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Middleton or Myddelton of Chirk Castle, Denbigh, Stanstead

, Mountfichet, Esser, and other places.*

PEDIGREE E. (See page 220.)

Elizabeth Davers. 2nd wife=Sir Thomas Middleton, 4th son, of Chirk Castle, Denbigh, etc

Hester Middleton, “Sir Henry Salusbury, Mary Middle-Sir John Maynard, Knight of the Bath, 2nd son of Sir Henry Maynard of
died 26 January | Knt. and Bart. (See ton, married Estaines Parva, Essex, by Susan, 2nd da. of Thomas Pierson, Gentleman
1614 ; buried at another part of this at St. Mary Usher of the Star Chamber, and brother of William, 1st Lord Maynard ;
Stanstead Mount-

Pedigree for Aldermary 25 born 1592; M.P. for Chippenham 1623-4, and in 1st Parliament, Charles I.,
fichet. 1st wife. Salusbury descent.) November for Colne in 2nd Parliament, Charles I., and for Lostwithiel in Long

Parliament; impeached of high treason and imprisoned in the Tower of
London 1 February-3 June 1647-8; died 29 July 1658, and buried in
churchyard of Tooting Graveney. (See · Dict. Nat. Biog.,'xxxvii., 155.)


Sir John Maynard, knighted Anne Maynard, baptized 7 June 1660; died 14 May at Bromley St. Leonard's 1664.




27 December 1627.

John: Marynards.

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Timothy Middleton of Stanstead Mountfichet, Essex, born about 1590; matriculated at Martha, sole da. and heir of
Queen's College, Oxford, 14 July 1605, aged 15 ; entered of Gray's Inn 1607; entered | Robert Johnson, Sheriff of
his pedigree 1634 ; married 6 September 1614 at St. Andrew's Undershaft, London ; London 1617-18; married in
High Sheriff of Essex 20 Charles I.; died 24 May 1655; buried 13 June following at or before 1622 ; buried at
Stanstead Mountfichet. Will dated 10 May, proved 23 June 1655.

Stanstead Mountfichet 7
December 1640. She brought
her husband a considerable
estate at Poplar and Bromley.

ARMS : Azure, a chevron between three falcons or.


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* Communicated by G. MILNER-GIBSON-CULLUM, Esq., F.S.A.-continued from p. 235.

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Barbara Middleton, 5th da., baptized 6 May 1628 7 John Micklethwayt, Esq., Joan Middleton, 6th da., baptized 14 February 1638 at Bromley St. Leonard's ; married 3 September | Justice of the Peace, of at Bromley St. Leonard's ; buried 23 January 1640 1653 at Stanstead Mountfichet. Dead by 1668, when Swine, Holderness, York- at Stanstead Mountfichet. she had only two children alive.

shire, died April 1660.

1 Joseph Micklethwayt of Swine, aged 10 in 1666. Ward Constance, his 1st cousin, da. of Anne Micklethwayt, alive 1668. Ward of his aunt Constance, Lady Henley.

Thomas Middleton.

of her aunt Constance, Lady Henley.

Thomas Micklethwayt of Swine, eldest Joseph Micklethwayt of Swine and Cosbam Barbara Mickle-=. .Per- Elizabeth Mickle-
son and heir, Lieut.-General of the in Durham, 2nd son, M.P. for Arundel and thwayt, sole kins. thwayt, alive 31
Ordnance ; M.P. for Arundel; died Hull; created Baron Micklethwayt of executrix and

January 1688.
March 1718. Will, "of Devonshire Portarlington 11 George I., and Viscount residuary legatee
Street, St. Andrew's, Holborn," dated Micklethwayt of Longford 13 George I., under will of her

Anne Mickle-
23 September 1715 ; Codicil 12 August both in the Peerage of Ireland ; died un- uncle Charles

thwayt, alive 31 1717; Adm'on granted 12 June 1718 married 16 January 1733-4. Will dated Middleton, which

January 1688.
to brother Joseph.

24 July 1733 ; Codicil 5 January 1733-4; she proved 16
proved 16 January 1733-4 by Executrix May 1705. She
Mrs. Ann Ewer, who also profited largely was alive and
by Thomas Micklethwayt's will.

married 24 July

Mary Middleton,=Sir Samuel Jones, Knt., of Courteenhall, North- Anne Middleton, T Benjamin De la Noy alias Lannoy, Merchant, of
3rd da., baptized ants, M.P. for Shrewsbury 1656—60; knighted 4th da., proved St. Mary Axe, London, buried at Stanstead
24 September 2 September 1660; died 1670, and founded her husband's Mountfichet 12 November 1675. Will dated 9
1622 at Bromley the Free School at Courteenhall. One of his will ; buried at November 1675 ; proved 28 June 1676. He
St. Leonard's. sisters and coheirs Susanna married Sir Drue Stanstead Mount- was a descendant of Jean de la Noy, mercer to

Drury, Bart., of Riddlesworth, Norfolk. fichet 19 August Queen Elizabeth.
Another, Dorothy, married Edward Long of 1686.
Rood Ashton, Wilts.

