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I tell you.

with us Enjun. I weel talk de Anglais eet, un was tell heem I was not care eef to dose cowboy, un I weel find you out, he 'ave all my money, jus' so he show Meestar John Smeeth.'

ine how he deal dat skin game. I tell " 'Long come de cowboy, un Meestar heem dat may beso I keel heem eef he not Smeeth she was try sell de pony; but de show me. Well, den he was show me. cowboy she weel not buy de pony, 'cause He was rub my right thumb wid de powshe say de bran'-iron not b'long Meestar der-stone, un de skin she geet varrie sof'. John Smeeth. He sais, no, not b’long Den he was show me how feel de prick heem, b'long friend of hees.

een de card, un he was show me how feel “Dose cowboy dey laugh varrie loud, un de short end of de card-dose cards was dey sais, 'Guess, Meestar Smeeth, you see 'ave de one end file' off.

He was geeve your frien' troo de smoke.'

me deck of dose short card, un I was set * Cowboys dey go 'way. Meestar een front of dat log house, un look up at Smeeth he sais, 'I mak dat bran' b'long de cloud, un feel dose prick un does short me,' so Dakase un Hoopshuis un me, un card—I was feel two day steady. Meestar John Smeeth, we was work t'ree “Me un de store-clothes man we was set day een de corral, un we was mak dat een front of de log house, maybeso eet bran' b'long Meestar John Smeeth. All t'ree day, when up de road conie de t'ree time dar weare a leetle white man what Long-Horn white man what had pay for was hang roun' de log house un shuffle de horse-ban'. Dey was run dar horse de card. He know how shuffle dose card, plenty.

He was all time fool wid de "I was shut my eye pretty close, un I card. He wear de store clothes, un he was tink pretty queek. I was tink great was not help us bran’de horse-ban', deal more queek dan I was tole you 'bout 'cause he sais, ‘Dam de pony!

dees ting. I was say, 'Sun-Down, what " We wait roun', wait roun'. Oh, we mak dem t'ree white man run dem horse was eat Meestar Smeeth bacon, un we so fas'?' I was see why. I was say to was not strain ourself for de time. Mees- myself, Dakase un Hoopshuis she 'ave tar Smeeth he was fry de bacon un mak steal dem pony. I geet up un sais, 'You de bread, un he geet varrie much hope for store-clothes man, you run aftar me or noddar cow outfeet.

you be keel 'bout one minute'; un I “T'ree men weare come 'long de beeg was go roun' de corner of dat log house stage-road. Dey sais dar name ees Long- un geet een de cottonwoods; den we was Horn. Well, I know what white man mak de san' fly 'bout one mile. Pretty she call de Long - Horn now, un I ’ave queek I was hear shootin', den I was hear know since what he call de Short-Horn. I not'ing. We was geet on a point of de tink eet good deal lak Enjun call de rock, un we was see de white man: she Big-Robe; I tink eet good deal lak John look at our moccasin track. Dey was go Smeeth. Dar ain't much Long-Horn now- back to log house, un go 'way up de stageday, un dar ain't so much John Smeeth as trail. dar use be.

“I sais den: 'Store-clothes, Meestar John “All right, dey was buy de horse-ban', Smeeth ees all fix up for burn de candle un was pay de money right dar. Dey ovair. Dem white mans have kill heem.' was drive de pony on de beeg stage-road. “Den we go back, scout up de log house, Meester John Smeeth she give us de mon- un fin' Meestar John Smeeth - oh, all ey, un sais we weel play de pokair a leetle. shoot up. He was fry de bacon when Dat was good beesness, so we was all set dose man weare pour de lead een heem. down een de log house un play de pokair. “We was bury dees Smeeth, un I sais: Maybeso we play one whole day. All right, 'Now, Meestar Store-clothes, you un I got dey was geet every dam cent we got; all for run lak hell. De cowboy he come de money what was b'long Dakase un pretty soon, un he come smokin'.' me un Hoopshuis, un we was loss our “Store-clothes she sais cannot run on pony un our money.

