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AND to wait for his Son from Heaven, whom he raised from A the Dead, even Jesus which delivered us from the Wrath to come, 1 Thes. i. 10.

To serve God, and to expect or wait for his Son Jesus Christ, is the whole Life of a Christian. He who expects, desires; and he who desues, is impatient of Delay; he who is impatient, groans: he who groans, is ienfible of his Misery, and very far from seeking Pleasures and Diverlions. Vouchsafe, O Lord, to teach us chyself, to wait for thee, as a Captive does for his Deliverer; an Exile, for his being recalled Home; a lick Perfon, for his Physician; a Child for his father ; a Bride for her Bridegroom ; a Sheep for her Shepherd; a Debtor for his Ransom ; and an oppressed.

Orphan for his Judge and Protector. Let us imitate him whom we expect, . if we are unwilling to fall back into that Wrath from which he has delivere ad us. Jefus, God of my Salvation, Now vouchsafe che sacred Pow'r,

Give us Eyes thyself to see, Now the Faith divine impart, Waiting for the Consolacion, Meet us at this solemn Hour, Longing to believe on thee; Shine in every drooping Heart.


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THIS is the Disciple which testifieth of these Things, and J, wrote these Things: and we know that his Testimony is true. --- And there are also many other Things which Jesus did, the which if they should be written every one, suppose that even the World it self could not contain the Books that should be writ. ten. Amen. John xxi. 24, 25.

We know only the least Part of those Things which Jesus did and taught upon Earth. If we do not make Use of that which is written, to what End would that which is not have served, but only to our greater Condemnation? Let us be content to adore that of which we know nothing; let us put in practice every part of his Word which we do know ; let us beg the Grace that we may be willing to perform what we are able, and that we may be able to perform what we are willing, and let us labour, without Intermiflion, defiring earnekly that Happiness which we expect. Yes, Lord Jesus, come quickly, for it is thou whom we expect, and we look not for another. Come, O Thou greater than ourHearts, Take us into thy People's Rest,

And make thy faithful Mercies known, And we from ourownWorksshall cease
The Mind which was in Thee impart, With chy meek Spirit arm our Breast,
Thy constant Mind in us be shewn..And keep our Minds in perfect Peace:

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W HEN ye fast, be not as the Hypocrites, of a fad Coun

W tenance: for they disfigure their Faces, that they may appear unto Men to fast. Verily I say unto you, they have their Reward, Matt. vi. 16.

It is difficult to avoid Hypocrisy and Oftentation in external Mortifica-
tions, and chiefly in fasting. - God turns from the Sinner the Eyes of his
Mercy in the fame Proportion that he endeavours to draw upon himfeif
those of Men.. . When a Man affects a fad Countenance he has but little
godly Sorrow in his Heart. The Love of God makes us do that with
Joy, which we do for him. Our Hearc is the same in respect of God,
that our Head and Face are in respect of Men. It is by the Heart that he
knows us, and judges of us; it is by this that we 'please him. - Let us
not be afraid that our Heart will be conceal'd' from God; but let us be
afraid, left he should discover it to be greedy of the Glory which comes
from Men, and little filled with Desire and Esteem of that Glory which he
alone can confer.
That true Remorse, that Grief divine, Indulge me at thy Feet to grieve
Saviour, I long to know,

In exquisite Distress,
Strike this hard rocky Heart of mine, Till Thou my mournful Soul receive,
And let the Waters flow:

And þid me die in Peace.

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ONE of the Soldiers with a Spear pierced his Side, and forth

with came thereout Blood and Water. John xix. 34. Christ would not have one Drop of his Blood remain unhed for the Sal." vation of Mankind. It is all for us, he reserves not the least Part of it for himself. The Wound in our blessed Saviour's Side ought to be moft dear and amiable to us, since it is from this mysterious Opening of bis Heart after he was dead, that the Sacraments of Life proceed. It is not sufficient that our blessed Saviour wash us; he must likewise feed and renew us., O wonderful Transfusion of the Blood of God, from the Head into the Members, from his natural into his myftical Body, from the side of Jesus into the Christian's Heart! Let Faith and Gratitude continually open mine to receive the quickening Virtue of this Blood, which conveys eternal Life to us. O Thou dear suffering Son of God, Othat my Soul might burft the Shade,

How doth thyHeart to Sinners move! And quicken'd by thy Death arise ! Help me to catch thy precious Blood, TheRocks could see thy powerful Death,

Help me to taste thy dying Love. And tremble, and asander part, -
At thy last Gasp the Graves display'd 0 rent with thine expiring Breath

Their Horrors to the upper Skics, The harder Marble of my Heart!

AND as they (the Women) were afraid, and bowed down A their Faces to the Earth, they (the two Angels) said unto them, Why seek ye the Living among the Dead? He is not here, but is risen: remember how he spake unto you when he was yet in Galilee. Luke xxiv. 5, 6.

We never seek Jesus Christ without Benefit and Comfort, when we seek him fincerely, and with our whole Heart. How full of Confolation is this Gospel of Life, to those Souls who are wholly taken up with contemplating the Death, and Burial of their Saviour. The Belief of the whole Mystery of our Salvation is founded upon the Word of Christ. It is to this Word that the Angels refer those very Souls, whom they instruct with their own Mouth by the Direction of God. Render our Minds intent, O Jesus, make us always remember that thou art no longer visible here below, that Heaven is the place where we must seek for thee, and that thou art to be found only by Faith. The risen Saviour foars

Our Counsellor we praise, Beyond the Creature's Ken ;

Our Advocate above, Yet whom th' angelic Hoft adores; Who daily in his Church displays

He pleads the Cause of Men.. His Miracles of Love.

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