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11 years old except one girl 5 years old. Some started in with high sever from time I first saw them; others moderate fever ; but after pushing intestinal antiseptics, all fell in a short time to about 100°, sometimes little over or under, and they all kept this up for over eight weeks and two for ten weeks. I gave these four children during treatment about 2 of sodium sulfocarbolate; there being no diarrhea, I did not use the zinc salt, but did use bismuth salicylate, salol and beta napthol, and should have tried the new treatment with Merck's sodium bisulfate, of which I got in 2 oz. to give it a trial in the bombardment of the bacillae, but they weakened, health returned and the fever gradually left them, so I have not given it a trial yet. They had arsenite of copper continuously. These cases never felt very ill after the fever got down to the 100° line, seemed in fact so well that a stranger would think very little ailed them. But the fever stuck there steadily right along, in spite of all my antiseptics. Of course I cannot say what it would have been if they had not had this treatment, but I feel confident the antiseptics held the temperature down, because each time I slackt up on the dose the fever rose a little. I began to doubt my thermometer and tried three or four others, but they all told the same tale. Can you or any of the brethren give a reason why in these cases the fever should keep up for such an abnormally long time? I treated them in regard to nursing, feeding and medicin on about the general plan that I treat all my typhoid cases.

Thos. D. HULME, M.D. Commerce, Iowa. (Was there not some local irritation somewhere that kept up the fever? Was there delay in the healing of the bowel ulcerations ? Was there a lack of vitality to overcome the disease ? Was there double poisoning, in some way, that would induce a double course ? Brotherhood please discuss.-Ed.]

formed that the child was dead, I proceeded to investigate, and found a deformity and complication which I do not remember of having read about. It was not a spina bifida, and was not hydrocephalic; but there was a lack of osseous development extending from the frontal bone back over the superior and occipital parts of the head, down to the lumbar vertebrae. This structure was about two inches in width, and was rather cartilaginous in character, but presented a reddish, beefy appearance. There were no signs of protrusion of meninges of either brain or cord, and no tumor of any kind existed. There was absence of all bones of the skull except portions of the frontal and parietal. Now, the queerest thing of all was the fact that the placenta was closely adherent to the child's back and occiput. The child and placenta were envelopt in a tenacious membrane on which I used scissors to effect an entrance. The placenta must have had very little uterin attachment. Had I expected to find the placenta thus inclosed, a closer examination before puncturing might have enabled me to have ascertained just the extent of attachment. There was entire absence of the child's neck, but aside from these malformations, the child was normal, and the full period of gestation seemed complete, or nearly so.

I read in The MEDICAL WORLD once some doctor's experience in removing a piece of beefsteak from an old fellow's throat, a hypodermic of apomorphin being the remedy. Recently an old man, while intoxicated, became choked on a piece of meat iwo inches square and about a half inch thick, which I caused him to expel in just five minutes via the apomorphin route.

W. F. MARRs. Jewett, lli.

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Incomplete Bony Development and Queer Placental attachment.- Removal of

Beef from Throat. Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-On December 10, at I a.m., I was called to see Mrs. X., primipara. The uterus was well descended and pains were moderately severe, but as they continued to wane I left, after having been with the woman about twelve hours. I gave a prognostic guess that labor would come on in about twelve hours-midnight. It over-ran a little, labor setting in about 3 a.m., and the woman was delivered about 4.30, which was a few minutes previous to my arrival. Being in

Eighteen Children in Eight Years.
First birth








Twins. Mother 32 years old at last birth. All lived to be over 20 years old, then died.

Langdon, D. C. JOHN S. DORSEY.

[We suppose that the doctor intends this as a sort of challenge for comparison in fecundity. We doubt if the above record can be equaled -certainly not exceeded.—ED.]

Hydrogen peroxid, diluted with an equal bulk of water, makes an admirable dressing for chilblains. It is all the more serviceable if the skin has formed in blebs or ulcers, and being non-poisonous, may be applied continuously in the form of a “wet dressing."

