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manner of pushing them. This is a question sion with a fighting spirit. It is no wonder of journalism-a very vital question to me, and that Dr. Jackson has no standing with the proan important one to the profession. The pro- fession of his community. If he will dispel fession is interested in having its literature from his mind imaginary grievances-stop kept up to a proper standard.

fighting a straw man-and seek affiliation with Question 2.-Answered in reply to Question the best elements of the profession of his com

munity, apply for admission into the local Question 3.—The question is a ridiculous societies, etc., he will find himself among one. Dr. Lawrence need not talk about gentlemen, and in a fraternity; and all these grafters. He has been working the most stu- hobgoblin notions will disappear from his pendous medical graft that was ever known brain. The arms of the medical profession in this country, and he has his immense for- are wide open to all fellow workers who are tune to show for it. As to medico-political candid and reasonable. But if you approach a graft, I do not know of its existence. Dr. profession in a fighting mood can you expect a Jackson says it exists, but I know nothing of it. cordial reception? I have had a great deal of He seems to indicate in his articles that it is experience with the profession, and I have the salaries of the State Medical Examiners. I nothing to complain of. will venture that there is scarcely one of them As to the state examining boards, they are who does not lose more than he gains by at- filling an important niche in the progress of tending to his duties as examiner. And as to medical science. I would much prefer that one the American Medical Association, there is less examination by a National board should give graft in it, compared to the importance and the right to practise medicin anywhere under extent of its work, than in any institution I the stars and stripes. But our plan of political know of. Its chief salaried officer is its secre- organization will not permit that at present. I tary and editor of its Journal, both offices filled have gone over this repeatedly and fully since by one man, whose salary is very low, com- the question has been a live one. When our pared with his many exacting duties and the government was organized and our constitution magnitude of his responsibilities. Even if written, this need was not thought of, hence there were graft in the State Medical Examin- not provided for. The states were given coming Boards, and in the A. M. A., I have no plete jurisdiction in such matters, each within connection with either, excepting that I am a its own borders. Now that you have come to member (a humble member, in the ranks) of this country, you should accept things as they the A. M. A. If there were any graft in it, I are, as we do, until they can be changed--and would have no access to it, so why should I de- I hope some time we can have a National medfend it? You can bet your bottom dollar that ical law, which will displace all the state medif there were any graft there I would try my ical laws. best to expose it. Your question is ridiculous The claim that the authorities of one state on the very face of it, except that it brings out should give the right to practise in other states in bold relief the fact that Dr. Lawrence is the is entirely untenable. That would rob the inbiggest grafter upon the medical profession of vaded state of self government; and it would this country that was ever known.

also bring the medical standard down to that of Question 4.-Glad you grant that Dr. Law- the lowest state. rence publishes the Brief in the interest of his As to the claim that a college diploma should proprietaries: No, there is no other motiv give the right to practise, I have often exprest

: than what I have exprest freely—my inter- my opinion. Teaching bodies and licensing est in medical journalism, and in the welfare of bodies should be entirely separate and disthe medical profession. What other motiv tinct. A teaching institution should teach ; could I have? I have nothing against Dr. and a different body should pass judgment on Lawrence personally, and as to "medico- the quality of the teaching. This division has political graft," that is too absurd to think of. now been accomplisht in the most of our states, Even if there were such a thing, my interest and it is one of the most important steps in would be to expose it, certainly not to defend advance that has occurred in many decades. it.

Colleges used to see how many students they Question 5.-Answered above.

could graduate ; now they try to see how few I could expand for many pages in the same of their students shall fail before the state tenor as the above, but I fear too much space board examinations, for wide publication is has thus been taken already. Perhaps the con- made of the record showing what colleges the clusion that all will reach is that Dr. Lawrence successful candidates come from, and what has been unfortunate in his defender.

colleges the failures come from. The imporLet me further say that any man makes a tance of such a test, and the incentiv it is to grave mistake when he comes into any profes- excellence in teaching, is apparent.

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Now, begging the reader's pardon again for propriate place.

propriate place. Seriously, Dr. Stong, don't the length of this, we will pass to the next. you think so ?

