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(From a photograph by H. J. Whitlock, Birmingham.)

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EVENTS OF THE MONTH. June 1. Dr. Wekerle and the Hungarian Cabinet

resigned, the Austrian Emperor having re-
fused to create Magnates enough to pass the

Civil Marriage Bill.
Deputation waitel on the First Lord of the

Admiralty and the President of the Board of
Trade on the question of obtaining efti ient

seamen for the Navy and Merantile Marine, Chilian Congress openel. President announcel

an estimatel surplus. The Anglian Missionary Conference closel. Italian Ambassador returned a firm reply to

French protest against Anglo-Italian African

Delimitation Treaty.

Emperor William underwent a slight operation. ? Two British troopers, who suppressed the news

of Lobengula's wish to surrender and stole the present of £1,000 which the Matabele King intended for Major Forbes, were sentencel to

fourteen years' penal servitu le. Lady Aber.leen met with an enthusiastic re.

ception at Queenstown and Cork on arrival

from Canada. The extension of the Indian Institute at Oxford

was openel.
Y.M.C.Å. Jubilee meetings at Exeter Hall.

Foreign delegates present.
The Coaching Club met in Hyde Park.
Railway disaster in Salvador, by which two

hundred soldiers lost their lives.
M. Casimir-Périer electel President of French

Chamber of Deputies.
American Senate discussed the Sugar Schedule

of the Tarift Bill.
Outbreak against Foreigners reported from

Militia and Artillery called out to suppress Strike

Riots in Indianapolis.
Growth of Socialisin in Germany indicated by a

striking Socialist success in Saxony. 3. A Referendum in Switzerland showel a vast

Majority against a proposal of the Socialists. 4. Lord Rosebery, an old Etonian, was the princi

pal guest at the Fourth of Juve Celebration. Mr. H. H. Joon-ton, Commissioner for British

Central Africa, arrived in England,
La ly l'ictoria Blackwool welded to the Hon.

V. Lee-Plunkett, in larisa
Prince Oscar of Swelen presile i over the Con-

ference of the Young Men's Christian Assu:ia

tion. Siguor Crispi's Motion for a Committee on

Financial Reform carried in the Italian

Chamber by 225 votes to 214.
A Vote of Confidence in the French Govern-

ment carried in the Chamber of Deputies by

315 votes to 169. Government Troops defeatel by the Rebels in

Salvador ; Presiilent Ezeta flel the country. Pondoland Annexation Bill passel Se ond Read

ing in Legislative Assembly, Cape Town. 5. Hon. Philip Stanhope, M.P., presided over a

conference of the National Reform Union. The parties to the dispute in the cab trade

agreed to accept the mediation of Mr. Asquith. M. Alfred André, of Paris, presided at the

Y.M.C.A. International Conference.
Sigoor Crispi tendere:) bis resiguation.
The London Norconformist Council adopte i for

issue to the electors a manifesto in opposition

to the sectarian policy of the School Board. Vote of Censure on the Government rejected by

Melbourne Legislative Assembly.

Annual meeting, Suez Canal Company. 6. The Belgian Chamber passel, by 70 to 44 votes,

the Electoral Bill giving effect to the scheme

of Constitutioual Rcform. M. Toussaint, French Socialist deputy, sentence!

to ten days' imprisonment and a fine of 100

francs for insulting the police.
M. Lionel Declé, French traveller, reached

Cairo from the Cape.
The Strike of gold and silver miners at Crippie

Creek broke out afresh.
Sir J. Harwood, Deputy-Chairman of the

Manchester Ship Canal Board, statel in the
City Council that they might expect a de-
ficiency on account of the undertaking of over
£146,000 in December, 1895.

Demonstration at Albert Hall in honour of the

The young Sultan of Morocco, Muley Abdul Jubilee of the Y.M.C.A.

Aziz, left Rabat for Fez. German Currency ('ommission held final sitting. Royal Society's Reception at Burlington House. Floo is on the Fraser river, British Columbia.

Celebration of 35th Anniversary of the English Lord Rosebery's “La lay” won the Derby.

Church C'nion. Two Englishmen arreste i by Brazilian Govern Trinity House Banquet. meut.

