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Art and Democracy, by Edward Carpenter, Prog R, Oct.
Arts and Crafts : Home Arts in the Cumberland Mountains, by A. J. Wake-

field, FR, Oct.
Ashanti, see under Africa.
Asolan Country, see under Italy.
Astronomy :

The Total Eclipse of the Sun, Mary Proctor on, K, 2 t.

Celestial Photography, by Camille Flammariou, Cos, Sept. Athletics, see Cricket, Cycling, Golf, etc. Austria-Hungary: The Hungarian Millennium and the Budapest Exhibition,

by Maurus Jókai, Cosmop, Sept. Anthorship: How Women Writers work, by G. B. Burgin, I, Sept. Bailey, Philip James, Interview, Y M, Oct. Besant, Sir Walter, Autobiographical, PM, Oct. Bessemer, Sir Henry, Dr. R. H. Thurston on, Cas M, Sept. Bible and Biblical Criticism (see also Contents of Clergyman's Magazine,

Expositor, Expository Times, Homiletic Review, King's Own, New

Christian Quarterly): The Raising of the Dead in the Synoptic Gospels, E. A. Abbott on, New W,

Sept. Bible in Schools: The Immorality of Religious Education, by R. de Villiers,

Free R, Oct.
Biography: On the Ethics of Suppression in Biography, by Edmund S.

Purcell, N C, Oct.
Birds (see also Partridge-Shooting):

At Home with the Pheasants, by W. Bothams, Sun M, Oct.
The Blue Quail of the Cactus, by F. Remington, Harp, Oct.
The Southern Godwit, hy J. Buckland, E I, Oct.

The Wood Wren, by W. H. Hudson, Long, Oct.
Books': What should Womeu read ? by Lady Laura Ridding and Otbers,

WH, Oct. Borgn, see under Africa. Braxfield, Lord, Francis Watt on, New R, Oct. Brontë, Charlotte, and Clement K. Shorter's Book, Dr. W. Robertson Nicoll on,

Bkman, Sept. Browl1, Johu, Dr. Albert Shaw on, RR A. Sept. Browning's Theism, by J. Royce, New W, Sept. Budapest Exhibition, see un der Austria-Huugary. Buddbism: The Burmese Phra, L. Gordon Cotton on, M, Sept. Bunyan's (John)“ Pilgrim's Progress," R. Heath on, CR, Oct. Butterflies, Fred Miller on, GOP, Oct. Cakes and Ale, by Agpes Repplier, A M, Oct. Campbell, Alexander, J. S. Lamar on, NCQ, July. Canada (see also Contents of Canadian Hagazine): The Growth of the French Canadian Race in America, J. Davidson on,

A APS, Sept. Canada as a Field for Mining Investment, by G. M. Dawson, Nat R, Oct. Carriages :

Concerning Motor Cars, Lud, Oct.

Goldsworthy Gurney's Steam Carriage, by L. Gardiner, L H, Oct.
Catholic Church, see Contents of Austral Light, Catholic World, Irish

Ecclesiastical Record, Month.
Caucasus, Igneous Rocks of, by V. Diogelstedt, Scot G M, Sept.
Children :

French Children, T. Bentzon on, CM, Ot.

How the Children of Paris amuse Themselves, by James Greig, Lud, Oct.
China, England, and Russia, by R. Gundry, Oct.
Cholera : Bhowáni, the Cholera-Goddess, by E. H. Hankiu, NC, Oct.
Church and Christianity (see also Contents of New World, etc.):

Christianity and the Ethical Spirit, by C. Ford, WR, Ost.
The Modern“ Wall of l'artition" in the Churches, by A. M. Mackay,

WR, Oct.
Churches :

York Minster, J. A. Floyd on, CW, Sept.
The Church with the Crooked Stæple at Chesterfield, by J. Pendleton, EI,

The Lake District Churches, by C. Edwardes, TB, Oct.

