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to live like


CHAP. walk in a manner worthy of your / able to give a part unto the needy. CHAP IV.

Va calling, with all lowliness of mind, Let no unmeaning word proceed Unity re- and gentleness, with long suffer out of your mouth, but that which 29 commend ed.

ing, bearing with one another ind is good for a furtherance of the bulove; earnestly endeavouring to siness in hand, so as to be accept3 preserve the unity of the spirit in able to the hearers. And grieve not 30 4 the bond of peace : so as to be one the holy spirit of God by which ye

body and one spirit, even as ye were 'sealed against the day of dewere called unto one hope ; even as liverance. Let all bitterness, and 31 5 there is one Lord, one faith, one wrath, and anger, and clamour, and 6 baptism, one God and Father of all, evil speaking, be removed from who is above all things, and through you, with all malice; and be kind 3%

all things, and in all things. to one another, tenderly affection

17. This therefore I declare, and ed, freely forgiving each other, Hecharges charge you in the Lord as an apos- even as God also through Christ them not

be tle of Christ, that ye no more hath freely forgiven you. the uncon- walk as the other Gentiles walk | Be therefore imitators of God, as CHAP. verted Gen-in the vanity of their mind, having beloved children; and walk in love,

the understanding darkened, being even as Christ loved us, and gave 2 estranged from the life of God himself up for us, an offering and

through the ignorance that is in sacrifice unto God, of a sweet19 them, and the blindness of their smelling savour. But let not for- 3

heart, who have given themselves up nication, or any uncleanness, or ex-
without remorse to lasciviousness, cessive appetite, be even named
to the practice of all uncleanness, amongst you, as becometh saints;
and inordinate desire.

or indecent and unchaste speeches, 20 But ye have not so learned or unbecoming levity; but rather 4 but agree- Christ since ye have heard concern thanksgiving. For be assured of 5 true spirit

ning him, and have been instructed, this, that no fornicator or unchaste of the gos. according to the truth in Jesus, to person, or one of excessive appe

put off according to your former tites, who is an idolator, can have
22 behaviour the old inan, who was any inheritance in the kingdom of

going to destruction after the lusts Christ, which is the same as that
23 of error, and to renew yourselves of God.
24 in the spirit of your mind, and to | Let no man deceive you with vain 6

clothe yourselves with the new words ; for because of these things Vice quite
man, the man according to God, the anger of God cometh upon the cut with

inconsiste created in righteousness and true sons of disobedience. Do ye there- Christiholiness.

fore have no fellowship with them. anity. 25 Wherefore put away lying, and For though ye were formerly dark-8 Various speak every man truth to his neigh ness, yet now ye are light in the usefal pre-bour ; for we are members of each Lord; walk as children of light (for 9 cepts.

other. If ye be angry, yet sin not; the fruit of light is in all goodness, 26 let not the sun go down upon your and righteousness, and truth) search- 10 27 anger ; nor give any room to the ing out what is well-pleasing to the 28 accuser. Let him that hath stolen, Lord. And have no fellowship 11

steal no more, but rather let him with the unfruitful works of darklabour, providing with his handsness, but rather reprove them. the good things of life, so as to be For it is shameful even to speak 1%


i so as to be assured of a place in the power of death, kingdom of God, when delivered from the

XX. 12.

CHAP of those things which are done by thy mother, that it may be well CHAP. V. them in secret. with thee, and that thou mayesti

VI. 15 See then that ye walk circum- live long in the land.”

Exodus, udence spectly, not as unwise, but as wise And ye parents, be not severe forced.

men,' redeeming the time, be- with your children, but bring them and parents; 17 cause the days are evil. Wherefore up in the discipline and instruction

benotinconsiderate, but understand of the Lord. 18 what the will of the Lord is. And Servants, be obedient unto your 5. ..