14. Boat capsized off Westport, about thirty Irish Asiati: Cholera appeare l at Tantzic.

labourers being drowne l. 7. A terrific hailstorm at Vienna.

A favourable Buriget was introduced into the Two men arrestel at Hamburg for forging Legislative Assembly, Cape Town. English i:e-pound and other notes.

Debate in the French Chamber on Trade Unions. The (overnor of South Australia ma le a hopeful Italian Ministry reconstituted. spee:h in opening the Colonial Parliament.

Insurretion in Korea suppressed. Debat: in the French Chamber on the Anglo- 15. Explosions in a coal mine at Karwin, Silesia,

Belgian anıl Auglo-Italiau African agreements. causing 232 deaths. Prin ess Christian prese:itel with the gold medal 16. Meeting of Welsbmen at Chester to found a of the National Ilealth Society.

League for the promotion of Disestablishment The Sutherland Will Suit settle i "out of Court." and other reforms affectiug Wales. Discussion in the Assembly at Cape Town on Serious fire in Devonport Dockyard.

trekking to Lake Ngamiland and Namaqua A young Anarchist attempted to assassinate lar.

Signor Crispi; failed and was arrested. The Sultan of Morocco dici suddenly at Tadla. The Bakr Id Festival in India passed off quietly. 8. Dinner to ('ouservative Candidates, St. James's French Chamber passei a Bill to put an end to Iiall.

the adulteration of wine. By a majority of more than ten thousand the

18. Meeting of Evangelical Churchmen and NonSotshuniners resolve it strike.

conformists at Sion College in favour of the Sir Wilfril Lawson, M.P., presided over an Elucatioual Compromise of 171 and against

** Imperial Temperance Meeting,” convene 1 the policy of the London School Board.
by the Metropolitan Women's Total Absti Meeting at the Duke of Westminster's house to
nence Union.

organise a campaign against Welsh DisColonial met in Berlin.

establishment. Further skirmisling at Cripple Creek, Colorado. Moeting at Fulham Palace to aid the Mission to 9. A Mass Meeting of Women to answer the ques. Assyrian Christians.

tion, "Shall women have the Vote?” held at The Pretoria High Court decided that British Queen's Hall.

subjects in the Transvaal are liable to military Anuual Review of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade service. in Batters a Park.

Serious explosion in the Rue Royale, Brussels. Polling for the County Council seat in Rotherlithe Spanish Senate carriei a vote of confidence in

resultel in the election of the “Moderate" the Ministry à propos of the Commercial Treaty Candidate, Mr. l'ayne, by a majority of 518.

with Germany. The Strike of Gold and Silver Miners in Colorado

Spanish war vessel sent to Morocco to collect the again reporte i to be settlei.

Melilla indemnity returned without the money. Coufeien es between the Coalowners and the

Lady Aberdeen attended a meeting iu Dublin
Colliers on Strike were held in several distriits. of the Irish Industries Association, and was
In Jowa and Kentucky a settlement was elected President.
effe, te i.

19. Protectorate of Uganda officially gazetted. Au Interatior al Congress of Fire Briga le Annual meeting of the supporters of the National Upions operel at Antwerp.

Tbe Negotiatious of Signor Crispi with Siguor Meeting at St. James's Hall of Private Patrons

Zanarielli and the Marquis di Rudivi for the to denounce the Church Patronage Bill.
formation of a (Oulition Ministry failed.

L. C. C. de idel to assume the control of all The Ministerial (risis in Hungary ended by Lunatic Asylums in the county of London.

the Re onstruction of the Miuistry under Sir George Grey entertainei at luncheon at the Dr, Wekerle.

National Liberal Club. 11. Mr. Anuitl's intervention in the Cab Strike Annual Conference of Labour Electoral Associasu ee lel, aud terms were arrangel.

tion, at Bradford. The Prince and Priu: ess of Wales visite 1 Poplar French Chamber appointed a committee to con

and opene i the Missions to Seamen Institute sider a proposal for a State monopoly of aud Coilee Bar for the l'ort of London.

Alcohol. Annual Social Meeting of the Salvation Army in International Athletic Congress in Paris adopted Queen's Hall.

a Resolution in favour of reviving the Olympic Great Britain and Portugal agreed to submit the games in a modern form. Delimitation of Manicalani to arbitration.

