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June 5.
PETER answered and said unto him, Though all Men shall
I be offended because of thee, yet will I never be offended,
Matt. xxvi. 33.

The presumptuous Person imagines he can do every Thing, and can do nothing; thinks he can excel all, and excels in nothing; promises every Thing, and performs nothing. The humble Man acts quite the contrary Part. --- There is nothing so unknown to us as ourselves ; nothing which we see less than our own Poverty and Weakness. --- Let us rather believe what God tells us of ourselves in Scripture, than what we perceive in ourselves. The Strength of Pride is but the Strength of a Moment. Vanity serves only to conceal from us, what we are, and what we are not.

One Moment, Lord, if thou depart,

With like Presumption I
Shall trust my own deceitful Heart,

And give my God the Lie:

Tho' all prove faithful to thy Caufe

Without thy constant Power,
I only stumbling at thy Cross

Shall fall, and rise no more,

BUT one thing is needful. And Mary hath chosen that good D Part, which shall not be taken away from her, Luke x. 42.

The one Thing needful is to live for God. - That which regards only the Life of the Body, and the present World, is not absolutely necessary, fince it is, on the contrary, necessary for us to wean ourselves from them both, and sometimes even to sacrifice the former. Nothing is necessary but what is either eternal, or leads to Eternity. - Martha's Employmeut is good, but that of Mary's better; because the begins here below, that which she is to do in Heaveñ. Deliver us, O Lord, from those Necessities which proceed only from Concupiscence, and likewise from every Thing which ftifies the Spirit of Prayer, withdraws us from the Presence of God, and hinders us from following That which alone is truly necessary.

What then is all beside

After their Happiness
For which the World contend? I can no longer rove,
The Baits of Luft, the Boasts of Pride, I need no more, who all possess
That in a Moment end :

In Jesu's heart-felt, Love,

ALL that will live godly in Christ Jesus, shall suffer Persecuti

on, 2 Tim. iii. 12.

When the Air is heated by the scorching Beams of the Sun, the Wind pafseth through it, and brings it into a cool Temper again: These spiritual Winds cool the Soul. Christians are sometimes scalding hot in the Pursuit of the World, or perhaps of some Sin, God stirs up these Winds, and cools that Heat; some sharp Wind of Distress, of Conscience, fome Guft of Temptation, some piercing Blast of Trouble abates those feverish Heats, removes that Eagerness, which was before in the Soul, after Things that cannot profit: That Wind which blew in Paul's Face, coold the Zeal for Persecution which was in his Heart, Aets. ix. 1, 3, 4.

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TN whom are hid all the Treasures of Wisdom and Knowledge,

I Col. i. 3.

It is then in Jesus Christ, that divine Fountain, that we must draw true Wisdom : It is of his Fulness that we must receive. He can neither be deceived nor deceive, nor be ignorant of any Thing. --- Christ is a large Book; whoever knows how to study this Book well, in the Word of God, will know every Thing which he ought to know. Humility opens it, Faith reads, and

which he well, in the Book; whoever be ignorant of He

ve understand to know. HumiGod, will find

Let us never never rest

'Till the Promise is fulfill'd, Till we are of Thee pofseft, Walh’d, and fanctify'd, and seald,

''Till we all, in Love renew'd,

Find the Pearl that Adam loft, Temples of the Living God,

Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft.

BUT I would not have you to be ignorant, Brethren, conD cerning them which are asleep, that ye forrow not, even as others which have no Hope, i Thef. iv. 13.

Death is no other than Rest and Sleep to those who have lived a Life of Faith upon the Son of God, and who, when they come to die, are not found in the Death of Sin. It is a wonderful Effect of Faith and Hope, to make that, which is most terrible to Nature, the most desirable and necessary Thing to it, which is Sleep. Let Heathens be overwhelmed with Sorrow"; let them despair under the Neceflity of parting with this Life, because they know no other ; but let Christians look upon Death with Joy, as the End of all their Toils and Miseries, and as a Passage to a blessed and eternal Life.

If Death my Friend and me divide, I feel a strong immortal Hope, Thou dost not, Lord,my Sorrow chide, Which bears my mournful Spirit up

Or frown my Tears to see : Beneath its Mountain-Load; [Pain, Restrain'd from passionate Excess, Redeem'd from Death, and Grief and Thou bidit me mourn in calm Distress I foon shall find my friend again For them that rest in Thee.

Within the Arms of God.

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