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Secretary's Report for the Year 1919


HE Michigan Engineering Society can well be proud of its record for the year 1919. This year can be known as one of the most progressive years in the entire history of the society to date. It can be known as the year in which the society has paid up all outstanding obligations and has a substantial balance to its credit as will be shown by the secretary's financial report.

Three years ago we had obligations amounting to about $1,400. The profit in sales of advertising space has substantially eliminated this debt in this three-year period.

This year can also be known as the year in which the Registration Act was made a reality. By the concentrated efforts of our members, it was made possible to pass this long desired piece of legislation.

This year can also be known as the year in which the society reorganized its constitution, thereby committing itself to broader and more far-reaching policies.

As a result of this reaching out, some eight or nine local engineering organizations will be integral parts of this society.

Last, but not least, the society has had a wonderful growth in membership. Never before has the membership been increased as in 1919. One hundred and eight new members have joined us and let me state right here that to my mind, this is a big thing of the year..

The annual report, together with exchanges, were mailed in September our exchanges being the same last year.

During the year we lost through death, five of our brother engineers. This includes one of our honorary members, Mr. Myron H. Bailey. The others were all good loyal supporters of the society; Mr. E. K. Lovelace, Mr. John M. McCreary, Mr. M. E. Newcomb, Mr. E. P. Waterman. That these losses of ours are keenly felt is beyond question.

During the year we have lost by resignation, seven, leaving a total of members in good standing, 332.

Your secretary wishes at this time to thank the officers, committee-members and all members of the M. E. S. for their hearty co-operation during the past three years.

I feel sure that all of you have had pleasure in seeing so much progress made during this period. For myself, I cannot express

the degree of pleasure I have experienced in being able to become so intimately acquainted with all of you. If the spirit of friendship and fellowship exists between individual members, I am sure that the society will grow even greater in the future than in the year just ended. The officers for the year 1920 are:

Wm. W. Cox, President...
Otto E. Eckert, Vice-President.
John H. Bateman, Secretary.
A. J. Decker, Treasurer..
Leroy C. Smith, Director..

R. W. Roberts, Director...

Port Huron

. Lansing . Ann Arbor

.Ann Arbor



Respectfully yours, Wм. W. Cox, Secretary.

Financial Statement

January 1, 1917, to February 9, 1920.

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Sundry expense, express, cartage, etc..

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16.13 $4,554.74

Balance on hand as shown by treasurer, Feb. 9,



Total ...


(Note: By order of the Board of Directors the financial statement has been made up for the period shown above.)


February 9, 1920, to March 25, 1920.


Cash on hand February 9, 1920...

Cash received from fees and dues to March 25,


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Total expense Feb. 9 to March 25, 1920....
Cash on hand, in bank, March 25, 1920.....


$ 601.51

$1,046.32 $1,046.32

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Sundries (cartage, charter frames, picture of office window, cleaning, etc.).




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We certify that we have examined the books and records of the Michigan Engineering Society, Michigan State Assembly of the American Association of Engineers, and that we have found the above statements to be correct, to the best of our knowledge and belief.


(Signed) J. H. BATEMAN, Chairman.

(Signed) J. A. SOUTHERN.

Detroit, Michigan, Nov. 20, 1920.


We are anticipating making the MICHIGAN ENGINEER a quarterly booklet, to be sent to the members in the State of Michigan, also to our exchanges with the various state engineering societies throughout the country.

The life of our publication will depend upon our advertising matter, and we trust that each of our members will be able to help us along the line of procuring advertising for our future issues. The publication will be sent to every member in the State of Michigan, thus becoming another branch of service to our members. In future issues we plan to give chapter news, showing chapter activities as well as state activities.

Papers will be printed as read at our annual convention, distributed throughout the year. Also in an early issue we will have a directory of members in the State of Michigan.

May we at this time enlist your conscientious support in securing advertising for our paper.


ALL the ROADS and STREETS in our UNITED STATES were paved with "Metropolitan" or "Bessemer" Shale Paving Brick, that part of "PREPAREDNESS" would be complete.

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