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Here is a man who makes his business

year end in March: this statement was drawn not quite a week after St. Patrick's Day.

The statement is made out very nicely until we come to the item of expense. Expenses for the year are stated to be $1365.99, and less than a quarter of an inch below we encounter this entry: "withdrawals for personal account, $1561.22."

We have no way of knowing just exactly what this last entry means, but we have little

ments the form described at various times in the Bulletin, and have just finished reading Mr. Mason's book, 'The Druggist and His Profits.' My own statement came out this year so like those of druggists who have about the same annual sales that you have commented on, that I couldn't resist the temptation to send the figures to you."

The record is so clear and the statement so accurate that we can find nothing to say, aside from this general commendation.


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At the Fort Worth meeting of the Texas Pharmaceutical Association Z. E. Marvin was elected president.

Mr. Marvin is a native of Michigan; in 1901 he went from Adrian, 60 miles from Detroit, to the largest State in the Union. Ten years

6 leventory of stock beginning of year 7 Purchases during year & Total cost of merchandise 9 laventory of stock end of year 10. Net coat of merchandise sold during year

6000. 3030.89

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11. Gross profits 12 Carrent expenses 13. Net profits 14 Total income from business


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choice but to accept it as the proprietor's salary. It should therefore be added to expenses before we proceed further in an analysis of the business. Expenses, therefore, must be set down as $2927.21.

Sales for the year are $9183.31, cost of goods sold $5599.54, and gross profit $3583.77.

Subtracting the $2927.21, expenses, from the gross profits, we get a net profit of $656.56.

We find the percentage of gross profit to be 39; of expense, 32; of net profit, 7.

A NORTH CAROLINA STATEMENT. Gross profit, in percentage, is 38.7, the percentage of expense is 25.5, and the net profit is 13.2 per cent.

The manager of this store is a close student

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Frank Royal Purcell, Jr., five months old, son of F. R. Two other sons of F. R. Purcell, Marlow, Oklahoma, doing Purcell, proprietor of Purcell Drug Company's store, Marlow, their best to get on the outside of a large, juicy melon-and Oklahoma.

gucceeding, too! Druggists' Children.

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