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passed, about 3 quarts in 24 hours. At present and for Hirst, in "A Text-book of Obstetrics," past year he has been sore all over, especially along spinal column and radiating to the front. Weak in the

publisht by W. B. Saunders & Co., says : legs. Short of breath on exertion. A heart murmur.

The appropriate treatment of after-pains is sug. Rests fairly at night, but can scarcely turn over in bed gested plainly by their cause and nature. It is the for the intense soreness. Patient very much dis

administration of ergot to stimulate the vigorous concouraged, and so am I. He has spent lots of money traction and firm retraction of the uterin muscle, and in trying to get better, but keeps about the same all the

of opium to diminish the pain of its contraction. A time. I trust you may be able, from the symptoms mixture of fluid extract of ergot and paregoric is a given, to suggest something in the way of treatment

useful prescription, tho, in cases of extreme pain, that will help him.

ergot by the mouth and morphin hypodermically give Winslow, ill.


a better and quicker result. (Your description of the case is not complete

“ The Practise of Obstetrics by American enuf to admit of any positiv diagnosis. Have Authors,” Jewett, publisht by Lea Brothers & you made repeated examinations of the urin ?

Co., says: Often grave alterations escape detection at a single examination. The fact of his voiding

In primipara the after-pains are rarely severe enuf

to demand interference, in multipara they may be very “three quarts" of urin strongly indicates some annoying and may seriously discommode the patient, error in kidney function ; certain cases of ne

interfering with sleep and rendering her miserable.

Under such circumstances some treatment must be phritis originate in this way. The heart murmur instituted. The physician should never consider any would not cause either the extreme weakness discomfort of the patient as too trivial for his serious nor the muscular soreness. We suggest a short

attention, and tho at times he may not think it wise to

have recourse to drugs for her relief, he will not hesi. tepid bath, followed by thoro inunction with tate to employ them whenever the situation demands any bland oil such as oliv, just before retiring. ic. Opium, or its alkaloid, morphin, relieves pains At his age, a careful examination of the pros

more effectually than any other drug in the Pharma

copeia, but it is not always well tolerated. Chloral, tate would be good practise. His case may be alone, even in comparativly large doses of 15 or 36 one of simple diabetes insipidus, and the symp

grains, is not very efficacious in relieving pain, altho

its effect is quieting. Some such combination as the toms would be most simply explained on this following generally acts very well : Morphin sulfate, hypothesis. See any book on treatment for % to % grain; chloral hydrate, 10 to 20 grains. Bromthe therapy of this affection.-ED.]

ids are practically worthless against acute pain; they act slowly and very feebly. Antipyrin, antifebrin,

acetanilid, and phenacetin have considerable analgesic After-pains.

action and are occasionally of service. Their use,

should, however, in no case be prolonged, as they are Editor MEDICAL World :-Will some one please all depressants and are said to interfere with involugive a specific for after-pains, if there is such a tion. Should opium be given, it is necessary to keep thing as a specific for them? Something that will its constipating action in mind and be governed acnot lower the vitality of the patient nor cause other cordingly. detrimental disturbances. Come along with your old and tried known remedy and no guess work; from any Opium is generally required in only small medical man whether regular, homeopath, eclectic or doses, and if some of the milder forms be emwhat. I am very anxious to find some good remedy, but do not say opium in any form, as it is not a desir

ployed, the constipating effect is practically able one.

F. M. SHIRK, M.D. nil. See also our Editorial on Early InvoluLost Springs, Kansas.

tion and After pains in this issue.—ED.] [Doctor why are you so positiv in your statements regarding the undesirability of the

Liquor Habit Cure. opium preparations in treatment of after-pains ?

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :--About three months ago We have used the various preparations with agent for the Willis Liquor Habit Cure of perfect satisfaction. Only a very moderate Indianapolis came to our town giving free samples dose is required. The theoretical objections

and taking orders. There are today to my own

knowledge eight men here who claim that it has of checking peristalsis, etc., do not hold valid cured them. It failed on one, but did him no harm. in practise. We quote you Edgar, “ Practise He says he didn't care for the liquor, but merely of Obstetrics," Blakiston's, just out:

drank it to see if he could. I secured a few sample

five day treatment powders and inclose two of After-pains are caused by irregular and painful

them. Kindly let us know thru THE MEDICAL WORLD uterin contractions, and are often due to clots in the

the composition of these so we may all have a chance uterus. The use of the fluid extract of ergot, in dram

to benefit our patients. FRANK POLLARD, M.D. doses, every three hours, is usually beneficial in cases