be not drunk with wine, or any 1 worldly masters, as unto Christ, of Serv. strong liquor, in which is dissolute being very fearful of offending them, ants

ness, but be filled with the spirit : in singleness of your heart, even 19 speaking among yourselves psalms without deceit or duplicity, as ye

and hymns, and spiritual songs, obey Christ, not with eye-service, 6

singing and making melody with as men-pleasers ; but as the serv20 your hearts to the Lord ; giving ants of Christ, doing the will of

thanks always for all things to God God from the heart, doing service 7

the Father, in the name of our Lord with good will to the Lord, and 21 Jesus Christ, submitting your not to men only ; knowing that 8

selves one to another in the love each will receive for himself, from
of Christ.

the Lord, the good which he hath 22 Wives, submit yourselves to your done, whether he be a servant or ity of husbands as to the Lord; for the free.

husband is the head of the wife, And ye masters, deal equally 9 23 even as Christ is the head and sa- | with them, forbearing threats, know- and mas24 viour of the body, the church : as ing that your master also is in hea- ters.

the church is subject to Christ, soven, with whom there is no respect
let wives also in every thing that is of persons:
reasonable, be subject to their Finally, my brethren, strengthen 10

yourselves with the Lord, and with Exhorta25 Husbands, love your wives, even his mighty power. Put on the I hus. as Christ loved the church, and whole armour of God, that ye may Christian ies; gave himself for it, that having be able to stand against the wiles excellence. 26 cleansed it by the washing of water, of the accuser. For we have to 12

he might make it holy with his wrestle not only against flesh and 27 doctrine, so as to present it to him-blood, but against the authority,

self a glorious church, not having against the powers, against the blemish or wrinkle, or any such ? rulers of this dark age; against

thing; but that it might be pure the wickedness of spiritual :men in 28 and spotless. Husbands ought to a heavenly dispensation. Where- 13

love their wives as their own bo-fore take up the whole armour of

dies : he who loveth his wife, God, that ye may be able to with33 loveth himself. Let each of you, stand in the evil day of trial and

then, love his wife as himself, and persecution, and to stand firm hav-
let the wife reverence her hus-ing performed every thing.

Peace be unto the brethren, and 23

Children, obey your parents in love with faith,from Godour Father, the Lord, for this is right. This is and our Lord Jesus Christ. His 24 the first commandment, with a pro- | favour be with all who love our mise, “ Honour thy father and Lord Jesus Christ in purity.

n to the


i Or buying your time out of the give them any just cause of offence, hands of those heathen idolaters, amongst • Heathen magistrates, whom you live, by carefully avoiding to Jewish rulers,



CHAP. DAUL, and Timothy, servants the day of Christ; being filled with CHAP.

I of Jesus Christ, to all the holy the fruit of righteousness, through The ade through Christ Jesus, that are at Jesus Christ, to the glory and

Philippi, with their o superintend-praise of God. 2 ants and 'deacons : Favour be unto. Now I know that my present 19

you, and peace from God our Fa-imprisonment will end in my deli- Speaks ther, and the Lord Jesus Christ. verance through your prayers, and you

"dence of 3 I thank my God always upon a supply of the spirit of Jesus his release The apos- every remembrance of you, in every | Christ according to my earnest ex- from Roma tle expres- praver of mine for you all; mak-pectation and hope, that I shall ses his gra-! titude and ing such prayer with joy for your disgrace myself in no respect; but 20 joy.

kind contribution to the gospel, with all freedom of speech now, as 5 under the same confidence from at all other times, Christ will be 6 the first day until now, that each honoured in my body, whether by

of you who hath begun a good life or by death. For me indeed 21 work will go on to finish it until to live is to be employed in preach. 7 the day of Jesus Christ; as it is ing Christ, and to die is gain. but just for me to entertain this But if this life in the flesh be to me 22 opinion of you all, because ye all a fruitful employment in his goshave me in your heart, and shared pel, what I should choose in this with me in this ministry, both dur-case, I cannot say. For I am in 23 il ing these bonds of mine, and dur a strait between these two things, ing my defence and confirmation having a desire to depart, and to 8 of the gospel ; for God is my wit be with Christ (which would be far ness, how I long for you all with better), and yet to continue in this 24

