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against the like perverseness; for if we do not obey his laws, we equally reject him.


" and

I receive not honour from men. 42. But I know you,

that ye have not • the love of God in you.

. 43. I am come in


Father's name, ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will re“ ceive.

44. How can ye believe, which receive honour one of another, and seek not the honour that cometh from God only ?”

They pretended to love and honor God; but the Searcher of hearts here reproves them for their hypocrisy, and for receiving honor from men of which they were totally unworthy. The man of real piety is truly humble, and rejoices in that honor which is paid to God alone, to whom he is ever ready to ascribe it. They honored each other for the

purpose of imposing on the world : not that

they they could have a regard for their companions in deceit; for there is no true friendship in vice : religion and virtue are its only foundations. Our blessed Saviour taught doctrines which they did not choose to follow: his divine gospel was of a nature too pure and refined to suit their conduct; for which reason, they rejected both him and the Christian religion. An impostor who should come in his own name, would be much more likely, as our Saviour observes, to find credit with them: he would find it his interest to indulge them in, or at least to wink at, many

of their favorite vices; and would, consequently, acquire numerous proselytes amongst them. We find this observation fully verified in the Jewish history; where many pretenders to the character of the Messiah are related to have started up, and to have been zealously followed by

the people.

45. Do not think that I will accuse “ you to the Father : there is one that

" accuseth

“ accuseth you ; even Moses, in whom

ye trust.

46. For had ye believed Moses, ye “ would have believed me; for he wrote

But if ye believe not his writeings, how shall

ye believe my words?

of me.

How does the clemency and benignity of our Lord here display itself! It was not from him, ill as they had used him, that they were to fear accusation ; but from Moses; that prophet upon whom their whole faith and trust were built! His writings so fully pointed to our blessed Lord, that they were a constant monument of the folly of the Jews in denying him, and clearly proved that their professions of belief in him were merely superficial; otherwise they would have attended to him, in a matter of the utmost importance to their salvation ; and would then have found, that his predictions respecting the Messiah, were completely verified in the person of Jesus Christ : but they wanted that humility and meek



ness for which Moses was so conspicuous, to be in reality his disciples.

Thus we see, that the Jews, by their pride and obstinacy, lost that inestimable privilege which, as the chosen people of God, they enjoyed above all other nations, in being the depositaries of the revealed will of the Almighty, and suffered the Gentile world to step before them in the race of faith in that blessed Redeemer, in whom all the nations of the earth are to be blessed.

Let us endeavor to profit by their example, and shun every species of pride and arrogance : let us diligently search the Scriptures, for in them we know we have the words of eternal life; and let us petition the Father of Mercies, that the sacred truths they contain, and which are the delight of a pious mind, may fink deep into our hearts; that each successive perusal of them may be attended with additional spiritual gifts, and bring forth in us the fruits of good-living, to his honor and glory, and to the salvation of our own


souls. Grant this, merciful Lord, for thy dear Son's sake, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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