Apparently a Double Placenta.

many, especially young men, give it little heed, Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Recent issues of and attribute cures to medication when in your valuable journal have recorded several many cases the cure has been effected in spite remarkable cases of labor, which recall to my of medicins. All doctors of much experience mind a case in my practise which was at least know this to be true. remarkable to me, having never seen nor read As doctors grow old in experience, they of a similar case. Mrs. J., primipara, gave place less faith in medicin and more in the birth to a well developt eight-pound boy, efforts of Nature to restore the lost balance in labor normal. With little trouble I delivered disease. Their own shortcoming in efforts to the placenta, which was double, or rather two relieve disease, assisted by investigations to placentas with about an inch of membrane find the truth, has taught them this valuable intervening between the two. What caused it lesson. thus? Was it originally a twin conception Of course it is understood that the editorial with death and absorption of one fetus? does not favor over-medication, nor heroic There was only one cord.

treatment, only under certain conditions, and Krum, Texas. J. C. GOSE, M.D. to produce certain effects thought to be desir

able. Now, to meet these indications with Conservatism in Medicin.

powerful medicins often puts too great a risk Editor MEDICAL WORLD:- In the December on the life of a patient, especially when used number of THE MEDICAL WORLD appears an by the inexperienced and thoughtless. Many a editorial on “ Therapeutic Cowardice," which time the practician cannot see his way clearly, may perhaps be misleading to some extent. and in that case it were better to trust to The writer has high appreciation of the editor- nature, and render her whatever aid may be ials in THE MEDICAL WORLD generally, and plainly indicated. Better to be on the safe side even this one may be adapted to the needs of than to take extra risks, and in nine cases out those of long service in the profession, espe- of ten it will redound to the good of the cially if they be level headed ; but for tyros in patient. the service it seems to bear a little too strong Some effects thought to be desirable in the on the bit; in other words, may cause rash- treatment of disease are very questionable ; ness on the part of young men, and older ones such as the reduction of the pulse in certain too, who have not given therapeutics a thoro diseases, and the reduction of heat in others. study. It is unfortunately true that too much Forty-five years ago Norwood's tincture of medicin has been given in the past, and even veratrum viride was considered the sine qua non today the same is true to less extent. Men in the treatment of pneumonia. The medical who have been in the profession for fifty years journals were filled with its wonderfully curativ and more, know something of heroic medica- effects in this disease. To the writer the idea tion, when venesection was used almost invar- seemed to be based on a false theory. It was iably to the detriment of the patient, mer- believed by him that the pulse should come curials used to the loss of teeth and to shattered down because the disease was being subdued, constitutions, tartrate of antimony to the point and not from the effect of a powerful heart of turning inside out, to say nothing of endless depressant, the pneumonic pathological condipurgation with drastic medicins.

It is not tion still existing. Such treatment did not forgotten that the deathrate of typhoid fever seem to be consistent with science nor common in those days was about 33 percent, and now it is only 1 or 2 percent under proper treat- About that time two healthy negro men in ment, which includes scarcely any medicin. In the prime of life were taken down with the those days Cook's theories and mercurial med- disease and occupied the same room. One of ication held sway, and doubtless did great them was treated in a mild way by the writer, damage.

assisting nature, and the other was treated Owing to this over-treatment, the way was heroically by another doctor with veratrum. made plain and easy for the introduction of He said in two or three days that his patient eclecticism, homeopathy, and, in later times, for was doing well, the pulse down from 120 to Christian science, and healers of various kinds.

70. The writer remarkt to him that when the The tendency of the profession is continually pulse of his patient came down to that point toward less medication, and the people demand he would turn him over to the cook. The and will have less physicking. It is a notorious result was, in a few days the patient with the fact that the vis medicatrix naturae is sufficient deprest pulse went to his grave, while the other in the vast majority of cases to effect cures if recovered in due time. Repeated observations only a fair showing shall be given it. This of a like kind seem to prove that such treatwonderful restorer of lost balance should never ment is not only of no good, but is full of harm. be overlookt or ignored. It is too true that After a few years' trial, the profession gen


erally came to the same conclusion, and the follow necessarily that this is true, especially in remedy went into disuse, or nearly so, along medicin, since older men have the benefit of with venesection, mercurialization, large doses extensiv information thru medical journals, of tartar emetic, etc.