Beniam in fame

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Middleton Sir Timothy Lannoy, Knt., Turkey Merchant ; mentioned as a Elizabeth, Samuel Lannoy, mentioned as younger Lannoy,

younger son 9 November 1675. In 1693, together with his da. of .. son 9 November 1675; he was a Governor
eldest son ;

brother-in-law George Treadway, he purchased the villa at died 19 of St. Thomas's Hospital. Will, "of
of King's Hammersmith, late the property of Prince Rupert, built by Sir January Fulham, Middlesex, Mercht," 28 Decem-
College, Nicholas Crispe. Died 12 September 1718, aged 73, and 1700-1, ber 1703 ; proved 12 January 1703-4 by

buried 30 September following in Hammersmith Church, where aged 38, brother Timothy; he left “the black

there is a M.I. Adm'on granted to his son James 7 October and buried Pad or Saddle horse which I now com-
B.A.1669; 1718, and a further one 22 January 1723-4 to Jane, relict at Ham- monly ride upon to my cousin James
M.A. 1673. and Executrix of James.

mersmith Wittewronge, Esq.”; buried 5 January
ARMS : Azure, a chevron between two geese in chief and a 27 January 1703 at Hammersmith.
pair of shears in base argent; impaling, Argent, a fesse azure.


James Lannoy, only son and heir, died Jane, only da. of Thomas Frederick, TJames Leonora Lannoy, Catherine Lannoy,
13 January 1723-4. “ An eminent Esq., of Westminster, by Leonora, Murray, baptized 30 Sep- baptized 4 Oct. 1698
Turkey Merchant. He lay in state at da. and heir of Charles Maresco of 2nd Duke tember 1692; at Hammersmith ;
his house at Hammersmith & was buried London, and sister to Sir John of Athole; buried 4 Febru- goddaughter of her
in the chapel there in a very sumptuous Frederick, 1st Bart. ; died 13 June married

ary 1693, both at

uncle Samuel; alive
manner. The procession being lighted 1748, aged 55, and buried at St. 1726 ; Hammersmith. 28 Dec. 1703, when
by 200 wax-tapers ” (Brit. Jour., Olave's, Old Jewry. Will dated 29 died 8

left £500 by him.
25 January 1724, quoted in Lowndes' May 1748 ; proved 16 June 1748 January

Diana Lannoy,
'Environs of London,'ii., 410). Buried by John, Earl of Craufurd, and 1764. baptized 17 Oc- Martha Lannoy,
28 (18) Jan. 1723-4 at Hammersmith. adm'on de bonis non 3 August 1750 | 2nd hus- tober 1696 at

baptized 18 Dec.
Will dated 1 July 1719 ; proved 17 Jan. to George Ross, Esq., adm'or of John, band. Hammersmith. 1699; buried 5 Dec.
1723-4 by relict and Ex'trix. 1st hus- Earl of Craufurd, deceased.

1700, both at Hamband.




Leonora Lannoy, only da., bap-=? (Marriages, 'Gent. James Murray, Jane Murray, Charlotte Murray, TJohn Murray, 3rd tized 23 June 1720 at Fulham. Mag.,'" 1748, Sept. 14. Marquis of Tul- died s.p. Baroness Strange Duke of Athole,

; In 1748 she sold the house at Captain Godson, of a libardine ; died

and Sovereign of her cousin ; marHammersmith, then tenanted Man of War, to Miss at Dunkeld 13 John Lindsey, the Isle of Man ; ried 30 October by the Duke and Duchess of Lanoy of Hammer- February 1736, Earl of Crau- died 13 October 1753; died 5 NoAthole, to George Dodington, smith.)

aged 9 months. furd.


vember 1774. afterwards Lord Melcombe.

