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The Plume & Atwood Manufacturing Co. 199 Lake Street :: CHICAGO

Pierce, Charles W., Tuskegee, Ala.—Course: Mechanical-Electrical.

Protzeller, J. E., Fort Wayne, Ind.—Course: Mechanical-Electrical.

Rogers, Thomas V., Muscoda, Wis.Course: Stationary.

Stickler, James, Cleveland, 0.—Course : Stationary.

Varcoe, Thomas, Burson, Cal.—Course: Stationary.

White, Albert F., London, EnglandCourse: Mechanical.

White, Dennis P., Newark, 0.—Course: Mechanical.

Sheet Brass, All Tempers
Brass and Bronze Drill Rods
Brazed and Seamless Tabing

Brass and Copper Wire
German Silver Sheet and Rod
Eagle Brand Copper Rivets and Burrs

Eagle Brand Brass Escutcheon Pins
Brass Butts, Desk, Narrow, Broad, Middle
Ball Tip and Water Closet Brass and

Iron Jack Chain
Brass Safety Chain, Etc.

THE ELECTRIC CONTROLLER & SUPPLY COMPANY of Cleveland, Ohio, announce the opening of a Southern branch office at 509-510 Woodward Bldg., Birmingham, Alabama. In addition to being represented at this progressive center of the New South, this company now has offices in the following cities: New York, N. Y.; Philadelphia, Pa.; Pittsburg, Pa.; Cleveland, O.; Denver, Col.; San Francisco, Cal.; and London, Eng

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World's Largest Searchlight

in the rough or partly fin-
ished, for the half

horse power

Gas Engine

Castings, Materials and Blue Prints, complete, $16.50.
Horizontal and Upright Types. Send for

Circular 7.
129-131 West 31st St. NEW YORK CITY

The GREAT SEARCHLight at Nuremberg, heretofore regarded as the largest in the world, is quite eclipsed by one that has recently been placed on the Woman's Magazine building, St. Louis, Mo. The Nuremberg light, which was described in the last number of The TECHNICAL WORLD, is of 316,000,000 candle-power. The St. Louis light is of 600,000,000 candle-power. On the night of its installation its reflection was seen at Kansas City, 300 miles away. This searchlight is thus by far the largest in existence, and was constructed at a cost of $12,000.

Che World's Headquarters for Electric Novelties and Supplies

If It's Electric We Have It. We Undersoll All.


Fan Motor and Battery .... {2 to $10.00
Battery Table Lamp.............
Battery Hanging Lamp.......... 10.00
Telephone, complete....... 6.96
Electric Door Bells .......

Electric Carriage Lamps..

Electric Lanterns........... 3.00
$8.00 Medical Batteries........ 3.95
$12.00 Belt, with Suspensory.....

Telegraph Outite...............
Battery Motors.............750 to
Bicycle Electric Lights........
Electric Railway.....
Pocket Flash Lights.....
Necktie Lights......

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..... 1.00 to :35


your brass trunk check when you are starting on a trip, is to slip it on to

your key ring-safe, and it obviates a OHIO ELECTRIC WORKS, Cleveland, O.

frantic search through thirteen different Agents Wanted. Send for Free Book.

pockets when you want the check. Mention The Technical World.

A SCHOOL WITH IN ITS E L'F THERE are XIX chapters of subjects, carrying you from the fundamental principles of electricity on through the 1 various branches to a point where the careful student comprehends the complete designing, care and operation

of a dynamo or motor. Each subject is carefully written and to the point. After a student studies a subject. he is questioned on that subject in such a manner as to bring clearly to his mind the points he needs to know regarding same. A DICTIONARY in back of book will enable him to learn the meaning of any electrical word, used in this book, as well as hundreds of others in common use, All required tables necessary in the study are in it


$2.00 per Copy—Third Edition 11,000 Copies Sold The offer we make of refunding money if book is

not satisfactory upon examination is AN UNUSUAL ONE in connection with the sale of a book. But we have no fear of its return. Your decision will be what thousands of others have been. Money would not buy it if it could not be duplicated. We could print testimonials by the hundreds. It is best to order and be your own judge of its merits.

CLEVELAND ARMATURE WORKS, Cleveland, Ohio. AMERICA'S GREATEST REPAIR WORKS. Armatures and Fields Wound-Commutators Filled.

Mention The Technical World.

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WANTED—Position as Building Foreman. Experienced as a general carpenter and joiner, and as foreman on building construction. References. Address The Technical World, No.


WANTED—By an American School graduate, a chance to learn light repair work. Gun, sewing machine, or bicycle work preferred. Three months' experience in school shops. Address The Technical World, No. 287.

WANTED— Position as Assistant in a power or light station of not less than 400 H. P. Locality preferred, Montana, Idaho, or Washington. Address The Technical World, No. 288.

WANTED—Position as Draftsman. Experienced in machine shop work, especially on milling machines, gear cutters, lathes, and drills. References. Desired locality, New England. Address The Technical World, No. 289.

WANTED—Position as a Machinist's Helper in some shop or public works by a student of the American School of Correspondence. References. Address The Technical World, No. 290.

Columbia WANTED—Position as Stationary Engineer
No. 1

is wanted by a student of the American School Mention The Technical World.

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Sieber & Trussell Mfg. Company 4009 Laclede Avenue . . . . ST. LOUIS, MO.

Mention The Technical World.

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