new books, and the post graduate course; beThe antipyretic treatment of disease thru the sides, they have experience, which is so valudepressing effect of the coal tar preparations able as to more than offset any disadvantages. was originated by the Germans, and was par It would seem really that younger men of excellence the treatment demanded in this today need a little restraint than otherwise. country some fifteen or twenty years ago. The Only a few years ago one of twenty-six years Germans saw the error of their ways and called arose in a state medical society and declared a halt on that line, followed finally by the that he had entered the abdominal cavity in medical fraternity in this country ; but not be. search of diseased ovaries and fallopian tubes fore many a poor fellow suffered the conse- in fifty-three cases in the previous eighteen quences. I well remember that in 1888 in one months, with only one death, and that was a locality as many as twenty cases of grip, dis- crazy woman. As he lived in a small town in posed to go into pneumonia, succumbed to this an out-of-the-way place in a new country, this treatment, one after another; while a different was thought to be first-class work, perhaps treatment by others had no such fatality- about as well as any of the big gynecologists indeed, scarcely any. The idea is false in did in the same length of time in Chicago or theory and most harmful in practise, as is now New York City. Much might be said opposed generally admitted.

to the new “rage for cutting" in appendicitis To reduce the pulse rate and the temper- and other like troubles which would indicate ature, if possible to do so with safety, it is only the necessity for conservatism in all branches necessary to avail ourselves of the help given of medicin.

B. F. Hart, M.D. by nature's therapeutics, which are ever at our Seattle, Washington. command. In bringing them into full play, ['The above remarks are very sensible. The no risk need be taken on the life of the patient. trouble is that we reach so many different kinds “Therapeutic cowardice," says the editorial, of physicians that it is impossible for us to “is not overcome by knowledge of drugs, meet the needs of all in a single editorial. many of the most learned being the most Many need the editorial referred to, and many, timid.” This is perhaps true; but why so ? like the above writer, do not.-ED.] It seems they have been made more cautious because of having learned the great potency of

Bee Sting in the Larynx. many drugs and fully realized their danger in Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-A boy sixteen over-dosage. It further says,

Experience years old was brought to my office from a alone does not do it, for that also begets much neighboring village about twelve o'clock in the caution.” But why? Simply because experi- night, about a week ago. He was suffering ence has taught them many valuable lessons intensely from dyspnea and pain in the throat. that the young still have to learn, one of which His brother had obtained some honey from a is to stay the hand in case of doubt and uncer- hollow tree in the woods, and the whole family tainty. It is not so much “a spirit of kindli- ate heartily of it. Shortly after supper the ness'' that actuates men of experience as it is boy experienced a sensation of fulness in his a conscientious discharge of duty to the patient throat, and later pain with dyspnea. These from the best lights shed on the case. It is symptoms grew rapidly worse until, in a few quite plain why " the young and inexperienced hours, he could scarcely breathe. He first practician shows more therapeutic bravery." supposed there was a piece of wax in the throat, Undoubtedly, because he lacks the “knowl- from the honeycomb. Accordingly vomiting edge of drugs” and “clinical experience" at was induced with a view of expelling or disthe bedside. A half century ago this “tyro lodging the same, but of no avail. He was bravery" found no place in medical doings. then hurried to a doctor. For the past two or three decades it has, how- The patient spoke in a whisper. Examinaever, come prominently to the front, not only tion of throat revealed great swelling (edemain medicin, but in all other professions. From tous) of the epiglottis. Because of the large the obstacles in the way and the nature of the epiglottis it was impossible to see the vocal calling, it is more difficult to sustain in medicin cords.

cords. Besides, the patient always had a and do no harm than in any other pursuit. desire to swallow and was easily gagged. Because of so many inventions and practical Undoubtedly the cords were similarly swollen. improvements in the onward march of progress, Careful examination with the laryngoscope the people seem to have concluded that the finally located the foreign body. It was a younger members of various professions have small dark speck on the laryngeal surface of all the new "wrinkles." But it does not the epiglottis, and was best brought into view


by the gagging and retching. It was finally other troubles, I concluded that it would do removed with a curved forcep, and proved to to grease my corns, and it felt so good I tried be the sting of a bee. The patient felt relief it for several nights.

it for several nights. It completely and pain. in a short time. Solution of adrenalin chlorid lessly cookt my corns so that the warm foot was then applied to aid in reduction of swel- bath and the point of my knife completed the ling. He was quite comfortable in about an job.

