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has been successfully employed in the clinic of Berillon.

One of the latest novelties in this peculiar category of instruments is a little electric lamp which so long as it is grasped tightly in the hand remains lighted, but whose light becomes extinguished as soon as the hand-grasp is relaxed. The subject having tightened his hold until the light has appeared is told to rivet his attention thereupon. The hypnotist then suggests that the patient's eyes are showing fatigue and that with the approach of sleep the hand-grasp will gradually relax; that finally, when the light goes out, sleep will come. Of course the hand must relax and the consequent disappearance of the light generally results in the sensitive subject's simultaneously falling asleep as a result of the suggestion.

Some hypnotists require their subjects

to gaze intently at a large, staring human BALL AND HELMET DEVICE THAT ENSURES SLUMBER.

eye drawn upon a card. They are told

to refrain from winking, as much as posrather than of a box, and the pivot ro

sible, and are given the definite suggestates a small lamp with concave re

tion that the eye will ultimately "stare flector. Like a miniature flash beacon the the

them out” and cause sleep. light alternately appears and disappears. Many ignorant persons attribute suThis device boasts of an advantage over pernatural powers to the common magothers in that its luminosity is self-con- net. Taking advantage of this, some tained and that it may be employed in hypnotists employ upon such a class of darkness. A magnesium light is preferred for use within the lamp. Magnesium rays are supposed to have extraordinary hypnotic power.

Still another aid to hypnotism is the “vibrating coronet. This, lately invented by Dr. Gaiffe, of Paris, consists of three bands of metal encircling the head. Branch strips extend to the eyelids, and by force of a spring gently vibrate against them. By manipulation of the adjustment it may be regulated to fit any head and to vibrate the lids of any eyes. This engine for ocular fatigue



go out. The candle, cut short for the purpose, burns itself out and the sensitive consequently falis asleep when there is no longer a vestige of light in the room.

If a bottle cannot be had, sometimes a cone, about a foot long, is made of paper and the subject is made to concentrate his gaze upon the naked candle flame by holding the large end of the cone to his eyes. Sometimes eye fatigue is produced also by requiring the patient to "stare himself out" by gazing intently into the pupils of his own eyes, which remain visible in a mirror until the bit of candle burns out, as before. A still simpler makeshift is a long lead-pencil placed between the teeth of the subject, who is required to "run his eyes” up and down its surface, between its outer extremity and a point as near as possible to his mouth.

Stimuli of hearing as well as of sight A DIFFICULT Case BROUGHT UNDER CONTROL.

and touch are successfully employed ;

taste and smell have generally given subjects a steel magnet in the shape of a negative results. The ticking of a watch tube, with a long slit running from end has been used. The sudden stroke of a to end. Across this slit fits an armature gong hypnotizes veteran subjects in the of steel and having placed his finger Hospital Salpetriere, Paris. through the tube the subject is instructed The first aid to sleep was given by to work the armature on and off, alter- Providence to our arboreal ancestors, the nately. He is assured that this will pro- apes. This was the bough, the ancestor mote sleep after a time and suggestions of increasing sleepiness will fulfill the prediction if the subject is sensitive.

Physicians called to treat nervous cases must often employ as mechanical aids to hypnotism such makeshifts as the household affords. A candle placed behind an ordinary brown or colored bottle is sometimes used in lieu of a hypnotic lamp. The candle flame focuses itself at a spot on the side of the bottle nearest the patient, who has been given the suggestion that sleep will result when, after staring fixedly at this spot the light will


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of the cradle. When the wind blew selves by concentrating their eyes upon there was communicated to the muscular their fingers held to their noses, and thus sense of baby ape a monotony of feel- stood motionless for a long period. ing and to the ocular muscles the air Twelve thousand repetitions of the sacred pressing against the eyelids communi- word "om” hypnotized the Dandins of cated fatigue. Savage men employed India until they became cataleptic. monotony of sounds, such as the magic T he pessimists of science tell us that drum-beat of the Lapp, the Indian's man is, day by day, straying wider from song to the infant and the invalid. Hyp- nature's path and following the high road notism is also practiced by our Indians toward complete artificiality; that he is in their “Ghost Dance," 'while the Hesy- forgetting how to sleep. Is the day apchasts of Mt. Athos remained motion- proaching when posterity will depend less for days with their hypnotic gaze upon such mechanisms as those described fixed upon a selected object.

above to launch them, nightly, down the The Taskedrugites hypnotized them- ways of Lethe Wharf?

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Man's Fight With a Monster

By Wilbur Bassett

EDERAL aid is at hand for miles of country, and its waters laden ses the mighty struggle with with sand and sharp-cutting particles of Wress the spring floods of the granite have dug their way into the tre

American Nile, the Colo- mendous plateau of Arizona, and formed B

rado River of the West. that unimagined chasm which we call the

www Private corporations have Grand Canon of Arizona. Ten thousand tilted their puny lances with this plumed vertical feet the river has cut down its knight of the mountains, a transconti- bed, and, rolling restlessly, has widened nental railroad has bid it turn back, and the chasm above it to many miles, grindthen, like King Canute, has fled in con ing and crushing great boulders, and carsternation and surprise from its advanc- rying the heavy particles swirling along ing waves. Now, when a million acres to the sea. From this red rock the river of fertile land and the future of two takes its name, and with this weapon it great valleys are threatened, the Federal has achieved its immeasurable task. There

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government is about to lend its aid to the are no “mile wide mutterings" from the curbing of the great and turbulent river. Colorado, but rather the dash and roar

To understand the problem, which has of the Kootenai, the steady clamor as of been growing more serious day by day a great factory grinding and stamping during the past two years, one must have as it hurries along its groove. an eye to the uncanny topography of this Approaching Mexico, the river issues curious country. The Colorado in its abruptly from its granite walls to meet upper courses drains 225,000 square the Gila River. Here the land of solid

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