Meeting of Women's Liberal Federation, at St. At the instance of the Anti-Gambling League, James's Hall, to urge amendments to the C. S. Frail and J. E. Frail were prosecutel


Registration Bill which would give to women for permitting betting in enclosures on the

the Franchise. Vorthampton racecourse. Case dismissed on 20. The Cesarewith arrivel at Gravesend on the the ground that it had not been shown that the Russian Imperial Yacht. Defendants had knowledge of the illegal 2,000 delegates of National Liberal Federation betting.

met in Leeds and passed resolutions in favour Meeting at Rhyl against Disestablishment Bill.

of abolishing the veto of the Lords. 12. Auvexation of Poudelaud to Cape Colony Annual meeting of Anti-Vivisection Society.

Unveiling of a Memorial to Mr. Spurgeon at Anti-Gambling League Meeting at Exeter Hall. Stockwell Orphanage. Annual Conference of the Sea Fisheries autho Vurse Gillespie charged with systematic cruelty rities of Cugland.

to pauper children, and sentenced to five French Senate agreed to a crežit of £72,000 for years' penal servitude. African reinforcements.

The difficulty between England and Germany Prince Ferdinand published a rescript compli settled by the former cancelling the third mentary to M. Stambouloff.

article of the Congo treaty. Outbreak of “the plague" reported from Hong A Papal Encyulical dealing largely with the kong

question of reunion published,
Dr. Wekerle statel in Parliament at Budapest 6,000 Bakers struck work in Lisbon.

that the Crown was at one with the Gover Mr. Erastus Wyman convicted of forgery and
ment as to the necessity of passing the Civil sentenced to 5% vears' imprisonment.
Marriage Bill.

Commemoration Day at Oxford ; Degrees conRepresentatives the Evangelical Free ferred upon Lord Kimberley, the Bishop of

Churches of London met in the City Temple Peterborvugh, Lord Justice Davey, Sir Edward to protest against the action of the London Fry, and Capt. Yaban, of the United States School Boari with regard to religious tests.

Navy. 13. Japan seut large forces to protect her interests 21. Great Fire in Finsbury. in Korea.

Labour Commission issue 1 final Report.


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New Zealand Parliament opered by the 26. Mr. Asquith receivel a deputation on the subject the Coliseum at Leeds as a place of public Governor. of factory legislation for women.

entertainment on Sunday ; verdict for the Demonstrations in Transvaal against the "com The Scotch Coal Strike began,

Plaintiffs. mandeeriug" of British subjects.

Anti-Italian riots in Lyons ; 2,000 arrests. 30. Opening of the Tower Bridge by the Prince of In the Hungarian House of Lords the Civil The Japanese Army occupies the Capital of Wales. Marriage Bill was carried.

Korea; king virtually a prisoner.

Lord Russell, of Killowen, appointed Lord Chief The new Sultan of Morocco gave orders for the President Cleveland made a declaration

Justice of England. payment to Spain of the Melilla indemnity.

American finance.

Canon Aiuger appointed Master of the Temple. Three regiments sent to suppress the riots 27. M. Casimir-Périer elected President of the July 1. Funeral of M. Carnot. among miners in Pennsylvania.

French Republic.
British residents in Pretoria "commandeered Cambridge University (onferred the Honorary

and conveyed to the scene of military opera Degree of Doctor-in-Law on the Duke of

SPEECHES. Closing session of the Labour Electoral Associa The Scottish Coal-owners declinel all outside June 1. Sir George Grey, at the Missionary Contion. intervention with regard to the strike.

ference, on Progress of Missions. Congress on University Extension opened at the The Volksraad met in Pretoria in secret session 2. Prof. Herkomer, at the Borough Polytechnic, on London University. to consider the grievances of foreign residents.

Art and Artists. Two foreigo' schooners collitel off Beachey The Belgian Sepate passe 1 an Electoral Reform Mr. Lockwood, at Cambridge, on Party Politics. Head ; one sank, four of the crew drownel.

Bill, and the sessioa was closed.