Albion, Cal. of retained blood clot; or, should the sleep be much [We are not able to tell exactly what the disturbed, codein in moderate doses, one quarter grain powders contain, but they are probably ccmevery two hours, for two or three doses, may be used as less likely to produce unpleasant after effects than

posed of bitter tonics, as gentian, columbo, other preparations of opiumDepressants should be crude nux vomica, etc., and some saline elimavoided. When pain is moderate, and not due to blood clots, phenacetin, five grains' every three hours

inant, or possibly a bromid. We are reasonfor two or three doses, will be found useful. I have ably certain that those eight men could have found antipyrin, five grains, with a teaspoonful of abandoned their bibulous habits without the aromatic spirits of ammonia every hour for two or three doses, efficient. When the pain is severe and not due

powders. The benefits derived from such to retained clots, the following will answer well: Tinc- nostrums as this are due largely to the power of ture opium deodorized, 1 dram; chloral hydrate, 40 suggestion, plus the will power of the man. teaspoonful in water not oftener than every four hours." All such preparations are “fakes," yet we


would not dissuade any victim who thinks they practicians get good fees out of simple fracture might cure him, from trying them. They cases by charging $5 to $15 for reducing the must be harmless, for the proprietors could not fracture, and enuf at subsequent dressings to afford to run the risk of including any dele- make a fair amount in the end; where, had terious drugs in dangerous quantities, lest some they named the total amount at the first dressinebriated mortal might take too much of the ing, it would have certainly been disputed. "cure."-ED.]

We should say any country practician who properly attends his fractures, and who has his

patients come to him instead of taking up his Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Will you kindly favor me with the formula of “Chamberlain's colić, cholera,

time by going to them-such cases as are and diarrhea remedy?" C. W. MARTIN, M.D.

going about, we mean--could easily get the Payson, Okla.

following fees : Clavicle, $10 to $20; humerus, [We do not know the formula of the nostrum $15 to $25; Colle's, $15 to $25; femur, $35 askt for, but we know you can compound a

to $75; Pott's, $20 to $30. This includes better one yourself, if you put a little thought reducing and subsequent dressings. Some and study on the matter. The following is a

doctors, you know, dress a Colle's fracture better one, and doubtless you may be able to

and never see it again till the splint is reimprove on it :

moved ; such treatment is not worth as much to

the patient, even if results are equally as good, R Fluid extract catechu compound. I ounce

as if the doctor redresses it every three or four Listerine

. 1 ounce

days. It all depends on how you do it. Let Oil myristica.

. I dram us have discussion on this subject. Possibly Tincture opium, camphorated . 2 ounces some may think the above too moderate. Bismuth subnitrate ..... 3 drams

Remember, we have the average rural comMix, and direct a teaspoonful for an adult, every two

munity in mind. In some rural communities, or three hours.

ready money is usually scarce, and $5 or $10 The bismuth may be increast or diminisht, as

seems a large amount; other rural communities may any of the other ingredients, according to the effect desired. This prescription promptly

are very prosperous, in which $50 or $100 would

not seem more than $5 or $10 in the former. acts in relieving pain and checking discharge.

We are sorry to say, however, that these com-Ed.]

munities are exceptional. The practician

must use his judgment. We, in these pages, Surgical Fees.

can only suggest extremes and approximate Editor Medical World:-I think it would be useful averages. Some years ago we publisht schedto many readers of The World who have patients ules of fees from various parts of the country. that think they are charging exorbitant fees, and to young physicians in establishing prices, if you would

Perhaps it is time to do this again. If your publish in THE MEDICAL WORLD the average, or a local society has adopted a schedule of fees, reasonable fee for country doctors to charge people din including fees for medical and obstetrical nary average case of fracture, such as clavicle, humerus, attendance, as well as surgical, please send it Colle's, femur, or Pott's.

