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my life.

they have laid privily for me : of mine acquaintance (m) were for thou art my strength.

afraid of me; and they, that did 6 Into thy hands I com- see me without, conveyed themmend (b) my spirit : for thou hast

selves from me. redeemed me, O Lord, thou God 14 I am clean forgotten, as a of truth.

dead man out of mind : I am 7 I have hated them that hold become like a broken vessel. of superstitious vanities : and my 15 For I have heard the blastrust hath been in the Lord.

phemy (n) of the multitude : and 8 I will be glad, and rejoice fear is on every side, while they in thy mercy : for thou hast

conspire together against me, and considered my trouble, and hast take their counsel to take away known (i) my soul in adversities.

9 Thou hast not shut me up 16 But my hope hath been in into the hand of the enemy : but thee, O Lord : I have said, hast set my feet (k) in a large “ Thou art my God.” room.

17 My time is in thy hand; 10 Have mercy upon me, O deliver me from the hand of mine Lord, forlam in trouble and mine enemies : and from them that eye is consumed for very heavi

persecute me. ness ; yea, my soul, and my body. 18 Shew thy servant the light

11 For my life is waxen old of thy countenance : and save me with heaviness : and my years for thy mercies' sake. with mourning.

19 Let me not be confounded, 12 My strength faileth me, be- O Lord, for I have called (0) cause of mine iniquity (l): and upon thee : let the ungodly be my bones are consumed.

put to confusion, and be put to 13 I became a reproof among

silence in the grave. all mine enemies, but especially 20 Let the lying lips be put among my neighbours : and they to silence : which cruelly, dis

v. 6.

mayest not be lightly spoken of, for suf-
fering one who fully trusts in thee to be
in misery, &c. See note on Ps. xxv. 10.

(b) I commend,” &c. When our
Saviour was upon the cross, the last
words he uttered were, “ Father, into

thy hands I commend my spirit," and having said thus, he gave up the ghost. Luke xxxiii. 46.

(i)“ Known,'' i.e. preserved, secured.. See note on Ps. i. 7.

(k) “ Hast set my feet,” &c. i. e. hast given me ample room either to prepare

for defence against mine enemy, or to escape,

In the triumphal hymn, Ps. xviii. 19. 36. it was part of his thanksgiving, that God “ had brought “ him forth into a place of liberty, and had “ made room enough under him for to go:" and in Job xxxvi. 16. Elihu says,

(i. e. God) “would have removed thee is out of the strait into a broad place, « where there is no straitness."

(1) Iniquity,'' i.e. afflictions.

(m) They of mine acquaintance," : &c. He makes a similar complaint, Ps

. xxxviii. II.

My lovers and my neigh• bours did stand looking upon my “ trouble,” (i.e. without giving me any help) “and my kinsmen stood afar off ;" and Ps. Ixxxvii. 18."

My “ lovers and friends hast thou put away “ from me, and hid mine acquaintance “ out of my sight.”

(1) “ Blasphemy," i. e. perhaps, in Ps. x. 12. 14. in insinuating that God “ careth not for what they do, that he “hideth away his face, and will never

2. 8.

v. 9.


« He"

see it."

(6) For I have called,” &c. This

dainfully, and despitefully speak | he hath shewed me marvellous against the righteous.

great kindness in a strong city. 21 O how plentiful (p) is thy 24 And when I made haste (t), goodness, which thou hast laid 1 said : “ I am cast (u) out of the up for them that fear thee : and sight of thine eyes. that thou hast prepared for them 25 Nevertheless, thou heardest that put their trust in thee, even the voice of my prayer : when I before the sons of men (9)! cried unto thee. 22 Thou shalt hide them (r) 26 O love the Lord, all ye

his privily by (s) thine own presence

saints : for the Lord preserveth from the provoking of all men : them that are faithful, and plenthou shalt keep them secretly in teously rewardeth the proud doer. thy tabernacle from the strife of

27 Be strong, and he shall tongues.


all ye that 23 Thanks be to the Lord : for

put your trust in the Lord.

your heart



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\ a reason why I should be preserved ; it is the ungodly, they who have not called upon thee, that should be confounded.

“ O how plentiful,”. &c. An animated apostrophe, strongly marking his confidence in God.

(9) Even before the sons of men," i.e. even in this life. So Prov. xi. 31. “ Behold the righteous shall be recom

penced in the earth, much more the " wicked and the sinner.” 2. (r) “ Hide them," &c. So Psalm



“ In the time of trouble he « shall hide me in his tabernacle ; yea in “ the secret place of his dwelling shall “ he hide me, and set me up upon a c rock of stone." And see Ps.xxxii, 8.