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The next letter I received on this subject was

Let us take all our bitter pills first; and here the following:

comes one which at first sight seems like a

very bitter one. He does not "dare” me to What is the meaning of all the maledictions show- publish it, but let us take a look at it. Here ered upon the head of the editor of the Brief?

it is : This country is full of yap doctors who write every medical journal on their list that they have the

NEW YORK CITY, April 13, '04 only journal and all others are base imitations ; praise C. F. Taylor, M.D., MEDICAL WORLD, Philadelphia, the one to which he is writing and “cuss" all others. Doctor :-Your articles on the subject of proprietary Some prize funny man once said that "there is a good remedies are simply “rotten. Any reader looking deal of human nature about some people" and I over the MEDICAL WORLD now and comparing it with must say that it looks like it from here.

the same journal of a few years ago, can readily disDr. Lawrence has made himself rich on proprieta- cover the animus of your diatribe. ries, his proprietaries are good ones, he advertises It is patent that the advertisements you used to them in the Brief, he buys and pays for medical arti- carry-and now do not, could a tale unfold," which cles that tell something; if these articles are worth a would make your purpose very plain. If any of the dollar a year to you, you are invited to subscribe ; if manufacturers you are evidently attempting to "hold not, there is no compulsion, and I must say it is a up,” are going to pay you to discontinue your attacks, narrow medical man who cannot get a dollar's worth they have less gumption than I give them credit for. out of a year's subscription to the Brief.

The success met with by some of the preparations you I have no fight against THE WORLD; the fact that I are antagonistic to, clearly proves that they have as am a subscriber shows that I consider it worth a dol- many and perhaps more friends than you have, and lar. I also subscribe to the Brief, and it is worth the your line of conduct is therefore liable to act as a money. The fact that Dr. Lawrence is rich, cuts no boomerang.” It would be more edifying if you were ice with me; he don't owe me a cent.

to give your readers something besides an exhibition Let's see you publish this. J. F. STONG, M.D. of your personal disappointments and apparent per. Shubert, Neb., April 5, 1904.

sonal chagrin over what is generally considered others'

successes. On general principles you are a “knocker" What is the matter with Nebraska ? I sup- and serious-minded man can listen to the pose Dr. Lawrence would say,“She's all right!”

knocker's” little knocks, without developing deep

at the fountain source of his moral being, a disgust Has Dr. Lawrence hypnotized that State ? and contempt for the “knocker." I think your little Well, Dr. Stong, you are just the kind of a "spiel” to do up your former friends, because they

would not be stood up” by you, is going to fail, or "peach" that Dr. Lawrence is looking for;

at least assist in making the World a failure as a pay him for his journal that boosts the pro- clean Medical Journal. Yours truly, prietaries, and also pay for and prescribe the

QUINCY A. HARVEY, M.D. proprietaries pusht. No wonder Dr. Lawrence I examined the Standard Medical Directory is rich. When it comes to medical literature for Dr. Harvey's street address and professional it is a matter of taste, you know. Have you record, but his name was nowhere to be found, seen a peruna almanac? I haven't ; but I'ex- either in N. Y. City nor in Brooklyn. Not pect there is some pretty good stuff in it. I being listed among the practising physicians don't think they charge for it.

there, the thought occurs to me that he might I have always said that it would be a poor be an employee of one of the medicin concerns medical journal indeed that is not worth much in New York. If so, all right; it is certainly more than its price; that the best possible in- no discredit. But the point is, he does not vestment that a doctor can make is to sub- seem to be a practising physician. scribe for plenty of medical journals, and pay Now for his letter : Brother Harvey, please for them as promptly as for any other part of point out to me one line or one word that I his equipment. Nearly every journal has an have written against any proprietary medicin, individuality, and one cannot, as a rule, take or against proprietary medicins in general, the place of another.

