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EMPLOYMENT DEPARTMENT,(Concluded) WANTED—Position as Draftsman. Experienced in detailing small work and assistant to jig designer. Machinist by trade. LocalityPuget Sound. References. Address The Technical World, No. 300.

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Greatest Firm in the World DETROIT CAPITALIST was hur

rying down Griswold street, evidently in a brown study.

"Hey, there!" yelled an acquaintance, slapping the future millionaire on the back just to be able to say in after years that he had once done so. “What are you thinking about?"

"The greatest firm in the world, which does more business, loses more money, and fails oftener than any other, and yet never dissolves partnership," was the sudden and puzzling retort.

"Name it,” said the questioner.

"Didn't Know, Didn't Think, Forgot & Co.,” was the laconic reply.

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Port Arthur's Name THE CONNECTION that exists be1 tween Port Arthur and a peaceful village in Devonshire is little known. Half a century ago the rector at Atherington was the Rev. James Arthur, father of Lieut. W. Arthur, R.N. Lieutenant Arthur, about 1859, was sent in command of the gunboat Algerine into Chinese waters. The Algerine was attached to a surveying expedition prior to the landing made by the English and French in 1860; and when the flagship Acteon was disabled, Lieut. Arthur towed her into the then unnamed harbor, which was thenceforth known as Port Arthur. Lieut. Arthur afterwards attained the rank of rear-admiral.


Automobilious The FLEMISH NAME for automobiles is said to be “Paardelooszoondeerspoormegpetroolrytuig," and there are many people in America who believe that they deserve every single syllable of it, too.

Mention The Technical World.


Best in Quality
Lowest in Price

All Wearing Parts of Bronze Composition
Single Disc, Double Seated

Can be had in All Iron for Cyanide
Can be Packed Under Pressure

and Other Acids Takes Pressure from Either End

Best Valve on the Market for Pressures not to

Exceed 100 Pounds
Made in Screw Ends from 1 to 6-inch

Cut this out, send to us and we will mail and Flanged Ends 2 to 6-inch

you a copy of our Catalogue

Largest Manufacturers of Engineering Specialties in the World


BRANCHES: NEW YORK: 26 Cortland St. PHILADELPHIA: 1429-32 Callowhill St. NEW ORLEANS: Tulane Newcomb Bldg. LONDON: 33 Great Dover St.

PARIS: 24 Boulevard Voltaire


Something Electrical for Everybody Free Catalogue | EUREKA

Vest Pocket Light

Our No. 16 Catalogue, 80 Pages, Free

SEND FOR ONE TO-DAY We also have a large catalogue 640 pages-price 50c. This amt.

rerunded with 85.00 purchase. Write to Vs-We have two stores and a big factory, which accounts for our prompt shipments.

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MANHATTAN ELECTRICAL SUPPLY CO., 187 5th Ave., Chicago NEW YORK-32 Cortlandt St. 39 Dey St.

JERSEY CITY-42-46 Essex St, -41-47 Morris St.

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Valuable and Salable Patents Promptly Secured.
Advice as to Patentability and Commercial Value

Free and add add Write for Inventor's Hand Book SHEPHERD & PARKER, Patent Lawyers "During the past ten years Mr. Shepherd, of Shepherd & Mr. Parker on November 1, 1903, resigned his position as an Parker, has obtained for us & great many important patents. We have no hesitation in heartily recommending him to any. Examiner in the U.S. Patent Office to enter this firm. one having need of the services of a patent attorney."

HALLWOOD CASH REGISTER CO. Address, 144 Revenue Building, Washington, D. C.

Mention The Technical World.

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Irrigation Engineering. By Herbert M. Wilson, C.E.,

Author of "Topographic Surveying,'' etc. Fourth Edition, Enlarged and Rewritten. Cloth. 8vo. Illustrated with 141 full-page plates and 142 figures. John Wiley & Sons, Publishers, New York, N. Y. Price, $4.00.

Free Flowing, Dense, reproduces perfectly. Endorsed
by Armour Institute, Princeton University and other
representative American Colleges, Artists and Drafts-
men. Sample bottle, postpaid, 20 cents.
28 Reed Street, NEW YORK. 218 S. Clark Street, CHICAGO

IN VIEW of the vast work of reclamation which is to be undertaken by authority of Congress in the arid and semi-arid regions of the West, in connection with which hundreds of engineers, young and old, have already found employment, the appearance of a work like this, embodying an up-to-date exposition of the underlying principles of irrigation engineering, is an event of importance not only to the profession but to all intelligent citizens.

Irrigation is a subject little understood by the generality of readers. Here it is treated in exhaustive detail and with abundant illustration. The agricultural significance of irrigation is set forth, and the various methods of gathering, storing, and distributing water are described, with specific accounts of the most important irrigation works in all parts of the world. Not only will the practical engineer find an abundance of useful suggestions based on the experience of others, but the general reader also will find in this volume a wealth of information of absorbing interest.


need the new book of

dimensions of
Flexible Cloth, 50 Cents

A neat booklet, soon ready, on
Post paid, 25 Cents


Principles of American Forestry. By Samuel B.

Green, Professor of Horticulture and Forestry, University of Minnesota: Member of the Forest Reserve Board of the State of Minnesota; Author of "'Forestry in Minnesota." Illustrated. Cloth. 12mo. Pages 347. John Wiley & Sons, Publishers, New York, N. Y. Price, $1.50.

A monthly magazine on Drafting
and Home Study. $1.00 per year,
25c. for 4 months. Special offer :
The magazine and "Lettering
for $1.00. ADDRESS :


subject of Forestry makes this a very

timely volume. The importance of the 107 Beckman Bldg. Cleveland, O. subject, its intimate relation to the wel

fare of the country in general, and esMention The Technical World.

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There may be a close division of opinion in regard to the presidential candidates, but there is no such difference of opinion regarding the

Penberthy Automatic Injector

Over 350,000 engineers use it because they know it is the most effective and reliable injector in the world. It has been established in the favor of the best engineers for over eighteen years, and has earned its place as THE WORLD'S STANDARD INJECTOR.

The Penberthy Force-Feed Lubricator

receives the enthusiastic endorsement of every engineer who uses it. Invented by a marine engineer, who knew the importance of a force-feed lubricator that should have positive feed, proper regulation, not affected by temperature. The double ratchet insures long life.


Penberthy Injector Company Largest Manufacturers of Injectors in the World 365 Holden Avenue, Detroit, Mich., U. S. A.

Penberthy Bulletin sent Three Months Free

Mention The Technical World.

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