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Other stores: Palace Clo. Co., Kansas City, Mo.; Topeka, Kas.; Emporia, Kas.


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After the Long School Year — The tired school child, whether girl or boy, is extremely liable to become vitally depressed, worn out both physically and mentally, and more or less anemic. With the coming of warmer weather, this depreciated condition becomes accentuated and it is the part of wisdom to take steps to build up the tone of the organism, enrich the vital fluid by creating new red cells, and hemaglobin, and employ every available means adapted to reconstruct the cells and tissues and restore the depleted vitality. Pepto-Mangan (Gude) does yeoman's sery. ce in such condition, by furnishing an agreeable, aborbable, and assimilable organic combination of iron Od manganese, the agents most needed for blood epair, and general reconstruction. It is pleasant to ake, and does not irritate the digestive organs nor ause constipation.

cence requires careful management to avoid serious
complications, such as a bronchial pneumonia which
not infrequently may have fatal termination. During
the present outbreak in foreign countries the salts of
quinine and aspirin have been most generally used
during the acute attack, the aspirin apparently with
much success in the relief of symptoms. This disease
is of great importance from medical, economic and
military standpoints. We are therefore endeavoring
to co-operate with Dr. Rupert Blue, Surgeon-General of
the Public Health Service, in placing before physi-
cians immediately the important facts concerning the
disease and its control. In view of the remarkable
results obtained during the past winter at Camp
Upton by Cecil and Austin of the Rockefeller Insti-
tute by the prophylactic use of Pneumococcus Vaccine
against pneumonias of the various types, one cannot
escape the conclusion that this is an opportune oc-
casion to establish more fully the value of Influenza
Mixed Vaccine (containing the influenza bacillus of
Pfeiffer and pneumococci of types I, II and III) not
only as a prophylactic immunizing measure but also
as a therapeutic agent. We are prepared to supply
(through the retail drug trade) convenient packages
of an appropriate vaccine (Influenza Mixed Vaccine,
Lilly) both for immunizing against the disease and for
its treatment. Very truly yours,


Spanish Influenza-A pandemic of an acute influnza-like disease (Spanish influenza) has passed over Durope and already is cutting heavily into the workng forces of large bodies of labor both in offices and ihops in this country. The clinical picture is iden. ical with that of the last pandemic of 1889. The disase is characterized by sudden onset. First there is chill, then fever with temperature from 101 to 103; eadache, backache, redding and running of the eyes, ains and aches all over the body and general prosration. Persons so attacked should get to bed withut delay and immediately call a physician. Treatlent is simple, but important, consisting principally Crest in bed, fresh air, abundant food, with Dover's owder for relief of pain. Every case should be kept 1 bed until temperature becomes normal. Convales

Pneumonia: If you can equalize the circulation and bring down that heart stroke to a safety limit promptly, you will cut that case short. Veratrum, quinine and belladonna in large and combined dosage will do it.-Bryce, Southern Clinic.

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" results remarkable, even beyond my expectations. ANEDEMIN is
truly a Medicinal Trocar in Dropsy from any cause."-From member State
Board of Examiners.

Indications. Ascites, Cirrhosis, Nephritis, Anasarca or DROPSIES from any cause.

“- gave tablets as last resort to man 78 years of age dying with a very weak, irregular heart, general oedema, dyspnea, etc., and he made complete recovery.”—From member State Board of Health.

“- physicians can push ANEDEMIN without fear if the patient can stand the loss of effusion quickly, and it is equally as valuable in the cause, as in dropsical effusion.”—From prominent Kentucky physician.


“ - Anedemin tablets did everything you claimed for them. Seventeen days after I began using them I was able to leave the hospital where I had been for seven months. I am about ready to resume my practice."From a California physician.

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Each physician may test it for himself. Clinical data, literature with exact formula,

and samples sent on request.

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ANEDEMIN CHEMICAL CO., Chattanooga, Tenn.


