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wants it is far better to take it for granted additional items associated in some way with that he is looking for the best we have, than to one or more articles already sold. In this conask what price he wants to pay. It tickles a nection I have found that merely suggesting person's vanity to have the salesman offer the something else does not bring results as often best, whether they want it or not.

The aver

as actually showing the article at the same age person, perhaps, doesn't feel able to buy time. the best or most costly, but he is delighted For instance, if a man buys a shaving stick, nevertheless to think you thought he could. and a shaving lotion is suggested, he immeSHOW THE LARGE SIZE !

diately thinks of his bottle of bay rum or witch

hazel at home as being not nearly used up, and Many a dollar sale is lost by asking whether decides that he does not need it; but if an ata twenty-five, fifty or dollar article is wanted, tractive bottle of lotion is shown, and its merinstead of taking for granted that the dollar its briefly explained to him, in many cases a size is the one that the customer came after. sale is made.

To thoroughly know everything about each Courtesy, tact, enthusiasm, and a determinaitem of merchandise handled, and have the tion to improve on the other fellow's sales ability to impart this knowledge to the custo- methods are all the qualifications necessary for mer in an intelligent and interesting way, is a salesman—and all this can be acquired by absolutely essential. When buying anything I

any one. like to be told the relative merits of articles shown me without the necessity of conducting

A FEW SUGGESTIONS. a cross-examination. So, when selling goods,

By Anna B. SCHLUMBERGER, DENNISON, Iowa. I try to treat a customer just as I wish to be treated when buying.

During my apprenticeship days my cardinal Letting the customer judge for himself just

rule was: “Never allow a customer to walk by seeing the goods and knowing the prices is

out of the store without selling him somenot sufficient. Something interesting in favor

thing." of an article you want to sell can be said about

That was a good rule, but I outgrew it. everything you have in the store, from sarsa

To-day my motto reads: "Always sell a custoparilla down to pen points; and nothing should

mer something more than he intended to buy be considered so insignificant that a good line

when he entered the store." of selling talk is not worth while.

The latter is a much better code of ethics, Tact and knowledge of human nature are

because it not only embraces the first, but important factors in the making of salesmen.

broadens it, and opens up a field of vast posThe successful salesman is so quick to judge a

sibilities. Enthusiasm, alertness, courtesy, person that as soon as he meets a customer he dignity, and tact—it brings all these into play. knows just what to do and say to make the I often call my customers' attention to the best impression.

latest articles in sundries, etc., and I find that

they appreciate this, just as much as they apADDRESS CUSTOMERS BY NAME.

preciate being shown the latest arrivals in Knowing customers so that you can address dress goods or haberdashery in stores where them by name makes them feel that you value such things are kept. their patronage enough to take the trouble to When a customer asks for a small package remember them. We often hear people re- of cotton, I try to sell a ten-cent package, not a mark that it is queer they are not known per- five-cent one.

With every tooth-brush sale I sonally in stores where they trade frequently; suggest tooth-paste; with every hair-tonic sale, and as often hear them say how pleased they a hair-brush or comb; and so on and vice versa. are to be known in a store where they hardly When you sell a hot-water bottle, direct the expect it.

customer's notice to those knit covers which Enthusiasm is another essential in successful are so sanitary and really necessary in the sicksalesmanship. Lots of confidence in the goods

Call the housewife's attention to your we have to sell and plenty of enthusiasm in superior household ammonia, or to some of the selling talk cannot possibly fail to attain that fine triple extract of vanilla. the end sought.

In an agricultural community it pays to call Much has been said and written about selling the farmer's attention to formaldehyde, condi



tion powders, spraying mixtures, dip, etc. One must be well posted, however, and able to talk intelligently on these subjects. It will not do to put on that wise, know-it-all air, for the modern farmer is very apt to be informed along these lines.

He gives you credit for knowing about drugs and chemicals; extend that same courtesy to him in regard to secd-corn, stock, etc.

Push first-aid goods. Do not let your patrons go to the department store to buy cheesecloth, for instance, for the sick-room when you

have five-yard packages of plain sterile gauze on your shelves. Consider the resources of the modern pharmacy, and then think what a vast field lies before one!

