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OREGON Dr. L. C. Hobson of Creswell was recently married to Miss Margaret Gill of Salem. Miss Gill was formerly an instructor at Willamette Universty.

Dr. J. Harry Rosenberg of Prine. ville has received a commission as first lieutenant in the medical officers' reserve corps.

Dr. M. M. Dow and wife of Medford have gone to San Diego on a several weeks' vacation.

Dr. Frank Pratt of North Bend has received his commission as first lieu: tenant in the reserve corps.

Dr. J. S. Shields and wife of Baker motored to Portland recently.

Dr. A. D. Woodmansee of Milton was married in Portland recently to Miss Malm.

Dr. J. A. Pettit has returned from a trip of several weeks through the Eastern States, attending clinics in a number of cities.

Dr. W. B. Holden and family have returned to the city, coming from Port land, Maine, by auto, after first tour ing the New England states.

Dr. O. C. Hagmeier of Newark, Ohio, has located in Warrenton.

Dr. D. M. Field of Salem spent part of July at Newport.

Dr. E. S. Fortner of Ontario has re. turned from a visit to Portland.

Drs. W. H. Dale of Harrisburg, Prill of Scio and W. M. Campbell of Port. land, with some other people, have returned from a pleasant outing at Ma rion Lake in the heart of the Cascade Range.

Dr. N. P. Paulsen has been appoint. ed first lieutenant in the medical re corps.

Dr. Earle Henton and wife, who

have been touring the Eastern cities, are expected home this month.

Dr. E. H. Porter of Medford, who is erecting a building for a sanitarium there, has the same nearly completed.

Dr. H. T. Allison of Heppner has returned from a visit to Portland, where he attended the meeting of the State Medical Association.

Dr. Robbins of Gold Beach has gone to Eureka, California, on matters connected with army affairs.

Dr. M. E. Leach of Corvallis has re. turned from Heppner, where he was called on account of the illness and death of his brother.

Dr. A. F. Sether of Roseburg has returned from a short vacation at Gardiner.

Dr. C. E. Barton and family of Baker have been visiting in Puget Sound.

Dr. A. Koehler of Baker had quite a narrow escape recently when his auto collided with an express train, but as the train was moving slowly the doctor was not injured, although his car was badly smashed.

Dr. John Reith of College Place has returned from California.

Dr. and Mrs. Thompson Coberth of The Dalles have returned from a few weeks' auto trip through California.

Dr. T. J. Higgins of Baker has been appointed first lieutenant in the reserve corps.

Dr. J. P. Truax, who is also mayor of Grants Pass, has gone to Ft. Law. ton, near Seattle, to take up his duties as a captain in the hospital corps of the national army.

Dr. Brookbank and family of Forest Grove have returned from a few weeks auto trip through Washington.

Dr. Smith J. Mann of Bandon has Dr. W. N. Morse of Wasco has been visiting in Bend.

Dr. Haile of Madras has returned from a visit to The Dalles and Portland.

received word that he has been accept. ed into the medical officers' reserve corps, and is liable to be called at any time.

Dr. R. W. Hanneman of Condon is making some extensive improvements to his property there.

Dr. A. C. Seely of Roseburg, who was elected delegate to the Grand Lodge of Elks which convened in Boston last month, suggested to the lodge that the trip be abandoned and the sum necessary for the journey be applied toward helping Red Cross work, which was accordingly done, and the Red Cross work received some much needed funds through the unselfishness of one Oregon physician.

Dr. Esther Pohl Lovejoy, at “Patriotic night" at the Heilig theater for the benefit of war relief funds, gave a splendid address on "Constructive Work Women Are Doing."

Dr. I. H. Cramer has received his commission as first lieutenant in the medical reserve corps.

Dr. C. F. Cathey of Condon has returned from a visit to Portland, where he attended the Medical Association meeting.

Dr. F. E. Adams of Harrisburg had his car pretty badly smashed up when another auto ran into his while he was on his way from Roseburg.