C. A. BUTTON. in, and we will publish samples of such schedHolland, N. Y.

ules from different parts of the country for [It is not possible to give any schedule of comparison. This request is extended to all fees which will suit all sections of the country. our readers—and that means that this request There is a growing tendency thruout many will reach every part of this great country, sections to gradually raise the ridiculously low including Canada. —ED.] fees so prevalent in many country districts. This tendency is manifested by both veterans

Myelitis. and by young practicians, and certainly when the old men are willing, the young ones should

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-I am just a little late for not be bashful. A community values a physi

this month, but hope you will make space for this

sketch, as I am very anxious to receive help on the folcian's services in accordance with the value he lowing case : puts upon such services. Therefore, it is well Three months ago I was called to see a patient liv.

ing in Georgia, who had been sick from November to charge fairly good fees from the start. We

1902. The history of the case was such as to lead me have known young men build up a practise in to believe he was suffering from myelitis. He had had a community where the older men had ac- all the characteristic symptoms of that disease: Chill,

fever, and general malaise ; hands swollen and a peculcepted shamefully low fees all their lives,

iar tingling sensation, etc. He was treated for his mainly by charging what some term “ fancy liver by two other physicians before I saw him. At prices.” Do not be exorbitant or unreason

the time I saw him he was much better, having passed

thru the initial stage of the disease, tho complaining of able, but consider what it has cost you to learn pain in the back, with a band or constriction around how to do it, and what it is worth to the

the body. Percussion developt soreness of the spine

and muscular soreness of the limbs, tingling, formicapatient, before you name your price. Many tion, and left leg swollen to the knee; the pupils somewhat contracted ; threatened at times with slight dysp- course. We think his belief in the rheumatic nea; pulse frequent and irregular, heart's action weak; constipation. Also there was perfect anesthesia origin of the trouble well founded, and the of the soles of the feet, and a disagreeable sensation or markt improvement following diuretic medicafeeling of “fidgets." At this stage he was only taking

tion indicates that such might have been the liquid phosphate of sodium in teaspoonful doses three times a day for his liver. I let him continue the same

case. We suggest following these lines for a as he exprest himself pleased with its effect, but considerable period. Certain forms of uric advised him to take a dose or two of blue mass every second week, which he says relieves his peculiar feel

acid diathesis produce much these outlines of ings about the bowels. Ithen ordered mercury bichlo- symptomatology. We would pay special rid one grain, potassium iodid 150 grains, comp. syr. attention to the digestion and the condition sarsaparilla 12 fi. drams, water to make four ounces. Teaspoonful, increast to dessertspoonful after meals,

of the bowels, and would decidedly favor in water.

incorporating an efficient tonic in the treatWhile I knew no syphilitic trouble existed, I believed

ment. the iodid of potassium to be a good eliminator of effete matter. I ordered glyco-heroin four ounces, tinct. Has the family anything further to offer the digitalis two drams to control dyspnea and heart's Doctor?-ED.] action. Teaspoonful every two or four hours when symptoms occurred. I ordered strychnin sulfate one grain, arsenious acid one grain, dried iron sulfate forty

Ptyalism. grains, euquinin forty grains, made into forty pills. One after meals. This was prescribed as a general Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Will you please explain tonic, but was never filled, not being able to get it at salivation? Do fruits, such as oranges, lemons, etc., his drug store.

play any part in salivation, if eaten when a patient has His kidneys were not acting well, altho urin seemed

taken calomel? If so, how do they act ? Please give to be normal in amount, etc., and had previously been best treatment for salivation. C. £. CALHOUN, M.Ď. examined and found in good condition by other doc- Talihina, I. T. tors. I ordered lithiated hydrangea (Lambert's) eight ounces, bromid of potassium one ounce, tincture of [Ptyalism is a better term than salivation. It hyoscyamus two drams. Teaspoonful three times a refers to a well known symptom of mercury day.

I saw no more of him till yesterday, when he came poisoning. Mercury is eliminated from the up to see me. I found him much better, and he tells body in the form of albuminate of mercury, me when he takes a dose of the hydrangea preparation and all the secretions contain it-tears, sweat, the numbness, tingling and plantar anesthesia, and coldness (in spots about over the top of thighs, etc.) urin, feces, milk, and saliva. After a single are relieved, and it warms him up in a few minutes. dose the elimination begins within two hours

I might add that his appetite remains good, but digestion somewhat sluggish. The pulse is a little below

and is completed within twenty-four hours, normal and has a double beat. The mind is clear, and but when repeated doses are given it accumuwhile cold tingling sensations are mostly confined to certain spots, the tingling sensations are felt all over

lates faster than the body can eliminate it, the body. He is continually rubbing his hands, arms, and hence poisoning occurs if the doses have legs, feet, and face, and even his head, nose, etc., and been excessiv, or if they have been too smacks his mouth frequently as if trying to taste some. thing.

long continued. The juice of fruits have no I hope I have made this case plain, but if anything influence in producing ptyalism after ingestion else is lacking, would be pleased to explain more fully. I might add that he is 60 years of age, and has been

of mercury in any of its forms. Ordinary a very activ, energetic man. Has been merchandizing

cases are amenable to frequent rinsing of the ever since 1866, and believes his disease to have started mouth with a saturated solution of chlorate of from a rheumatic background.

