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Foice of par, supplications. In the volume of the book 1
hou, Lord, shouldest be ex- is written of me, that 1 should
e to mark what is done amiss, fulfil thy will, O my God: I am
rd. who shall stand ? content to do it; yea, thy lawi
t there is forgiveness with within my heart.
that thou mayest be feared.


From Psalms 24, 47.
From ''salıns 22, 9, 10. L IFT up your heads, O yegatos;
God, my God, look upon

and be ye list up, ye

everlastme: why hast thor: forsaken ing doors, and the King of glory

and art so far from my shall come in. h, and from the words of my Who is the King of glory ? the plaint ?

Lord strong and mighty; even thou art holy, O thou that the Lord nighty in battle. -itest the praises of Israel. Lift up your heads, O ye gates; an a worm, and no man; aand be ye lift up, ye everlasting ach of men, and despised of doors, and the King of glory shall eople.

come in. they that see me laugh me Who is the King of glory even orn; they shoot out the lip, the Lord of hosts, he is the King shake the head, saying, of glory.

trusted in God, that he O clap your hands together, all El deliver him; let him deliv-ye people; shout unto God with 11, if he will have him. lihe voice of triumph.

counsel of the wickedlay- For the Lord most high is ter ege against me; they pierced rible; he is a great King over all ands and my feet.

the earth. ey part my garments among God is gone up with a shout; the and cast lots upon my ves- Lord with the sound of a trumpet.

Sing praises to God, sing praisbe not thou far from me, es; sing praises unto our King : 0 my strength, haste thee sing praiscs. Ip me.

God reigneth over the heathen: y rebuka hath broken my God sitteih upon the throne of ; Tam full of heaviness: This holiness. d for some to have pily on The princes of the people aro It ihere was no man; nei-gathered together, even the poor ound I any to comfort me. Iple of the God of Abraham; for ey gave me all to eat; and the shields of the earth belong 17

I was thirsty, they gave me to God: He is greatly exalted ar to drink. cifice and meat-offering thou

WIIITSUNDAY. lest not; but mine ears hast

From Psalms 2. 68. opened.

I Will declare the decrec le int-offerings and sacrifice Lord hath said unto me, Thoir

hast thou not required : art my Son, this day have 16 said I, LO, I come;

gotten thee.

Desire of me, and I shall givel Thou hast ascended on high ; bee the heathen for thine inhe-thou hast led captivity captive; citance, and the utinost parts of thou hast received gifts for men; Die earth for thy possession. yea, for the rebellious also, that

Be wise now, therefore, 0 ye the Lord God might dwell anong Engs; be instructed, ye judges of them. de earth.

Blessed be the Lord, who daily Serve the Lord with fear, and loadeth us with benefits; even the joice with trembling.

God of our salvation, Sing unto God, sing praises to Sing unto God, ye kingdoms

name: extol him that rideth of the earth: O sing praises unto on the heavens by his name the Lord; , and rejoice before him. To him that rideth upon the Chou, O God, sentest a gra- heaven of heavens, which were as rain upon thine inheritance, of old : Lo, he doth send out his

refreshedst it when it was voice, and that a mighty voice. wy.

Ascribe the strength unto God; ae Lord gave the word; great his excellency is over Israel, and the company of those that his strength is in the clouds. shed it.

O God, thou art terrible out of ugh ye have lain among the thy holy places; the God of Israel vet shall ye be as the wings is he that giveth strength and ove, covered with silver, power unto his people : Blessed rfeathers with yellow gold. be God.




TAe Dirst Day

5 As for the ungodly, it is not so RNING PRAYER. with them ; but they are like the

Beatus vir, qui non riit. chaff, which the wind scattereth ED is the man that hath away from the face of the earth, hlked in the counsel ni

6 Therefore the ungodly shall Ely, nor stood in the not be able to stand in the judg. ners, and hath not sat ment; neither the sinners in the of the scornful:

congregation of the righteous. delight is in the law

7 Blit the Lord knoweth the and in his law will he way of the righteous; and the way mself day and night. of the ungodly sliall perish.

shall be like a tree ewater-side, that will Psalm 2. Quare fremuerunt gentes? is fruit in due season: WHY do the heathen so fuIso shall not wither : riously rage together? and hatsoever lie doeth, why do the people imagine a vain per


EAR me

IT of my righteousness: thou

The hings of the carth stand my voice, and he heard me out of and the rulers take counsel his holy hill. cther ayniust ilie Lord, and 5 I laid me down and slept

, inst his Anointed:

and rose up again; for the Lord Let us break their bonds sustained me. nder, and cast away their 6 I will not be afraid for ten is from us.

thousands of the people, that have He that dwelleth in heaven set themselves against me round I laugh them to scorn : the about. shali have them in derision. 7 Up, Lord, and help me, O my

Then shall he speak to God; for thou smitest all mine min his wrath, and vex them evenies pen the cheek bone: is sore displeasure.

thou hast broken the teeth of the Yet have I set my king upon ungodly. holy hill of Sion.

8 Salvation belongeth unto the I will preach the law, where. Lord; and thy blessing is upon he Lord hath said unto me. thy people. ou art my Son, this day have Psalm 4. Cum invocarem. egoiten ther.

when I call, O God Desire oíme, and I shall give e the heathen for thine iube- hast set nie at liberty, when I was nce, and the utmost parts of in trouble ; have mercy upon me, earth for thy possession. nud hearken unto my prayer. Thou shalt bruise them with 20 ye sons of men, how long d of iron, and break them in will ye blaspheme mine honour

, ces like a poster's vessel. and lave such pleasure in vanity, 0 Be wise now thereiore, o and seek after falsehood ? kings; be learned, ye that are 3 know this also, that the Lord yes of the earth.

hath chosen to himself the man i Serve the Lord in fear, and that is godly: when I call upon bice unto him with reve-the Lord he will hear me.

