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It is my custom to send statements out of all accounts, whether due or not, for the first day of Feb. ruary, April, June, August, October and December. In this way if there is any mistake in account it can be promptly rectified.

addition : “ Can you help me out by the fifth four months. I used boracic acid, zinc oxid of the month?"

and two or three other remedies by insufflation Number 3 gets same as number i with the into the canals, but not any of these remedies following added :

" Miss
(my book-

effected a cure. So I began to experiment on keeper) will call about the first or second of myself. I thought I would try calomel and the month."

see how that would act. After the first appliNumber 4 gets a statement same as number cation I enjoyed considerable relief from the I except this addition : “After the first of the intense itching, and every treatment thereafter month this account will have to be paid to until my ears were well I got a great deal of Squire -; and in such case it will add comfort. I suffered a great deal of pain, dizziconsiderable costs."

ness, and was quite hard of hearing, and was In two cases I actually had to carry out my nearly all the time working at ears. It mattered promised action, as statement number 4 reads. not where I was or in what company, I was Summons was served on second of the month, gouging at my ears, only to do the same thing and inside of 24 hours both bills and costs again in a few minutes. I have had a great were paid, and I have continuously been their many patients come to me for treatment of the family physician since, and they never wait external canals of the ears since I cured myself, for a statement.

and I invariably cure them up in a little while, This form of doing business is worth one principally with this line of treatment. I don't thousand dollars per year to me over the old know if anybody ever used calomel in these way.

cases before, but I know it is an excellent I do absolutely no charity business except remedy.

J. A. COLBOURNE, M.D. the first call, which I never record; or per- Pontiac, III. haps a B at office, which never appears on my books. In this city and township there is Fracture Treated with Pneumatic Ambula. probably $1,000 per year of charity work to

tory Splints. do, which is taken by three doctors at $198 Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Am treating a bad per year, netting them $66 each.

It is a

case of compound fracture of lower leg in the line I would not have at any price, and yet pneumatic ambulatory splint. As this is a there is lots of competition once a year for the somewhat new method and a decided deviation job.

from the old trodden path, especially in the I firmly believe that my plan of attending country, some of the brethren may be interto the business end of my work is second to ested. none. It makes my collection percentage Mr. N. aged 40, weight 210, height 6 feet, almost perfect. If I were so situated that I jumpt from a buggy in the dark and sustained would lose every other patient I had on ac- a compound fracture of lower leg in lower count of such a method after they paid their third. Both bones broken, the tibia piercing bills, should prefer to do so rather than keep the skin. Was lifted back into rig and rode their business and not get pay for same. You home suffering intense pain. I was called at command more respect, you can live better, ir p. m., May 2nd, to examin limb for supand you feel more independent and free if you posed sprained ankle. The bones were set and are a prompt collector.

limb placed in a blanket splint for the night. Wilmington, O. JAMES E. GASTON, M.D. On the 5th the limb was placed in an ambula

tory pneumatic splint; on the 6th the patient Calomel in Inflammations of the External was walking about the house ; the 7th he walkt Auditory Meatus.

with the aid of crutches to his place of busiEditor MEDICAL WORLD :-In all acute, ness, about ten rods from his home. On the subacute and chronic inflammations of the ex- 9th patient contracted a severe pleurisy, which ternal auditory canal I have found the follow- was controled in 48 hours by extensiv mustard ing treatment efficacious : Cleanse the canal

pastes, hot water bottles, dram doses of f. ext. thoroly with warm bicarbonated water, then of asclepias, and dosimetric trinity, No. 1, two be sure that it is clean by the addition of per- granules every 10 minutes the first hour, every oxid of hydrogen until there is no more bub- 20 minutes the second hour, and one granule bling, dry the canal thoroly, after whick insert every 20 minutes thereafter till pulse and a piece of dry cotton wrapt on a probe, satu- temperature were normal. Patient has been rated with calomel; apply to all parts of the easy since the 12th, but has kept his bed beexternal canal. This done every day for a cause of the cold, rainy weather. Today, the week or ten days will cure most any such 16th (accident occurred two weeks ago totrouble. I remember about seven years ago night), patient is up, walking about the house I was troubled with a very bad case of infected very comfortably. As yet it is too early to canals, where exfoliation continued for three or

report results.