the tender affections of Jesus Christ; life is more needful on your ac9 with this prayer also, that your love count. Indeed I know this with a 25

may abound yet more and more, full assurance, that I shall continue 10 with knowledge, and all under in this life, and continue with you

standing, to distinguish the things all for your satisfaction, and the 11 which are excellent, so as to be furtherance of your faith, that your 26

sincere and without offence until glorifying in Christ Jesus may

I This epistle was written from Rome to they struggled; and, above all, to inspire
the Christians of Philippi, a city of Mace-them with a zealous concern to adorn their
donia, some time before the end of A.D. 62. holy profession, by the most eminent Chris-
The design of it was to thank the Philip-tian attainments.
pians for the supply they had sent him; to ° Those ministers who superintended and
comfort them under the concern they had instructed the church. ,
expressed for his imprisonment; to check al 3 Those who had the management of the
party spirit that had crept in among them; collections for the poor,
and io promote, on the contrary, an entire 4 Or a true Christian spirit, particu-
urion and harmony of affection; to guardlarly fortitude and firmness, which the apos-
them against being seduced from the purity tle had great occasion for, in his defence
of the Christian faith, by Judaising teachers; before Nero.
to support them under the trials with which

Christ, not only after thren! as fear of givi


noct which ye hang the same suffer thren

now hear forbes lif encouragon of for

CHAP. abound through 'me, by my pre- self still further, and became obe- CHAP. • sence with you again.

dient unto death, even the death of 1
27 Only let your conduct be wor- the cross. Wherefore God on his 9
ad exports thy of the gospel of Christ; that if part hath very highly exalted him,
ufori. I come, I may see, or if absent, and bestowed on him a name which
ude. may hear of you, that ye continue is above every name, that by the 10
28 striving together with one mind name of Jesus every knee should

and one soul, unterrified by all op- bow, or all opposite authority be
posers, for the spreading of that put down, of beings in 'heaven and
faith of the gospel, which is to on 4 earth, and under the earth, 11

them a proof of destruction, but and every tongue confess Jesus 29 to you of salvation. For this kind- Christ to be Lord to the glory of

ness hath God vouchsafed to you God the Father.
with respect to Christ, not only to Wherefore, my beloved bre- 12

believe in him, but even to suffer thren! as ye always obeyed me and a ready 30 for him, enduring the same con- with great fear of giving offence, nos

to serve flict which ye have seen in me, and not only when I was present, but each other.

much more now in my absence; CHAP. Therefore, if encouragement promote the welfare of each other,

II. in Christ, if the consolation of for God is working in you, by the 13 Humility love, if a spiritual union, if affec- help and advantages, which you nended by and be tion and compassion have any enjoy both to be willing, and to

- power, fill ye up my joy by having perform. Do all things with good- 14 sle of the same dispositions, the same will, without murmuring and disChrist, love, the same soul, the same mind. puting, that ye may love blameless 15

3 Let there be no quarrel or vain and uncorrupt, spotless children of

glory; but with all humility give God, in the midst of a crooked and the preference to one another. perverse generation; among whom 4 Let each consider not their own shine ye forth as lights in the

concerns only, but the concerns of world, holding out the doctrine of 16 5 others also. Let the same disposi- life ; that I may boast of you in

tion be in you, which was also in the day of Christ, as not having 6 Christ Jesus, who being in the run my race in vain, nor laboured form of God, speaking and work-in vain. Yea, even if I be pour- 17 ing miracles in his name, did not ed out upon the sacrifice and offeresteem it a prey to be like God, ing of your faith, I will rejoice,but made himself of no account, and rejoice with you all. In the 13 7 taking the form of a servant, by same manner do ye rejoice, and re-'

stooping to the lowest offices of joice with me. servitude, and resembling the com- Finally, my brethren, rejoice in CHAP. 8 monest of men; and when found the Lord. To write the same

III. in the figure and condition of an things unto you is not troublesome ordinary man, he humbled him- to me, and is safe for you. I count


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1 When I shall bestow on you more spic sons besides the Jews.
ritual gifts, and confirm you in the faith. 15 Those who, though now dead, shall here-

• None can have faith in the gospel with after be raised to life again.
out believing that those who oppose it and 6 This way of speaking refers to the cus.
perish in their vices, must be punished. tom both of Jews and Heathens, of pour.

