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COLONY of squatters in

habits the beach but a little way from Coney Island's dazzling night illumination. They have built homes for themselves from driftwood and there they live the year round in the shadow of the great pleasure resort. Their greatest enemy is not the cold in the winter time but the blowing sand, which threatens to completely bury them when the winds roar in from the ocean.




CURIOUS METHOD OF IRRIGATION USED IN NORTHERN INDIA It consists of a series of wheels or pulleys and cords, and is known as the Sultan water lift. By this means two oxen and

a man can irrigate about five acres a day.


MOUNTAIN CLIMBING The tall stepladder takes the place of a cliff or a building when the rescue of a compan

ion is practiced.

ERECTING AERIALS Wireless is part of the equipment of the boy scouts who exhibited their work in Central

Park, New York.

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distinguished by the fact that but a very

small gyroscope seems to be necessary SCHILOWSKY, Russian engineer, be- for its operation, and that only on the w lieves wholly in the monorail system, electromotive unit. the principle of which was first devel- The objections which have prevented oped by Brennan, an Englishman. The the gyroscopic principle from being Russian recently appeared on the streets used for transportation have been the of South Kensington, England, with an difficulty of handling the machine on automobile of gigantic proportions, sup- curves. This difficulty has, however, ported by but two wheels. The machine been overcome to a certain degree by worked on the gyroscopic principle, but Schilowsky, and he may have solved the it weighed three tons and was capable problem through a governor which of running at a speed of only four miles adjusts the speed of the gyroscope. If an hour. The same engineer's monorail he has, the long expected revolution in train was demonstrated before the Im- methods of transportation, with all side perial College of Science and Tech- shock's eliminated, as in the bicycle, nology, and worked successfully. It is should follow.


THE GYRO AUTOMOBILE WHICH WEIGHS THREE TONS It ran successfully through the streets of an English town at four miles an hour. It is still far from practical.



submarine boats, K-5 and K-6, have recently been launched on the Atlantic Coast. They are known as submarine torpedo boats and represent the most powerful and effective vessels in the navies of the world for traveling at high speed on the surface and having great range of action under water.

USEFUL KITES AFLOOD in the Silanus River, Cali


The new submarines for the Navy are so large and powerful that they are called fornia, swept out a

submarine torpedo boats. section of telephone poles and in order to put the line into STUFFS SAUSAGES ELECservice promptly, the engineers hit upon

TRICALLY the scheme of sending up a number of THE electric power control of the autokites. By this means a bridle wire was - matic sausage stuffer is so arranged carried over the river and this in turn that the sausages are quickly and evenly was used to fetch over the phone wires. filled.

To achieve this result, the governorthe small weight on the lever at the bot

tom of the picture—is adjusted for the pressure required in the sausage. When

the outlet at the bottom of the large sausage cylinder is opened, the electric drive motor forces down the piston in the cylinder, compressing the sausage. When

the pressure reaches the predetermined SAGES EVENLY point, the governor is lifted, throwing off hums and the the electric current until the pressure


in decreases after more sausage

been forced from the cylinder. When sufficient sausage has left the outlet from the cylinder to lower the pressure within the cylinder, the governor weight automatically drops, switching on the current to the motor that operates the plunger in the large sausage cylinder. Thus economy is effected in the use of current, which is only required during a part of the time that work is being done in

TREES TO HIDE ELEVATED on the other hand, that the planting of

trees along the elevated tracks might be AN educational institution in Chi

encouraged, to shut off the view of the cago has hit upon the plan of mak

unsightly back yards and rear porches that presents itself to passengers on the trains and for some years the elevated people themselves have tried to influence owners and tenants in this direction.

The modern tendency in civic life is to make the best of a bad outlook. With increasing congestion, it is not always possible for even those comparatively well to do to avoid living in a neighbor

hood that has certain distinctive drawBETTER VIEW OF THE "L" Big trees are grown in Chicago to shut out the elevated

backs. By such methods, however, as are railroad structure.

here outlined, such disadvantages can be ing use of maple, poplar, and other tall

largely minimized. shade trees to shut off the view of the elevated railway structure in close proximity to its grounds. This year for the first time the tops of the trees are making effective screens.

HLJEBLES The trees were planted in a straight row and so close together that in the spring summer, and part of the fall the foliage will be so profuse that the desired result will be accomplished.

It has been suggested,

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HOTELS In one a girl may obtain a clean bright room for twentyfive cents. It was built by Miss Sarah Switzer, a New York philanthropist. The other is a finer hotel which caters to women of more means—the Martha Washington,

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