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viour, to give repentance to Israel,

CHAP. VI. and remission of sins.

The ordaining of the seven deacons. 32 And we are witnesses of these ND in God hath given to all that obey him. arose a murmuring of the Greeks

33 When they had heard these against the Hebrews, for that their things,they were cut to the heart, and widows were neglected in the daily they thought to put them to death. ministration.

34 But one in the council rising 2 Then the twelve calling togeup, a Pharisee, named Gamaliel, a ther the multitude of the disciples, doctor of the law respected by all said : It is not reason, that we the people, commanded the men to should leave the word of God, and be put forth a little while.

serve tables. 35 And he said to them: Yemen 3 Wherefore, brethren, look ye of Israel, take heed to yourselves out among you seven men of good what

you intend to do, as touching reputation, full of the Holy Ghost these men.

and wisdom, whom we may appoint 36 For before these days rose up over this business. Theodas, affirming himself to be 4 But we will give ourselves somebody, to whom a number of continually to prayer, and to the men, about four hundred, joined ministry of the word. themselves : who was slain: and all 5 And the saying was liked by all that believed him, were scattered, the multitude. And they chose Steand brought to nothing.

phen, a man full of faith and of the 37 After this man rose up Judas Holy Ghost, and Philip, and Proof Galilee in the days of the enroll- chorus, and Nicanor, and Timon, ing, and drew away the people after and Parmenas, and Nicolas a prohim: he also perished; and all, even selyte of Antioch. as many as consented to him, were Ő These they set before the apos, dispersed.

tles : and they praying imposed 38 And now therefore I say to you, hands upon them. refrain from these men, and let them 7 And the word of the Lord inalone: for if this council or this work creased, and the number of the disbe of men, it will come to nought. ciples was multiplied in Jerusalem

39 But if it be of God, you can- exceedingly: a great multitude also not overthrow it; lest perhaps you of the priests obeyed the faith. be found even to fight against God. 8 And Stephen full of grace and And they consented to him. fortitude did great wonders and

40 And calling in the apostles, signs among the people. after they had scourged them, they 9 Now there arose some of that charged them that they should not which is called the synagogue of the speak at all in the name of Jesus, Libertines, and of the Cyrenians, and they dismissed them. and of the Alexandrians, and of

41 And they indeed went from the them that were of Cilicia and Asia, presence of the council rejoicing, disputing with Stephen. that they were accounted worthy to 10 And they were not able to resist suffer reproach for the name of the wisdom and the spirit thatspoke. JESUS.

11 Then they suborned men to 42 And every day they ceased not, say, they had heard him -speak in the temple, and from house to words of blasphemy against Moses house, to teach and preach Christ and against God. Jesus.

12 And they stirred up the people, 15


and the ancients and the scribes: and 9 And the patriarchs, through running together they took him, envy, sold Joseph into Egypt; and and brought him to the council. God was with him,

13 And they set up false wit- 10 And delivered him out of all nesses, who said : This man ceaseth his tribulations : and he gave him not to speak words against the holy favour and wisdom in the sight of place and the law.

Pharao the king of Egypt, and 14 For we have heard him say, he appointed him governor over that this Jesus of Nazareth shall de- Egypt, and over all his house. stroy this place, and shall change 11 Now there came a famine the traditions, which Moses de- upon all Egypt, and Canaan, and livered unto us.

great tribulation : and our fathers 15 And all that sat in the council found no food. looked on him, saw his face as if it · 12 But when Jacob had heard had been the face of an angel. that there was corn in Egypt: he CHAP. VII.

sent our fathers first : Stephen's speech before the council. 13 And at the second time Jo. THEN the high-priest said: Are seph was known by his brethren, these things so ?

and his kindred was made known 2 Who said : Ye men, brethren to Pharao. and fathers, hear. The God of glo- 14 And Joseph sending, called ry appeared to our father Abraham thither his father Jacob and all his when he was in Mesopotamia, be- kindred in seventy-five souls. fore he dwelt in Charan.