B. K. Wood. hour, and seven or eight hours later the tume- Anadarko, Okla. faction had almost vanisht. St. Cloud, Wis. C. W. LEONARD, M. D.

Removal of Corns.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-In recent issues My Experience with the Automobile. of your valuable journal I have noticed several

items on the “cure of corns.” I would say Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-I purchast an

there is no cure for corns. Corns should not automobile last May. Having four horses I

be considered a disease, but a condition. placed two in the pasture and kept two to

They may be removed or prevented. Corns drive in muddy traveling. I had the "auto

are but the thickening and hardening of the hauled home once, on account of the five con

cuticle, which is begun in self defense in trynection pins breaking. I was stuck in a muddy ing to protect the more tender tissues be. road once, and was pulled out by a team.

neath. They occur from two causes : Ill One man fell from his carriage and broke three shaped feet that no shoes will fit; or, from ill ribs, by his horse taking fright and running fitting shoes. The patient may not be to blame while passing, but we were at a “ stand still." I have a good man to run my machine, who What I believe to be one of the greatest causes

for the former, but he could mitigate the latter. also takes care of it. On account of bad roads

of corns is the wearing of shoes with toe-caps, it is idle this winter, but I will use it next

or box toes, where the hard unyielding seam season. O. W. BURNS, M.D.

comes directly across the toes. Such shoes Winneconne, Wis.

Dartmouth, 1876.

never ought to be worn, altho fashion decrees

that they are the proper thing for the present Questions. 1. When a man calls upon a doctor and

Many remedies have been devised for the says, “ I wish you to attend my wife in about

cure of corns, or for their removal. To me a month, when she will be confined," should than the prevention. For soft corns, which

the problem of removal is far more simple the doctor, if not specially requested, call to see this prospectiv patient prior to the ex

occur between the toes, the application of a pected time of confinement?

tust of absorbent cotton saturated with sal2. Should the physician engaged for such a

icylic acid will soon give relief. If the cotton case (no retaining fee being paid), in the

does not readily stay in place, then tie it there event that he is not called when the child is should never be cut. That method is always

with a bit of white woolen yarn. Hard corns born, send a bill ?

3. Could such a bill be legally collected ? a source of danger, besides leaving a hard, the doctor being able to show that he had impervious surface. Many of the caustic rempostponed a trip away in order to be ready edies used affect the tissues too deeply, causing in the event of this call.

a condition more painful than the corn.

The true and most philosophical treatment is to C. E. BOYNTON, M.D. Smithfield, Utah.

remove them with a piece of medium sandpaper. This is on the same principle of the

fine file of the Chinese chiropodists, which Corn Remedy.

leaves the surface soft, pliable and pervious to Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-I wish to report

the secretions of the tissues beneath. The a corn cure that I accidently blundered on.

same treatment is applicable to all calluses of I have several soft corns between the toes and

the feet or hands. It never hurts nor does have tried every corn cure I could run across,

harm, yet all hard corns may be perfectly rebut none was of much benefit.

moved in this manner with careful and proper

They would return, and the cure in some instances was as


D. D. ROSE, M.D. bad as the disease. One night on retiring my

Valparaiso, Ind. corns hurt so much I concluded to anoint them with vaseline as had been my custom, to

In children prone to enlargement of the cervical

glands, it is not well to wait too long after constisoften them a little, but as I was undrest for tutional and local measures have failed. Abcesses bed and just before me was a small tin box of

make cicatrices more unsightly than incisions, and you

invite extension of infection by delay. Incise and Lloyd's thuja ointment I had been using for enucleate under chlorid of ethyl anesthesia.

