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better. On the whole, if ought that's here

may be useful to any good Chriftian, and any ways tend to promote Piety, I shall be better pleas'd than if I could have compos'd a Book on any other Subject, worthy to be dedicated in the Vatican : For I hope I am got on the right side of the World, and am as indifferent to that, as that can be to me; which I have endeavour'd to express in one of Jerom Vida's, Good and pious Prayer's directed ill, (with which I shall take my leave of thee ) address’d by him to St. Stephen the Proto- Martyr, but I have taken the Liberty to turn it to him whom that Saint saw Standing on the Right-Hand of God. The Lines are as follow;

Aspice prefens, Da fraudis scelerisque exortem ducere vitam, Da contemnere opes, vulgi gaudia, honores, Et casto usque tuis operari pectore Sacris !

Tlus imitated.

With Eyes of Pity, Saviour ! me survey, Be present to my Vows, and hear me when I pray;

Grant me a Life from great Offences free,
And such as mayn't disgrace thy Truths and

Thee :
Give to contemn the Miser's useless Store,
And Honours which the cheated World adore !
Pure be my Breast from Malice or Deceit,
And thus, thus let me at thy Altars wait;
Till from thy dear-lov'd Temple I remove,
And joyn the happier blissful Quire above.


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New Testament,

In Verse. with Sculptures,


The GOSPEL according

to St. Matthew.


CONTENTS referring to the Chapters.
HRIST's Line and Birth St.Matthew

first relates,
The Wisemens Of'rings and the In-

fants Fates:
The Baptist ’ in the Desart cries Repent!
Jesus Baptis'd : The Holy Spirit's Descent.
Christ's Faft, Temptation, his Disciples choice;
Fiends and Diseases flie his pow'rful Voice.
His Sermon; Rules for Fafting, Alms, and

Pray'r ;
Of false Foundations 7 next he bids beware.
The Leper 8, Pally'd , Twelve 50; Christ's Yoke !!

of Ease :
The Sabbath ", Sower 13: Christ's Words the

Winds' appease.
Traditions 's, Loaves *; Transfigurd i Christ ap-

pears ;
Children ", Divorce '9, Hire , Chrift - Hosanna

The Marriage **, Scribes ", Temples ** and

World's Decay :
Christ's glorious as Coming at the lait Great Day;
Thoʻfirst betray'd », for Man's Offence he dies 7,
And does from conquer'd Death the Third glad

Morn arife 28

St, Mat-

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