de horse. “Dakase un Hoopshuis dey geet on "Well,' I sais, you cannot run on de dar pony un go 'way, but I was stay at de foot, by gar; de cowboy she 'ave your log house, for I was see dat de leetle man trail hot 'fore you tink.' she was deal us de skin game, but I was "I was geet down de pony from de footnot see how he was do de ting. I was heel un was put de store-clothes man on varrie much wan' for know how he do one pony, un den I was herd dat pony all

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or so.

day un all night. He was groan terrible 'erstan’de Enjun talk. He was not know -oh, my, ‘ow he was squawk, was dat a ting 'cept deal de card, but he was know leetle man! but I was leek de pony wid dat all right. my rope, un de pony was run 'long pret- Dose breed weare set roun' de camp ty good wid de store-clothes man.

un deal de card un drink de rum for day "He was say tak heem to railroad.

We was not play de card much, “No,'I sais ; 'go tak you wid me. un de store-clothes man he was lose a We play de skin game plass I know, un leetle when he was tak de chance een. eef we win, den I tak you to railroad. Pretty soon dar was 'bout t'ree man she

“How far dees plass?' sais de leetle 'ave de money what b’long whole outman.

feet, un de store clothes man he sais, ' You "Ah-we geet dar eef de pony hole geet pony all fix up for run off, un toout.' Den we was ’ave de long talk. I night we play de game.' I sais: You geet was say I keel heem eef he lose. He all de money by de middle of de nightwas say de oddar fellar keel heem eef time, un don' you mees eet-I keel you. he win. 'Well,' I sais, ' I sure keel you, I weel turn every horse out de camp, may beso de oddar fellar dey won't-you un when I mak de sign, you follair me'ave de bes' chance wid me.'

queek.' Eet was 'bout ten o'clock when " He sais who de oddar fellar is?

we was set down on de buffalo-robe un “I tell heem dey part Enjun, part play de pokair wid de t'ree man by de white man-dey was breeds lak me. fire. One man what was not play was

"I was know a breed outfeet on de hole de spleet steek for give de light. breaks of de Mountain-Sheep Butte what “Eet was not long 'fore I was lose all was run de pony off un was sell heem. de money what I was ’ave, what was what Dey was ’ave plenty money, un I tink de store-clothes man ’ad geeve me. Den we play de skin game on dem.

de leetle man she look at me, un she var"When we was geet dar I was talk I rie much scare. He weare lak de snow; fin' de store-clothes man out een de heel, guess he nevair see much Enjun; guess un was bring heem een. He was not un- he not lak what he 'ave see. I was geet

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tell you.

see me.

up un was look at de leetle man—was “Guess dem breed fellars dey ’ave de look varrie smart at heem"- and here long time for fin' dose pony.

Eet was no Sun - Down accompanied with a look use for me try berd dat leetle man fas' which must have chilled the soul of the 'nough eef dose Enjun geet dose pony frontier gambler.

queek; but dey deed not, so I was geet to “Den I was slide 'way een de dark. Glendive, what was de end of de railI was scout up dat camp. Dey was mos' road. Dat store-clothes man he was great all drunk, 'cept de tree man what was deal more teekle dan Meestar B— when play de card. Dey was varrie mad, but he geet dat bull elk oddar day. He was de leetle man was not know how mad jump up un down; he was yell; he was dose breeds was, 'cause de Enjun when he tank ine; he was buy great deal of rum. varrie mad she don' look defferent. Dey We was have varrie good time. was lose dair money pretty fas' to de lee- “Den we was play de pokair some tle man.

more-was play wid de white man. De "I was cut de rope of de pony all roun' leetle man was deal de card, un I was all de camp, un dey was all go off down de time win. Was win all de white man creek for de watair. Dey was tie up long was 'ave, un was geet a papier from one time. By gar, eef dar was one man see man what was what you call de mortme, eet be bad for de store-clothes man, I gage for de leevery-stable.

All right,' Guess dey keel heem. No one sais de leetle man, “you put up your

I was bring two pony up close money-I put up my money un de papier to de camp, quiet lak, un tie dem een de - we tak de leevery-stable. Sun-Down,' bush. Den I was go to de fire. De lee- he sais, 'we go eento beesness-hey?' tle man she look at me un she cache all “So we was go eento beesness- -een de de money on de robe een hees pocket, un he beesness of de leevery stable. I was varrie tole me,“ You say I wan' queet.' De breeds great man. dey say he mus' not queet. All right, “Dat was Saturday, un Sunday I was he

say, he play some more. Den dey was go out to see de pries', what was tole me play, un he was deal, un dey was all 'ave

to come.

