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$1. OR. Rhodes $50% radley and Mii S. C.

and on the 15th of the same the lady paid for at the time with the exception of managers gave a bazaar, which was very $15,000. Mr. M. A. Hanna and Mr. J. H. successful both financially and socially. Wade gave $1,000 each towards the Annex A quotation from the “Cleveland Herald” and the Burnham endowment fund of of November 18th, 1879, makes interesting $5,000 was applied on the same by the reading: “The sweet-faced goddess of consent of Mr. Burnham. During the charity spread her wings over the Hospital past year we succeeded in raising the $15,last evening and smiled approval on the 000, of which Yr. J. D. Rockefeller conwork which has been accomplished. Her tributed $5,000, Mr. M. A. Hanna $4,000, smiles were reflected in the hearts of the Mr. J. H. Wade and Mr. D. Z. Norton great throng of generously disposed peo- $1,000 each, Mr. Calvary Morris and Mr. ple. No enterprise ever started in Cleve R. R. Rhodes $500 each, Myron T. Herland has received a more flattering testi- rick $275, M. A. Bradley and Mr. C. S. monial to its worth than this—the formal Barrett $250 each, Mrs. D. H. York, S. C. opening of the Huron Street Hospital. Smith, Mrs. John Huntington $200 each, Before seven o'clock carriage after car- and the following $100 each: Mrs. Chas. riage discharged their loads of ladies and Seabrook, Mrs. Kate N. Rhodes, Mrs. D. gentlemen in front of the institution, and P. Rhodes, Dan R. Hanna, Mrs. Luther before eight o'clock, the hour set for the Allen, Mrs. I. N. Topliff, Mrs. W. A. Price, formal presentation of the key to the Pre- Mrs. H. Frasch, Mrs. A. C. Hord, W. C. sident, Mr. T. P. Handy, by the chairman Rhodes, the Rhodes & Beidler Coal Co.; the of the committee, Dr. D. H. Beckwith, the staff of the hospital gave about $500, and rooms and halls were literally jammed other sums ranging from $1.00 to $50. The with people, who composed the elite, in- endowment fund is small but growing. telligence, and wealth of the city. The Several years ago Mrs. H. M. Bradley left dedicatory address was given by Rev. $5,000 to the hospital. This sum was a John Brown, rector of Trinity Cathedral, start for an endowment. And to end our and on behalf of the citizens of Cleveland year's work, February 1st, 1902, Mrs. Mary offered their congratulations on the com- H. Castle gave to the hospital $10,000. pletion of the noble building." Dr. W. T. This was added to the endowment at the Miller was installed as House Physician, last meeting of the trustees, making our and it goes without saying that the Hospi endowment $15,000. We closed the year tal Association was fortunate in making entirely out of debt and with a snug so good a selection.

balance on hand. November 1st, 1880, the first report of At this writing, April 22nd, we have the Hospital work was made, including torn out the old closets and bath tubs and the three-and-one-half months lapsing modern ones have been put in. We have from November 17th, 1879. It was as fol- put the Kern lights through the hospital lows: Patients admitted 61. Discharged and annex. This will do away with the 40. Died 1. Remaining 25. Of these pa- dirt and smoke of the old burners and give tionts 41 were pay and 20 were free. In far superior light than the old gas iet. less than ten years the number of patients Lineoleum will be placed in all the halls, treated yearly had increased to 528.

which will brighten them up considerably. From this time onward the work of the From November, 1879, to February, hospital showed a steady growth and from 1882, a period of twelve years and four 1892 to 1902 was more than doubled. The months, there were admitted 5,298 payear ending February 1st, 1902, showed a tients, and from February 1st, 1892, to total number of patients, treated in the February 1st, 1902, a period of ten years, hospital 1,413 and outside cases 1,282. there were admitted 10,118 patients, mak

About seven years ago the present annex ing a total number of patients admitted was built at a cost of about $30,000, in- 15,418. This does not include the number cluding machinery, etc., all of which was of patients admitted in the old building,

street Euclid Ave. cars). It will be open all day for the accommodation of visitors.

which occupied the present site, as the records were lost. THE HISTORY OF THE CLEVELAND HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL COLLEGE.

