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One Made by Nature - The Other by Marks

Read What He Says To A. A. MARKS, New York :

DIAR SIR: I wish you to know how many days the leg you made for mo worked during the year 1899. You see that It exceeds more working days of ten hours each than there are working days in the year. If you know of suybody with an artificial eg who as turned out more days' work'than I have firing á blg coal engine, remembering that I havo to walk two miles to work and two miles from work, making four miles every day in addition to my work, let me know who he is, that I may compare time with bim. During the mouth of January I worked 407 bours; February, 292; March, 358; A prii, 825; May, 280 ; Juno, 316; Joly, 337; August, 376; September, $37 ; October, 391 ; No vember, 375; December, 337. •.• If you will add up the number of hours you will find it amounts to 4,131, or more than 413 days for the year, and you know there are only 313 working days in the year; so I have worked a year and one hundred daysia the year 1899, wearing your artificial leg overy hour of that time, and it has not cost me one cent for repairs. It is as good Dow as it ever vas, The engine that I am firing is one of those big ones that hauls coal from the mines to Pottsville - No. 148. I enclose a photograph of my engine,

where you can see me at my post of duty. I get a'l over her with the same ease that I ever did. Sometimes I climb on top of the boiler while in motion. I can tell you more about what I am doing with my leg if you want it. The hard use I am giving your leg and the excellent wear it is giving prove it to be the best in the world. I am, respeotfully yours, FRANK PAUST, POTTSVILLE, PA. This demonstrates that a man may lose a leg in an accident and

yet fire a locomotive.

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Over 27,000 scattered in all parts of the world. Eminent surgeons con mend the Rubber Foot and Hand. They are endorsed by the United States and many foreign Governments.

Received the only Grand Prize awarded to Artificial Limbs at the Paris Exposition, also Highest Awards at the Buffalo Exposition, 1901, and Charleston Exposition, 1902.

A Treatise, containing 500 pages, with 800 illustrations, sent FREE; also a Formula for taking measurements, by which limbs can be sent to all parts of the world with a fit guaranteed. Established 50 Years. A. A. MARKS, 701 Broadway, New YORK CITY.

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The “1900” Ball-Bearing FREE




The “ 1900” Ball-Bearing Washer Saves Time, Labor and Expense of

Washing Clothes.


Every Household Needs One.


In order to prove to the most skeptical that the “1900” Ball-Bearing Family Washer is anquostionably the greatest homo labor saving machine over invented, we will

SEND YOU ONE ABSOLUTELY FREE without deposit or advance payment of any kind, freight paid, on 30 DAYS' TRIAL. If you like it, you can pay for it either in cash or on the installment plan at the ond of the 30 days' trial. If you don't like it, all you have to do is to ship it back to us at our expense. You have no risk, no expense, no obligations whatever.

The " 1900” Ball Bearing Washer is unquestionably the greatest labor-saving machine over invented for family use. Éatirel principle. It is simplicity itself. There are no wheels, paddles, rockers, cranks or complicated machinery. It revolves ou bicycle ballbearings, making it by far the easiest running washer on the market. No strength required, a child can operate it.

No moro stooping, rubbing, boiling of clothes. Hot water and soap all that is needed. It will wash large quantities of clothes (no matter how soilod) perfectly clean in 6 minutes. Impossible to injure the most delicato fabrics. Saving in wear and tear of clothes, to say nothing of the saping in soap and materials, pays for machine in a short timo. Don't be prejudiced. This is entirely different from and far superior to any other washing machine ever made.