But the object of every except to show what some of the acetanilid legitimate medical periodical should be to serve mixtures are, and I have done that from time the interests of the medical profession, and not to time for years. Haven't you been dreamto push the sale of proprietary medicins. It is ing? Write us again when your dream is all right for a man who thinks he has a good over. But you are not entirely alone. A pharmaceutical product to try to attract the man (I suppose it is a man) in Detroit who deattention of doctors to its virtues. But that clined to sign his name, has been dreaming the isn't journalism. It is commercialism-a good same kind of a dream. When he wakes up and thing in its way, but the discriminating doctor reads THE WORLD in his waking hours, he will doesn't want the two mixt. When he gives his see, and see plainly, that it is the method of time to reading the editorials and other parts pushing certain proprietaries that I have of a medical journal he wants to feel safe from opposed. That same feeling has been rankimposition. If he is in quest of pharmaceuticals, ling in the breasts of medical journalists and a the advertising pages are open to him ; there large part of the profession for years. literature concerning such things finds an ap- time for it to come out. Our Detroit friend is

Do you ide


concerned by the disappearance of certain I endorse, I wonder what we should do for an exchange advertisements from THE WORLD.

list if all' but the really independent were supprest.

Yours is abou: the only one I know of that I am confiremember certain articles in the “ Talk

dent is independent.

W. S. BOGART. partment last summer ? Well, I suppose that's Cleves, Ohio. the reason that the advertisements disappeared when the contracts expired. I expected it. It

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Allow me to congratulate

you on the airing of Dr. J. J. Lawrence. This meets doesn't worry me. The support of THE WORLD my most hearty approval. I can't tell you how comes from the profession more than from the

well pleased I'am. I more than congratulate you

on the airing of the Comstock Collecting Agency. advertisements. However, I have always They did not get a red out of me. Doctor, such treated advertisers squarely, and I expect straightforward push as you have makes your journal always to do so; but in so doing I am not going

appeal to every honest doctor in the land ; and it

comes to stay. I only wish you would open up on the to neglect the interests and rights of the profes- druggists. They are the greatest enemy the doctor sion. Do you think I ought? And when it

has. They are doing-more practise over the counter

in some of our cities than some of the doctors. Turn comes to a question of journalism, ought not a

your guns loose on every trap you see set for the journal speak out ? As a journalist I have unthinking doctor. Yours always, interests to sustain, and those interests are the

Houston, Ohio.

S. G. MARTT, M.D. interests of the profession as well. The pro

Dr. C. F. TAYLOR, DEAR DOCTOR :-I received the fession will (and does in this instance) sustain March number of THE MEDICAL WORLD and read it a journal that stands for the interests of the with much pleasure and profit. I am taking several profession.

medical periodicals, but I believe I need THE WORLD also. I think this one number is worth the price of

subscription. I admire the stand you take to help the Next!

physician, even tho your advertisers do not like it.

THE WORLD does not remind me of Ayer's old I pay for and read every word in the Brief and Alk.

almanac, with a few remedies for all the ills we are Clinic as well as the WORLD. They are both weak in

called upon to treat. I take one journal that has a the same spot. One recommends Iodia, Ecthol, Respiton, Seng, Chionia, etc. ; the other Calcalith, Salithia,

large number of questions in each issue. I can give

the main remedy given in the answer by the editor Calcidin, Sanguiferin, etc. The first you condemn, every time before I read his reply. For any form of the editor of the second sends you an eagle's feather as stomach trouble it is seng, with the variations as coma token of friendship. A doctor can do first class binations; for any form of disease of the urinary or work without these high priced medicins. I avoid sexual organs it's sanmetto; and so on thru a line of them as much as possible, for I know that they will preparations of a certain few manufacturers, while the keep the average doctor poor. I like to see articles products of other manufacturers, just as reliable, are on turpentine, coal oil, salt, mustard, red pepper, hot never or rarely, mentioned. These earmarks are also water, etc., and many a fine article on these cheap and

very visible in the articles written by a certain old good things are appearing in the Brief and Clinic.

Esculapius, while smoking his pipe after supper. I They are worth the price, but the reader must be on inclose one dollar for which please send me THE his guard.


B. E. DAWSON, M.D. For Colic in horses, I rub one grain of morphin on Belton, Cass Co., Mo. the inner surface of the lower lip, or drop it in the cup [Doctors, please show your Worlds, particularly shaped lip ; repeat. If convenient, give a rectal injec- this issue and the March and April issues, to your tion of hot soap suds. For stoppage of water in

medical friends who are not subscribers. They will horses, lay cloths over the kidneys, carefully pour hot

do as Dr. Dawson has done, every one of them. You water on these. The same plan is splendid with

can thus double our list in the next few weeks. We humans.

