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in děbt' ed, being in debt; under obli- rée om měnd', to commend to gation.

other's confidence; to place in a in věst' ment, amount invested; that favorable light.

in which money is invested. rée' om pěnse, repayment; compenlieū (lū), in place of.

sation. mēr' ean tile, having to do with trade. shrewd (shrūd), artful; keen. mil lion âire', a person worth a mil- spěç' i men, a sample. lion or more.

stā' tion ěr ý, articles usually sold by mo nop' o list, one who monopolizes. a stationer, such as pens, paper, etc. öp er ā' tion, action; agency. súb serip' tion, sum subscribed; atop' u lençe, wealth ; riches; affluence. testation. pā' tron, one who countenances or sủe çěss' ful, prosperous; fortunate. protects; benefactor.

sỹs' tem, regular order or method. rā' ti o (rā' shỉ o), proportion; rate. 'văl' u å ble, having value; precious.

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NOTE: The second word in each pair is opposite in meaning to that of the first.

căl' um ný, slander; defamation. če o nom' ie al, frugal; saving. eü' lo ġý, praise; commendation. ěx trăv' à gant, wasteful; prodigal. nox' ious, harmful; hurtful.

täunt, to jeer; to reproach. běn e fi' cial, helpful; advantageous. eðm' pli měnt, to praise; to flatter. pū' ēr ile, childish ; silly; weak. ăn' nals, history; a record by years. rés' o lüte, manly; determined. trả di’ tion, legend; knowledge orally. al lē' ġiançe, loyalty ; devotion. ġěn' u îne, real; true; authentic. dís loy' al tý, faithlessness; perfidy. spū' ri ous, false; counterfeit. ăm bìg' u ous, obscure; doubtful. fū' ri ous, raging; fierce; mad. ob' vi oŭs, evident; plain.

eälm, quiet; still; subdued. ég' o tỉgm, vanity; self-conceit. dše' trine, precept; belief. mod' és tỹ, humility; reserve. prăe' tice, usage; performance.

Give the opposite of :





honest weak







åb' strået, used without reference to nū' mer al, pertaining to number. anything; synopsis.

prof' it å ble, useful; yielding profit åd vēr tīge' ment, a public notice, or gain.

especially a paid notice in some re çēive', to obtain by delivery. public print.

re lī' å ble, trustworthy; worthy of åv' er age, medial sum or quantity; dependence. ordinary.

rē mū nēr ā' tion, reward; compeneðm' pěn sāte, to indemnify; reward. sation. de nom i nā' tion, title; a name. re vēal', to disclose. dís hón' est, void of honesty. sēize, to take hold of suddenly; to ē nū' mer ate, to count; to number. capture. e quiv' å lent, equal in worth or value. shriņk' aġe, reduction in bulk or gross, twelve dozen; whole bulk. dimensions. in' te sral, an entire thing; whole. sti' pend, settled pay or compensamăx' i măm, highest degree.

tion for services. mēr' çe na ry, governed by greedi- těs ti mõ' ni al, a certificate of good ness of gain; serving for pay.

character or conduct. min' i mắm, smallest quantity. trăns åe' tion, the doing of any businăl' li fý, to make void.






Our delegated was placed in a very delicate position.
These dents' in the floor were made by a dense 4 mass of metal.
His decease 5 was occasioned by a severe disease.6
If we defer? the matter we may not again differ 8 so widely.
I can put no dependence in him nor any of his dependants.10
The depositary 11 says there is no such book in the depository.19
There were diverse 13 opinions concerning the success of the pearl divers.
I dissent 15 from you as to the descent 16 necessary.
Devise some device 18 for the banner.
The eminent man was in imminent 20 danger.
His facundity 21 of speech is greater than the fecundity 22 of his imagination.
It was so formerly,23 before the new rules were formally 24 adopted.
She made a courtesy 26 with true courtesy.?
Sheathe 7 the sword in its shining sheath.28






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älms, charity.

floŭr' ish, to thrive; to brandish. av' à lănche, a sudden, irresistible in de çi' gion, hesitation; failure to

descent of anything, as avalanche form a judgment. of snow and ice.

iõ' tå, a small part; a letter of the bāit, a decoy; to give refreshment to. Greek alphabet. bēa' eon (bē' k’n), a signal light or jěop' ard y (jěp'-), hazard; danger. fire.

knůck' le, to yield; a finger-joint. bịv' ouăe (bív' wăk), to encamp tem- măs quer āde' (-kēr-), a disguise; a porarily.

sham. ehar' åe tēr, the nature of a person or på trol', a guard; to go the rounds, as thing; moral quality.

a sentinel. ero chet' (-shā'), knitting with a hook. quạr' ry, a stone pit; the object of còn' ie, a snarler; one who sneers at the chase. moral worth.

råg a můf' fin, a vagabond.