Union Chapel, Mauchester, A. Porritt op, T M, Oct.
Churchill, Lori Randolph, Sir Algernon West on, N C, 0.t.
Circus: Tenting with a Travelling Circus, by Y. Stewart, E I, Oct.
City Traction Systems, by Lieut. F. Jarvis l'atten, Fr L, Oct.
Civilisation, Disa Ivantages of, by Miss Charlotte O'Conor Eccles, W M, Sept.
Coins, English, G. F. Hill on, K, Oct.
Coliseum, see under Rome (Ancient).
Colonies and Imperial Feleration (see also under Finance):

The Empire and Downing Street, New R, Ot.

Imperial Federation upon a Commercial Basis, by J. Lawles, Tom, Oct. Columbian Fruition, hM, Oct. Congo, see under Afric: Coustantinople, see under Turkey. Consumption : Should Consumptives Marry? by Dr. P. Paquin, A, Sept. Cooking, see under Food. Corelli, Marie, Rev. H. R. Haweis on, TM, Oct. Corporal Punishment, J. Lambert Payne on, Can M. Sept. Cranbrook, James, F. Reginald Statham on, Nat R, Oct. Creech, William, Scots, Sept.-Oct. Cricket in 1896, by C. B. Fry, New R, Sept. Crickets of America, S. H. Scudder on, Harp, Oct. Críme: Thieves' Slang, by C. H. Vellacott, Ġ M, Oct. Crimean War, W. Simpson on, EI, Oct. Cuban Question, C. King on, F, Sept. Cycling : Cycling in 1896, by J. K. Starley, New R, Sept. Cycling Gymkhanas, by A R. B. Munro, Bad M, Oct.


Dance, Story of, by E. Keurick, PM, Oct.
Dante, Word-Painting of, by Anna T. Sadlier, CW, Sept.
Deism up to Date, by E. Kirkby, Free R, Oct.
Dervish Frontier, see under Egypt and the Soudan.
Devil Worship and Freemasonry, by F. Legge, CR, Oct.
Dickens, Charles, Dr. M. Griffin on, Ir M, Sept.-Ot.
Diphtheria and Antitoxin Treatment, Dr. W. P. Northrup on, F, Sept.
Don Quixote, A. F. Jaccaci on, Serib, Oct.
Du Maurier's (George) Novel “ Trilby," Mary G. Husband on, W R, Ot.
Duff, Sir M. E. Grant, Letters of, C. Oct
Dwarfs: Of Famous Dwarfs, Lud, Oct.
Edinburgh, see under Scotland.
Education (see also Bible in Schools, Technical Education, Universities, ati

Contents of Educational Reviews, Elucational Times, Hand and Em.

Journal of Education, Farents' Review):
Molern Ideals of Education, by W. K. Mill, CR, Oct.
The Education Controversy in England, by Edward Porritt, New W. eft.
National Education, Count Tolstoy on, Tom, Sept.
Public School Products, by A. W. Ready, New R, Oct.
Newnbam--and After, by Christabel Osborn, WM, Sept.
The Pay of College Women in America, by Frances M. Abbot, NAR.

The American High School System, by L. R. Harley, A A P S, Sept.
Egypt and the Soudao :

On the Dervish Frontier, by J. Theodore Bent, N C, Oct.
The Coming Struggle on the Nile, by Arthur Silva White, N A R. Sept.