Rheumatism, the Bane of the Human Race. diarrhea. Cannabis indica has the triple effect -How to Successfully Treat and Cure it.

of mitigating pain, quieting nervous irritation, Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Malarial poison and it acts as a fine diuretic, helping the and a bad condition of the liver and stomach are juniper. I often largely increase the dose of the contributing causes of this disease. To my cannabis to produce these effects. Living as I mind, from a long experience, the first essen- have for over half a century as a practician in tial of cure is the rectification of a torpid liver, a malarious district, I find in diagnosing the a careful attention to the digestiv tract, and origin and predisposing cause of all diseases the elimination of the uric acid which has incident to this locality that malarial poison formed in the system. How to bring about these should not escape notice to insure successful desideratums is as follows: Give ten grains treatment.

E. B. SILVERS. of blue mass at night, following it with phos- Rahway City, N. J. phate of soda, the effervescing kind, early in the morning, continuing the phosphate for a number of mornings, early. If the patient is a

Alkaloids in Chronic Troubles. dyspeptic, then use the non-effervescing phos- Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-A great many phate in as hot water as can be swallowed. physicians who employ the alkaloidal remedies This will keep up a continued action on the in acute troubles either seem to forget them or liver and help digestion.

to doubt their value in the treatment of The human stomach is made a sort of a slop chronic diseases. My practise consists almost jar of the body, and from our earliest years it wholly of this class of cases. It is very selis so used. I take it that in most of the dis- dom that I have a case that has lasted for less eases to which fesh is heir, we should defer- than two years ; many of them are troubles of entially take off our hats to this much abused twenty years' standing ; most of them have run organ.

the gamut of treatment and have survived the After the above named medication has been attacks of several schools of practise, and carried out to create a healthful action of the most of the patent medicins with which the stomach and liver, we can specifically attempt market is flooded. The various alkaloidal to eliminate the poison from the blood. My preparations, as indicated, give me excellent plan, very successfully used, is to give four results, much better than I have ever been times a day one of the following capsules: able to secure with any other line of treatR

ment, Powd. ext. poke root

The diseases which are most common in my Powd. ext. cannabis ind.

practise are rheumatism, neuralgias of various Powd. ext. juniper

gr. j Powd. ext. jaborandi

sorts, consumption, neurasthenia, chronic Pulv. bisulf. quinin

genito-urinary troubles, pelvic troubles in Salicylic acid àā..

women, especially neuroses, sexual weakness If the quinin and saliyclic acid produce the in both sexes, digestiv troubles, asthma, terconstitutional symptoms of tinnitus aurium and tiary syphilis, and locomotor ataxia. In the your patient needs further rheumatic medica- treatment of these cases I use the alkaloidal tion, substitute salicylate of soda for the two granules almost altogether, and prefer those above named medicaments. If a particularly made by the Abbott Co. The advantages of obstinate case, I use an alkaline bath or a bath the granules are accuracy, reliability and conof soluble sulfur viz., sulfuret of potassa, after

venience. With the single exception of biowhich wrap up any very painful joints in an oint- plasm, a remedy which has given me very ment spread moderately thick on the fleecy great satisfaction, I almost never make use of side of canton flannel over which a layer of oil any other internal remedies. silk is placed, respreading when the ointment Perhaps a few notes in regard to my treatbecomes dry :

ment of such cases may be of interest to your

readers. R

As you probably know, the first Solid ext. belladonna

principle of alkalometry is to clean out the Powd. gum camphor ää

alimentary canal and keep it clean. In my Oil wintergreen

practise at least ninety-nine patients out of a Ungt. resinæ flavae .

hundred have chronic constipation. I am I believe that the most obstinate rheumatic almost ready to assert that this is the beginning case will yield promptly under the above of all diseases. One thing is certain : it is named treatment without colchicum or iodid of useless to try to cure any chronic disease unless potassa, so long called sheet anchors in the treat- this principle is carried out. Epsom salts will ment of this tenacious disease—the irritation do the work if the patient will take it, which which these two medicaments often produce, isn't often. I use the saline laxativ, an efferdisorders the stomach and causes distressing vescent preparation of the salts. This is the be

gr. j
gr. x

gr. 22

gr. iiss


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