I would like the Editor to tell me what to do, and potassium ; severer cases may require painting the brotherhood by letter and thru THE WORLD. with a saturated solution of iodoform in ether.

What do you think of giving iodid of potassium in full The excessiv secretion of saliva may be checkt doses? Am I right in my diagnosis ? The tingling sensation now is the most annoying symptom to deal with; by tło grain of atropin given once or twice a the pains have all ceast, but the soreness in the muscles day. Morphin may be required to relieve pain is felt to some extent. The swelling and pitting in the and secure sleep.-Ed.] legs are about relieved, while the palms of the hands and soles of the feet have a hot sensation, and the toes at times pain considerably. When he attempts to walk there is a feeling as if a cushion were placed

Rectal Ulcer. between the feet and floor, but this has been greatly relieved, but a considerable feeling yet exists. He is

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-I very much admire able to be up now about half his time. Some days he your concise and practical answers to queries in THE feels very well, and other days much worse. The WORLD. I am troubled with a rectal ulcer of four secretions are good, tongue clean, eyes normal, and years' duration. Rather extensiv, but superficial. I the peculiar feeling of sensation is more of a numbness am 34 years old, and spend a good portion of my time than tingling at present. He describes it being more in the saddle doing a country practise. I have treated like being shockt by a battery than any thing else. it by rectal irrigation and ointments, used in pile pipe, Chattanooga, Tenn.

L. CASE, M.D. but perhaps have not been thoro enuf. If you will

kindly give me a few suggestions as to best method of [You were late for last month. Every query

treating it, also name and publisher of reliable work must be in before the 12th, to get a reply in

on rectal trouble of 200 to 300 pages, I will be under

many obligations. Is the trouble likely to be difficult the issue dated the month following.

to cure ?

H. S. W. We think you were right in your diagnosis.

Alabama. We believe we would have given larger doses [You will not be able to effect a cure by inof potassium iodid, as he became accustomed jections or by ointments used thru a pile pipe. to the drug, stopping short of iodism, of Rectal ulcers are difficult to cure with the very best of attention; so much so that nearly all

A Cry For Help. writers omit mention of any local application, Editor MedicAL WORLD -A year ago last fall, and universally advise operation. Our exper. after riding a bicycle, I experienced a markt sense of ience has been that they can generally be cured

discomfort in the perineal and supra-pubic regions,

and a frequent desire to urinate. Did not consult a by proper local measures, if long enuf con- colleag until this had abated somewhat, under selftinued, and at proper intervals. You may not medication; he told me that I had probably had a

prostatitis. Above symptoms yielded somewhat to be able to attend your own case, since the first

internal administration of benzoic acid, but have never requisit in treatment is thoro and absolute been entirely absent since. Examination per rectum cleansing of the ulcer, and this is only possible revealed a slight enlargement of the middle lobe of the

prostate, but not large enuf to account for trouble. with the aid of a good speculum and a skilled Repeated urinalyses proved kidneys to be normal, and or intelligent assistant. The only speculum microscopical examination of the blood gave no noteworth the general practician's money is one

worthy results. Administration of salol excluded both

renal disease and rheumatism. About six months ago made after the Kelly model. The proper size a dull pain developt in region of sacrum, and on would be 5 inch for your case.

It can be awakening at night or in morning I found my penis in

state of erection. Coition the evening before made no bought from Frank S. Betz Company, Chi- difference in this respect. Fearing a spinal complicago, for $1.20 post paid, or you may get it cation, I consulted our two best authorities on diseases more conveniently from your local dealer. If of the nervous system in my nativ city, who assured

me that there was no lesion in either the spinal cord or you have a friendly practician within reach brain. Sensation in sacrum is more that of soreness every day or every alternate day, you would than pain. I have tried saw palmetto and santal better enlist him. If you are too far from any

preparations in vain, and have experimented with

hyoscin, hyoscyamin, ergot and nux vomica, etc. Hot friend in medicin, you may instruct wife or sitz-baths and' nocturnal administration of monobrofriend as to the proper method of introducing

mate of camphor produced no appreciable effects.