Packed in Sealed Ting. Remains Fresh



Delirium Tremens-For controlling the active mania of acute alcoholism Peacock's bromides in doses of one to two tablespoonfuls, every hour or two, has no superior. The sedative effect is marked, while the physician has the great satisfaction of knowing that he is not endangering his patient as he is so liable to with the more depressant hypnotics of synthetic origin. Gastric irritation is likewise avoided as well as tendencies to "bromism."

of disease; second, the danger of a common habit of taking medicine merely to force the bowels to act, and third, to emphasize and explain the value of Nujol in overcoming constipation and training the bowels to act naturally. To this end, some very interesting and instructive literature has been prepared in the form of a number of booklets which should be in the hands of every physician, whether he be specialist or general practitioner. Any and all of these booklets will be sent to any physician gratis on receipt of name and address. Samples of Nujol will also be sent if desired.

Nujol—It is to be regretted that so many physi. cians regard constipation and the resulting stasis which accompanies it, as not deserving of careful intelligent treatment. It is also to be regretted that in the opinion of some physicians at least, mineral oil is regarded as more or less of a therapeutic fad. It does not require much time or though to enable anyone to realize that the prolonged sojourn of fermenting and putrefying material in the intestinal canal, must result in the increased liability to absorption of various and irritant toxic substances. The term auto-intoxication means something. How much it may be made to mean depends upon the attention that is given on the part of the doctor to a study of the subject. To prescribe in a routine manner some drug or combination of drugs to secure merely a movement of the bowels, is not to treat constipation and its sequellae, intestinal stasis and autointoxication intelligently or efficiently. The value of Nujol in overcoming constipation, preventing stasis, and removing the possibility of auto-infection has been thoroughly established. The makers of Nujol have planned and are now putting into execution a great educational campaign which is designed to emphasize three things—first, the importance of constipation as an etiological factor in the production

The Effect of Stimulating Cell Nutrition-In many conditions of a chronic character improvement may be expected to follow the use of agents calculated to influence nutrition of the individual cells. Thus, 11 the cells be stimulated to better assimilation and elimination, diseased states due to interference with these normal functions of the cellular constituents of the vital organs must of necessity undergo a change, fot the underlying and continuing cause is being altered The drugs usually employed for this purpose are those termed the alteratives, an efficient representative of which class is lodia (Battle). Iodia is a combination of iodide of potash with the active principles of the green roots of stillingia, helonias, saxifraga and menispermum. It has been found in severe clinical tests to exert an influence on the vital functions, the es. planation of its favorable effect being sought for in the stimulating action of its several constituents on the normal processes of the body's cells. In chronic gout and rheumatism, glandular diseases and chronic affections of the skin Iodia will offer evidence of its therapeutic value.

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UNE KILLS the Hun, the other kills thrust of our bayonets. He is beginning his hope. And to kill his hope of victory to understand America Aroused—to is as essential right now as to kill his dread the weight of our arms and energy. fighting hordes. For while hope lasts, This is a crucial moment. Nothing can the Wolf of Prussia will force his subject so smother the Hun morale, so blast his soldiers to the fighting line.

hopes, as a further message from a We have floated other loans, built hundred million Freemen, a message that a great fleet of ships, sunk pirate sub- says in tones that cannot be misundermarines, sent our men across and shown stood, “Our lives, our dollars, our ALL the Kaiser's generals what American dash —these are in the fight for that Liberty and grit and initiative can do. The Hun which was made sacred by the sacrifices has felt the sting of our bullets and the of our forefathers.”


Buy U. S. Government Bonds Fourth Liberty Loan


Contributed through Division

of Advertising

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This space contributed for the Winning of the War by
THE MEDICAL HERALD, St. Joseph and Kansas City, Mo.

When Writing to Our Advertisers, Please Mention The Medical Herald.


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furnishing its classification to the army, navy, the Public Health Service, the Red Cross and Provost Marshal, as well as to civilian institutions and com munities, as a guide in providing for their needs to the best advantage.

The object of the corps is not to disturb any medical man in the performance of any duty to which he has been assigned by any governmental agency either for service at the front or at home.

(Signed) EDWARD P. DAVIS, President,

Volunteer Medical Service Corps.
General Medical Board, Council

of National Defense. .. If you have not received a blank, write at once to Col. Franklin Martin, National Council on Defense, Washington, D. C.