I simply report satisfactory progress, and predict good results in a shorter interstate shipment to label said medicin and print time than could be expected with the plaster

thereon the ingredients contained in such medicin. cast.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of RepresenIn the Ladies' Home Journal for May, 1904,

tativs of the United States of America in Congress

assembled, That any person, firm, or corporation, who page 18, is an article by Editor Edward Bok on shall ship or deliver for shipment from any State or “ The Patent Medicine' Curse,” which Territory or the District of Columbia any patent or

proprietary medicin, or any other secret medicinal should be reprinted by every medical journal in compound, shall place on each bottle or package of the country. It gives the percentages of alco- such medicin a label, on which shall be printed, in the hol in thirty-six different medicins, as given by

English language, the name of each ingredient con

tained in such bottle or package of medicin ; and if the Massachusetts State Board Analyst in the such medicin or medicinal compound shall contain publisht document No. 34. He also treats of opium or any of the preparations of opium, chloral, the subject in relation to the physician, warns

cocain, or alcohol, then in such cases the quantity of

these drugs contained in each bottle or package of the consumers, scores the religious papers for such medicin shall be printed on the label in the Eng. accepting nasty advs., and suggests a new cam

lish language.

SEC. 2. That every person, firm, or corporation, who paign for the W. C. T. U. women against this manufactures or produces, and delivers for interstate very prevalent use of alcoholics.

shipment or transportation to any State, Territory, or Verona, Wis.

the District of Columbia, other than the State, TerriJ. C. CUTLER, M.D.

toritory, or the District of Columbia in which it is Northwestern '99.

manufactured, any patent or proprietary, medicin, or

any other secret medicinal compound, shall place on The Control of the Secret Nostrum Evil. each bottle or package of such medicin a label on Dr. C. F. TAYLOR:-I inclose a copy of

on which shall be printed, in the English language,

the name of each ingredient contained in such bottle Congressman Webb's bill to control the secret or package of medicin as provided in section one of

this Act. nostrum evil. Please publish it in THE WORLD

SEC. 3. That this Act shall not be construed to interand give your opinion of it. Mr. Webb will fere with commerce within the State where such medbe glad to have the aid and cooperation of

icin or drug is manufactured, nor with the exercise of the medical profession in pushing this bill. In

the police powers of the several States.

SEC. 4. That any person, firm or corporation who fact, he realizes that unless our profession shall violate sections one and two of this Act shall be rallies to the support of the measure, there will

guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction shall be

fined not less than one hundred dollars nor more than be little hope of passing it. I suggest that five hundred dollars, or imprisoned not less than one every physician thruout the country go to work month nor more than six months, or both, in the disat once by drawing up a petition to Congress,

cretion of the court.

SEC. 5. That nothing in this Act shall be construed urging the passage of this bill, or a similar to prohibit druggists from filling the prescriptions of one, and carry it with him while professionally physicians.

SEC. 6. That this Act shall take effect and be in engaged, and get all the signers that he possibly

force from and after the first day of July, nineteen can. These petitions should be presented by hundred and five. the physician himself, and he should be able

Later Dr. Alexander writes the following: to show that the secret nostrum evil is one

“I have received several letters from physiof the greatest curses of our land today. cians in different sections of the country, all These petitions should be sent to your respectiv of them endorsing this move. I regret that, congressmen and senators. The American

for want of time, I have not been able to Medical Association should appoint a com- answer all of these communications, and I wish, mittee to go to Washington when Congress

thru THE WORLD, to thank the profession for meets again and present this cause before the the interest taken in this effort of Congressman proper committee, and secure a favorable report