Dr. B. A. Cathey and family of Condon visited Dr. George Cathey and family of Klamath Falls recently by auto; also visited Crater Lake and Odell Lake.

Dr. Harold Clark and wife of Madras departed early in July on an auto trip through Central and Southern Oregon and California, to be gone some weeks.

Dr. Max Bloom of Dallas is in Junction City, where he is taking charge of Dr. Howard's practice while the doctor is serving his country.

Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Branstetter of Madras have returned from a few weeks' stay at the beach.

Dr. C. O. Wainscott and wife of Hermiston have returned from a visit to Portland, where the doctor attended the State Medical Association meeting.

Dr. A. K. Higgs has returned from a visit to his old home in Heppner.

Dr. N. E. Winnard of Heppner has returned from a trip through the Eastern States.

Dr. R. P. Dillehunt has received his commission as first lieutenant in the officers' reserve corps.

Dr. D. D. Young of McMinnville has returned from a visit to Portland. He also attended the meeting of the State Board of Medical Examiners, of which board he is a member.

Dr. and Mrs. W. C. Rebhan of Rose. burg have returned from a trip to Ash. land, where they took in the RoundUp. They made the trip in their auto.

Dr. G. G. Carl of Canyon City has been accepted into the medical reserve corps of the army.

Dr. Phil J. Keizer of North Bend has gone to Fort Riley, Kansas, where he was ordered to report as an officer in the medical corps. Dr. R. L. Ed. wards of Portland will have charge of his practice.

Dr. W. E. Partie of Salem has joined the medical reserve corps.

Dr. C. W. Tower of Marshfield, who has been spending the winter in Monrovia, California, has returned, and recently celebrated his 75th birthday.

Dr. and Mrs. Byron C. Miller have returned from a trip through California. The doctor attended the recent meeting of the California State Homeopathic Association held in Oakland.

Dr. H. E. Clay of Salem has been appointed as captain in the medical reserve corps.

Dr. K. L. Miller of Roseburg has been appointed county health officer to succeed Dr. Geo. E. Houck, who has entered the army.

Dr. M. C. Sult has purchased the practice of Dr. Gove of Prineville.

Dr. W. H. Becker of Sherwood at tended the recent meeting of the State Medical Association in Portland.

Dr. Emma Maki Wickstrom was in Willamina recently in the interest of the Oregon Social Hygiene Society, where she gave a very instructive and interesting address.

Dr. Harry Morgan and wife of Was. co have been spending some time in Portland.

Dr. Newmyer of Long Creek has re. turned from a visit to Portland.

Dr. E. V. Morrow, first lieutenant in the medical reserve corps has gone to Washington, D. C. After a short court of instruction in the medical school he will immediately be sent to the trenches in France.

Dr. A. S. Torrens of 65212 Alberta Street was married recently to Miss Myrtle McClarkin of this city.

Dr. and Mrs. H. Zophar Tharp of Rainier have returned after a trip through Oregon in their auto.

Dr. Hume has located in Molalla, having bought out the practice of Drs. Powell and Walker of that city.

Dr. and Mrs. E. C. Joseph and family of Corvallis have returned from a fishing trip to the headwaters of the Calipooia River.

Dr. A. C. McCown of Cove has joined the medical reserve corps and is one of twenty-one surgeons assigned to the new hospital unit being recruited for service abroad by the University of Oregon Medical School.

Dr. W. E. Hempsted of Oregon City, coroner of Clackamas County, has gone to American Lake, where he is to train for the ambulance corps un der Dr. John W. Sellwood.

Dr. F. D. Stricker of Grants Pass has joined the medical reserve corps.

Dr. George E. Dix of Marshfield has returned from a visit to Portland.

Dr. Jessie M. McGavin has been appointed by Dr. Harry McKay on the staff of the Multnomah County Hospital.

Dr. E. L. Baker and family of Eugene were at Newport for a few weeks last month.

Dr. P. J. Bartle of Eugene has returned from a visit to Portland.

Dr. J. S. Rankin of Newberg has received his commission for army medical service.