Of course there is a limit to everything. Good judgment must always be exercised. One must not overload the customer, so that the next time he needs something in the drug line he will feel that he cannot afford to come back. True salesmanship recognizes that a satisfied customer is the best foundation upon which to build future sales, and acts accordingly.




By goggles is meant any glass or spectacle

SPECIAL CUSTOMERS. used to protect the eyes.

Some of the fields of labor covered by inIt is a good plan to have a small mirror on

dustrial glasses are iron and steel workers, inthe counter where your goggle stock is dis

cluding chippers, furnacemen, welders, rolling played so that your customer may see himself

mill operators, molders, grinders, cupola men, as others see him. A skilful salesman will

machinists, and chemists. Miners, railroad not attempt to self a pair of goggles with large

men and others are also taken care of. One lenses to a customer of small physique. He

large manufacturer of office equipment uses should strive to suit the style to the face, for

goggles in the packing department to procertain styles are better adapted than others to

tect the workmen's eyes from flying nails and particular types of faces. It is not an intentional pun to say that a sense of fitness should be observed.

As in the case of regular glare glasses, the Aim to add service to your sales and hence

lenses are of vital importance. For use as a

, develop the appreciation of quality on the part protection from glare due to artificial light, beof your customers—and then they will come

fore furnaces, over welding arcs, etc., cool

shades are necessary. back. Little attentions, such as care to the

Colors excluding red proper fit and adjustment, are appreciated and

and violet rays are sought and there are sevtake but little time. It is a very small matter

eral excellent standard shades obtainable. A to dip shell ear bows in hot water and bend

dark green smoke, known as an industrial them until the goggle is held snugly and com

smoke, reducing the glare and cutting out the fortably against the face. A little twist to a

heat rays, at the same time enabling the wearer cable temple will often make the necessary dif

to see distinctly, is much in demand among the ference in adjustment.

largest industrial plants. There are special types for various kinds of

A bifocal goggle, or one with two color work. It is hardly possible to suit any one

lenses, one-half clear and the other half coldesign to all requirements. Perfect adapta- ored, one or two shades of the same color, is

. tion should be the aim, and frequently the loss

used to some extent. These are of value for of an eye or total blindness is the result of the welding and furnace work, but their use is use of an improper goggle.

largely a matter of preference.

Goggles held in place by head bands, while *Extracts from a paper read before the Pennsylvania popular, seem to be less generally used than Pharmaceutical Association.

those with flexible cable temples.


goggles upon several occasions with excellent One of the main difficulties encountered in

results, and it maintains a permanent display catering to the industrial trade is the lack of

in a large show-case near the soda fountain. general standardization of styles and colors.

In dressing a counter or window, goggles Practically every plant has its safety engineer,

should always be displayed with their coneach of whom has his own pet ideas and theo

tainers. The case belongs to the goggle just ries, and many valuable ones, which must be

as much as the metal box does to the shaving thrashed out before you can convince him that

stick. there is a style ready-made to meet the diffi

It is a good plan to mark your prices plainly, culties he is trying to overcome in a different although we know that some dealers still remanner. Do not infer from this that we de- gard this practice with disfavor.

We are preciate the value of the safety engineer. He pleased to note, however, that this prejudice is is quite as essential as the production engineer

rapidly disappearing. or the efficiency man. The lenses of safety glasses used as a pro

SEASONABLE AT ALL TIMES. tection from heavy chips and large particles, The high winds blow dust about and dry up vary in thickness from 2.6 mm. to about 3.8 the secretions of the eye. The cold winter mm. They should be clear white, free from winds are far less uncomfortable and snow imperfections, and especially treated to resist glare much less disagreeable, if the eyes are sharp blows and to prevent shattering, as far protected. Of course there are certain times as possible.

of the year when the sales of goggles are There is much talk about special glass that greater than at others, but it is not true that will stand theoretical tests, which, in a way, they can be sold only at certain seasons of the are useful; but any glass will break when hit year. with sufficient force. The important feature Circulars can be prepared and orders solicitis, what becomes of the pieces after they are ed from the members of local country clubs, broken?