15 SoJacob went down into Egypt: 3 And said to him: Go forth out and he died, and our fathers. of thy country and from thy kin- 16 And they were translated indred, and come into the land which to Sichem, and were laid in the I shall shew thee.

sepulchre that Abraham bought for 4 Then he went out of the land a sum of money of the sons of Heof the Chaldeans,and dwelt in Cha- mor the son of Sichem. rap. And from thence, after his fa- 17 And when the time of the pro ther was dead, he removed him into mise drew near, which God had this land, wherein you now dwell. promised to Abraham, the people

5 And he gave him no inheri- increased and was multiplied in tance in it, no not the space of a Egypt. foot: but he promised to give it him 18 Till another king arose in: in possession, and to his seed after Egypt who knew not Joseph. him, wlien as yet he had no child. 19 This same dealing craftily

6 And God said to him, That with our race, afflicted our fathers, his seed should sojourn in a strange that they should expose their chilcountry, and that they should bring dren, to the end they might not be them under bondage, and treat them kept alive. evil four hundred years,

20 At the same time was Moses 7 And the nation which they shall born, and he was acceptable to serve, will I judge, said the Lord, God; who was nourished three and after these things they shall go months in his father's house. out and shall serve me in this place. 21 And when he was expo

8 And he gave him the covenant sed, Pharao's daughter took him of circumcision, and so he begot up, and nourished him for her own Isaac, and circumcised him the son. eighth day: and Isaac begot Jacob: 22 And Moses was instructed in. and Jacob the twelve patriarchs. all the wisdom of the Egyptiaus :


and he was mighty in his words groaning, and am come doron to de and in his deeds.

liver them. And now come, and I 23 And when he was full forty will send thee into Egypt. years old, it came into his heart to 35 This Moses, whom they retuvisit his brethren the children of sed, saying: Who hath appointer! Israel.

thee prince and judge ? him God 24 And when he had seen one of sent to be prince and redeemer by them suffer wrong, he defended the hand of the angel who appeared him: and striking the Egyptian, he to him in the bush. avenged him who suffered the in- 36 He brought them out, doing jury.

wonders and signs in the land of 25 And he thought that his bre- Egypt, and in the Red sea, and in thren understood that God by his the desert forty years. hand would save them : but they 37 This is that Moses who said understood it not.

to the children of Israel: A prophet 26 And the day following he shall God raise up to you of your shewed himself to them when they own brethren, as myself: his shall were at strise ; and would have re- you hear. conciled them in peace, saying: 38 This is he that was in the Men, ye are brethren, why hurt you church in the wilderness, with the one another?

angel who spoke to him on mount 27 But he that did the injury to Sinai, and with our fathers : who his neighbour, thrust him away, received the words of life to give saying: Who hath appointed thee unto us. prince and judge over us ?

39 Whom our fathers would not 28 What, wilt thou kill me, as obey; but thrust him away, and in thou didst yesterday kill the Egyp- their hearts turned back into tian?

Egypt, 29 And Moses fled upon this 40 Saying to Aaron: Make us word : and was a stranger in the gods to go before us. For as for land of Madian, where he begot two this Moses, who brought us out of

the land of Egypt, we know not 30 And when forty years were what is become of him. expired, there appeared to him in 41 And they made a calf in those the desert of mount Sina an angel days, and offered sacrifice to the in a flame of fire in a bush. idol, and rejoiced in the works of

31 And Moses seeing it, won-their own hands. dered at the sight. And as he drew 42 And God turned, and gave near to view it

, the voice of the them up to serve the host of heaven, Lord came unto him, saying: as it is written in the book of the

32 I am the God of thy fathers ; prophets : Did you offer victims the God of Abraham, the God of and sacrifices to me for forty years Isaac, and the God of Jacob. And in the desert, O house of Israei ? Moses being terrified, durst not be- 43 And you took unto you the hold.

tabernacle of Moloch, and the star 33 And the Lord said to him : of your god Rempham, figures Loose the shoes from thy feet : for which you made to adore them. And the place wherein thou standest, is I will carry you away beyond Baholy ground.

bylon. 34 Seeing I have seen the afflic-| 44 The tabernacle of the testimotion of my people which is in ny was with our fathers in the deEgypt, and I have heard their sert, as God ordained for them,


speaking to Moses that he should 56 And they crying out with a make it according to the form which loud voice, stopped their ears, and he had seen.

with one accord ran violently up45 Which also our fathers recei- on him. ving, brought in with Jesus,into the 57 And casting him forth without possession of the gentiles, whom the city they stoned him : and the God drove out before the face of witnesses laid down their garments our fathers ; unto the days of David. at the feet of a young man whose

46 Who found grace before God, name was Saul. and desired to find a tabernacle for 58 And they stoned Stephen, inthe God of Jacob.

voking and saying : Lord JESUS, 47 But Solomon built him a receive my spirit. house.