FRANK POLLARD, M.D. extend a cordial welcome to new subscribers. We Albion, Cal.

want to work for the entire medical profession.-ED.] Dr. Waugh is an old friend. He seems to be taking a well earned rest from hard work,

Glad you are banging away at the Brief. I admire your pluck.

GEO. W. HARGEST. for he spent the past winter on his house boat

Brooklyn, N. Y. down the Mississippi. Dr. Abbott is the real man there now, and he and I have been having

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:- I am pleased that The

World is not devoted to advertising and boosting a frequent and most frank correspondence proprietary medicins as the Brief is. We get nothing about this very thing. I have called his atten- now but respiton, seng, neurilla, etc. I never use any

stuff like that. I hear the Brief abused by doctors tion to his tendency mentioned above, and

generally, on that account. suggested that the Clinic be confined strictly At our District Medical Association, held in San to its special field, that of alkaloidal therapeu

Antonio lately, I was glad to see united under one

common brotherhood all schools, regardless of name. tics, a large, growing, and strictly legitimate I think this is progress. L. V. WEATHERS, M.D. field, in which Dr. Abbott and his journal Bracken, Tex. have done such heroic work.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-You have a good, clean, *


up-to-date, readable journal, and I like it for what it The above are all the communications re

is. I also like it for what it is not. It blows no man's ceived that are critical in the least.

horn, and peddles goods for no house.
Now that
Chelsea, Mich.

A. McCOLGAN, M.D. I have “put the worst foot forward,” let us sail in pleasanter waters. The following are

DEAR DOCTOR TAYLOR :- This year's copies of THE

WORLD so far beat 'em all, I have taken The some of the expressions received from the pro- WORLD ever since it started, I think-anyhow, for fession of interest in this connection :

twenty-four or twenty-five years—and I have got 'em

all on file. Any doctor would be a fool that would stay My Dear DR. TAYLOR :-While your attacks on with anything that long if it was not "the best that is.', trade journalism are prompted by high motivs, which I cut out everything that is a coal-tar derivativ from my materia medica long years ago. I not only save The Plain Truth about Seeking Health in $45 a year, but the whole expense. Dr. Lawrence

the Southwest. still continues to send me his Brief almost every month. I never have ordered a copy. Keep at 'em.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-For the past You are doing all kinds of good for the profession. year I have been afflicted with tuberculosis and Buffalo, N. Y.

ELMORE PALMER. [THE MEDICAL World was establisht in 1883; so

have been traveling from place to place in you could not have taken it longer than between search of health. After twelve months' expetwenty and twenty-one years. I am glad to greet so faithful a follower. Almost all of the profession, I

rience in the famous health resorts of the West, venture, will think that you have done wrong to cut

I am satisfied that it is sheer folly for physithe coal-tar derivativs out of your practise entirely. cians to send patients in the second stage of They undoubtedly have a field of usefulness, either wide or narrow, according to the experience and consumption away from the comforts of home opinion of each individual practician.-ED.]

and the association of those dear to them to

die alone among strangers in a distant land. DEAR Doctor TAYLOR:- Inclosed please find carbon copy of letter sent to Dr. Kieffer. I trust that

Unthinking physicians imagin that all that is should the Doctor be guilty of knowingly contributing necessary to effect a cure of this most loathto the Brief, he will admit his wrong. I like your journal and your style of hitting in the right way and place.

some disease is a change of climate and a Vienna, Mo.

