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XXV. A JAPANESE FALCONER. From the "Ehon Taka Kagami," or Mirror of Falconry.

The merits of the work from which this plate has been reproduced in facsimile (No. 371) have been already noticed on p. 212. This figure has been selected in preference to many others in order to show the form of the Japanese hood (zukin), glove (yugaki), jesses (ashikawa, i.e., leg leathers), creance (okinawa), and frisfrass (buchi), which is a stick of wistaria, with the end teased out like a Japanese tooth-brush, used to cleanse the beaks of goshawks and falcons.


The figure of a hooded Tiercel on the glove, which appears in the vignette on the title-page, and was drawn and engraved for this work by Mr. G. E. Lodge, being on rather too small a scale to show all the accessories, it has been thought desirable to give a larger figure of a trained Falcon, unhooded, from an excellent photograph recently taken by Lieut.-Col. H. Watson. Here is the hood:

[graphic][merged small]


NOTE.-The number of books in different languages which relate wholly or in part
to Falconry and are catalogued in this volume, chronologically under the head of
Countries, amounts to 378.

This Index to their authors, artists, printers, and publishers contains in addition the
names of other writers whose works-historical, biographical, and critical-have been
referred to in the Notes, as affording "side-lights" on the literature of the subject not
without interest and value.

The figures following these names refer in every case to the page, and not to the
serial number of the Catalogue.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Barlow, Francis, 26, 151, 252
Barnes, Juliana, 1, 2

Barr, the brothers, 261
Barr, John, 262

Barrachin, Edmond, 108, 268
Bartel, 81, 82, 83, 88, 153
Bartholome, 12
Bartolus, F., 176

Bassæus, N., 173

Basset, Thomas, 27

Bassett, John, 31

Batman, 12

Baucher, 94

Baudrillart, J. J., ix, 90, 95

Bearn, Vicomte de, III

Bearzi, Abbé de, 45

Beauvais, Vincent de, 109, 161

Bechstein, J. M., 52

Beckmann, John, 35, 52

Behague, Comte de, 82
Bein, Prof., 54
Bekkers, P., 265

Belany, J. C., 39, 202

Belisaire Aquaviva, 95, 162, 172
Bell, John, 180, 187, 208

Belon, Pierre, 76, 78

Beltran de la Cueva, 117

Belvallette, Alfred, xxv, 107, 268
Benoit Maichin, 108

Bergantini, Gio. Pietro, xxvi, 146,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
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