved by Dr. Munro, quested a conference with him, and said seconded by Mr. John Johnstone, and after they wished further information. On the reasoning, the Synod resolved as fol- motion of Dr. Hamilton, the Synod remitted lows :

the letter to the Presbytery of London, “Receive the report, adopt ad interim and authorized them to admit Mr. the regulations it contains, relative to the Bonthorne if they saw cause. admission of students, and the constitution The Synod called for Report on Union of the Board of Examination; order these with Presbyterians of other Churches, regulations to be printed along with which was given in by Dr. Hamilton. the Minutes of Synod; instruct Presby- The report contained the whole of the teries to appoint members of said Board findings of the joint Committee. Dr. accordingly, with all convenient speed, Munro proposed its adoption in the after the rising of the Synod, and report following terms :the same to the Convener of the Board ; I have been asked to undertake this and instruct Presbyteries to consider these duty, and as the motion has not much in regulations, and report to next meeting of it, I dure say there will not be much more. Synod; and appoint the following Com- to do than simply to read it. It is, – mittee for the current year, with power to “That the report be received, and that the make such provisional arrangements as findings on the several heads of the promay seem best for supplying the office gramme now laid on the table of the of Resident Tutor."

Synod be transmitted to Presbyteries for


their information, with a request that any tively, the statutes and privileges of consuch suggestions as the Presbyteries may gregations of this Church within the Prescause to offer be tran-mitted to the Conve- bytery of Lancasbire. ner of the Synod's Committee not later than There was next transmitted from the the last day of the current year, and that Committee on Bills an extract minute of the Committee be reappointed." I think the London Presbytery regarding the staall the members of Committee will be very tion at Croydon, purposing that leave be glad to have this transmitted to them. given to the Presbytery, when they shall The results arrived at by the joint Com- see fit, to erect the same into a congrega. mittee have occasioned a good deal of dis- tion. The Rev. J. Matheson appeared to cussion both in Scotland and here, and state the reference. After reasoning, the have not been made public to our Church Synod sustain the reference; but considerunless by some mode of whispering; but ing the promising circumstances connected there will now be something tangible to with the station at Croydon, agreed at once set before our Presbyteries in reference to to grant, as they do now grant to Croydon, the findings that have taken place. I think the status and privileges of a congregation the information will be highly satisfactory. of this Church within the Presbytery of I do not blame the parties who have kept London. it up to the present time. They have done The Synod next called for Report of the very wisely in exercising self-restraint, in Home Mission Committee, which having taken time to deliberate, and in given in by the Rev. W. M'Caw, Convener. having reserved the promulgation of their A financial statement was read by Mr. findings, even down to the present time, Robert Lockbart, Treasurer. On the which some people may think to be very motion of Dr. Hamilton, seconded by Dr. late indeed. I may mention further that L. Levi, the Synod resolved as follows:the request is made to the Presbyteries to “That the report be received and adopted, make any suggestions that they may see and the Committee be instructed to concause to offer, and to transmit them to the sider and report on the expediency of the Convener of Synod's Committee. As I division of its work into two parts, and the understood in the process of constructing formation of two Committees, one charged this motion, it was not understood that with the planting of new Churches, and the what the Presbyteries should send in should other with the increase of ministerial supbe decisione. (“Hear, bear," from Dr. port, and further to take steps by means of Hamilton.) I hope the Synod understood deputations or otherwise to raise the stithis—that it is not wished that the sug- pends of all ministers to a minimum of gestions from Presbyteries should assume £150 per annum. With reference to the the character of motion and vote on the invitation given to this Church by the subject, and of decisions. There may be last General Assembly of the Free Church, statements of a twofold character, and the and to the reception given to the Deputaclerks of Presbyteries might be instructed tions, who in consequenco visited so many to transmit these with the remark that a of the congregations of the Free Church, number of the members thought so and so and the pecuniary aid bestowed on the on this point, and that other members Church-extension work in which we are thought differently. (Applause.) This so anxiously engaged, the Synod expresses would " be of advantage in showing the their gratitude, both for the generous hosConvener of the Committee where there pitality enjoyed by the Deputies, and the was difference of opinion, without its being large-hearted liberality which has been considered conciusive. In that way the dispensed by their Scottish brethren in all opinions of the Church would be ascer- parts of the North.” tained. The other mode of adopting a The Synod next called for Report of the definite conclusion would be highly incon- Committee on the Hymn-book, which was venient and stringent. I shall now, with-given in by Rev. W. Chalmers, Convener. out further remarks, propose the motion Whereupon it was moved by Dr. Anderson, which I have read.

and seconded by Mr. Hugh M. Matheson, There was transmitted from the Com- as follows:mittee on Bills, minutes of the Presby- “ The Synod receive and an opt the tery of Lancashire on several references Report, and, considering that the lection regarding the proposed erection of new of psalms and hrmng laid on the ble has charges in St. Helens, Nottinghant, and beinres: 14 in linii Preston. The minutes having heen read, number of the ministers and elders of this the Revs. J. B. Johnston, James Paterson, Church, in whose Christian wisdom and and J. M. Rose, were heard consecutively feeling they have the fullest confidence, in each of these cases, the Synod sustain- considering that copies of the first draft of ing the references, and granted to St. said collection were sent several months Heleno Nottineham and Preston

nonton ull the ministers and mann of the



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