Webb to curtail this blighting curse of our on the bill. Now, if any of the readers of

country. Write to Mr. Webb and give him THE WORLD have a better plan to prosecute all the information at your command. His this work, let us have it. What we should all

address is, 'Hon. E. Y. Webb, Shelby, N. C.' be interested in is to secure the legislation so

Let us all stand together and make a united greatly needed, let it come how it will.

effort in this issue of right against might." I hope the Editor of The WORLD will take

[I like the bill and I heartily endorse it, and hold of this matter with his characteristic zeal

it is needless to say that I admire the laudable and wisdom, and push it to a successful issue.

and patriotic efforts of Dr. Alexander and Matthews, N. C. H. Q. ALEXANDER. Congressman Webb in this important cause. Here is the Bill :

This is a cause too big for one man. It is the 58TH CONGRESS, 2D session,

cause of the profession and the people; and H. R. 15437.

they, en masse, must come to their own rescue. In the House of Representativs, April 26, 1904, Mr. don't depend on Dr. Alexander, Mr. Webb, Webb introduced the following bill, which was referred

nor the Editor; all must join in, and everyone to the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce and ordered to be printed :

should do his or her part. The enemy is A BILL

strong, wily, and resourceful. The secret nosRequiring shippers and manufacturers of medicin for trum people like to mystify the people; this

26.5 6.26.2

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mystery is their chief stock in trade. Take the mystery away, as this bill would do, and people would see how hollow are their claims; hence, they will fight hard to keep up the mystification. Have this bill publisht to the people in your local papers, if you can (the newspapers might side with the nostrum vendors, on account of their advertisements).

In this connection it is interesting to note that the bill, formerly known as the Hepburn Bill, for the prevention of adulteration or misbranding of foods or drugs, passed the House on the 19th of last January, and that it is first on the calendar in the Senate, to be called up for action by that body upon the reassembling of Congress in December next. So you see, things are moving ; let us keep them on the move by our determined and untiring efforts. -Ed.]

In regard to the nostrum evil, the following newspaper clipping will be of interest :


FROM MAILS. WASHINGTON, June 1.-Prstmaster-General Payne today gave out a declaration regarding the attitude of the Post-office Depart. ment toward worthless nostrums and the newspaper publication of objectionable advertisements. It was explained that the department had no intention of entering on a crusade against patent medicins or of establishing a censorship upon advertisements printed in newspapers, but simply aimed to correct abuses in cases of impropriety and fraud as required by law. Mr. Payne's declar. ation follows:

“A large number of complaints having been received by the First Assistant Postmaster-General, protesting vigorously against the United States mails being used for the purpose of circulating newspapers and other literature containing advertisemeuts of alleged cures, the Acting Postmaster-General transmitted a number of these advertisements to the Assistant Attorney-General for the Post-office Department, with the request for an opinion as to whether or not their transmittal thru the mails constituted a violation of law. Mr. Robb, the then Assistant Attorney-General for the Post-office Department, rendered an opinion, holding such advertisements a violation of law. The only intention which has ever been entertained by the administrativ officers has been to suppress the advertisements which the law officer of the depart. ment has held to be improper.

Of course, the Post-office Department has never had any intention of starting a crusade upon patent medicins, or of establishing a censorship upon advertisements printed in newspapers,

“There has been no change in the policy or practise of the department; the facts simply are that certain abuses having been called to its attention, it has acted thereon as required by law. In the regular course of business in the office of the Assistant Attorney-General a number of cases were presented, in which socalled cures were complained of as being worthless, as well as the literature of the company selling the article being improper. Analyses of these socalled remedies developt the fact that in most instances the ingredients were simply starch and sugar. In a number of instances the pills and drugs contained ingredients injurious to the system and forbidden by law to be sold.

“It having thus appeared that these companies were defrauding the public by means of false and fraudulent «representations made thru the mails, the issuance of fraud orders was recommended to the Postmaster-General, and accordingly issued by him. No action has been contemplated by the department save in these cases of impropriety and fraud."