A Day's Wash in 3 Hours BROTHERHOOD

SHERWOOD, Md., Jan. 15, 1901. OF

The washer I received from you is the best

I ever saw. It will do all you claim for it.
I can do the washing in three to four hours,

where it took a colored woman a whole day ENGINEERS. to do it. We have ten boys and three girls,

and you can judge from that, that we have

large washings. Myself and daughter would Edent C. 8.

not part with this machine for twice what ..F. &. 8. Jakooy City A. Jor

OlcX29 190/

Mrs. LEVI H. HARRISON. SPARKHILL, Rockland Co., N. Y., Oct. 29, 1901. "1900" WASHER COMPANY:

I have given your washer a fair trial and found it all right Greasy Overalls Washed Clean. as recommended. It is one of the best washers I ever saw.

SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., Dec. 25, 1899. washed three pairs of my dirty and greasy overalls and over

“1900” WASHER CO. : shirts in ten minutes and washed them clean. My housekeeper says it would have taken her two hours to have washed them Gentl, men - I received the washing maseven minutes. It will wash three washes without changing it She commenced washing at seven o'clock the old way. It will wash

ten shirts, with

collars and cuffs, in china in good order on the 15th inst. My the water, only adding soap-suds and about two quarts of hot and at eleven all the

clothes were on the water after the first wash.

line. It would have taken two days to do all Enclosed you will find check in full payment of the washer. this work in the old way : and the washing Please acknowledge receipt of the same and oblige,

was done clean. Greasy overalls which I Respectfully yours, EDWARD KENT.

use in the engine room could not have been

done better in a steam laundry. She would P. 8.-I have been a delegate and attended twenty-six con

not part with the washer if she would not ventions held in different parts of the country, and my name is get another like it. if she was offered $150 known on nearly every railroad in the United States and

Yours truly, Canada. I am an engineer of the New York Division of the CHAS. BLUM, Marine Engineer, Erie road and have run an engine for forty years.

1006 Channing Way, West Berkley, Cal. Costs nothing to try. Sent to anyone absolutely FREB for a trial of 30 days. We pay freight

both ways. No money required in advance. Send for book and particulars to



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THE “1900” WASHER CO., 153 G. State St., Binghamton, N. Y.

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VERY railroad man, who believes that his personal appearance is a strong link in the chain of advancement, should begin “from the ground up."

The Crossett is a stylish shoe which has wonderful wearing qualities, and is so modeled as to be thoroughly comfortable from the first day's wear, It is built of honest oak leather and the finished workmanship of every part is the result of seventeen years of continuous improvement in manufacture. If you want a stylish looking shoe which is remarkably serviceable as well, the Crossett will suit you. There is solid money value in each pair.

If your dealer does not keep them, write me, and I

will tell you of whom, in your town, you can get them. LEWIS A. CROSSETT, INC., MAKER, NORTH ABINGTON, MASS.

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The life of food is the fat within
it — the more fat the more real
benefit from the food; that is why
cod liver oil is a powerful builder
of Alesh. Scott's Emulsion of pure
cod liver oil solves the problem of
how to take cod liver oil. That
is one reason why doctors have
been prescribing Scott's Emulsion
for all wasting diseases, coughs,
colds and bronchitis for almost

thirty years.
We'll send you a sample free upon request.


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No. 2.

A Glimpse of the Green Mountain State. of the country and created a desire to

establish homes in some specially endowed Vermont has an early history replete sections of the territory; with stirring events, aside from the usual The King of England, in 1741, had comstruggle with the Indians and other wars missioned Benning Wentworth royal gov: which confronted the early pioneer when ernor of New Hampshire, 1741 to 1767, and Vermont was the frontier. Prior to the described his province as reaching westwar known as the French and Indian ward until it met his other governments, War, a conflict between the English and thus bounding it westerly by New York, French in North America, 1755 to 1763, making all the territory now defined as the greater part of what is now Vermont Vermont a part of New Hampshire. was an unexplored wilderness; but during Governor Wentworth gave a patent for a this war many troops from New England, township six miles square in 1749, the New-York and Pennsylvania were sent township taking the governor's given name through this section to the Canadian fron- for its title_Bennington. The governor tier, which gave considerable knowledge and council of New York remonstrated



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