59 And falling on his knees, he 48 Yet the most High dwelleth cried with a loud voice, saying : not in houses made by hand, as Lord, lay not this sin to their charge the prophet saith :

And when he had said this, he fell 49 Heaven is my throne : and the asleep in the Lord. And Saul was earth my foot-stool. What house consenting to his death. will you build me, saith the Lord,

CHAP. VIII. or what is the place of my resting? Philip converts the Samaritans Hath not my hand made all A ed a great

persecution against

ND at that time there was rais these things ?

51 You stiff-necked and uncir- the church, which was at Jerusacumcised in heart and ears, you al- lem, and they were all dispersed ways resist the Holy Ghost : as through the countries of Judea and your fathers did, so do you also. Samaria, except the apostles. 52 Which of the prophets have 2 And devout men took order your fathers

persecuted? And for Stephen's funeral, and made they have slain them who foretold great mourning over him. of the coming of the Just One; of 3 But Saul made havock of the whom you have been now the be- church: entering in from house to trayers and murderers :

house, and dragging away men and 53 Who have received the law women, committed them to prison. by the disposition of angels, and 4 They therefore that were dishave not kept it.

persed, went about preaching the 54 Now hearing these things word of God, they were cut to the heart, and 5 And Philip going down to the they gnashed with their teeth at city of Samaria, preached CHRIST him.

unto them. 55 But he being full of the Holy 6 And the people with one acGhost, looking upsteadfastlyto hea- cord were attentive to those things ven, saw the glory of God, and JE- which were said by Philip, hearing, sus standing on the right hand of and seeing the miracles which he God. And he said: Behold I see did. the heavens opened, and the Son of 7 For many of them who had man standing on the right hand of unclean spirits, crying with a loud God.

voice, went out.


Ver. 45. Jesus. That is Josue, so called in Greek.

Ver. 48. Dwelleth not in houses, &c. That is, so as to stand need of earthly dwellings, or to be contained, or circumscribed by them. Though, by his immense divinity, he is in our houses and every where else; and Christ in his humanity dwelt in houses : and is now on our altars.



8 And many taken with the pal- lay my hands, he may receive the sy and that were lame, were healed. Holy Ghost. But Peter said to him.

9 There was therefore great joy 20 Keep thy money to thyself to in that city. Now there was a cer- perish with thee, because thou hast tain man named Simon, who before thought that the gift of God'may had been a magician in that city, be purchased with money. seducing the people of Samaria, 21 Thou hast no part, por lot in giving out that he was some great this matter. For thy heart is not

right in the sight of God. 10 To whom they all gave ear 22 Do penance therefore from from the least to the greatest, say- this thy wickedness : and pray to ing: This man is the power of God, God, if perhaps this thought of thy which is called great.

heart may be forgiven thee. 11 And they were attentive to 23 For I see thou art in the gall him, because for a long time he had of bitterness and in the bonds of bewitched them with his magical iniquity. practices.

24 Then Simon answering said : 12 But when they had believed Pray you for me to the Lord, that Philip preaching of the kingdom of none of these things which you God, in the name of Jesus Christ have spoken may come upon me. they were baptized both men and 25 And they indeed having testi

fied and preached the word of the 13 Then Simon himself believed Lord : returned to Jerusalem, and also : and being baptized he stuck preached the gospel to many counclose to Philip. And being asto- tries of the Samaritans. nished wondered to see the signs 26 Now an angel of the Lord and exceeding great miracles which spoke to Philip, saying : Arise, go were done.

towards the south, to the way that 14 Now when the apostles who goeth down from Jerusalem into were in Jerusalem, had heard that Gaza : this is desert. Samaria had received the word of 27 And rising up he went, and God : They sent unto them Peter behold, a man of Ethiopia, an euand John.

nuch, of great authority under Can15 Who when they were come, dace the queen of the Ethiopians, prayed for them, that they might who had charge over all her treareceive the Holy Ghost.

sures, had come to Jerusalem to 16 For he was not as yet come adore. upon any of them : but they were 28 And he was returning sitting only baptized in the name of the in his chariot, and reading Isaias Lord Jesus.

the prophet. 17 Then they laid their hands 29 And the Spirit said to Philip: upon them, and they received the Go near, and join thyself to this Holy Ghost.

chariot. 18 And when Simon saw that by 30 And Philip running thither, the imposition of the hands of the heard him reading the prophet apostles the Holy Ghost was given, Isaias, and he said : Thinkest thou he offered them money,

that thou understandest what thou 19 Saying : Give me also this readest? power, that on whomsoever I shall 31 Who said : And how can I,

Ver. 17. They laid their hands upon them, &c. See here how the apostles administered the sacrament of confirmation, by imposition of hands and prayer : and how the faithful thereby received the Holy Ghost.

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