Dr. J. L. Shorey of Woodburn has returned from Donald, where he was called professionally.

Dr. O. E. Patterson of Sutherlin has joined the the medical reserve corps.

Dr. Hamel of Warrenton has returned from a visit to Central Oregon.

Dr. L. G. Johnson and wife of Marshfield have returned from an auto trip to California.

Dr. J. P. Graham of La Grande has been appointed major in command of the La Grande Hospital Unit, which is known as Oregon Field Hospital No. 1. It consists of 82 men and six officers.

Dr. J. O. Matthis of Monmouth has joined the medical reserve corps.

Dr. F. L. Ingram and family of Pendleton have returned from their outing.

Dr. A. C. Van Cleve, with offices in the Eilers Bldg., has received his commission as captain in the Medical Officers' Reserve Corps. Captain Van Cleve was formerly in the government service in the Philippines.

WASHINGTON Dr. W. P. McMath of Monroe has been visiting relatives in Walla Walla.

Dr. O. T. Melde of Spokane has gone to Chicago to do post-graduate work in his specialty. He will return about the first of next year.

Dr. D. F. Bice and family of Toppen

ish have returned from an auto tour has joined the medical reserve corps. through Oregon and Washington. : Dr. L. R. Redner of Dayton has re

Dr. Roy Kerkow of Davenport at. turned from a visit to San Francisco. tended the recent meeting of the State Dr. McQuary of Dayton was in Walla Medical Association at Spokane.

Walla recently on professional busiDr. S. H. Johnson of Bellingham at- ness. tended the recent medical lectures Dr. J. W. Rose and wife of Touchet and clinics given under the auspices have returned from their visit to Portof the State University, Seattle.

land. Dr. J. W. Stevenson of Palouse has Dr. C. T. Dulin of North Yakima has returned from a trip to Spokane, been ordered to San Francisco for where he purchased some equipment assignment duty. Dr. Dulin served in for his offices.

the Spanish-American war as a medDr. H. M. Fryer of Riverside was in ical officer, Okanogan recently in connection with Dr. W. L. McClure of North Yakima the selective draft.

has also reported for duty at Ft. Riley, Dr. C. N. Suttner of Walla Walla, Kansas. who has been appointed major in the

Drs. H. E. Allen and J. F. Hill of medical reserve corps, will not leave

Seattle have tendered their resignaWalla Walla for the service before

tions as members of the 4th and 7th October 31st. Dr. H. P. Hendrix of

districts, as they have attached themSaskatchewan will, in the near future,

selves to the government medical serbe associated with Dr. Hill after the

vice. Drs. S. F. Wiltsie and Daniel departure of Dr. Suttner.

Buckley will probably be appointed Dr. R. S. Stryker of Ridgfield has

in their places.. gone to Fort Riley, where he was or

Dr. C. D. Hopper of Richland has dered to report. He has the rank of

been appointed lieutenant in the med. first lieutenant. He served in the navy

ical reserve corps, as has also Dr. S. hospital corps in the Spanish-Ameri

Q. Elmore of Pasco and Dr. W. R. can war.

Johnson of Chehalis. Dr. W. A. Pratt of Walla Walla has

Dr. M. R. Peck of Colville spent a gone to join the medical reserve corps

few days in British Columbia recently. at San Francisco.

Dr. E. C. Hamley of Pasco, who has Dr. Armstrong of Camas, who has

been sojourning in Waco, Texas, has been taking a post-graduate course at

returned. Washington University, has returned.

Dr. D. M. Strang of Sprague attendDr. R. E. Baker of Wenatchee has

ed the recent lectures and clinics at been visiting in Bickleton.

the Washington University, Seattle; Dr. F. H. Collins of Goldendale has

during his absence his practice was received a commission as first lieu

cared for by Dr. Brugman of Edwall. tenant in the medicol corps.

Dr. Tom Murphy of Oakesdale has Dr. W. M. Ely, the well-known Walla

returned from a visit to relatives in Walla physician, has moved to Ta.