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CARPETS, RUGS AND DRAPERIES Ax min' ster, an imitation of Turkish | oil' elõth, cloth treated with oil or

carpet, having thick and soft pile. paint. brús' sels, a carpet made of worsted ō rỉ ěn' tal, pertaining to the orient yarn and linen thread.

or east; so-called rugs. drėg' gět, material used as covering påt' tern, figure or style of decora. for carpets.

tion; a sample. ěm broid' er y, needlework used to pôr tỉere' (pôr tyâr'), a curtain hangenrich textile fabrics, etc.

ing across a doorway. fringe, an ornamental border; a mar- re vērs' į ble, capable of being regin.

versed; having a pattern on both hěmp, a plant the fiber of which is sides so that either may be used.

used for making rope, coarse cloth, rúf' fled (ruf'l'd), drawn into pucketc.

ers, plaits, or folds. in' grāin, a kind of carpet dyed in tăp' es trý, a carpet, resembling the

the grain, or before manufacture. brussels, having a figure; a fabric lāçe, a fabric, much used for curtains. employed for wall hangings. lắm' bre quin (-bẽn kín), an orna- three'-plý, consisting of three distinct

mental drapery for mantels, etc. webs in wrought together; threefold. li nõ'le um, a hard floor-cloth with tôr' chón (-shồn), a kind of lace used

water-proof surface and canvas for curtains, trimmings, etc. backing.

věl' vět, a silk fabric, having a short, mătch' ing, bringing to a match, or close nap of erect threads. equaling; fitting.

wĒave, to unite intimately; to fabrimăt' ting, a straw carpet.

cate. mõ quětte' (-kět'), a carpet having a Wil' tón, a kind of carpet having an short velvety pile.

elastic velvety pile.



à māze' ment,

surprise; astonish-gro těsque' (tesk'), uncouth; fanment.

tastic. ā' pěx, the highest point; the summit. il lū' mi nate, to light. är' du ous, difficult.

îm promp' tu, without study or prepaā' the igm, disbelief in God.

ration. au dā' cious, bold; daring.

in çěn' di a rý, an agitator; one who bowl' der (or bõul-), a large stone, maliciously fires a building. or a mass of rock.

in con çēiv' å ble, beyond understandelăm' or, loud, repeated outcry.

ing. erēase, a line or mark of a fold. in sin' u te, to imply; to suggest. erim' son, a deep red color.

lū' era tive, profitable; productive. de çi' sion, settlement; firmness. mär' tial (-shal), military; warlike. de fi' ănce, act of defying.

prī và tēer,' an armed vessel licensed dís eńs' sion, debate; disputation. to take prizes. dis sim' i lar, unlike.

sol' i tude, a lonely life; seclusion. ex pe di' tion, a journey for a definite Spăn' iard (-yērd), a native or natupurpose; an enterprise.

ralized citizen of Spain. Homophonous words,—what do they mean? vale, veil sweet, suite fair, fare

soar, sore ton, tun wave, waive wear, ware

core, corps waste, waist serial, cereal feet, feat

ode, owed

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ăm' bu lançe, a wagon or cart for bůck' board, a four-wheeled vehicle

conveying the wounded to a hospi- having a long elastic body attached tal.

directly to the axletrees. ăx' le, shaft on which a wheel turns. bŭg' gy, a light four-wheeled carriage. bå rouche' (-roosh'), a two-seated, cá lăsh', top of a carriage which can four-wheeled open carriage.

be thrown back; a carriage. brough' am (broom), a light, close equ pe' (koo pā'), a four-wheeled, carriage, with seats inside.

close carriage for two persons.

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