O. N. SCHUDDE, M.D. strenuous out-of-door life, where the poor Dr. A. R. KIEFFER, 4628 West Belle Pl., St. Louis, Mo.

“ lunger,'' far from competent medical attend. My Dear Doctor' Kieffer :-I regret to notice on page 150, April number of The MEDICAL World that you have been one

ance and good. wholesome food, and pure of the contributors to the Medical Brief. If such be the case, I water, has to perform feats that would severely trust it to have been thru some misrepresentation or error, as no medical man, especially one who is held in such high esteem and

tax the strength of a strong man. regard as you, would voluntarily commit himself to such action. Go out West. Get on a broncho and ride, Kindly let me hear from you regarding this accusation. With best wishes I beg to remain Yours fraternally,

thirty-five or forty miles a day, and inhale the Vienna, Mo.


pure air of the deserts, and climb mountains, Editor MEDICAL WORLD :- I heartily endorse the

and inflate that consolidated lung,” says the exposé you are making of J. J. Lawrence and his pro- knowing medico, who, if the truth were known, prietary medicin almanac. I must admit that I was a subscriber to the Brief for a few years, but it finally

never saw a desert or rode a horse five miles in became so brazen and arbitrary that I discarded it. his life. The frequent sample copies" that have come to me

The poor deluded victim of so stupid a piece since have all been consigned to the waste basket. The letters from “Old Doc" are enuf to nauseate one

of assininity as was ever perpetrated by a biped, who is acquainted with the game he is trying to work. takes the advice of this member of our noble The circulation of the Brief is confined largely to rural profession, and starts for the West. When he physicians who take but 2 or 3 journals, and are not posted on the old man's tactics. Go on with the good arrives at some city on the desert they are work, even to the end. I know other good and able probably having a sand storm, and the “pure men will come to your assistance thru other journals. High Hill, Mo.

air" is about as transparent as a rubber W. M. WHEELER, M.D.

blanket; but he is cheerfully informed by a DEAR DR. TAYLOR:--I thank you very much for veracious nativ that “this is an unusual your fearless stand on all questions of professional rights and dignity. THE World has done much in

He goes to a hotel, and is cooped correcting abuses inside and outside the ranks, and it up in a stuffy, poorly-ventilated room that deserves the applause of all right-minded and wellmeaning physicians, who do not rely on some form of probably contained the remains of another vicdeceit for a livelihood.

tim of some stupid donkey a few hours before, New York City.

P. M. Wise.

but that does not matter ; for hasn't the bedDear Editor :-Inc'osed please find $2 for subscription to

ding been hung out in the sun since noon ? and WORLD, and pardon negligence, or rather pure carelessness. a weak solution of formaldehyd has been Have been using the analgesic given by Dr. Elderdice in March WORLD, with success and saving of money. It certainly makes sprinkled over the carpet. one feel tired reading some socalled medical journals to have a

He stays there a few days, while he is lookproprietary mixture bob up in every line. I think if a person gets in the habit of using them, he loses all faculty of preparing his ing around for a suitable camping place. He own, and ambition to do so. The World and its family are always welcome guests.

C. L. Fought, M.D.

wonders why he does not get better ; why his Erie, Mich.

fever returns, and why he loses his appetite. Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-We doctors are sure a neglectful

Soon getting alarmed, he consults a doctor, lot. I have been intending to send you money for your esteemed and is blandly told that his loss of flesh is due journal for a long time, but have neglected it. Toclosed please find $3 to settle arrears and advance subscription one year.

to “ drying out." After parting with five doladmire yo rindependent stand in medicin very much, and hope

lars for this comforting piece of advice, he conyou will continue your good work especially in regard to such ad. vertising sheets as the Brief,

L. CHAPMAN. cludes that he can dry out much more satisfacBoiestown, N. B.

torily under canvas, away from the crowd of DR. TAYLOR:-Inclosed find check for $3. I admire your grit consumptivs who sit on the verandas of the and your stick toitivness, both in the way of bustling dead beat subscribers and fighting mediral journals which have the interest

hotels, and cough and expectorate into the of the advertiser at heart rather than that of the M.D. Emet, I. T.


street, where it soon dries up and is whirled

away in the clouds of dust that are constantly Hope that your expose of the fake collection agencies will be the means of putting them out of business. Your campaign

being blown around by the gusts of wind, that against the Medical Brief is surely of the most proper sort

Would aid the garbage man and the thrifty housewife be glad to see Lawrence and his ilk “squasht" completely. La Cygne, Kan.


in the equalization of germs, so that one part



of the city cannot proudly claim that it is more Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in infected than another.