Colden's Liquid Beef Tonic, “recommended for

treatment of alcohol habit" Ayer's Sarsaparilla Thayer's Compound Extract of Sarsaparilla

21.5 Hood's Sarsaparilla

18.8 Allen's Sarsaparilla

13.5 Dana's Sarsaparilla

13.5 Brown's Sarsaparilla .

13.5 Peruna.

28.5 Vinol, Wine of Cod-Liver Oil

18.8 Dr. Peters' Kuriko

. 14. Carter's Physical Extract Hooker's Wigwam Tonic

20.7 Hoofland's German Tonic

29.3 Howe's Arabian Tonic, “not a rum drink'

13.2 Jackson's Golden Seal Tonic .

19.6 Mensman's Peptonized Beef Tonic .

16.5 Parker's Tonic, “purely vegetable

41.6 Schenck's Seaweed Tonic, * entirely harmless" 19.5 Baxter's Mandrake Bitters

16.5 Boker's Stomach Bitters Burdock Blood Bitters Greene's Nervura

17.2 Hartshorn's Bitters Hoofland's German Bitters. " entirely vegetable" 25.6 Hop Bitters Hostetter's Stomach Bitters

. 44.3 Kaufman's Sulfur Bitters, “contains no alcohol"

(as a matter of fact it contains 20.5 percent of
alcohol and no sulfur)

. 20.5
Richardson's Concentrated Sherry Wine Bitters : 47.5
Warner's Safe Tonic Bitters

35.7 Warren's Bilious Bitters

21.5 Faith Whitcomb's Nerve Bitters

20.3 Beer contains only from two to five percent of alcohol. Some of the above contain ten times as much, making them stronger than whiskey, far stronger than sherry or port, with claret and champagne way behind.

Dr. J. W. Bandel, of Hillside, Ind. Ter., writes that he and many other doctors are going to subscribe for “Everybody's Magazine," because it has cut out advertisements of secret nostrums.

Simple Test for Uncinariasis, Dr. E. E. Guinn, of Jacksonville, Texas, writes of a case of uncinariasis in which some of the suspected feces were left in a bottle for several days, when upon inspecting he found that the eggs had hatcht, and could easily be seen with the naked eye. He now, therefore, offers the following simple test :

Put some of the suspected feces in a bottle, and tie gauze over the mouth to keep the worms from crawling out, then keep the bottle in the shade at a temperature of about 98° to 102°, and if any eggs are present, they will hatch out in several days and can easily be seen in the bottle.

Later: The following has just been received from the Doctor :

At 8 a. m., June 14th, I collected a fecal specimen, in a large mouth bottle or jar (the blotting paper test indicating worms). I placed this jar in the west end of the office, the temperature being 90° F.; twenty-four hours later I could detect the parasites, as large as the point of a pin. I placed this bottle in a tempera: ture of 100°, and four hours later (at this writing) I have my “maggots," or I presume, full grown worms On May 31st I gave this boy the following R: Thy. mol, grs., xxxii. m Ft. charts No. 8. Sig.: Take two powders on June ist, 5th, joth and 15th ; follow with salts succeeding days. You will observe from this that the thymol (or the amount I gave) does not kill the eggs, but it seems to cause their expulsion. I shall try larger doses in this case. Two hours sun, 1? to 2 p. m., June 15th, killed my maggots!



The Alcohol in Secret Nostrums. The following percentages of alcohol in the secret nostrums named are given by the Massachusetts State Board Analyst, in the publisht document No. 34 :

Percent. of Alcohol

(by volume.) Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable Compound

20.6 Paine's Celery Compound Dr. Williams's Vegetable Jaundice Bitters 18.5 Whiskol, a non-intoxicating stimulant” . 28.2


Bowel Troubles in Children.

la MEDICAL (Knocker?—but knocks are good Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-[ have used the when properly directed) WORLD. following treatment five years with entire satis

Cincinnati, O. H. H. LAHKE, M.D. faction to myself and patients. No matter

[We have several times during summer seawhat the age, frequency of stools or color, I

sons given careful attention to sunstroke, heat give equal parts of bismuth and cream, and

exhaustion, etc. Perhaps it is time to take elix. lactated pepsin (80 grs. to oz.); teaspoon

this subject up again.-ED.] ful to child one year old, one and a half hours to two and a half hours apart. I add paregoric