gun clubs, automobile clubs, etc. Just now, the The most effective goggles of this type are so National Guard are buying goggles freely. constructed as to hold the broken glass firmly It has been found by careful study that in the frame. A narrow strip of metal, ex- goggles are not being distributed adequately by tending over the surface of the lens nearest garages, automobile dealers and the like, hence the eye, makes it difficult to force pieces back the advantage to the druggist of developing and tends to throw the splinters forward, this line while the demand is still liquid. We away from the eye.

believe that the retail druggist is one of the

logical distributers of goggles. He is becomTHE QUESTION OF PROFIT.

ing more and more the outlet for lines that To the dealer, the most interesting phase of

other merchants do not have the ability, the any subject is, of course, the profit. That de- foresight, or the means to handle. The motorpends entirely upon the line you handle and ist in doubt always asks to be directed to the how you handle it. If you have the right best drug store. goods, each pair of goggles should be sold at The dealer's stock can meet every practical an approximate advance of 100 per cent over need if he limits it to not more than twelve the dealer's cost. Of course while the Ste- styles. There is no reason why $15.00 or vens-Ashurst bill is being thrashed out the $25.00 thoughtfully spent should not enable manufacturer can only suggest to the dealer the dealer to install a goggle department that, what his selling price should be.

if properly run, should yield approximately 100 In selling goggles, as in selling any line of per cent on an investment, frequently turned merchandise, you will not move your stock unless you make some effort to do so. Goods The most satisfactory range of retail prices hidden away, or placed in some inaccessible is from 25 cents to $1.50 a pair. Styles sold corner, will collect dust and lose interest on at less than 25 cents are generally worth about your investment. One of the most successful what they cost, while at a higher retail price drug stores in Reading, Pennsylvania, has de- than $1.50 the consumer does not always get voted an entire window to the display of

good value.




Mayville, Wisconsin The chain stores can buy goods somewhat cards scrupulously clean and not a tarnished cheaper than can the independent merchant, article displayed. Among the toilet goods but after adding their cost of doing business every bottle or jar that is supposed to have a they cannot sell them any cheaper, with the label has one attached. exception of some novelties.

At the hardware counter you find no rusty If they do buy an article for five cents that goods. In the crockery department there is no costs you seven cents, they have no odd scale chipped or cracked china. No soiled or short

. of prices as a rule, and will sell that article for lengths of ribbons, lace, or embroidery. Every10 cents the same as you.

thing is neat and attractive; and it pays, as The ultimate consumer buys it just as cheap the syndicate's receipts show. from you as from the chain, so where has its You often hear people say that every time cheaper buying injured you?

they go to a chain store they always buy articles In fact the chain competition is a good tonic that they had no intention of buying, but that for a merchant, as it causes him to wake up they looked so attractive they could not resist. and learn the modern methods of retailing and This is one of the secrets of success—display. the advantage of handling goods for which the The saying that “cleanliness is next to godliadvertiser has created a demand.

ness" is nowhere more exemplified than in the It makes his store a better place to trade and chain store. The clerks are always neat and boosts the town in general. It forces him to affable. The girls behind the candy counter get acquainted with his stock and his cus- are healthy looking and of good appearance. tomers' wants, leads him to read the trade

The store's one idea is to make a good imprespapers and books. He learns to know mer- sion


the customer. chandise and marketing methods and becomes wide-awake, a better business man and a better

THE OTHER WAY. citizen.

Now step into the store of the wailing indeBuying right is not all, though, as after the pendent merchant and check up these points. goods are bought they must be moved, and this The counters are not filled or arranged neatly; the chain store is an adept at, as we all are

the goods are piled up in all positions, articles Their method, however, lies before

are hanging from the ceiling every square foot every merchant, and that is proper display. and obstructing a clear view of the store. You

— Walk into a chain store and then walk into

find shop-worn goods, and dust in abundance the store of the merchant in the same city who

and slow-selling articles of inferior grade that says it is getting his trade. What do you find

show the stain of time. as the answer? Almost without fail, display.

You ask this merchant why he does not

rearrange his displays and handle advertised NOT MUSSED OR JUNKY.

and quality goods; he says “What's the use of In the chain stores you find the counters fancy display? If they want the goods they filled but not junky, you see price cards on will buy them anyway, and as to advertised every tray, you find no trays half empty or goods, if I buy them I pay for the advertisfilled with shop-worn, mussed or soiled goods. ing.”