By D. H. Beckwith, M. D. We confidently expect every alumnus of the college to subscribe for this book. It will contain a complete college history and include also histories of the College Societies, The Huron Street Hospital, the College Fraternities, and the Cleveland Homeopathic Medical Societies. The book will be very profusely illustrated with half tones of all the buildings in which the college has been at various times housed, together with portraits of all the Trustees, Professors and Instructors who have at any time been connected with it. The cost of the volume is not determined, but will not exceed $2.50.

Subscription blanks will be found in the college headquarters, THE HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF HOMEOPATHY.

By Bushrod W. James, M. D. We call particular attention to Dr. James history. This has been running in the Homeopathic Recorder for some months. The papers already published have been issued in book form, which is Volume I. of a series which, when complete, will consist of several good sized books.

Boericke and Tafel are the publishers, and this is sufficient guarantee of the mechanical execution of the book, while Dr. James' well known ability as a writer makes any comment unnecessary. Dr. James has already written a number of books, among which are: THE POLITICAL FRESHMAN. ALASKANA, OR LEGENDS OF ALASKA. ECHOES OF BATTLE. ALASKA, ITS NEGLECTED PAST AND


DAWN OF A NEW ERA. Every member of the Institute should have a copy of this History.

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ASSOCIATION. A cordial invitation has been extended to all attending the Institute to visit the building of this association at 586 Prospect

At Rest.

Richard Hughes,

April 12, 1902.

William Tod Helmuth,

May 15, 1902.


All the recommendations of the business By J. B. Gregg Custis, M. D., Washington, D. C. address were approved, though they have

Those of us who were intimately con- not all been practically tried. The most nected with the administration of the important one bearing upon medical eduAmerican Institute during the year 1897 cation, has not yet received the consideracannot fail to feel great satisfaction in tion which its importance demands. reading the Transactions of that year. Not Our school was the first to demand four a shadow of discord appears on the pages, years' attendance upon medical lectures. so we name the characteristic of the ad. By recommendation of the Association of ministration to be harmony, which was American Medical Colleges and the action

of certain universities, it looks as if this step towards the elevation of the standard of the school was to be made the means of drawing students from our institutions; as the universities referred to only shorten the course for those holding the degree of Bachelor of Arts, or Sciences, who have pursued a special course, their efforts do not lower the standard. Therefore, the subject is worthy of our most serious consideration, and we would ask that the present administration again present the subject to the Institute or its proper committees for study and report.

We are aware of all the difficulties involved because of State laws, lack of university connections and professional jealousy, but will be glad to aid our Executive Committee in the formulating of a plan which will meet the necessities of the case.

The year also marked the establishment

of the International Bureau of HomeoJ B. Gregg Custis, M. D

pathy which, up to the present time, has

made no public report, but is still workevident from the time of the election of its ing to bring about the result promised at officers to the first of January, 1898. Har- that time, and hopes in the near future to mony was its characteristic, and was made present a report which will be of interest possible because of the recognition on the and benefit to the Institute. part of the Institute that the aim of all Several amendments to the By-Laws connected with the Executive Committee were made at the recommendation of the was to bring about progress for the school committee, all of which have worked satisthrough the magnifying of its history and factorily. I will not refer to them in detail methods, and the nourishing of its hopes as it is proposed to shake the whole fabric for the future.

at the coming meeting. We sincerely hope The administration was not marked by that the efforts to bring about radical any new or great achievement, but it feels changes will be fruitless, as we fail to see that it helped materially to round out the a necessity for such agitation so long as century, and still hopes that what was we find no evidence of stagnation in our prophetically announced in the President's grand old Institute. address may be fully realized in the near During the year 1897 the Monument future.

Committee was especially active, and by


its zeal drew the attention of many of the against those who, in their efforts to members from their usual fields of labor follow the scientific nihilism of the present and enlisted their active support, so hast day, forget that by virtue of the teachings ening a consummation of their efforts of Hahnemann and the law of homeopathy towards the erection of that memorial they are better able to fulfill the real office which has done and will do more to keep of physician which is to cure disease. before the public and the profession the achievements and teaching of our founder Note.—Dr. Custis' article was received than could have been done by any other May 21st. The “Reporter" had been in method.

the hands of the printer nearly ten days. We hope that like harmony to that which This will explain the position as an insert marked 1897 may be in evidence at the which the article occupies. Though the Cleveland meeting, and that the meeting article came so late we are glad to include may mark renewed vigor in our fight it in the series.

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