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ise held out at first." The newly introduced drug, euchinin, a derivative of quinine, is mentioned as worthy of trial.

The subject of pleurisy with effusion is treated in a very interesting and instructive manner. The after-treatment, or the treatment following aspiration, where the dullness does not clear up, modified voice sounds remaining, and with diminished movement and breathing, seems commendable. One case is reported where this condition readily cleared up under

the following method : "Simply to make the patient lie on his sound side and breathe deeply, and to assist his expirations by well-timed comprerions of the base affected."

A very plausible theory is set forth explaining the fact that pleural effections are slow in reabsorbing, while pericardial fluid reabsorbs rapidly and readily. “In the pericardium the fluid

is never at rest, the membrane is constantly washed by it, and the stomata kept clear. In the pleura almost absolute rest prevails, and the stomata and lymph capillaries are likely to become clogged by sedimentary fibrin."

Beginning on page 79, the "surgical treatment of pericarditis" especially purulent pericarditis, reminds us that surgery is still progressing.

Beginning with page 129, "Some special therapeutic agents" forms an interesting chapter.

“Diseases of the Skin" are treated by Henry W. Stelwagon, M. D.

“Diseases of the Nervous System." by William G. Spiller, M. D., is an excellent article.

The last section is devoted to “Obstetrics,” and is commendably treated by Richard C. Norris, M. D.

A good index adds to the usefulness of the volume.


Master of human destinies am I:

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-John James Ingalls,


THE TREATMENT OF INFLUENZA. This remedy is curative because it By Eugene C. Underwood, M. D., Sur- neutralizes the disease factors, and it

geon B. & O. R. R., Louisville, Ky. is antispasmodic and it quiets these

It is altogether probable that we patients more satisfactorily than do shall not cease to have visitations of opiates. It is not attended with daninfluenza every winter.

The visita- gerous or prejudicial results under any tions of influenza which come down on circumstances. the world so suddenly have since been I have found, however, that I can repeated every year to a greater or

get results only from Sander's Eucaless extent. So far this year I have lyptol. Other preparations of eucaseen a great many cases of influenza lyptus I have found to be in many and I think that we shall have a great respects very prejudicial. All the remany more cases as the cold season sults which I have attained from any progresses.

preparation of eucalyptus have been In the treatment of influenza we

from the Sander preparation; and shall make a grave mistake if we al

while I rely upon it to a large extent low ourselves to give the patient any in many other diseases, I find nothing opiate. The pain and sleeplessness to equal it in the treatment of influthat are associated with the unfolding enza. The prescriptions I have given of influenza often tempt us to give an

will be found to be all that are reopiate. But we should not give an quired in any ordinary case, and they opiate because it will lock the secre- will bring about a most speedy cure. tions and render all symptoms of the Several epidemics through which Saninfluenza worse.

der's Eucalyptol has been relied upon To overcome the cough, which is have convinced me that it is the one often most distressing, the best results rational remedy upon which we can alhave been attained from the following: ways depend and never be disappointSander's Eucalyptol,

ed. It never produces gastric irritaSpirit chloroform ......aa 1/2 oz. tion and it overcomes the painful shivM. Sig.–Pour twenty drops

ering and other distressing symptoms piece of flannel and dip into hot water of the disease in a speedy manner. and inhale the vapor. This should be In cases treated with Sander's Eucarepeated every two hours, or even of- lyptol I have noticed that we have tener than this, if the cough or sore had no relapse, as is many times the throat is very urgent.

case when other remedies are used. To fortify the system against the Some physicians rely upon quinine, disease and to neutralize the poison but when it is remembered that this which gives the disease activity, the agent is very trying on nerves it will following prescription has afforded me be thought that we had better go slow the best treatment. In fact, no rem

about giving the remedy. In old and edy has brought me the results I have very young patients, and those of the attained from Sander's Eucalyptol. I nervous temperament, the employment employ it in this formula:

of quinine is in fact often followed Sander's Ecalyptol ....drachms 2. by the most serious cunsequences. Honey

q. 8. ad. oz. 3. Time and again have instances been M. Sig.-Teaspoonful every three published in which quinine has brought hours.

about fatal results. Nothing of this

on a

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Cures Quickly all Suppurative and Inflammatory Diseases of the Eye: Catarrhal Conjunctivitis or Ophthalmia, Purulent Conjunctivitis, Ophthalmia in Children, Inflamed and Granular Eye Lids,

Etc. Send for free 300-page book “Rational Treatment of Diseases caused by Germs,” containing reprints of 140 scientific articles by leading contributors to medical literature.