Large doses of the bromids prevented the priapism the speculum, manner of locating the ulcer,

for a while, but not permanently. Small doses of and method of treatment. Any one who can Dover's powder had a similar effect. But now nothing locate the ulcer can treat it for you, and if you

seems to produce favorable results, and soreness in

back is present every day and erections every night. are far away from help, you might take some Urination is difficult at times, fluid coming away in one with you to some good physician's office

driblets; but when bladder is full I experience no

difficulty in passing my water. Stone in bladder exand let him see the ulcer exposed thru the

cluded by examination with sound. Am 43 years of speculum ; he could then treat it after your age, married and father of two healthy children. return home. The insertion of the speculum

Never had venereal disease. Am frequently afflicted

with neuralgia, particularly supra-orbital, and stomach is painless if it is lubricated, and the patient

easily gets out of order. Urethroscopic examination “bears down " gently while the speculum is in my case revealed normal urethra." Father died of slowly pusht to position. The ulcer is then

carbuncle at age of 65, and mother of osteo-sarcoma at

age of 62. Diagnosis in my case still obscure. What located, and the plug withdrawn. The ulcer might it be? Will colleag having had experience is then thoroly cleansed by repeated swabbings in similar case kindly outline proper treatment and with pledgets of cotton on an applicator which

oblige a suffering fellow practician who signs himself

H. E. has been wet with water, hydrogen peroxid, or bichlorid of mercury solution in the [Doctor, we must compliment you upon the strength of 1 to 2000. Powdered iodoform,

Powdered iodoform, succinctness of your report, and congratulate full strength, is then dusted into the ulcer, and you upon the excellent treatment you have the speculum withdrawn. This treatment is received. We believe in addition to a prosgiven daily at first, every other day a little tatitis, that you have been suffering with sublater, and once a week as the ulcer heals. acute cystitis, and that this accounts for the

Systemic treatment includes tonics such as persistent and frequent erections. This, as iron, quinin, and strychnin in maximum you know, is a difficult affection to treat, and dosage. The bowels must be kept moving at especially for one who is much on his feet, or least once a day by some laxativ which is not traveling. Any good modern text-book will irritating to the lower bowel. All irritating give you the latest approved methods for comfoods, and those which leave a large undigesti- bating this trouble. In addition to their reble residue, are to be tabooed. Condiments commendations, we add the following hints: must be excluded.

epsom salt is the best laxativ when such a Saddle riding will not have any influence in drug is needed in the course of treatment, the the case. Proper cleansing and medication salt having a selectiv action on the vesical will heal this ulcer (any possible specific and mucous membrane. The old fashioned, and tubercular history of your ancestors excluded) now little used, mucilaginous drinks are valuaif it is above the grasp of the sphincter, and ble aids to other medication and measures ; we the proper local applications are made. Vol. refer to infusion of true slippery elm bark II., Diseases of the Intestins, Hemmeter, pub- made from the fresh bark, and to infusion of lisht by P. Blakiston's Son and Co., is an ex- flaxseed. We would not consider strychnin cellent work on diseases of the lower bowel. indicated in your case ; other tonics, like the - ED.).

simple bitters would be preferable. Diet will have considerable influence in your case. acute gastritis caused by the tainted meat. Strong meats and spices should be avoided, When the food ferments in the stomach or and no liquor of any kind should be taken. bowel, the gas collects in some of the ramifiYou should accustom yourself to drink large cations of the intestin, and by pressure on the quantities of water every day, and coffee or inflamed gut causes the pain.