The Soudan, by J. Geddie, C J, Oct.
Egyptology: The Riddle of the Sphinx and Its Solution, by H. E. Hai

GOP, Oet.
El Hazar University, see under Universities.
Electoral (see also Politics, Parliamentary, Woman Suffrage:

Different Forms of the Ballot, ly L. J. Vance, Chaut, Sept. Electricity (see also Contents of Cassier's Magazine, Enginering Vagazine

Electricity, by R. R. Bowker, Harp, Oct. Elizabeth, Queen, J. H. Round on, NC, Oct. Eugineering, see Contents of Cassier's Magazine, Engineering Vagazig. English History, see Elizabeth (Queen), Crimeau War, Trafalgar (Battle of

Middle Ages. Erasmus, J. M. Stone on, M, Sept. Ethics: Individual Morality and Political Morality, by Scipio Sigbele, Tom,

Oct. Evans, Principal Heber, Interview, by D. Paton, Sun M, Oct. Everett, Isaac, W. T. Moore on, NCQ, July. Evolution : Human Evolution an Artiti ial Process, by H. G. Wells FRI Farrar, Dean, Mrs. Sarah A. Tooley on, TM, Oct.. Fergusson, Robert, K. Mathieson, Jr. on, Scots, Sept. Fiction : Some Landladies of Fiction, CJ, Oct. Fife, Duchess of, Mrs. S. A. Tooley on, Y W, 'Oct. Figs, E. B. Rogers on, St N, Oct. Fiuance (see also Protection ani Fair Tra le, Honduras (British), United States

and Contents of Bankers' Magazine, Board of Trade Journal, Incitori

Review: The Empire and the Gold Standard, by Lord Aldenham, Nat R, Oct. International Bimetallism, by H. W. Farnam, Y R, Aug. The Silver Question, by Douglas Archibald, Tom, Sept. Early and Recent Currency Legislation, J. J. Lalor on, F, Sept. Money and Investments, CR, Oct. The Money Famine, by J. Badcock, Jr., Free R, Oct. Fishing, see Pearl-Fishing. Folk-Lore, see Contents of Folk-Lore. Food and Food Supply (see also Sugar): The Question of Food for the People, by A. Worthington Winthrop. CW

Sept. Aesthetics of the Dinner Table, by Col. Kenney Herbert, Nat R, Oct. Foreign Policy (see also under Árbitration, Armenia, Russia, Turkey, Eor

and the Soudan, etc.): Anglophobia, by Admiral Maxse, Nat R, Oct. Frauce (see also under Prisons, Journalism, Women, Children, Vendicant)

Tunis and French Colonization, by Joseph Chailley-Bert, Cosmop. sept.
Moderu French Poets, etc., Mac, Oct.

The French Royalists, Mac, Oct.
Franklin, Benjamin, Kate Stephens on, Bkman A, Sept.
Freeman, Edward Augustus, Ì B, Oct. .
Fuller, Margaret, Unsigned Article op, A M, Oct.
Furniture: * Animal” Furniture, by W. G. FitzGerald, Str, Sept.

Geography, see Contents of Journal of the Manchester Gengraphical Society
Geology (see also Contents of Geological Magazine, Journal of Geology

The Igueous Rocks of the Caucasus, by V. Dinglestedt, Scot G M, sest
The History of the Great Lakes and Niagara, by A. J. Herbertson, X.
Gladstone, W. E., as a Theologian, Free R, Oct.
Glasgow, see under Scotland.
Glave, E. J., Autobiographical, C M, Oct.
Golwit, see under Birds.
Golu-Mining: The Less-Known Gold Fields of Colorado, by T. Torg,

Eng M, Sept.
Golf Club, by Harry Furniss, PM, Oct.
Gosse, Edmund, Arthur Waugh on, Bkman, Sept.
Granada, see under Spain.
Hale, John, P., G. W. Julian on. CM, Oct.
Harcourt, Lady, "• Estella" ou, W H. Oct.
Harington, Sir John, Walter Raleigh on, New R, Sept.
Harvard Uuiversity, see un der Universities.