(s) For “ by," the reading should perhaps be “in."

(t) “ Made haste," i.e. probably, was constrained to fly.

(u) “ Cast,” &c. When Jonah was v.24. in the whale, this was part

his complaint, “ I am cast out of thy sight." Jonah ii. 4

0. 24•

il 7 For this shall every one that EVENING PRAYER. is godly make his prayer unto Psalm xxxii. (x)

thee, in a time when thou mayest

be found : but in the great water. BLESSED is he, whose unright floods (c) they shall not come eousness is forgiven ; and whose nigh him. sin is covered.

8 Thou art a place to hide (d) 2 Blessed is the man, unto me in, thou shalt preserve me whom the Lord imputeth no sin : from trouble : thou shalt com. and in whose spirit there is no

pass me about with songs of deli. guile,

verance. 3. For while I held my

9 I will inform thee, and teach tongue (): my bones consumed thee in the way wherein thou away through my daily com shalt go : and I will guide thee plaining.

with mine eye. 4 For thy hand is (z) heavy

10 Be ye not like to horse and upon me day and night : and my mule, which have no understand. moisture is like the drought (a) ing : whose mouths must be held in summer.

with bit and bridle, lest they fall 5 I will acknowledge (6) my upon thee (e). sin unto thee : and mine unright II Great plagues remain for eousness have I not hid.

the ungodly ; but whoso putteth 6 I said, " I will confess my his trust in the Lord, mercy em. so sins unto the Lord ” ; and so braceth him on every side. thou forgayest the wickedness of 12 Be glad, O ye righteous, my sin.

and rejoice in the Lord : and be

(x) Upon the misery any act of sin

may be deemed a voluntary act, shall as produces however it may be concealed, suredly be heard ; but he who waits till the comfort of humbly confessing it to times of vengeance and calamity, thai God and procuring his forgiveness, and be disregarded ; (and then it is in unison the reliance that is to be placed in his

with that fine passage, Prov. i. 24. ""; protection. It is supposed to have been “ cause I have called, and ye refused, bolemnly repeated by the Jewish church “ have stretched out my hand, and so upon the day of expiation, (see Exod.

“ man regarded, but ye have set at xvi. 29.) and is with us one of the

“ nought my counsel, and would none proper Psalms for Ash Wednesday,

of my reproof, I also will laugh at () - While I held my tongue," i.e. “ your calamity, I will mock when your before I confessed my sin.

fear cometh ; when your fear cometh (2) For “ is” read “ was.”

as desolation, and your destruct (a) “ Like the drought," &c. i. e. “ cometh as a whirlwind, when distress I had no moisture, no more than there is “ and anguish cometh upon you: in the driest part of summer.

« shall they call upon me, but I will 0.5. (6) Read," “ I acknowledged," and

“ answer; they shall seek me early, but s did I not hide,"

” they shall not find me :') or, the (c) “In the great water-foods,” &c.

meaning may be, that even in the greatest The meaning may perhaps be, that he perils the godly shall escape, reading who makes his prayer unto thee in a « and then" for « but." time when thou mayest be found, in (d) Hide," &c. See Ps. XXXI. *** health, peace, or prosperity, when he and note there. is not driven to it by any overpowering necessity, and when his prayer therefore | astray.

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joyful, all ye that are true of Lord : stand in awe of him, all heart.

that dwell in the world;

9 For he spake (i), and it was Psalm xxxii. (f)

done : he commanded, and it Rejoice in the Lord, 0 ye stood fast. righteous : for it becometh well 10 The Lord bringeth the the just to be thankful.

counsel of the heathen to nought : 2 Praise the Lord with harp : and maketh the devices of the sing praises unto him with the people to be of none effect, and lute, and

instrument of ten casteth out the counsels of strings.

princes (k). 3 Sing unto the Lord a new 1 The counsel of the Lord (1) song : sing praises lustily unto shall endure for ever : and the him with a good courage.

thoughts of his heart from gene4 For the word of the Lord is ration to generation. true (8) : and all his works are 12 Blessed are the people, faithful

whose God is the Lord Jehovaha 5 He loveth righteousness and and blessed are the folk, that he judgement : the earth is full of hath chosen to him to be his in. the goodness of the Lord.

heritance. 6 By the word (b) of the Lord 13 The Lord looked (m) down were the heavens made : and all from heaven, and beheld all the the hosts of them by the breath children of men : from the haof his mouth.

bitation of his dwelling he con7 He gathereth the waters of sidereth all them that dwell on the sea together, as it were upon

the earth. an heap : and layeth up the deep, 14 He fashioneth all the hearts as in a treasure-house.

of them : and understandeth all 8 Let all the earth fear the their works.