Spokane. coma.

Dr. A. S. Oliver, superintendent of Dr. Clark Black of Pomeroy has re

the State Hospital at Medical Lake, turned from a trip into Canada.

has returned from a month's trip in Dr. J. H. Banks and family of Re the East, during which time he took public have returned from a long auto in the convention of alienists and trip into Canada.

neurologists. Dr. G. W. Overmeyer of Seattle, for- Dr. Henry Smith of Mansfield has merly of South Bend and Raymond, been appointed county health officer.

Dr. Harry Single of Anacortes has returned from a three weeks' vacation spent in Portland, Seattle and Tacoma.

Dr. R. L. Simpson is the new man on the city hospital staff of Seattle, in place of Dr. E. H. Smith, who has gone for service in France.

Dr. G. T. Boyd of Colfax was in Spokane recently attending the meet ing of the State Medical Association.

Dr. Harvey Felch of Ellensburg has returned from a visit to Colfax.

Dr. W. A. Mitchell of Colfax has re. turned from an outing at Priest Lake.

Dr. I. M. Lupton of Spokane was married recently to Miss Hildreth Hu mason of this city.

Dr. Walter Kelton and Dr. D. V. Trueblood of Seattle have been called to join the medical corps of the 8th engineers at American Lake.

Drs. C. C. Harbaugh, Wm. H. Payne and C. M. Frazee of Sedro-Woolley have received their commissions as lieutenants in the medical reserve corps and are now awaiting call. Dr. Jackson of Burlington is to attend to their practice during their absence.

Dr. W. D. Kirkpatrick of Bellingham has been called to the front. He has been appointed director of a national Red Cross unit. Dr. Kirkpatrick, shortly after the outbreak of the war, was sent to Serbia to help fight typhus and was in charge of the surgical hospital at Belgrade, where he won recog. nition from the Serbian government.

Dr. E. F. Mertz of Concrete has also received a commission in the army medical corps.

Dr. L. H. Jacobsen of Stanwood has been attending the five days' medical lectures and clinics given by the extension division of the University of Washington, Seattle.

Dr. S. E. Lambert of Spokane has formed a hospital unit in Spokane and left for Fort Riley, Kansas.

Dr. H. Y. Bell of Centralia expects to be called into service at any time, as

he has receievd a commission as first lieutenant in the reserve corps.

Dr. C. T. Rigg of Chewelah has been spending some time at Twin Lakes with the Boy Scout encampment.

Dr. Frederick Schroeder of Tacoma is looking after the patients at the Puget Sound Sanatarium at Puyallup during the absence of Dr. J. W. Snoke.

D r. F. H. Brown of Seattle has re. turned from the East.

Dr. J. F. Tifft of Colfax has returned from a visit with relatives at Cres. well, Oregon.

Dr. W. W. Webb of Winlock, who recently opened offices in Chehalis, has returned to Winlock to practice.

Dr. T. F. Robinson of Oroville was called to Chesaw recently on profes. sional business.

Dr. F. L. Brandt of Mt. Vernon recently returned from Austria, where he has been in the reserve hospital in the Red Cross service.

Dr. R. N. Hamblen of Spokane has been ordered to proceed to American Lake for army service.

Dr. J. B. Raub of Spokane has been appointed first lieutenant in the reserve corps.

Dr. J. H. Bartley of Zillah attended the recent convention of the State Medical Association.

Dr. Watrous of Oakesdale has located in Colfax, buying out the practice of Dr. A. W. Sandberg.

Dr. F. W. Milburn has purchased the hospital and practice of Dr. Thompson of Reardon.

Dr. W. L. Holt of Pullman spent a few weeks recently at Priest Lake, Idaho.

Dr. F. L. Carr of Montesano has been visiting in Tacoma.

Dr. J. L. Gilleland and family of Pullman have been visiting their old home in Pilot Rock.

Dr. Piro is the resident company physician at Roslyn, to succeed Dr. McKnight.

Dr. W. G. Parker and family of Cash

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