You find all articles of a kind in trays or He is not a modern merchant; he is a fossil. sections by themselves, and all goods of a gen- He has no price tickets on half his goods, as he eral nature together on a counter, such as

says customers can ask the price if interested, needles, safety-pins, thimbles, thread and the and besides, they get into wrong trays and mix like. In the jewelry department you find all everything up *This paper is extracted from an article which ap

Right here I want to say that if there is any peared in Printers' Ink under the title “The Chain Store one thing that helps more than any other to a Tonic with the Advertiser's Help."

move goods it is price tickets. Price tickets



sell goods and sell them faster than any clerk. . many of the average merchants who have gone Goods placed in the windows or on the shelves down in the battle ever kept an accurate stock and counters without price tickets will not record and merchandise checking list. In other move half as fast as with them. This I know. words, a record of the amount and kind of The price on an article tells the shopper the goods on hand at the day's close, and a list of amount asked, and she can thus do the major all staples that are necessary to have on hand. part of her shopping without help from the This method is used by all chains and most clerk, and tickets placed on articles that are successful independents, so that staples are good merchandise will sell those articles twice never out of stock and the customer forced to as fast and in much greater quantities than look elsewhere. The surest way of losing trade otherwise, as the price if right is always a great is to have to say, “We are just out, will have selling point.

it in later.” The customer is forced to go else

where to get the article, and often finds the BROTHERS OF THE OLD SCHOOL.

other store a better place to trade. Price tickets often make sales that would not

Ask the average merchant what rent and otherwise be made. These two factors of price overhead his window costs him. Does he know tickets and display are important factors in whether the goods are displayed with adequate fighting the chain store with its own methods.

fixtures in such a way that the advertising In an independent store the shelving is also

value of that window is equal to the overhead often found reaching nearly to the ceiling, and taxed against it? Does he know whether each filled with goods beyond the range of vision.

clerk is paying him or not? They can make or If there is dead stock in that store, and it is not lose trade—which are they doing? under the counters, then the place to look for Any merchant can buy just as good candy as it is on the top shelves, and there it will be

the syndicates and sell it just as cheap. Ask found.

him if his candy department is paying, and if I read once of a department store that was

not, why? Is it shrinkage or overweight? sold after having been conducted by two What percentage of stock is understock, that is, brothers of the old school for many years, and goods under the counters and in the stockwhen inventory was taken bolts of cloth were

room? Ask these things of a successful merfound back on the top shelves that fell to pieces chant or chain manager and he can tell you. while being measured, they were so old and Can the merchant who is hanging by the eyerotten.

lids and crying “chain-store menace?” If there is anything that keeps down the

ADVERTISING THAT FAILS. turnover it is poor buying and high shelves. Regardless of the line, goods displayed beyond The Waterloo of the average merchant is the range of vision are slow sellers.

advertising. To him it is the same as flipping a Every line of goods is taking up so much coin—"heads he wins, tails he loses." room, and overhead should be charged against Spasmodically he throws his hat into the each line, and those not paying will soon be advertising arena and drops a few dollars in found and can be cleaned out. The four fac- the well of poor copy and backs out again. He tors that I sincerely believe are the fundamen- will buy a few inches of space from the local tals of success in any line are right buying, paper, scribble a few lines for the advertiseproper display, real advertising, and an ac- ment at dinner between the soup and nuts, and counting system that accounts.

when this poor brainstorm of a puny adver

tisement pulls no returns he crawls into his MODERN METHODS.

shell with the answer that advertising does not Many stores are all right on the first two, pay. but fall down on the last two. I will take up Again he will be persuaded by some smooth the accounting first and leave advertising to talker to donate for his name and address on the last, though I by no means consider adver- a laundry card or on the guest rules to place tising the least. Indeed I fully believe that no in the local hotel, and he calls that advertising. store with the right kind of advertising and He would call it insanity upon your part if you sales promotion behind it has yet dipped its told him to step up to the people on the street colors to the chain.

and yell, “I am John Jones the World's GreatTo get back to accounts: I wonder how

est Clothier," yet that is what he does through

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