Mauritius, Sir H. E. A. Jerningham on, Cosmop, Sept.
Medicine, (see also Consumption, Diphtheria, Vaccination, Lunacy):

A Study of Mental Epidemics, by B. Sidis, C M, Oct.
Mendicancy: The Blind Beggars of Paris, by E. C. Price, M P, Oct.
Middle Ages: The Round Table, by, F. Dixon, TB, Oct.
Missions, see Contents of Missionary Review of the World, Church Missionary

Monasteries: The Columbiau Monastery of Hinba, by C. Aitchison, Scots,
Montaigne and Shakespeare, by John M. Robertson, Free R, Oct.
Montenegrin Bicentenary, by W. Miller, G M, Oct.
Monument of London: The Man on the Monument, by G. E. Mitton, E !

Morris, William, Poems of,

Lang, Andrew, on, Long, Oct.

Unsigned Article on, Bkman, Sept. Motor Cars, see Carriages. Mountaineering: Miss Annie S. Peck's Ascent of the Matterhorn, E I, Oct.

Names of Our Children, by W. C. Preston, Sun M, Oct.
Nansen, Dr., K, Oct.
Napoleon I. :

W. M. Sloane on, CM, Oct.

Unsigned Article on, Black, Oct. Yapoleon III., Life of, by Archibald Forber, I, Sept. Natural History (see also Birds, Butterflies, Crickets, Horses, Seals, Sport,

Pearl-Fishing, Plants and Plant Life; and Contents of Natural Science,

Science Gossip, and Science Progress):
The Shore and the Moorland, CJ, Oct.
Navies. (see also Training Ships, and Contents of Journal of the Royal United

Service Institution, United Service Magazines) :
The Navy as a Profession, by Capt. S. Eardley-Wilmot, Tom, Oct.
How Blue-Jackets are Trained, by A. S. Hurd, W M, Sept.
Launching Big Battleships, by David Pollock, Str, Sept.
Life on Board a Battleship during the Manauvres, by H. M. Wilson, PM,

New England, see Contents of New England Magazine.
New York City: The Government of the Greater New York City, by F. V.

Greene, Scrib. Oct.
New York State: Sunday in New Netherland and Old New York, by Alice

M. Earle, A M, Oct.
Neo-Malthusianism, by Rev. Father Clarke, NAR, Sept.
Newnham, Bishop, Sun H, Oct.
Nile, see under Egypt and the Sondan.
Norman, Henry, Interview, by R. Blathwayt, G T, Oct.
Norway: Off the Tourist Tract, by T. B. Willson, L H, Oct.
O’Longons, J. Coleman on, Ir M. Sept.
Old Age, Verdict of, by M. 0. W.O., Black, Oct.
Palmistry, “Cheiro" on, H, Oct.
Pamirs, Hon. George A. Curzon on, G J, Sept.
Paper, Miss Helen Zimmern on, LH, Oct.
Paris, see under Frauce.
Parliamentary (see also Politics, Woman Suffrage, Electoral):
The Late Session :

Dilke, Sir Charles, on, Prog R, Oct.
Herlihy, J., on, WR, Oct.
McCarthy, Justiu, ou, N A R, Sept.
Maiden Speeches in Parliament, J. Dolman on, W M. Sept.
The Serjeant-at-Arms of the House of Commons, by M. MacDonagb, G W,

The Ladies' Gallery, by “ A Parliamentary Hand,” W H, Oct.
Partridge-Shooting, ete., C, Oct.
Pauperism and the Poor Law:

A Work house Girl, by “ An Occasional Contributor," Black, Oct.

Sunday in a Work house, Q, Oct. Pearl-Fishing, H. Phelps Whitmarsh, on, Str, Sept. Petronius, Charles Wbibley on, New R, Oct. Pheasants, see under Birds Phelps, Eliz. Stuart, Autobiographical, Mc CI, Oct Phillips, Stephen, Bkman, Sept. Philosophy, see Coutents of Metaphysical Magazine, Philosophical Keriero. Photography, see Contents of Photogram, Wilson's Photographic Magazine. Phrenology, see Coutents of Phrenological Magazine. Physical Geography: Waves, by Vaughan Cornish, K, Oct. Pitt, William, Lord Stanmore and Others on, CR, Oct. Plant-Life: Transition from Stem to Root, by A. Maslen, K, Oct. Poaching, R. Mackray on, PM, Oct. Police: Rural Police, by G. Rayleigh Vicars, H, Oct. Political Econoniy (see also Contents of Annals of the American Academy