Mr. Chamberlain, at Bradford, on Lord R. Fritz Brall, a German Anarchist living in Li Huvg Chang stated that the action of Japan Churchill's candidature. Chelsea, committed for trial.

in Korea threatened a crisis in Eastern Asia. Mr. John Burns, at Battersea, on Teachers and The Khedive sailed for Constantinople, but his Meeting of the Progressive School Board Election Teaching. European tour was retoed by the Sultan.

Council at Memorial Hall.

6. Mr. Geo. Smith on the Editing of the National Herr von Kotze, Master of the Ceremonies at 28. The London School Board rate showed an in

Dictionary of Biography. the German Court, arrested on a charge of crease of a farthing. The total expenditure 7. Sir B. W. Richardson on Food. circulating anonymous slanders.

of the Board since its formation has been 33) 8. Lord Salisbury, in London, on the Unionist Civil Marriage Bill was read a third time in the millions.

anse. Hungarian House of Lords.

Deputation of Mine Owners to the Unionist 9. Mr. Holman Hunt on Innocent Recreation on Over 5,000 Japanese troops landed in Korea.


Sunday. Scottish Miners' Federation refuse l Arbitration, Memorial to Barry Sullivan unveiled in Glas Mr. R. W. Lowe, at the Royal Institution, ob but referred dispute to Conciliation Board. Devin cemetery.

the Stage and Society.

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23. The Duchess of York delivered of a son.

The Trebelli will suit, after occupying ten days, 11. Lord Ripon, at the Hôtel Métropole, on South Terrible explosion at the Albion Colliery, Dear ended in a verdict for the Royal Academy African Colonies. Pontypridd ; 257 lives lost.

as against Mlle. Trebelli.

12. Mr. Goshen, at Pimlico, on Religious Toleration. University Extension Congress continuei.

Imperial and Inter-colonial Conference opened The Hon. James Inglis, in Eastcheap, on Trade Royal Agricultural Society's Show at Cam

at Ottawa,

Prospects at the Antipodes. bridge.

Portuguese Government engaged to construct 13. Sir William Harcourt, at Fishmongers' Hall, on Funeral of Lord Coleridge at Ottery St. Mary.

that part of the “Cape-to-Cairo" telegraph British Trade. The Emperor William, at Kiel, on Englandi.

which will pass through Portuguese territory. Mr. Herbert Gladstone, at Llanelly, on the Captain Jacques, African Explorer and Anti Sir Henry Loch statei that the Transvaal Government and the Disestablishment Bill. Slavery Leader, arrived in Brussels.

Government had agreed to exempt British Duke of Devous hire, at Buxtov, on Democratic 24. President Carnot assassinatel at Lyons by an subjects from military service in future.

Italian Anarchist named Santo.
The Dupuy Cabinet resigned.

Mr. J. W. Clark, at Cambridge University, on
Mass meeting of Building Trades' Federation in The American Senate passed the Income-tax Libraries in the Middle Ages.
Hyde Park.

sche lule of the Tariff Bill by 40 to 24. 14. Lord Salisbury, at Queen's Hall, against Dis25. Mr. Alderman Samuel and Mr. G. Hand elected Banquet to Lord Jersey and the Colonial Dele establishment. Sheriffs of London.

gates at Ottawa.

15. Sir David Barbour, at Drapers' Hall, on the Riotous Demonstrations in Paris and Lyous Great Railway Strike in America begun.

Currency Question. against the Italian population.

Resignation of M. Casimir-Perier as President of H. J. Stanley, in Lambeth, on the Congo New South Wales Parliament dissolve:1.

the French Chamber of Deputies.

Difficulty. Sir Henry Loch's arrival at Pretoria was sig. 29. Financial Proposals of the Italian Government 16. Mr. Balfour at Manchester, on the Religious nalised by ill-timed and vehement demonstra passe i by the Chamber of Deputies.

Traioing of the Young. tions on the part of British resideuts.

Deputation from Agricultural Societies to Mr. Mr. Shaw Lefevre, at Bradford, on Current Collapse of the Freeland Colonisation Scheme in Gardner on the Fraudulent Sale of Foreign Politics. British East Africa.


18. Sir James Linton, at the Imperial Institute, on Statue of Mr. Brallaugh unveile) in Northamp Two Actions brought by the Lord's Day Obser the Encouragement of Indian Art. ton,

vance So iety against certain persons for using Prof. Jebb on the Promotion of Hellenic Studies.

