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with golden-rods. At this delightful season of the year, the sumachs were crimson with bloom and berry, the golden-rod adding brightness and beauty to the scene. How often had he traversed that path with Adrianne at his side, while he breathed into her willing ears his tale of love. His soul was thrilled with hope and joy as only a lover's soul can be; but now a dread, like the cold hand of death, seemed to grip his heart, and threatened to deprive him of life.

"I will hasten to Adrianne, have the marriage over with at once, and then, come what may, she will be my own,” thought Jean.

Only just around that cluster of sumachs and he would be in sight of the cottage which he loved so well.

A few steps more and he would be at the side of one dearer to him than life. Just as he reached the cluster of sumachs, there suddenly rose up in his path three English soldiers, with their hated red coats and hats, and presented three bristling bayonets at his breast, while one, who seemed leader cried :

Halt!” Jean came to a stand-still, then, finding the three redcoats stubbornly barring his way, he sought to evade them and go around on the right; but again that stern harsh voice cried:

Halt!" and the click of gun-cocks warned him that they were preparing to fire.

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Don't attempt that, young man, or, by the Lord Harry, we'll fire and stretch your lifeless body at the road-side. ”

“What will you have?” asked Jean in English. “ You.” “What do you wish with me?"

You will wheel about and march to Grand Pre. Have you not heard the proclamation for all to assemble at Grand Pre who live in this district?

“I heard Monsieur Dupre tell father—_”

“ And yet you would run away. are a young rebel, a deserter, and deserve to hang.”

Please allow me to go to the cottage beyond.” “No." “For just a moment. “Not an instant; march !”

As the young Frenchman still hesitated, the soldiers advanced and brought their muskets at a charge to prod him with their bayonets.

It was a very difficult task; but Jean walked back down the path toward his home, hoping that he would not be detained long at Grand Pre. When he came in sight of his home, he found his father and Monsieur Dupre in the road, guarded by a dozen British soldiers, under a mounted officer. One glance at the officer, and Jean felt his heart sink within him. It was Captain Winslow, his bitterest enemy. They were only waiting for Jean to come up, and then the captain said:

“ Take them to Grand Pre at once, and plunge your bayonets into any who refuse.”

Without another word, the captain galloped away, and the prisoners were hurried to Grand Pre. As they approached the village, men, women and children could be seen pouring in from every road and path, while the air was filled with bitter wailings. Some of the people were being driven in at the point of the bayonet; but a majority, having heard the governor's proclamation, were hastening in fear and trembling to the village.

Other parties joined the three who were driven to the village, so that before they reached the church, the point designated for the gathering, they numbered a score. Among others who came, were Adrianne and her mother.

Jean, Jean,” she whispered, creeping close to the side of her lover, "what will they do with us?”

“ Alas, I know not.”
“Will they slay us?”
“Our marriage, Jean?"

"May have to be postponed, Adrianne; yet we will wed, if it be years from this day."

“I will await you, Jean.” No more was said. Men, women and children

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