3 The Jews who were under an hea ing wine on the victim which was about to
venly dispensation.

be sacrificed. • 'The Gentiles, or all other living pera!


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CHAP. all things but loss in respect of the, Lord Jesus Christ, who will change CHAP

excellence of the knowledge of this lowly body of ours into the " Every... Christ Jesus my Lord; for whose form of his glorious body, according 21 thing is to

ne sake I have suffered the loss of to the efficacy by which he is able ed to the all worldly, things, and count even to make all things subject to religion of them but refuse that I might gain himself. Wherefore, my brethren, CHAP. Christ,

Christ, and be found in him, not beloved and greatly desired, my joy 9 having mine own righteousness, and crown, thus stand firmly in the which is of the law, but that through Lord, my beloved.

faith in Christ which is from God, Rejoice in the Lord always; again 4 do so as to know Christ, and the ef- I say, rejoice. Let your reason-Exhorta. ficacy of his resurrection, with a ableness be known unto all

the various in participation of his sufferings, by | The Lord is near. Be anxious portant du. 11 conforming myself to his death, if about nothing, but in every thing ties.

I may by any means arrive at aby prayer and supplication, with 6

complete resurrection from dead | thanksgiving, let your requests be
12 works. Not that I have already made known unto God. And may 7

attained this or already finished my that peace which exceedeth all com-
race; but am still pursuing, if I prehension, keep your hearts and
may after all lay hold 'on that for minds in Christ Jesus.
which I also was laid hold on by Finally, brethren, whatsoever 8
Christ Jesus.

things are true, whatsoever things 13 Brethren, I do not reckon my- are venerable, whatsoever things and perpe- self to have laid hold upon it; but are just, whatsoever things are

ad this I do, forgetting what is be- pure, whatsoever things are lovemade to hind, and reaching forth to thosely, whatsoever things are of good perfection. things which are before, I press to | report, and if there be any other

14 ward the goal for the prize of the thing which is virtuous, and if

heavenly calling of God by Christ there he any other thing which 15 Jesus. Let us therefore, as many is praise-worthy, think on these

as are men in understanding, ihink things. The things which ye both 9

thus; and if in any thing ye think learned, and received, and heard,
16 otherwise, God will’reveal even this and saw in me, those practise :

unto you. However as far as we and the God of peace will be with
have reached, let us walk by the you.
same rule.

T I have learned in whatsoever 11 17 Be ye together imitators of me, state I am, therewith to be content. Good ex- brethren, and observe those who I know what it is to be brought 12 be followed

stor who walk after the pattern which low, and I know what it is to and bad ye have in us. For many walk, abound. At all times and in all ones shun- of whom I have told you often, and conditions I am instructed both to

now tell you even weeping, that be full, and to be hungry, both to 18 they are the enemies of the cross abound and to want. I can bear 13 19 of Christ, whose end is the ruin of all things through him, who

others, whose God is their appetite, strengtheneth me. Now unto our 20 whose glory is in their shame, God and Father be glory for ever

whose mind is on earthly things, and ever. Amen. The favour of 23 20 But we are citizens of heaven, our Lord Jesus Christ be with you

whence we look for a deliverer, our all. Amen.

tual ad. vances


i That reward for which Christ designed lem. me at my conversion.

+ Christ, whose example, precepts, pro• By his prophets or appointed teachers. mises, and spiritual gifts, animated the aposa Referring to the destruction of Jerusa- / tle to overcome every difficulty.

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