19. Bishop Selwyn, at the Colonial Institute, on the


20. Debate on Mr. Morley's Administration of Islands of the Western Pacific, Mrs. Humphry Ward, at Essex Hall, on 1. Sir Ed. Grey explained the Government's poli 'y

Ireland on a motion (negatived by 211 to 172) Upitarianism and the Future. with regard to Uganda, the vote of £50,000

to reduce the Chief Secretary's salary. 20. Sir John Hutton, at Spring Gardens, on Teshui

being carried by 218 to 52.

Intoxicating Liquors Bill, the Local Veto (Irecal Fducation. Savings Banks (Societies) Bill real second time.

land) Bill, and Trout Fishing (Scotland) Bill 21. Mr. Balfour, at Memorial Hall, on the Non

Wild Birds Protection Act (1880) Amendment

read a second time. Bill read a third time.

21. Progress with the Budget Bill was reported at conformists and the Politics of the Future. Mr. Robertson on the Naval Policy of the 4. Sir W. Harcourt refused to adjourn the House

Clause 14. Government.

over Derby Day.

22. Clauses 14 to 16 of the Budget Bill disposed of. Mr. H. Elliot, at Bournemouth, on Gardening. Clause I of the Budget Bill agreed to.

Railway and Caual Traffic Bill read a second Mr. Pickard, at Barnsley, on the action of the The Select Committee appointe i to inquire into

time. miners' delegates to the Conciliation Board.

the working of the Volunteer Acts held its Merchandise Marks (Prosecution) Bill passed 22. Lord Salisbury and Prof. Jebb on University

first meeting.

Committee. Extension.

5. The motion to adjourc for Derby Day negativel Chimney Sweepers Bill read a third time. 23. Duke of Devonshire on University Extension,

by 246 to 160.

Arbitration Scotland Bill read a third time. Lord Herschell on University Extension. Clause 2 of Budget Bill further debatel.

Sir G. Trevelyan introduced a Bill to amend 25. Mr. Abdy Williams, at Queen's Hall, ou

The Supreme Court of Judicature (Procedure)

the Crofters' Holding Act. Ancient Greek Music.

Bill, the Burgh Police (Scotland) Act (1992) 25. Clauses 17 and 18 added to the Budget Bill. Sir Frederic Leighton on the Arts.

Amendment Bill, and the Chimney Sweepers' 26. The Chancellor of the Exchequer moved the 26. Mr. Asquith on Legislation for Working Women.

Bill were read a second time; and the Publi: Address to Her Majesty on the subject of M. 27. Prof Nicholson, at the Geological Museum, on

Works Loans Bill was read a third time.

Carnot's murder. Adopte l nem. con. Political Economy and the Press. 6. Clause 2 of Buiget Bill under discussion.

The Clause of the Budget Bill imposing a duty Mr. Balfour on the same subject.

Prevention of Cruelty to Children Bill read on beer was carriei by a majority of 18; The Chancellor of the Exchequer, at the Civil

third time.

Clause 23 was added to the Bill. Service Dinner, on the Civil Service.

27. Clauses 24, 25, 27 added to the Budget Bill. Mr. J. Morley, at Rotherbam, on the Record of

28. Mr. Chamberlain raised a question of privilege the Ministry.

on the writ for the new election in Sheffield. 29. Mr. Acland, at Shoreditub, on Education.

Address of Congratulation voted to her Majesty. 30. Duke of Devonshire, at Purley, on Education.

Clauses 29 and 31 (Income Tax) of Budget Bill Dr. Montagu Butler, at Queen's College, Harley

debated. Street, on the Vocation of the Teacher.

29. Consideration of Clauses 31, 37, and several bew

clauses added to tbe Budget Bill. PARLIAMENTARY.

OBITUARY. HOUSE OF LORDS. 1. Debate on Uganda policy.

June 2. Rev. W. S. H. Fielden, of the Memorial

Hall. Solicitors' Examination Bill passed.