4 Stand in awe, and sin not; 2 Kiss the Son, lest he be an- commune with your own heart

and so ye perish from the and in your chamber, and be still at way: if his wrath be kin 5 Oter the sacrifice of rigle d, yea but a little, blessed are all teousness, and put your trust in y that put their trust in lim. the Lord. alm 3. Domine, quid multiplicati?

6 There be many that say, ORD, how are they increased Who will show us any good? that trouble me? many are

7 Lord, lift thou

up y that rise against me. thy countenance upon us. Many one there be that say 8 Thou hast put

gladness in the my soul, There is no help for heart, since the time that their a in his God.

com, and wine, and oil increased 3 But thou, O Lord, art my de 9 I will lay me down in peace der; thou art my worship

, and take my rest; for it is than the lifter up of my head.

Lord only that makest me dve 21 did call upon the Lord with in safety.


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the light of


Psalm 3. Verba med arr349. 13 For thou, Lord, wilt give PONDER my words, O Lord, thy blessing unto the righteous,

consider my meditation. and with thy favourable kindness 20 hearkeil thou unto the wilt thou defend him, as with a Sice of my calling, my King, and shield. ay God : for unto the will I

EVENING PRAYER. Lake my prayer.

Psalm 6. Domine, ne in furore. 3 My voice shalt thou hear benes, O Lord; early in the morn

O Lord, rebuke me not in thine will I direct my prayer unto

indignation, neither chasten e, and will look up.

me in thy displeasure.
2 Have mercy upon


0 For thou art the God that hast pleasure in wickedness; nei-Lord, for I am weak: 0 Lord,

hea! me,

for my bones are vexed. shall any evildwell with thee. Such as be foolish, shall not

3 My soul also is sore troubled: d in thy sight; for thou hatest/but, Lord, how long wilt thou em that work vanity.

punish me? Thou shalt destroy them that liver my soul ; O save me, for thy

4 Turn thee, O Lord, and de* lies : The Lord will abhor

mercies' sake: the blood-thirsty and deceit

5 Forin death no man remem. But as for me, I will come

bereth thee; and who will give nine house, even upon the thee thanks in the pit ? ude of thy mercy, and in

6 I am weary of my groaning: ar will I worship toward every night wash I my bed, and y temple.

water my couch with my tears. ead me, O Lord, in thy

7 My beauty is gone for very usness, because of mine trouble, and worn away because $; make thy way plain

of all mine enemies.

8 Away from me, all ye that there is no faithfulness work vanity; for the Lord hath puth; their inward parts

heard the voice of my weeping. wickedness.

9 The Lord bath heard my eir throat is an open se

petition; the Lord will receira they flatter with their my prayer.

10 All mine enemies shall be

confounded, and sore vexed; stroy thou them, O God; berish through their own

they shall be turned back, and ons; cast them out in put to shame suddenly. tude of their ungodli

Psalm 7. Domine, Deus meus. they have rebelled O Lord, my God, in thee have

I put my trust : save me fronı Jet all them that put all thein that persecute me, and in thee rejoice : they dcliver me; be giving of thanks.

? Lest he devour my soul like defendest them ;'a lion, and tear it in pieces, while pvc thy name shall be there is none to help. ree:

in Lord my God, if I bave

my face.


ne any such thing; or if ther:-up a pit, and is fallen himself in

any wickedness in my hands; the destruction that he made 4 li I have rewarded evil unto othe!'. on that deelt friendly with me;

17 For his travail shall con a, I have delivered him thai upon his own head, and bis wic thout any cause is mine enemy;jedness shall fall on his own pat 3 Then let mine enemy prise

13 I will give thanks unto the Ee my soul, and take me; yea, Lord, according to bis righteon

liim tread my lite down upon ness; and I will praise the nam - earth, and lay mine honour of the Lord most high. the dust.

Pom 8. Donine, Dominus noster. Stand up: O Lord, in thy O Lord, our Governor, howerath, and litt up thyself, because cellent is thy name in all the the indignation of mine ene-world ; thou that last set 2s; arise up for incin the jnds- glory above the heavens! nt that thou hast commanded: Out of the Inouth of very

And so shall the congre- babes and sucklings last thou or ion of the people coine about lained strength, because of thine e: for their sakes therefore enemies, that thou mightest stil up thyseli again.

the enemy and the avenger. - The Lord shall judge the 3 l'or I will consider thy hea. -ple: give sentence with me,vens, even the works of Lord, according to my righte-gers; the moon and the stars ness, and according to the in- which thou hast ordained. ency that is in ine.

4 What is man, that thou art o let the wickedness of the mindful of him ? and the son of codly come to an end ; but man, that thou visitest him? de thou the just.

5 Thou madest him lower than For the righteous God tri- the angels, to crown him with the very hearts and reins.

glory and worship. 1 My help cometh of God, 6 Thou makest him to have do• preserveth them that are minion of the works of thy hands: of heart.

and thou hast put all things in 2 God is a righteous judge, suljection under his feet; ng, and patient; and God is 1 All sheep andoxen; yea, and, oked every day.

the beasts of the field; 3 If a man will not turn, he! 8 The fowls of the air, and the whet his sword; he hath bent fishes of the sea; and whatsoever bow, and made it ready. 'walketh through the paths of the

He hath prepared for him seas. nsuruments of death; he or- 9 O Lord, our Governor, how eth his arrows against the excellent is thy name in all the ecutors.

world ! Behold, he travaileth with hief; he hath couceived sor

The second Day.

MORNING PRAYER 1 and brought forti ungod Psalm 9. Confitebor tibi.

I Will give thanks unto thee: 0 He hath graven and digged Lord, with my whole lieart

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