U) A spirited invitation to praise and trust in God, as a God of all goodness

dpower, as the maker and governor of all things, as the controller of all mankind, as the only effectual protector, and * a sure defence to those that trust in (3) “True;" " hath he said, and shall he not do it?" Numb, xxiii. 19. (b) “The word,” &c. See Gen. i. 3.

“ Let there be light, and there was hight. Let there be a fir

mament in the midst of the waters, to "divide the waters from the waters, and it was so ; and God called the firma

And God said, Let " the waters under the heaven be ga

thered together unto one place, and

let the dry land appear, and it was " (1) " He spake;" &c. Is not this a

God said,

strong instance of the sublime ? import.
ing that the command alone completed
the thing commanded, and that too, the
instant the command was given. See
note on Ps. cxlvii. 5.

(k) “ Of princes." See Ps. cxviii. 8, 0.10.
9. “ It is better to trust in the Lord,
“ than to put any confidence in man.
“ It is better to trust in the Lord, than
“ to put any confidence in princes."
And the advice in Ps. cxlvi. 2. is, “ O
" put got your trust in princes, nor in

any child of man : for there is no help « in them."

(1) “ The counsel of the Lord," &c. v.11. The stability, &c. of God's counsels is noticed to shew its superiority over the counsels of the heathen, &c.

(m) Read “ looketh" and “ be- v. Ig. “ holdeth."

“ment heaven.


15 There is no king that can boast in the Lord : the humble (q) be saved (n) by the multitude of shall hear thereof, and be glad. an host : neither is any mighty 3 () praise the Lord with me : man delivered by much strength. and let us magnify his Name

16 A horse is counted but a together. vain thing to save a man : neither 4 I sought the Lord, and he shall he deliver any man by his heard me : yea, he delivered me great strength.

out of all my fear. 17 Behold, the eye () of the 5 They (r) had an eye unto Lord is upon them that fear him : him, and were lightened : and and upon them that put their their faces were not ashamed. trust in his mercy;

6 Lo, the poor crieth, and 18 To deliver their soul from the Lord heareth him : yea, and death : and to feed them in the saveth him out of all his troubles. time of dearth.

7(s) The angel (t) of the Lord 19 Our soul hath patiently tarrieth round about them that tarried for the Lord : for he is fear him : and delivereth them. our help, and our shield.

8 O taste, and see how gra20 For our heart shall rejoice cious the Lord is : blessed is the in him : because we have hoped man that trusteth in him. in his holy Name.

9 O fear the Lord, ye that are 21 Let thy merciful kindness, his saints : for they that fear him O Lord, be upon us : like as we lack nothing. do put our trust in thee.

10 The lions do lack, and suf.

fer hunger : but they who seek Psalm xxxiv. (P)

the Lord shall want no manner I

WILL alway give thanks unto of thing that is good. the Lord : his praise shall ever 11 Come, ye children, and be in my mouth.

hearken unto me : I will teach 2 My soul shall make her you the fear of the Lord (u).


(n) " Saved," &c. The object is, to 16. shew that God's protection transcends

what any human efforts can effect. The
strength, &c. of man or beast can give
no assistance, in comparison with what

God can give. 1.17.

(6) “ The eye,” &c. i.e. he is willing and ready to assist, as well as ahle.

(p) A spirited thanksgiving for deliverance, piously ascribing it to God, and comfortable assurances of the certainty of God's protection and favour to those who trust in him. David is considered as the author, and he is supposed to have written it in remembrance of his escape from Achish, king of Gath. He had fled to Gath to avoid Saul, but being recognized there as the conqueror of Goliath, the champion of Gath, he was in great danger, and effected his escape by

feigning madness. See 1 Sam. xxi. 10,&c. In the Hebrew it is an alphabetical psalm.

(9)The humble,” i.e. perhaps the i “ aflicted,” the oppressed.

(r) Read “ 1," " was,” and “my « face was.”

(s) The verse which now stands last should be inserted after verse 6. It begins in the Hebrew with the 7th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

(1) “ The angel,” &c. See ante 98. Isaiah lxiü. 9. where, in speaking of the mercics, &c. from God to the house of Israel, it is said, “ In all their amiation “ he was aflicted, and the angel of bis

presence saved them ;' and see the note there.

(u) “ The fear of the Lord.” The ! fear of the Lord is very different from the dread which power unrestrained by


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