Dr. J. J. Taylor's Formula for Diarrhea. if very much pain, or stools too frequent. As

We have several times been requested to

Here it soon as bowels are better I give minute doses publish this formula every summer. of calomel as well. For fever, small doses of is:

Subnitrate of bismuth

drs. iv aconite, or cold sponging, or both, will suffice. Pulverized nutmegs As soon as stomach can bear it, I add full doses Prepared chalk, ää

drs. ij of nuclein. The above will surely do the work

Sulfocarbolate of zinc

grs. xij Syrup of ginger.

.ozs, iij in time, if persisted in. For food I use wh

M. Use shake label. of egg in water, boiled milk, liquid peptonoids S.-One teaspoonful after each passage. or trophonin. D. D. HADULTON, M.D. This makes a thick mixture which is not unHoward, Colo.

pleasant to take. If syrup be not desired, use tincture of ginger with water or mucilage of

acacia. The salicylate or the subgallate of bisSummer Complaint.

muth is a good substitute for the subnitrate. Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-You ask subscri- Dr. Thos. H. Hammond, of Wildwood, Fla., bers to pen articles at this period of the year suggests that a small amount of powdered ginon summer complaints. Without delving into ger be substituted for the syrup of ginger, so the numerous etiological factors, symptoms, that it can be carried by the physician and etc., I would briefly state that I will handle the given in powder. greater number of cases about as follows: Hydrargyrum chlor. mite gr. to No. x. Sig. :

Venereal Warts.-Formula for Pain, One every half (14) hour; after all are taken, Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Some one in the follow with oleum ricini Zij; after this, to render May WORLD wishes a good application for the alimentary canal more thoroly antiseptic, venereal warts. The best thing I have ever peroxid of hydrogen (dioxygen-oakland) about used is a 20 percent solution of chromic acid in zij to iij with zj of water. Sig.: 3j every water. This should be used cautiously once hour; then follow this with bismuth subnitrate per day. In a few days the warts will begin to about 3j. Div. in pulv. No. vj. One every dry up and finally drop off. Care should be hour, or tannigen about the same. Having taken not to touch the healthy tissue around just entered the field last year, I refrain some

the warts. what from intruding upon space, as my experi- The following ® is way ahead of antikamnia. ence is thus naturally limited; but as about It has never failed to relieve the pains of la my first case being cholera infantum (a few grippe, etc. It is similar to the one given by days after I swung my shingle), female, age 7 Dr. Curless, on page 245 of June WORLD: months, and that being the only fatality among R my cases for the first am naturally inter- Salol

Acetanilid ää

3j ested in this complaint. Of course irrigation,

Cit. caffein sponging for hyperpyrexia, and other symp- M. ft. 12 powders. toms to be treated as indicated.

Sig. One every three or four hours. Kindly give us some lines on sunstroke, etc., Anderson, Ind.

C. R. BUSH. that also prevail at this time.

DR. TAYLOR :—Will you give me the formula I am aware of the antikamnia people send

of the St. James Society, 1183 Broadway, New ing literature and samples to the laity here,

York? It is a morphin and liquor cure. and I coincide with Dr. Hunt not to dispense

Putnam, Conn.

L. O. MORASSE. original packages—or at least remove label and all traces. Altho only out one year, I began

[We do not know. This “cure" is adver

tised in some medical journals, but we decline with many things now advised in The WORLD,

such advertisements.-ED.] viz.; No antikamnia at $1. per ounce for me. One cannot but commend The World for its I keep my fever thermometer disinfected by attitude toward the Brief, etc. THE WORLD is occasionally dropping a little solution of fornot imbued with any psychological infirmities. maldehyde on the cotton surrounding the May almanacs as its contemporaries be rel- bulb.

VERMILYA BROTHERS. egated to the dust heap of obsoletism. Viva Freemont, O.

year, I

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