Such pain tea, if taken, should be in moderation. The may be, and often is, referred to the back. In fact of your suffering with neuralgia shows that such a case, the pain is felt at a point distant you have a tendency to the lithemic diathesis, from the site of irritation, just as the pain of and you must remember that after repeated hip joint disease is constantly referred to knee examinations, it is quite possible for rheuma- or foot instead of the hip. The vomiting of tism to exist without furnishing evidence which blood streaked mucus is not uncommon in our best lests can reveal; neuralgia and rheu

such cases. matism are at least “ first cousins," anyway. As to what will “cure him quickly and Make sure that your daily excretion of urin is finally,” that is quite a different proposition. fully up to the normal. We hope that these Your calomel and soda helpt him because it suggestions may lead you to a plan of treat- hastened the passage of the intestinal contents ment which will result in a cure.-ED.]. and helpt to check the fermentation; the oliv

oil likewise acted as a simple mechanical lubriGastro-Intestinal Trouble.

cant to the inflamed and congested mucosa, Quiz Dept., MEDICAL WORLD:-I would like

while at the same time acting as a laxativ, help in the following puzzling case: Married man, aged 30 last March, after eating a little cold wienerwurst

The problem is to check the fermentation, sausage at dinner, which had been left over from relieve the state of chronic congestion of the dinner two days before, was taken with vomiting, which continued all night, with severe pains. The

gastro-intestinal mucosa, and keep the bowels next morning, he was treated with all the known free enuf that no toxic or irritating substances remedies, such as bismuth, ice, antiseptics, anti- may remain long enuf to cause irritation suffspasmodics, etc., and was finally quieted with a large dose of morphin hypodermically, only to break out

cient to provoke an attack. The condition again on getting over the effect of the morphin. He will be allayed, therefore, by appropriate food was treated by several good physicians but the pain

and mastication, by artificial digestants for a still was very bad nearly every day, but almost entirely confined to his back, not always in one place,

time, by mechanical lubricants or “ intestibut generally all over, from shoulder blades to sacrum; nal antiseptics,' and by keeping up a rather relieved best by ist, rubbing and pinching up the skin so hard that it hurts as soon as the pain is gone; 2nd,

free bowel excretion without deranging the Faradic battery ; 3rd, and most peculiar, he will lie on digestion by administration of strong catharhis back with knees over his head or high up against a tics. Study of your therapeutics and experiwall, squirming and twisting until relief comes. He almost never has it after 10 at night, but it comes on

mentation will enable you to find the agents of at 4 or 5 in the morning. He is sometimes nearly free choice for his particular case.

Our first sugfrom pain for a day or two and sometimes suffers

gestion would be silver nitrate in solution, and nearly all day, getting relief only to have another attack. In July he went to a sanatorium and was con

also in pills so coated that they will only be fined to bed and to a milk diet for three weeks. He soluble when they reach the intestin; in this was very much reduced in flesh. I have had charge of the case since then and have obtained the best re

way you will reach both the stomach and the sults from occasional doses of calomel and soda and intestin with your drug. Better begin with large doses of oliy oil with bismuth. He has for a year gr. doses, and increase as toleration is past had feelings of faintness when his bowels moved. He still suffers with his back, but when the pain leaves

establisht ; an excessiv dose at the outset, there is a good deal of rumbling in his bowels. He in solution, will provoke nausea and vomiting. does not vomit any more, has a good appetite, has regained what flesh he had lost. He vomited a few

Remember the 50 grain therapeutical limitastreaks of blood two or three times. No kind of food

tion. The faintness on evacuation of the makes him feel worse excepting mush, which feels bowels is not an unusual feature of such cases, heavy. Oysters with lots of red pepper make him feel good. For several months his pulse was near 100

and is best met by having the stool semiand temperature about 99o. It does not hurt him to solid; occasionally cases do better by using lift. Excitement seems to relieve sometimes, at others. the syringe and warm water when sensation of it does not. Yesterday he had a bad spell in an exciting chase after a bear, alone with his dogs. The

pending evacuation is felt, so as to dissolve day before it commenced suddenly while milking, and the stool and prevent too great irritation of the he had to take his inverted position on his head and

lower bowel as the stool isi passed. Non-alcoshoulders and squirm and strain hard and twist for ten minutes, then finisht milking, altho suffering pain ;

holic Auid extract of hydrastis in generous has occasional pains on lower left of abdomen, then it dosage will help him. Bismuth relieves nearly will change to lower right or to left shoulder, but always the worst is in his back. What is the trouble

all such cases, but its action is purely mechanand what will cure him quickly and finally. He has ical, and it is problematical whether any pertaken glycozone, bismuth, charcoal, hot water and hosts

manent benefit accrues from the use of the of other things. Please do not publish name or address, as this is a noted case for miles around.


Medicus. Now you have the problem and its solution, [You have, of course, a case of chronic with some of the equation workt out, but it can gastro-intestinal indigestion, secondary to the not be completed on paper.- ED.).

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