Economic Journal, Journal of Political Economy, Yale Review): Collectivism in Industry, Prog R, Oct. Politics, (see also Articles under Parliamentary, Woman Suffrage, Electoral,

Local Government, Ireland): Courses in Politics at Lille, by E. P. Oberholtzer, A APS, Sept. Population: The Birth-Rate of the United Kingdom, by J. Holt Schooling,

PMM, Oct. Positivism, see Contents of Positivist Review. Post-Office: The Modern Mercury, by J. Holt Schooling, Str, Sept. Precious Stones, Barry Pain on, C FM, Oct. Pretoria, see under Africa. Prévost, Abbé, A. H. Millar on, G M, Oct. Prisons : The Upavoidable C'selessness of Prison Labour, by Sir Edmund Da Cane,

N C, Oct.

Hausaland, see under Africa.
Hervien, Paul, Hannah Lynch on, F R, Oct.
Homes and Shelters: A * Doss-House ” Sketch, by A. Sherwell, Sun M,

Honduras, British, From a Silver to a Gold Standard, by Sir A. Moloney,

NAR, Sept.
Horses : Exmoor Ponies, by Miss E. March-Phillipps, P MM, Oet.
Hort, Prof. F. J. A., Julia Wedgwood on, Ex, Oct.
Horticulture, D. B. Alsted on, Chaut, Sept.
Housing of the Working Classes :
Model " Model Tenements," by W. H. Tolman, A, Sept.

Better Homes for Working People, CJ, Oct.
Howe, John, Handwriting of, by Dr. A. B. Grosart, Sun H, Oct.
Ignatius, Father, Interview, H, Oct.
Illusion and Reality, by A. Cross, Free R, Oct.
India (see also Contents of India, Indian Magazine and Review, Madras

The French and the English Views of India, A M, Oct.
Indian Agriculture and Indian Canals, by Donald N. Reid, G M, Oct.
Old Memories of the Indian Mutiny, by Gen. Sir Hugh Gough, PMM, Oct.
Indo-European Prehistoric Antiquities, by Prof. M. Max Müller, Cosmop,

Ireland :
The Irish Sitnation, Prog R, Oct.
Ireland's Difficulty, England's Opportunity, by J. McGrath, FR, Oct.
Irish Snow and Irish Suusbine, by Bishop F. R. Wynne, Q, Oct.
In Dark Donegal, Black, Oct.
Italy :
Siena, E. H. and E. W. Blashfield on, scrib, Oct.
Perugia, Mrs. F. W. W. Topham on, Fr L, Oct.

In the Asolan Country, by Eugene Benson, New R, Sept.
Jacobitism, Revival of, by Col. S. Dewe White, WR, Oct.
Jainism and Its Founder, by J. T. Bixby, New W, Sept.

The Mission of Judaism, by O. J. Simon, FR, Oct. The Burning of Meiron, Mac, Oct. Jurnalism : Journalism as a Profession, by F. Wilson, WR, Oct The Press in the Provinces, by A. F. Robbins, C FM, Oct. Some Old Newspapers, F. G. Kitton on, Str, Sept. Courses in Journalism at Lille, by E. P. Oberholtzer, A APS, Sept. Keller, Helen, Dr. T. McFarland on, Chaut, Sept. Kirby, Archbishop, of Ephesus, by Rev. D. F. J'Crea, Ir ER, Sept. Labour (see also un ler Women): Compulsory Arbitration : A Practicable Remedy for Labour Disputes, by

1. T. Mason, A, Sept.
The Chain-Makers of Cradley Heath, by R. H. Sberard, PM, Oct.

Report of the Illinois Bureau of Labour Statistics, by J. Maleolin, A, Sept.
Land: Evils of Land Monopoly, by Rev. W. B. Williams, A, Sept.
Language : The Origin of Speech, by C. Johnston, FR, Oct.
Law and the Lawyers :
The State of the Bar, by S. A. T. Rowlatt, Nat R, Oct.
The Threatened Anuihilation of the Judge and Jury System, by W. K.