4. Mr. Hugh Fraser, British Minister to Japan, 4. Brief Discussion on Irish Church Fund Account.

Prof. Wm. Roscher, political economist, 76. 5. Limitation of Actions Bill passe i. 7. Perjury Bill read a second time.

5. Edward Capern, “the rural postman of Bide

ford," 76. Arbitration (Scotland) Bill passed Committee.

6. Thomas Eccleston Gibb, 56. 8. Trout Fishing (Scotland) Bill read third time.

Rev. Mark Wilks, 65. 11. Second reading of Merchandise Marks Act (1877) Amendment Bill carried by 49 to 23.

9. Bishop of Bath aud Wells, 86. Police (Slaughter of Animals) Bill passed Com

13. Baron Nicotera, at Vico Equente. mittee.

Mr. Winch, Q.C., 53. 12. Public Works Loan Bill read a second time.

Mr. Duncan Macintyre, a Canadian milliopaire. 14. Fishery Board (Scotland) Extension of Powers

14. Lord Chief Justice Coleridge, 73. Bill read second time.

16. Mr. Phelps, American diplomatist, 55. 15, Lord Dupraven's Bill for legalising marriage

Wm. Calder Marshall, R.A., 81. with a Deceased Wife's Sister was defeated by

17. Rev. E. D. Wickham, 84. 129 to 120.

19. Carlo L. Visconti, Keéper of the Lateran 18. Cambridge Corporation Bill read a third time, a

Museums, 70. motion to expunge the obnoxious Clause 6

21. Mrs. Bickerstetb, widow of the late Bishop of being rejected by 65 to 14. THE LATE MR. C. H. PEARSON, LL.D.

Ripon, 80. Lord Morley presented first report of Select

22. Lord Forester, Canon of York, 81. Committee on House of Lords offices. Report The Author of " National Life and Character."

Robert Ackrill, rewspaper proprietor, 78. agreed to. (From a photograph by Puster and Martin,

Capt. John Robert Deane Cooper. Perjury Bill and Prize Courts Bill passed Com


23. Madame Alboni, 63. mittee.

Major-General Gowan, 73. Charitable Trusts Acts Amendment Bill read

Prince Ladislas Czartoryski 66. third time. 7. Clause 2 of Budget Bill passe 1.

Mrs. Wordsworth, wife of the Bishop of Salis, 21. Prevention of Cruelty to Children Bill passed 8. Clause 3 of Budget Bill passed by 101 to 58. bury. second reading.

Sereral Amendments to Clause 4 di-posed of. Mr. James Reid, Lord Dean of Guild, Glasgow. Notice of Accidents Bill read a second time. 11. Short debate on Agricultural Distress in Essex.

24. President Carnot, 57. Fishery Board (Scotland) Extension of Powers Clause 4 of Budget Bill passed, Bill read a third time.

Notice of Accidents Bill, and Burgh Poli e

27. Rev. Octavius Ogle. 22. Merchandise Marks Act Amendment Bill referred (Scotland) Amendmeut Bill read third time. 29. Lord Charles James Fox Russell, 87. to a Select Committee. 12. House debated Clause 5 of Budget Bill.

The deaths are also announce of: Mr. John 25. Prevention of Cruelty to Children Bill passed 13. Discussion in Committee on Army Estimates. Powrey; Dr. Reliquet, Paris, 57 ; Walter Committee.

14. Clause 5 added to the Budget Bill by 155 to 115. Hawken Tregellas, 63; Rev. J. R. Wolstenholme, Notice of Accidents Bill passe 1 Committee. 15. Progress reported with Clause 6 of the Budget Brisbane, 50; Madame Fritz Reuter ; Don 26. On the motion of Lord Ros ery an Address


Frederico Madrazo, Spanish painter, 79; Dr. was presented to Her Majesty on the subject Savings Banks (Societies) Bill passed Com A. W. Stillitoe, Bishop of New Westminster ; Sir of M. Carnot's murder.


Matthew Begbie, at Victoria, B.C., 75; Mr. E. O. Wild Birds Protection Act (1880) Amendment Merchandise Marks (Prosecutions) Bill read a Crighton, R.N., 70; Sir John Cox Bray, 52; Bill and the Outdoor Relief (Friendly Socie

second time.

Wm. Hart, of New York, landscape painter, 71; ties) Bill read a second time.