the Dispensary and in the Home. He gets his tent, and then his troubles begin, Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-So much is being for the city has decided that no more tents written, both in medical and lay journals, on shall be erected within the city limits. The the subject of tuberculosis that the very word Solons of the City Council have come to the itself has become to many of us trite and conclusion that tents are unsanitary and sources nauseating. There is, however, one phase of of infection; and besides, they hinder the sale the matter, and one class of patients, which of Deacon Blank's lots, and prevent his rent- have scarcely received any notice either by ing his houses. The Deacon knows the danger physicians or well-meaning non-professionals; of infection, having had a lung put out of com- I refer to the treatment in dispensaries and at mission several years ago in the East, himself. homes of the working classes who are forced to One cannot blame him for not wanting invalids remain in the cities. These people certainly out of doors in tents when they could localize make up a very large proportion of those the infected areas by staying in houses.

afflicted, and from the fact that they are ignorAfter our victim gets his lot and pitches his ant of the infectiv nature of the disease, betent, then another class of sharks atiаck him- come very important agents in its disseminathe tradesmen. They charge double the price tion. he has been accustomed to pay in the East; It is a common experience among those who and while they ostracize him as an unclean have a chance to see how dispensary patients person, it is a strange thing to see the reckless- suffering with this disease are cared for, to find ness they show when he has any money to that they are buoyed up and kept going with spend. They are then perfectly fearless. creasote, guaiacol and general diffusible stimu

Now, this is a true picture of the conditions lants, without receiving very much hygienic or to be found in the West. Something ought to other advice beyond the use of drugs. This be done. People far advanced in consumption is no reproach upon the profession as a whole, should never be sent away from home. Their because it is thought that tuberculosis is so cases are hopeless, and their friends should be uniformly fatal among those who cannot told so.

receive special treatment as carried out in saniPeople with limited means should never be toria. This view is of course wholly sane ; for sent out here, for there is nothing for them to one can scarcely hope to get results from do, and their scanty funds will soon melt away drugs when these unfortunates are forced to under the exorbitant charges of the philan- live under such wretched unsanitary conditions, thropists in this part of the world..

and at the same time struggle for their daily The climate, taken as a whole, is no better bread. As tuberculosis is studied more and than can be found in many places on the more, however, in its sociological and medical Atlantic seaboard. Any advantages it may aspects, the profession is coming to realize that possess in the way of sunshine is offset by poor something can be done to alleviate the sufferwater, and dust, and sand storms; and then, ing from and spread of the disease, even if homesickness comes in as a powerful factor. that something seems merely tentativ ard tem. Take a person who has been accustomed to porary. To this end there are at least two green fields, brooks, lakes, and woods, and put dispensaries in New York City that are doing him on a bleak waste of sand, under a broiling excellent work; one is the Vanderbilt Clinic, sun that hangs overhead like a disk of burn- the other the Post Graduate Hospital. isht copper, not a green thing in sight, and At the Post Graduate, Dr. T. F. Russell has the effect will counterbalance any good he may been treating consumptivs for the past three get from being cremated.

years by the method of forced feeding, but I have written more than I intended, but I owing to some misunderstanding in regard to have taken THE WORLD for years, and have an emulsion that he has prepared, is receiving always noticed that you come out firmly for support from a very minor portion of the prothat which is just and merciful. You are in a fession. Here any patient is accepted in any position where you can do much to check this stage of the disease, provided it is uncomplievil, and that is why I have written this letter. cated by tuberculous laryngitis, emphysema, or

Winterport, Me. O. S. ERSKINE, M.D. profuse hemorrhages, and provided also that he [The above letter comes from Tucson, Ari

is not too poor to buy proper food and medzona.-ED.)

icins. These patients sleep with the windows open in all weather, eat all they can at each

meal, especially of milk and eggs, and are In April WORLD, page 148, first column, twenty-third obliged to allow the lapse of five hours between line from the bottom, a zj every 3 hours” should be 3j every 3 hours. Please take a pencil and mark the

meals. Free catharsis by castor oil and comcorrection.

pound rhubarb pill insures the transmission of

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