Townsend, F, Sept.
The Initiative and Referendum in Law-Yaking, by C. W. Bowne, A,

The Imperilled Dignity of Science and the Law, by Prof. J. Trowbridge,

A M, Oct.
Justice for the Accused, by F. G. Gardiner, H, Oct.
Lee, General, Gen. H. C. King on, Fr L, Oct.
lessing, G. E., A. Mézières on, Cosmop, Sept.
Lì Hung Chang:
Holcombe, C., on, McCI, Oct.
Cosigned Articles on, Black, Oct. ; C. Oct.
Libraries (see also Contents of Library):
The New Congressional Library, E. A. Hempstead on, Chaut, Sept.
Bethnal Green Free Library, G. Holden Pike on, G W, Oct.
Liddou, Canoc, W. T. Stead on, Y M, Oct.
Lightships: The Bishop of Dover's Visit to the South Sands Lightship, by

Rev. T. S. Treanor, Sun M, Oct.
Lincoln, Abraham, Ida M. Tarbell on, McCi, Oct.
Lindsay, David, Rev. F. Hastings on, Y M, Oct.
Literature (see also Articles under Authorship, Biography, Books, Fiction,

Journalism, etc.):
Professional Dogmatism in Literatnre, by M. Todhunter, WR, Oct.
Cobbett's English Grammar, by H. L. Stephen, New R, Sept.
Local Government, by M.·Porritt, W R, Oct.
Logan, John A., Character Sketch, AIR, Sept.
Lore's Coming of Age, by Edward Carpenter, Free R, Oct.
Lunacy: Is lusanity increasing ? by Dr. T. Drapes, F'R, Oct.
"Maclaren, lan," Rev. D. M. Ross on, Mcci, Oct.
Mallarmé, Stéphane, A. Manston on, T B, Oct.
Malmesbury, Wiltshire, H. Walker on, Sun H, Oct.
Manning, Cardinal, and Purcell's “ Life," Rev. J. T. Smith ou, F, Sept.
Marat, Jean Paul, Prof. H. Morse Stephens on, P M M, Oct.

Marriage on Lease, by F. A. Underwood, Free R, Oct.
Irregular Marriages and Illegitimacy in Scotland, by G. Bizet, W R, Oct.
Should Consumptives marry? by Dr. P. Paquin, A, Sept.
Martin, Dennis, J. A. Riis on, CM, Oct.
Martineau, Dr., Arthur Rickett on, MP, Oct.
Jatabele, see under Africa.

Marriage :

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The Prisons of l'aris, bv Mujur À. Griffiths, C F'M.0.t..?
Echoes from the Douceon of Pincennes, by Tighe llopkins, L H, O:t.
Protection and Fair Trade :

Brookfield, A. M., ou, Tom, Sept.

Williams, Ernest E., op. Tom, Oct.
Psychology, see Contents of Psychological Review.
Quails, see under Birds.
Queen Victoria :

The Reigu of Queeu Victorii, by J. Ashton, EI, 0.t.
England's Queen, G T, Oct.
Personal Tastes and Characteristics of Queen Victoria, by Mrs. S, A.

Tooley, WH, Oct.
Race Problems of America:

Land Tenure among the American Negroes, by P. Dillingham, Y R, Aug.