18. Clause 6 of Budget Bill further ameudel and Mahmoud Fehmy, Egyptian exile at Kandy ; 28. Address of congratulation to Her Majesty on the passed. Clause 7 under discussion. Supreme Major-General G. Scott, 74; Fleet Paymaster birth of a prince vote i nem. con.

Court of Judicature (Procelure) Bill passel W. w. Perry, R.N., 43; M. Edouard Le Faber, Board of Conciliation Bill read a second time.


botanist; Hon. Alex. Fitz Maurice, 58; The 29. Discussion on the Closing of the Indian Mints. 19. Clauses 7 to 9 of Budget Bill disposed of.

Comtesse De Gasparin, 81; The Bishop of Riverina ; Second Rearling of the Merchandise Marks (Pro The Supreme Court of Judicature (Procedure) Thomas Law Coward, Manager of the Morning secutions) Bill.

Bill read a third time.

l'ost, 69.

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SAINT LADAS. “ The Horse," said Mr. Punch, drily, “is (as the classic quotation hath it) a noble creature,' and very useful to Man, but if you treat lim badly' (i.e. as a mere medium for greedy and dishonest gambling), he will not do so.' Your ultra-Puritan is a ‘prig' of one sort. But unfortunately your Sportsman is too often a 'prig' of another. Down with both! PRIMROSE, my fortunate triple-eventer, you are Reformer as well as Sportsman. If you can reform in Sport as well as Politics, you'll cut the record,' conciliate the Nonconformist Conscience, and deserve a Myron statue, not brazen but golden, as the modern Hercules. cleansing the Augean Stables of Turf corruption, a corruption crescent and clinging, ugly and ubiquitous, creeping upwards and downwards, from Publican to Peer, and from Betting-man to Boot-black!”

“ And then,” said Olympian Ladas, smiling, “the suitable reward of the victors in your games will be, not a parsley but a Primrose crown!”—(Preface to the 106th volume of Punch.)



1.—THE CHURCH OF THE TURF. MOHE proposed disestablishment of the Welsh Church is declared by his Grace Ñ the Archbishop of Canterbury to be the gravest crisis the Church of Christ

has had to confront in the whole of her history. Archbishops it is evident have small sense of proportion, even when the comparison can be measured by the simple rules of arithmetic, but His Grace of Canterbury must feel some regret when thinking quietly over his amazing description of the crisis, the net effect of which is simply to impose upon the wealthiest Church in Christendom the responsibility of raising £250,000 a year, which at the present mo.nent is wrung by law from the pockets of the Welsh. Dr. Benson might reflect that the sum to which he attaches

such supreme importance is little more than five per cent. of the amount annually spent in maintaining the racing system of the country in which he is the foremost official representative of Christianity.

There is a Church to be disestablished if you like-a kind of diabolic Church, but which has one great advantage over the Church of England by law established. It is thoroughly democratic, entirely voluntary, and intensely real. To bring

about the disestablishment and disendowment of that Church the most vehement Nonconformist outside the Principality would willingly consent to sacrifice Mr. Asquith's Bill. But unfortunately neither party in the State has ventured to propose a law which would lay a reforming finger upon the abuses which have converted the sport of kings into a vulgar gaming hell.


A POPULAR RELIGION. Those who are accustomed to look at things as they are without the verbal wrappages with which men are liable to deceive themselves

as to the reality of things, know that to hundreds of thousands, and possibly millions of English men and women, horseracing has become a veritable religion —a religion in which they have a real belief. It is a revival or rather a survival of ancient unadulterated paganism. Caligula made his horse a Consul, and fed the poor brute on gilded oats in palatial stables. But our people have gone one better than the Roman Emperor, for the object of their idolatry has been established on what is virtually the nineteenth century Olympus.

An ingenious contrast might be drawn between this popular democratic Church of the Turf and the Christian religion, of which it is in many ways the most active and successful rival. The turf, like the Protestant religion, has no supreme pontiff, but it resembles the Roman Church in

having in its Jockey Club, what may be described as its college of cardinals, an august body whose authority in the absence of a pope is supreme. To most of the worshippers of the equine faith their deity is as invisible as the object of the devotion of the more orthodox churches.


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