The Medical Herald aims to reflect the progress in the sciences of medicine and surgery, especially throughout the Missouri Valley and Southwest, the territory of its greatest distribution

Concise and practical articles, news and reports of interesting cases invited, and should be typewritten.

The privilege of rejecting any communication is reserved, and all papers accepted must be for exclusive publication in this magazine, unless otherwise arranged.

To contributors of original articles a liberal number of copies of the Herald will be given (or mailed free of exponse is addresses are furnished and the publishers will furnish reprints at printers' cost. applicatio be made when proof is returned.

The editors are not responsible for the utterances of contributors or correspondents.

Illustrations will be furnished at reasonable rates, if drawings or photos are furnished.

Address all remittances, correspondence, articles for publication, books for review and exchanges to the Managing Editor.

Subscribers changing their addresses will please notify us promptly, as magazines cannot be forwarded without adding postage.

Advertising forms close on the 20th of each month. Time should be allowed for correction of proof.

Electrotypes and changes in advertising copy should be addressed to the Medical Herald, St. Joseph, Mo.

Advertising rates on application to the Managing Editor.


Poetic Reprints-Do not mutilate your Medical Herald by tearing out any piece of poetry that may strike your fancy. Write to the Managing Editor, and he will send you a reprint. Reprints are made of all verse appearing in this magazine.

OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT The Volunteer Medical Service Corps An appeal to executive committees and county representatives of the Volunteer Medical Service Corps, and State Committees of the Council of National Defense.

No official or committeemen representing the Volunteer Medical Service Corps or the General Medical Board of the Council of National Defense, is now authorized or has been authorized to favor any organized or unorganized method of coercion in inducing members of the medical profession to join the Medical Corps of the Army or Navy, or the Volunteer Med. ical Service Corps. Our committeemen are especially urged against favoring any movement that would threaten to impair a medical man's standing in his local, state or national society because he refused to enroll in the army or navy, or the Volunteer Medical Service Corps.

It must be made clear that the Volunteer Medical Service Corps is a volunteer organization which has for its object the enrollment and classification of the profession. Its members are entitled to wear an insignia which will clearly indicate that they have offered their services to the government, when such services are needed. Patriotism cannot be created by coercion. It also must be made clear that the Volunteer Medical Service Corps has for its primary object,

CAUTION LWhenever the true merit of a preparation is authoritatively established, imitation is sure to make its pernicious appearancr. To counteract the injurious results of another of these fraudulent pro ceedingsmin this instance affecting firm name and reputation-Sander & Sons have been compelled to appeal to law, and in the action tried before the Supreme Court of Victoria, the testimony of a sworn witness revealed the fact that this witness suffered intense irritation from the application to an ulcer of the defendant's product, which was palmed off as “just as good as Sander's Eucalyptol.” Sander & Sons had the satisfaction to obtain a verdict with costs against this imitator, who is perpetually restrained from continuing his malpractice. Dr. Owen, in a report to the Medical Society of Victoria, and Dr. J. Benjamin, in the Lancet, London, both denounced, as others did before, on the strength of negative results, the application of unspecified eucalyptus products.

This forms convincing proof that only an authoritatively sanctioned article can be relied on. SANDER & SONS' EUCALYPTOL

(Ecalypti Extract) 1. Has stood the test of Government investigation.

2. It was proved at the Supreme Court of Victoria by experts to be an absolutely pure and scientifically standardized preparation,

3. It is honored by royal patronage.

4. It always produces definite therapeutic results.

Therefore, to safegaurd the physicians' interest and to protect their patients, we earnestly request you to specify "Sander's Eucalyptol" when prescribing eucalyptus.

The Meyer Bros. Drug Co., St. Louis, Mo., agents, will forward one original package" (1 oz.) on receipt on One Dollar.


While not offered as a specific, extended experience has shown that the following prescription is one of the most effective the physician can employ for the relief of the symptoms of hay fever:

D Adrenalin Chlor. m. XX
1. Pond's Extract dr. I to IT

Aquae destil. q. S. ad. oz. I
Met Sig. Use as a spray every hour or two.
POND'S EXTRACT CO., New York and London


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