Aftair I was see de pries' un de big han'ful, un bet all dair money. was fix up, I come back eento de village, I was know de leetle man he sure win, un was go to de leevery-stable. Dey was un I was tak out my seex-shootair.

say I not own de leevery-stable. You “Den dese breed she got varrie much go see your pardner,' dey sais; un I geet excite. Oh, dey weare wile, un dey weare on my pony for fin' leetle man what was show down dair han' on de robe. De lee- my pardner. I look all roun'. De peotle man he was win all right. He sais he ple was say he go off on de railroad. I sorry—he not wan' win all dair money. was run dat pony for de dam railroad.

“I sais, *You store-clothes man, you put " When I was geet dar de train, what de money een your pocket; you ’ave win was de freight, she weare pull out. I all right.' One man he sais he 'ave not was see de leetle store-clothes man-my win all right, un he mus' geeve de money pardner-she was stan' beside de train, back. I was heet dees man een de head un he was see me. wid my gun, un he was fall down. Den “I ride up, but he was jump on undair dey was all jump up, un de fellar what de car-what you call--de car-wheel axe, was hole de spleet steek she drop de spleet un he was laugh at me from between de steek. I was jump to de leetle man un wheel. He was yell, ‘Sun-Down, I blow

een de leevery-stable las' night.' “ We run queek to dose bush, geet on "I weel blow you een,' I sais, un I de pony, un we geet out. Eet was so lee- fire de seex-shootair at heem, but I was tle time dat dese breed dey not sabe, un unable to heet heem. De train was run I don' know what dey do den. I herd fas'; my pony was not run so fas'-I could dat store-clothes man on de pony, un he not catch heem. He was ride on de brake sais, ‘Now you tak me to de railroad.' bettair dan on de pony;" and Sun-Down

“I sais: ‘Yes, now I tak you to de rail- Leflare looked sad, for had not most of road. Guess you tink dat pretty hot po- his real troubles come of railway trains? kair game?'

Well, Leflare,” I said, as I thought of “He sais, eef he only geet to dat rail- this meteoric financial tour,“ nothing road;" and Sun-Down laughed long and came of all that enterprise, did it?" heartily.

“No—10—noting came of dat.”

say, 'Come.

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mademoiselle for about ten days; seemed hopelessly remote. I hastened to the telegram arrived this morning." take possession of the room which had

Both were thrust in through the bars been assigned to me, dismissed the voluble of the little cage of an ascenseur to where, femme de chambre, and, glancing once covered with wraps and surrounded by more at the despatch to be quite sure of any amount of small luggage, I was seat- the date-September 23-and to convince ed in solitary state, patiently waiting to myself that I had made no error in thinkbe mounted to the troisième étage accord- ing it had been sent from Nîmes, read the ing to the cautious and altogether mys- pretty foreign letter with its gracefully terious manner of procedure habitual to turned phrases and suggestive use of the French elevator. I managed, with the Spanish terms. She knew that by this hand that had least in it, to tear open the time I must be at the Hôtel Tivollier, blue envelope containing the despatch, Toulouse, where I had told her I would and puzzled out the words of the message rest for a day or two on my return from one by one-for I was left in almost total the mountains. Since she had had the darkness.

pleasure of that little glimpse of me at

Mount Louis, our conversation about the " Places for corrida secured. Advise com- corrida de toros had constantly occurred ing Friday to avoid crowd. Have engaged to her—I did not in the least recall it !your room at Hôtel Manivet.

and now there was to be a gran corrida DE BREsson." in the old Roman amphitheatre at Nîmes,

on the 26th of September, which she beWhy had my charming acquaintance lieved I would like to see. They were Madame de Bresson sent me this most going, of course. Her husband was such unexpected and incomprehensible sum- an ardent aficionado, and would not miss mons? Perhaps the letter — yes, it was being there for worlds. She had quite set addressed in her handwriting - would her heart on initiating me, and wrote to supply the key to the enigma. As it was, insist upon my joining them at Nîmes.

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