The Negro's Place in History, by Prof. W. Boughton, A, Sept.
Railway Pooling and the Reduction of American Freight Rates, by H. T

Newcomb, Eng M, Sept.
The Union Pacific Railway, by J. P. Davis, A APS, Sept.
Ranjitsinhji, Prince, Interview, Str, Sept.
Rehan, Miss Ada, l'ercy C. Standing on, Lud, Oct.
Religion: Is a Universal Religion Possible? by I. N. Taylor, A, Sept.
Renan, Ernest, E. H. Hall on, New W, Sept.
Respectability, Blight of, by E. S. Galbraith, Free R, Oct.

Rich Men, see Wealth (Gospel of).
Rienzi, Nicholas, G. Todd on, LH, Oct.
Rome, Ancient, — The Fate of the Coliseum, by R. Lanciani, A M, Oct.
Royal Thrones, Mary Spencer Warren on, P M, Oct.
Rudolf, Lake, see under Africa.
Russia (see also Caucasus):

Russia's Strength, by Spepser Wilkinson, Nat R, Oct.
Why Russia distrusts England, by Sir Wemyss Reid, N C, Ot.
"The Russiau Ascendency in Europe, FR, Oct.

China, England, and Russia, by R. C. Gundry, FR, Oct.
St. Louis: The Populists at St. Louis, by H. D. Lloyd, RRA, S pt.
San Francisco, G. H. Fitch on, Chaut, Sept.
Sandeman, Sir Robert, Dr. J. Macaulay on, L H, Oct.
Sandringham, Marion Leslie on, T M, Oct.
Sanitation, see Contents of Public Health, Sinitary Journal.
Science, see also Conteuts of Science Progress.
Scotland (see also under Marriage, Monasteries, and Contents of Scots Magazine):

The Young Men of Edinburgh, by F. Dolmau, Y M, Oct.
Old Glasgow, by R. Walker, G W. Oct.

Loch Katrine in Glasgow, by B. Taylor, CI, Oct.
Seals: The Decline of Fur-Sealing, by M. Rees Davies, -G M, Oet.

Guesses at Shakespeare, by H. Schiltz Wilson, G M, Oct.
Shakespeare and Montaigue, by John M. Robertson, Free R, Oct.

Shakespeare's “ Julius Cæsar," Dr. F. C. Kolbe on, Ir M, Sept.-Oct.
Sbelley, P. B.,

Hartier, Mary, on, H, Oct.

Mortimer, G., on, Free R, Oct.
Shipping (see also Traiviug Ships, and Contents of Vautical Magazine):

The Queen's Pilot, by A. T. Story, CFM, Oct.
Launching Ocean Liners, by David Pollock, Str, Sept.
A Cruise of the Armeria, United States Supply-Ship, by K. Munroe, Scrib,

Sigmund, Social Reformer, F. Goodrich on, Y R, Aug.
Socialism (see also Contents of American Journal of Sociology):

Socialism at the loternational Congress, by G. Bernard Shaw, Cosmop, Sept.
The Probable Evolution of Socialism in Great Britain, by Agnes Henry,

Tom. Sept.
The Condition of the Individual in a Socialistic State, by Lily H. Montagu,

WR, Oct.
Sokuto Empire, see under Africa.
Somaliland, see under Africa.
Spain (see also Trafalgar ( Battle of)):

A Dream of the Past, by Charles W. Wood, Arg, 0.t.

(raua la and the Alhambra, by H. C. Chatfield-Taylor, Cos, Sept. Spain, Philip II. of, Major M. A. S. Hume on, F R. Oct. svavish Literature : “ The Chronicle of the Cid,” A. M. Huntington on,

Bkman A, Sept. Sport, see Partridge-Shooting, and Contents of Badminton Magazine, Outing. Stock Exchange, see under Finance. Story, Wm. Wetmore, Mrs. Lew Wallace on, Cos. Sept. Stowe, Mrs. Harriet Beecher, G. W. Covke oo, N E M, Sept. Street Noises : The Plague of City Noises, by Dr. J. H. Girdner, N A R, Sept. Sugar, Ernest E. Williams on, New R, Oct. Sumatra, C. Ericsson on, CR. Oct. Sun lay Question : The Present Situatiou of Sunday Opening. by Mark H.