Physicians remitting 50 cents will receive one complimentary sample of each, “Hydrozone ” and “Eye Balsam.”

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DISTRIBUTING AGENTS : Thomas Christy & Co., 25 Lime St., London, Eng. Leeming, Miles & Co., 53 St. Sulpice St., Montreal, Can. Beckett, Zeilin & Co., 220 Sutter St., San Francisco, Cal. Chemist and Graduate of the Ecole Centrale des

Arts et Manufactures de Pans" (France) E. H. Buehler, 134 Lake St., Chicago, III. John W. Lehman, 428 Camp St., New Orleans. La. 57-59 Prince St., New York.


Charlas stoarchand




Colden's LIQUID


SPECIAL ATTENTION ... of the Medical Profession is directed to this remarkable Curative Preparation, as it has been endorsed by THOUSANDS OF THE LEADING PHYSICIANS OF THE UNITED STATES, who are using it in their daily practice.

COLDEN'S LIQUID BEEF TONIC is invaluable in all forms of Wasting Diseases and in cases of convalescence from severe illness. It can also be depended upon with positive certainty of success for the cure of Nervous Weakness, Malarial Fever, Incipient Consumption, General Debility, etc.


Is a reliable Food Medicine; rapidly finds its way into the circulation ; arrests Decomposition of the Vital Tissues, and is agreeable to the most delicate stomach. To the physician, it is of incalculable value, as it gives the patient assurance of return to perfect health. Sold by Druggists generally.

The CHARLES N. CRITTENTON CO., General Agents,

Nos. 115 and 117 Fulton Street, NEW YORK.

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kind has ever been said of Sander's many received) from leading practiEucalyptol, which is not dangerous, tioners throughout the union should but it is always reliable and brings commend this valuable agent to the prompt and happy results.

medical profession, the name of the

physician is suppressed for ethical reaCONSOLIDATION OF THE MARION

sons, but is on file and at the disposai SIMS COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND

of any physician desiring further inTHE BEAUMONT HOSPITAL MEDI

formation. CAL COLLEGE.

San Francisco, Cal., Aug. 22, 1900, The important announcement is

To Whom It May Concern: Mrs. made that the Marion-Sims College of M-, a patient, a sufferer for many Medicine and the Beaumont Hospital years with chronic articular rheumaMedical College have agreed to a con

tism, has under my care during the solidation, which will become effective last seven years used all the ordinary May 1, 1901. The terms of the consol

remedies, potash, soda, lithia, salicyidation contemplate a utilization of the lates colchicum, etc., in numberless entire teaching force of the two insti- combinations, without noticeable bentutions, and a union of their clinical

efit. This was partly due to inability facilities and laboratory equipment.

to retain the drugs. Several months

ago she began taking Vita Aurantii THE URIC ACID DIATHESIS–VITA

Litholytica, which has worked remarkAURANTII LITHOLYTICA (HABER).

able changes, both locally and systemPhysicians have for a number of

atically. Her stomach has retained the years recognized the indispensibility of

medicines very nicely after continued the salicylates and phosphates in this

use, her pain has been very greatly common and troublesome condition.

lessened; her joints have become more These drugs are our sheet anchor; but

supple; her acute attacks have become to administer them in a palatable

much less frequent, and a most percepform has been quite impossible.


tible change for the better has come believe that in the peptonized natural

over this

very great sufferer. Her juice of the orange a menstrum has

ability to retain the drugs has proven been found of remarkable utility. The

a boon of inestimable value. soapish and most disagreeable taste

Respectfully, of these drugs is beautifully disguiseu

[Signed] L. M. KUYLA, M. D., and their action made more efficacious,

Pres. California Pharmacal Co., City. because of the patient's ability to more readily assimilate them and to take THE PREDATORY MOSQUITO. them more frequently and in larger Every physician who “keeps tab” doses. This combination does not nau- on the advances and discoveries of seate, because the medicines are not medical science is now aware that tasted and are not irritant to the stom- there are two kinds of mosquitoesach. Vita Aurantii Litholytica is the the good and the bad. We presume, most palatable uric acid solvent before however, that someone will dispute the medical profession. In conditions this statement, and say of this insect causing sluggish livers, catarrhal dis- as the average army officer says of ease of the bile ducts, gout, rheuma- the Indian, "There's no good mosquito tism lithiasis, etc., this tasteless com- but a dead mosquito." It's true that bination deserves the fullest consider- they all sting, but some of them add ation of the profession.

insult to injury by injecting the maThe following endorsement (of the larial virus into her unsuspecting vic

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