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Anne Lannoy, mentioned 9 November 1675 ; marriage licence, Vicar-General, 2 November George Treadway, Turkey Merchant; was 1686, spinster, aged about 28, at her own disposal, alleged by Timothy Lannoy. To be of St. Peter le Poor November 1686, and married at St. Peter le Poor. On 28 December 1703 her brother Samuel left her “my aged about 40. Will,“ of Fulham, Midbagg and little Trunk of Rings, meddalls, Stones, and Jewels to be distributed amongst dlesex, Merchant,” dated 17 October herself, her children, and our brother Lannoy's children." In 1709 she quitted claim to 1702 ; proved 23 November following by the premises purchased by her brother and husband in Hammersmith and Fulham for relict and Executrix ; buried 5 November £6900. Alive 1 July 1719.

1702 at Hammersmith.

George Timothy Tread- Treadway. way.


. Anne Elizabeth Catherine Treadway, bap- Mary Treadway, baptized 11 July Diana Treadway, baptized Tread- Tread- tized 18 June 1692 at 1693 at Hammersmith; god- 9 February 1694 ; buried

daughter of her uncle Samuel. 1 December 1695, both at Hammersmith. way. way.

Alive 28 December 1703, when Hammersmith. All alive 17 October 1702.

left £500 by him.

Martha Middleton, eldest da., FRev. William Carter, Preacher of Elizabeth Middleton, 2nd Sir John Wittewronge, Bart., of Rothliving 16 July 15 Car. II. St. Giles, Cripplegate, died 21 da., marriage allegation 17 | amstead, Herts, etc., who had previously (1663).

Mar. 1657-8 (Smith's Obituary'). June 1641, she aged 23, he, married her cousin Mary, da. of Sir
Will, "of Cripplegate, Clerke," widower, aged 23 ; married Thomas Middleton of Chirk. (See
dated 1 September 1657 ; proved 24 June 1641 at Stanstead | WITTEWRONGE Pedigree.)
6 May 1658 by Geo. Potter, Sir Mountfichet; died 6 Octo-
John Wittewronge having re- ber 1649; buried 18 Octo-

ber following at Harpen-
den, Herts.


John Witterung


I William Carter, mentioned Mary Carter, mentioned 1 Septem- Lydia Carter, 1 September 1657. ber 1657, alive January 1688.

alive January

1688. Martha Carter, mentioned Elizabeth Carter, mentioned 1 Sep1 September 1657.

tember 1657, alive January 1688.


GERY, and CULLUM. (See those Pedigrees.)



Thomas Middleton, eldest Thomas Middleton of Stanstead Constance, da. of Tho-=Sir Andrew Henley, Bart., of Bramshill, Hants, son, died young

Mountfichet, 2nd son, baptized | mas Bromefeild, Alder- marriage allegation 2 May 1672, to be married at
22 July 1630_at Bromley St. of London, by St. Mary's, Islington, he about 46, she about 35.

Robert Middleton, 3rd Leonard's; High Sheriff of Joan his wife ; baptized His first wife was Mary, da. of Sir John Gayer,
son, baptized 27 March Essex; married at St. Antho- 25 May 1634 at St. Knt., Lord Mayor of London. Will dated
1633 at Bromley St. lin’s, London, 2 March 1651-2 ; | Antholin's, London. 14 September 1672 ; Codicil 8 May 1675; proved
Leonard's; buried 14 Fe- buried 21 August 1668 at Stan-

14 June 1675 by Sir Robert Henley, Knt., the
bruary 1641 at Stanstead stead Mountfichet. Will dated

brother, and 26 June 1675 by Sir Robert Henley, Mountfichet. 16 June 1668 ; proved 22 May

Bart., the son. 2nd husband. 1669, and twice after. 1st husband.

Anne Middleton, of Stanstead Mountfichet, died unmarried. Will dated 31
January 1688, when she was living at Southwark; proved 5 February 1689-90.

Martha Middleton, baptized 23 April 1663; buried 27 May 1666, both at Stanstead Mountfichet.


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Aun: Middleton ;

Bromfeild Middleton, Merchant, of London, born 21 March 1664, and baptized 14 April following at Stanstead Mountfichet; buried 17 July 1690 at Stanstead Mountfichet. Will dated 13 January 1686 ; Codicil 30 March 1687; proved 22 July 1690 by

brother Charles. G

Charles Middleton, first of Horsley, Essex, and secondly of Hintlesham, Suffolk, baptized 12 August 1668 at Stanstead Mountfichet; buried there 15 April 1705. Will dated 9 October 1702; Codicil 7 April 1705 ; proved 16 May following by niece Barbara Micklethwayt.

Constance TJoseph Mickle-
Middleton, thwayt, her 1st
alive 31 cousin (whom


Catherine Middleton, born 29 December 1655 ; baptized 8 January 1656 at Stanstead Mountfichet.

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