Judge. W R. O t. Survival, by A, H.' K, B., Long, Oct. Tattersall's, B. Tozer on, PM, Oct. Technical Erlucation : County Councils and Rural Education, by C. T. Dyke.

Aclaud, NC, 0.t.
Telegraph Monopoly, bv. Prof. F. Parsons. A, Sept.
Temperance and the Liquor Traffic: The Disease of Inebriety, by Dr. X. Kerr

Cos, Sept.
Theatres and the Dram:
The Actor julged by Himself, lug Stanley Jones, Tom, Sept.
The Road to the Stage, by A., Hornblow, Fr L, Oct.
The Romance of Drury Lare, hy John Coleina', G MO. I.

Theosophy, see Contents of Lucifer. Trafalgar, Battle of, W. Laini Clowes on, C, Oct. • Training Ships; The Evolution of H.M.S. Britannia, by H. Williams,

"PMM, Oct.
Tudor, Lady Margaret, Mac, Oct.,
Tunis and I'rench colonisation, Joseph Chailley-Bert on, Cosmop; vers
Turkey (see also Armenian Question):

Turkey and the Year East, Prog R, 0.t.
The Turkish Questi n in Its Religious Aspect, by Capt. J. W. Ganito,

FR, Oct.
The Constantiuople Massacre, CR, Oct.

America's Duty to Americans in Turkey, by Dr. C. Hamlin, N AR, Turkistan: Takla-Makau Desert, Chinese Turkistan, Dr. Sren Heliaire

GT, Sept.
Tyndale, William, K 0, Oct.
United States (see also Articles under American History, Race Prtes,

Womeu, Condition of the People, Education, Universities, Libraries
Labour, Gold-Mining, Railways, Shipping, Telegraph; and Alasia

Cuba, New York, San Francisco, St. Louis, et.):
The Presidential Campaign:

Blaud, Richard P., on, NAR, Sept.
Miller, Warner, on, N A R, Sept.

Roosevelt, Theodore, on, RRA, Sept.
Battle of the Ballots in America, by F. H. Hardy. F R. Oct.
The Political Outlook in the United States, by Serator Tillman, Nat R. Ot.
A Visitor's Glimpse at the Contest, by A. Symons Eccles, Nat R, Oct.
The Bimetallic Side of the American Crisis, by T. E. Powell and Others

Nat R, Oct.
The Currency Question, Wm. J. Bryan on, A, Sept.
The Cry for Fraudulent Money in America, by George F. Parker, NC,01
The Silver Question, by J. W. Longley, Can M, Sept.
Free Silver and Prosperity, by W. P. St. John, A, Sept.
Would American Free Coinage Double the Price of Silver in Others

Markets? by-
Laughlin, Prof. J. L., RRA, Sept.

Spahr, Dr. C. B., RRA, Sept.
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Keep the Wolf from the Door

Remember that it is not always the LOWEST PRICE that is the most economic;

the vast superiority of


over any other bread, either brown or white, both in its bone and muscle making substances,

secures for it the coveted position of the « CHEAPEST AND BEST."

Highest Award at the Food and Cookery Exhibition,

London, May, 1895. If any difficulty be experienced in obtaining “HOVIS,” or if what is supplied as “HOVIS” is not satisfactory, please write, sending sample (the cost of which will be defrayed) to

S. FITTON & SON, Millers, MACCLESFIELD. 6d. and 1s. Samples on receipt of Stamps.

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It acts as a Tonic to the Hair, and where it is used no other preparation is necessary,

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1s., 2s. 6d., and (triple 28. 6d. size) 4s. 6d. per Bottle, from Chemists, Hairdressers, and Stores all over the World, or sent

direct on receipt of Postal Orders. EDWARDS' “HARLENE” CO., 95 & 96, HIGH HOLBORN, LONDON, W.C.

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